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Love with a Twist Ch. 11


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Chapter 11!

Robert had quickly changed into his swim trunks and a plain white t-shirt, stepping out of the guest bedroom he paused thinking he had heard something from the room next door. The hallway was quiet, shaking his head he slowly made his way back down the stairs into the living room. He was debating the merits of waiting for the girls, or step outside and introduce himself to Toby when the sound of a sliding glass door drew his attention.

A tall thin man with short sandy blond hair in a colorful open Hawaiian shirt, wearing a pair of faded blue board shorts, stepped inside in the room. "Hey!" he called stepping forward and offering his hand "I am Toby, you must be Robert?" Toby had a pretty warm and inviting smile on his deeply tanned face, and he seemed genuinely happy to meet Robert.

Robert took the offered hand in his own giving it a firm shake. "Yes, thank you for allowing us to come over."

Toby dismissed the comment with a wave if his hand, "Nah! It's fine man we love having people over, besides it is way to hot to sit in a condo all day," he said with a chuckle, "You want a beer?" he asked motioning to the can that was in his hand.

"No Thank you, but if you have a Coke or Pepsi that would be great."

"Yeah not a problem, to be honest I am not much of a drinker myself." Toby replied with a wink. After grabbing a can of Coke from the frig, in the very large white kitchen, they both stepped out side on the deck to check on the grill and chat while they waited for the ladies to come down from changing.

The back yard was larger then Robert had expected, judging by the front of the house and it's proximity to the beach. The entire backyard was framed by a tall wooden privacy fence painted red. They were standing on a wooden deck spanning the length of the house, to his left was a hot tub which the deck was built around and his right was the glassed top table, and four chairs. Directly in front of him were several steps leading down from the deck to a smooth stone path that lead to the oval shaped pool in the middle of the lawn. The crystal clear blue water, of the pool shimmered in the afternoon sunlight forcing Robert to glance away from its cool waters, blinking away the sunbursts that swam in his vision.

On the other side of the pool was another stone path leading towards a door in the back of the fence, which Robert assumed lead down to the beach. Curiously, Robert noticed there was another small house in the back right corner of the yard, he guessed that it was either a Guest house or changing room for visitors.

Toby smiled broadly as he pointed out various things around the yard, explaining that he and Abby are traditionally very private people, and enjoy the privacy that their home provides. He seemed very proud of the grass pointing out that it had taken him several years of work to get it to it's current condition. He explained that the door in the back of the fence did indeed lead down to the beach, and was locked from the inside to deter the neighbor teenager's from having a pool party when they were out of town. Finally he pointed to the small house in the back of the yard, "That is my ' Man Cave!'" (After reading about it, this is exactly what I would have called it. Lol I like Man Cave . We all should have one. LOL) He chuckled, "After dinner we can sneak away to have a couple of Cubans Cigars I got from a friend of mine the other day."

Robert smiled politely not wanting to explain to his gracious host that he was not much of a smoker, but didn't want to seem like a picky guest. They moved over to the table resting back in the chairs in the cool breeze of the ocean, letting their conversation flow from work to daily life.


Sarah knelt between Abby's bronze colored legs, her hands rested on Abby's thighs gently squeezing them, while her mouth was stuffed full of Abby's women hood. Sarah hummed quietly letting her tongue dance around the hard shaft, feeling it glide between her lips with each thrust of Abby's hips.

They were in the center of the large bedroom, Abby was standing in front of the full length mirror watching her passion filled reflection; she reached down placing her hands gently on the back of Sarah's head encouraging her to take her deeper with each thrust. Abby's left hand drifted up her own body pinching at her erect nipples sending a shock of pleasure down her spine. Glancing down to her lover she saw that Sarah was looking back at her, she could see lust in her eyes and the desire to have more of her. She gave Sarah a weak smile bending back at the waist to watch her own member sliding between Sarah's ruby red lips.

Sarah marveled at the sensations coming from her own body, every nerve ending in her body was screaming in pleasure, her own cock, which had been limp at the start was now full engorged and bouncing up and down with each beat of her heart. Her tongue was now covered in a mix of sweet yet tangy pre-cum, she felt it flow down her throat reminding her of days when she was a kid drinking from the water hose on a hot day. She felt Abby's hands rest on the back of her head encouraging her to take more of her inflamed member, which had already been used to taking Robert so deeply, she relaxed the muscles in her throat sucking hard she allowed more of the bulbous head to slip inside her.

