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Love with a Twist Ch. 07


Hello Readers.

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To my Editor: As always you Rock! Cristal Ball is an amazing person with very amazing skills, with out her this would never had made it off my hard drive.

To my Fans: I write this for you, a love story that grows because you guys want more, my hope is that some of you understand that this is more then just an erotic story because of your support.

So please enjoy the next chapter of Love with A Twist, and I hope to have Chapter 8 up soon.


The apartment was small: a single bedroom like Robert's. It seemed a bit backwards from his, but being on the opposite side of the building didn't surprise Sarah. She slowly paced around the living room, a couch was against the far wall facing the kitchen. The living room had a small wooden coffee table in the center with several silver picture frames on top of it. Sarah saw a couple of pictures of Robert on the wall, as a young boy and one of him standing with his mother on a pier, the ocean behind them.

"We took a trip to Maine once, after Robert had graduated from High school. One of the few trips we took together but it was amazing," Samantha replied, coming into the room carrying a silver tray. On the tray was a white tea pot with flowers around its center, two cups with the same flora design and a small bowl with sugar cubes in it.

"It reminds me of Florida..." Sarah said with a smile as she turned and sat down on the couch next to Samantha, who was now pouring tea into a cup passing it to Sarah.

"I always wanted to visit Florida. I so love the sea," Samantha confessed as she poured the second cup of tea.

"Well then you need to come visit me some time, you will be always welcome to stay with me," Sarah offered warmly.

"Maybe...someday... Now what did you want to tell me, dear?" Samantha asked, picking up the bowl of sugar and offering it to Sarah.

Sarah took a square of sugar. Dropping it into her tea, she glanced down at the small ripples in the tea, mulling over how to explain her secret to Samantha.

"Sarah?" Samantha probed.

Sarah breathed a deep sigh and looked up at Samantha. She nibbled on her lower lip as the voice in her head was screaming at her to keep quiet and not say anything. Sarah set her cup down on the tray noticing that her hand was trembling quite a bit. She felt her stomach twist painfully, feeling like she was going to throw up.

"Samantha, I haven't been completely honest with you, about who I am," Sarah whispered, clutching her hands together trying to keep her nervousness under control. "I....I am really in a bit of a transition right now in my life."

"Sarah, just tell me dear, I am not gonna judge you, now matter what you tell me," Samantha replied placing her hands around Sarah's clutched fists.

Sarah looked up at Samantha who had a warm inviting yet concerned smile on her face. Her eyes were a deep brown, giving off a warmth Sarah had not experienced since her last outing with her mother. Sarah felt her emotions surging again at the thought of her mother, not realizing how much she missed having her presence and strength to lean on when times were tough. "Samantha, I....I have been through a lot of changes in the past four years..." Sarah started tentatively.


"It was something I discovered I enjoyed doing, and kept doing it until it changed me into who I am now..." Sarah replied. Her mind was screaming for her to stop, that she was going to ruin things with Robert, drive a rift between his mother and him. "I....I...oh god I don't know how to tell you this..."

A loud hard knock startled both women, breaking Sarah from her thoughts. Samantha gently patted Sarah's knee as she got up and slowly walked over to the door.


Robert dash out the door, his stomach turned painfully as he climbed the steps two at a time, racing with the vain hope that Sarah had not said anything yet. He had never felt this afraid in his life and knew that if Sarah said anything it could destroy his relationship with his mother and with Sarah.

He had never expressed to his mother about his sexuality, considering that he had never known that he would be into something like this. It was a desire he never knew he had, but he loved it and quickly embraced it, and now he was afraid his mother may never understand it.

Robert stopped at his mother's door trying to draw breath into his lungs and fight down the panic he was feeling as he knocked on the door. He could hear some voices inside, and the soft creek of the floor boards as someone approached the door. Robert fought to steady his breathing as he heard the many locks turn and crank as the door opened to reveal his mother mother peeking through.

"Bobby?" Samantha called as she opened the door slowly, giving him a quizzical look.

"Hey is Sarah here?" Robert asked as he wiped the sweat from his forehead, with the back of his hand.

Samantha nodded as she opened the door and motioned for Robert to enter. Robert stepped into the apartment and saw Sarah who was holding her head in her hands, with her elbows on her knees.

"Sarah? baby?" Robert whispered as he slowly walked into the room. Kneeling down in front of her, he could see her shoulders shaking with strain. She looked up, meeting his intense stare with a look of profound sorrow on her face. Tears stained her cheeks as she opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

Robert slowly knelt in front of her reaching out to take her hands in his, feeling her fingers slip between his thumb and index finger to rest gently in his palms.

"Robert I can't lie to her..." Sarah whispered as she squeezed his hands. " I know what this means to you, but I can't lie to your mother, I can't have that on my conscious."

"I understand but you have to know what this means to me as well: this is something she knows nothing about. I can't hurt her like this," Robert whispered back as he felt a twinge of anger and guilt for being so selfish.

"I can't do this to her Robert, I just can't, if we are to be together, then she needs to know the truth. It's the only fair thing to do," Sarah whispered as she slowly got up from the couch. Bending over she kissed him gently on the forehead. "I am going to the kitchen to tell her, if you love me, if you want to be with me, then you will take my hand and be there when I tell her, if not..."

"If not?..." Robert replied.

"If not then I will be going home tonight...alone." Sarah slowly straightened, holding her hand out to him.

Robert looked at her outstretched hand, the pain in his stomach instantly returned as he weighed out the issues at hand. He didn't want to lose her, he loved her so much, but he was not sure what the shock of this might do to his mother. A flash of his dream ran through his thoughts like a runaway train, smashing his hopes to pieces and leaving him with the wailing cry of his mother and the pleadings from Sarah.

Robert slowly got to his feet standing before Sarah, he looked down at her still outstretched hand and the pleading look on her face. He turned to the kitchen to see his mother sitting at the table with a glass of milk and the newspaper out before her. He could see she was reading but knew the ploy and that she was slyly watching this scene unfold. Fear and bile rose up in his throat as he turned back to Sarah, her hand was shaking as she glanced from him to his mother.

"Please!" Sarah whispered as she bounced her open hand once, expressing her need for him to follow her. Robert sighed as he glanced back to his mother then to Sarah, he took her open hand in his allowing her to lead him over to the small table.

Sarah sat down across from Samantha, as she motioned for Robert to sit next to her but in between the two ladies. A chill ran down his spine at another flash of his dream, his mother was to his left, with Sarah on his right, the voice of Terri echoing in his head. He felt his mouth go dry looking to Sarah who was fidgeting with the white table cloth draped over the table.

Robert reached out taking her hands in his, giving it a reassuring squeeze. "Mother, Sarah and I have something we need to tell you..." his voice trailing off as he watched his mother, who finished whatever she was reading in the newspaper, carefully fold close the paper.

"Yes Bobby..." Samantha replied, slowly setting the paper aside. Robert was about to speak when he felt Sarah squeeze his hand, glancing over she smiled at him, shaking her head as if to say, "allow me to say it."

"Samantha, I told you that I have gone through some changes in my life, who I was, and who I am now. Several years ago in college I met a woman who showed me how to be a better person, more honest with myself. It took several years to be comfortable with this decision and lots of therapy, but I am happy now, and even found someone who accepts me for who I am now, not what I use to be." She glanced at Robert giving him a warm smile with her last comment. "Samantha, I can't lie to you or keep this a secret, any more than I could have lied to Robert. You are a very wonderful person, and I want you to know that you have made me feel more welcome than anyone ever has. That is why I need you to know that, I was not always the woman you see before you... Samantha, I used to be a man, and in some ways...I still am..." Sarah stated softly as she watched Samantha intently.

Robert watched as his mother's eyes moved over Sarah, she appeared to be studying her intently, looking for a reason not to believe what she had just heard. The silence in the room was deafening and frightening in the same instant. Robert could hear his heart thundering in his chest, feeling it catch in his throat. He felt Sarah wiggle her fingers, in his grasp realizing that he was squeezing her hand to the point of cutting off circulation.

Samantha quietly cleared her throat. Her gazed drifted over to Robert, their eyes met, but Robert was unable to draw from them or her expression what she was thinking or feeling. Sarah sniffed softly drawing their attention. Her head was hung and Robert could see that her shoulders where quivering with tension and anticipation of the coming storm.

"Robert, can I ask you a question?" Samantha softly spoke as she reached for his hand, gently taking it in her hers. It was a warm and motherly embrace as she drew his attention away from Sarah. Robert nodded his head as he tried to turn away from his mother's questioning gaze. "Do you love Sarah?"

Robert was shocked as he sat back in the chair, feeling the strain of tension on his back ease slightly. "Yes I do!" Robert replied with conviction in his voice. "More than anything I do!"

Samantha nodded and smiled sweetly as she turned to Sarah, "Sarah? Do you love Robert?" Sarah was already staring wide-eyed in shock at Samantha, tears ran freely down her cheeks as she glanced to Robert.

"Yes, with my entire soul I love him!" Sarah whispered giving his hand a gentle squeeze. Robert looked from Sarah to his mother who had now stood up. Collecting the newspaper, she slowly walked over dropping it into the recycle bin next to the trash bin in the corner of the kitchen.

Robert looked back to Sarah who shared his concerned yet quizzical look. Samantha came back over to the table and standing next to Sarah, reached down to take Sarah's hand, gently bidding her to stand. Robert watched his mother fuss with Sarah's hair brushing it from her face and quietly whispering to Sarah to dry her eyes. Sarah complied, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. Samantha smiled at Sarah then gently pulled her into a soft motherly embrace, whispering quietly in her ear. Robert watched as Sarah's shoulders quivered, her arms wrapped around Samantha, holding her tightly. Robert could not hear the exchange of whispers over Sarah's sobs and sniffles, but he could see her body relax allowing the tension of the moment to release her muscles.

They slowly parted, sharing a smile with one another before his mother kissed Sarah on the forehead as only a mother could. Sarah smiled again brightly. Turning slowly she looked at Robert with tear stained cheeks and red rimmed eyes that shown with a new light of passion and love. Robert slowly stood, watching Sarah cross the small distance and reached out to pull her to him. He felt her warm body press against his, feeling her place her head against his shoulder with her arms around his middle. He held her tightly, closing his eyes to breathe in her intoxicating scent. He let out a deep quiet sigh of relief feeling her snuggle closer to him. It was merely instinct now to kiss her, feeling her lips close the distance to his, he didn't even have to open his eyes to know that she was there and what she wanted now. The kiss was soft, passionate, loving and honest, a kiss of two souls finding love in another.

He felt her pull away. Opening his eyes he saw her smiling face, her cheeks were still stained, her eyes still red rimmed but the light of love and passion was still with her. "I need to clean up for dinner, Tiger," Sarah whispered, brushing the back of her fingers along his right cheek.

"Ok..." Robert whispered back, releasing his hold on her, allowing her to move further away from him even though it pained him. She smiled again at him, then to Samantha who was quietly watching the exchange. Turning, she headed to the door of the apartment giving a parting good-bye to both of them, as the sound of the closing door brought new tension to the room.

Robert turned to his mother who was quietly examining him. He hated this look, he got it all the time when he was younger and knew that she was carefully choosing her words, or deciding what to do next. Robert sighed as he dropped his head. "All right....what is it?" Robert replied in a very defeated tone, as he spread his hands out at his sides accepting the barrage of comments she was known for.

"I am very happy with you son, she is an amazing women," Samantha replied, slowly crossing the room to the small table in front of the couch. Robert was about to give a rebuttal when he paused in disbelief, watching his mother clean up the cups of tea and straighten a few magazines on the table.

"Wait, that's it?!" Robert replied in shock.

"Robert, what else do you want me to say, son?" His mother was now standing with the silver tray of tea in her hands.

"Do you understand what she told you?" Robert asked, stepping forward to take the tray from her.

"Yes, I do, she loves you deeply," Samantha replied with a hint of mirth in her voice.

"Mother! You know what I mean, the other thing she told you..." Robert exclaimed with a bit of annoyance in his voice, taking the tray from her and walking towards the kitchen with it.

"Thank you. Yes, I know what she told me, but honestly if you're happy, and you love her, what does it matter?" His mother replied sitting back down at the kitchen table.

"I...It doesn't. I just didn't want you to be upset..." Robert said over his shoulder, trying to concentrate on the tea pot in his hand as he emptied it into the sink.

"Bobby! Why would I be upset, what you choose to do with another person in bed is hardly my concern. I don't care what a person used to be or not be, as long as you're happy, and in love, then who am I to question that love? Besides I am rather fond of Sarah, she is...very caring. That one is special, so you better not go breaking her heart, young man!" Samantha scolded, with a shake of her finger. Robert turned from the sink giving his mother a nervous look as he chewed on his lower lip. "Robert do you know why the only question I asked you was about love?"

"No..." Robert replied tentatively

"Because your happiness is the only thing that matters to me son. Now do yourself a favor and go get that girl and reassure her that everything is ok. Call me when you're ready for dinner, son." Robert smiled as he walked over and gave his mother a parting hug, lost for words.

Slowly he walked towards the door listening to his mother hum softly to herself, he had not heard her hum like that since his father was around. Smiling, he felt tears well up in his eyes as he stepped into the hallway. Numbly, he descended the wooden stair case thinking about what he was going to say to Sarah. He still was not sure what his mother had said to Sarah, but because of the smile on her face he assumed it was something good.

Robert slowly stepped into the apartment and was met with silence. Glancing about he walked into the living room, then the kitchen searching for her. Glancing down he found her shirt laying on the floor, looking about he found first one sock, then another, slowly he followed the trail of clothing: a pair of pants here, then a bra laying in front of his bedroom door. Dropping the clothes he had collected onto the floor he slowly opened the door and found her laying on the bed.

She was lying on her left side, turned away from him, wearing only a pair of pink thong panties, and from the sounds she was making she was in a deep sleep. Robert walked up to the bed admiring her amazing toned body. Reaching out he slowly drew a line up her exposed side, chuckling softly as she rolled onto her back, her breasts swayed as her nipples became erect with desire. Robert knelt on the bed as he dragged two fingers up her right thigh, gently caressing her, watching her body react to his touch. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she opened her legs allowing him a view of her erect manhood which was pushing past the elastic band of her thong.

Her head looked soft and swollen, it pulsed slightly with her breathing, he could see the soft lace of her thongs cradling her balls, which strained against the soft material. Robert's gaze drifted up to the soft mounds of her breasts, the way they shifted and rolled slightly with her breathing. He marveled at her perfect body, the shape, the tone, the way she moved, even when sleeping it was perfection in a small and compact form.

He will admit that he lusted over her soft body, the feel of it against his own skin, the warmth, the way she moved when they made love. He lusted over the sound she made when he was deep inside her, and the passion in her kiss. He lusted to feel her hands roam about his body holding him tightly, yet with the softest touch; the way she sighed in his ear when he touched her, the grunt she made before climaxing, and the look of unbridled lust in her eyes when she watched him take her seed.

Robert trailed his fingers up her stomach as he chuckled softly to himself, 'Ahhh the look' he thought as he felt her stomach shift away from his soft touch. Robert noticed it in the shower and it dawned on him he had seen it before, the look of passion and fire. The look that craved to watch every moment that she was deep inside his mouth. The look that screamed to watch her erupt in his mouth, taking everything she was willing to give. A wicked thought streaked through his mind as he leaned down and gently brushed his lips against her belly button, drawing a soft mumble from her.

Slowly he kissed his way down her belly until he reached the soft warm tip of her desire. Gently he lifted up on the elastic band, pulling it back and allowing her member to point to the heavens. He licked his lips, lowering his mouth to her base to gently kiss at the soft smooth skin around it. He felt her warm shaft rest against his cheek as he kissed around the base, feeling her body slowly awake to his touch. Her legs parted as her hands drifted to her stomach, caressing it to increase the pleasure.

Robert sat on all fours horizontally to her, he could feel his own manhood straining against his pants as he dragged his lips up her shaft till he reached the red mushroom shaped head, he heard Sarah mumble louder. Smiling he kissed back down her shaft, using the tip of his tongue to leave little wet spots in its wake.

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