Glancing up at her lover she saw Abby staring down at her, a mix of lust and passion in her chestnut brown eyes. She saw the weak smile on her face but sensed she was holding back the tide that threatened to sweep over her and bring this adventurous union to an end.

Sarah slowly slipped her hand to the base of Abby's cock, holding it tightly, drawing her mouth back slowly she let the tip of her tongue trail along the bottom of the shaft as it exited her mouth. Smiling up at Abby, Sarah leaned forward brushing her lips against her soft sack, breathing in the heavy mix of her sexual musk, and her sweet almost fruit like perfume. Drawing her tongue around the tight sack, she singled out one of her small orbs, and began to suck it gently into her mouth. Holding her slick member up she slowly pumped her fingers around its great length, using her saliva as lube feeling Abby's body shivered with each stroke. Letting the soft orb pop from her mouth she proceeded to suck and tickle the other ball, drawing more groans out of Abby, along with several shivers.

"Oh god baby, I can't take much more of this..." Abby pleaded with delight. Sarah opened her mouth and sat back eyeing her friend, who was now swaying back and forth on her feet trying to hump Sarah's fingers, which now held her women hood out in front of her.

Sarah slowly rolled back onto the balls of her feet and rose slowly in front of her friend, all the while still holding tightly to her friends' enlarged cock. Sarah crossed in front of her kissing her cheek lightly before leading her by her member over to the bed.

With her back to Abby she glanced over her shoulder flashing a wicked smile before releasing her grip on her friend. Sarah sighed softly spreading her legs and placing her right knee on the bed, and her left hand on the bed ahead of her bending at the waist. Reaching back with her right hand, Sarah spread her cheeks exposing her small pink anus to Abby. "Fuck me, Abby" Sarah whimpered pushing her lower lip out in a mock pout.

Abby didn't even hesitate, bending over she pushed Sarah's bottom open exposing more of her naughty hole and tongued it like a child might lick a quickly melting ice cream cone on a hot summer day. She drover her tongue into the tight orifice, lubricating as best she could listening to the sound of Sarah's guttural moan.

Abby stood upright grabbing Sarah's hip she took a step forward placing the head of her cock against the tiny hole, resisting the urge to just drive her length inside her friend, and empty her balls immediately. She pushed gently feeling a bit of resistance at first then she felt the walls tighten around her head causing her to groan softly. Little by little she feed more of her length inside pausing to allow Sarah to grow accustom to the girth, but also to give herself time to let the fire inside her subside.

Sarah could feel each and every vain on her friends shaft, as it slowly made its way inside her. At first she was overwhelmed but the sheer thickness of the mighty erection but after several minutes of shifting, and relaxing her muscles she found the pleasurable sensation of being so full.

It did feel different then Robert she must admit, not in a bad way, but she felt slightly too full. When Robert made love to her in this way, it was like he was a key and she was the lock, and the fit was perfect. Abby was a key for sure, but it seemed just a bit out of place inside her lock, but oh god the pleasure was there.

Abby felt their hips meet as the last bit of her shaft disappeared between their bodies. "Fuck me Sarah you are so tight!" Abby whispered hearing Sarah give a muffled giggle and squeeze her muscles around her girth. Abby slowly pumped back and forth working herself into a slow rhythm she felt a bead of sweat roll down her back, as a jolt of sexual energy ran up her spine. Her heart was thumping in her chest threatening to jump right out of her body, and her breathing was erratic and heavy gulping down air, like a diver who had just broken the surface. Looking down she saw Sarah was laying face down on the bed, her left had stretched out above her head clawing at the blankets on the bed, her face was turned so that Abby could see it but Sarah's eyes were closed and her mouth hung open in a silent moan of pleasure.

Abby followed the line of Sarah's right arm which disappeared under her body, Abby could only assume that her friend's hand was busy pulling on that beautiful little cock she has. Leaning closer to Sarah, Abby whispered "Stroke your sexy cock-clit, little girl. I want to feel your sexy little anal-pussy tighten up on me when you cum."

Sarah gave a little grin, slowly pushing herself up onto her left hand pushing her hips back she tightened down on her friend's cock, almost keeping her from thrusting. Sarah was openly stroking her cock, spreading her knees slightly to allow her more room for her hand.

Abby gave a grunt of surprise feeling the Sarah almost keep her from moving inside her. She thrust harder watching Sarah's right arm moving back and forth trying to image her cock, sliding in and out of her clenched fist. It was becoming too much for her passion soaked mind to take in, she felt the first stirrings of her orgasm, one that no amount of stalling would stave off.

Her attention snapped to Sarah who was now whimpering loudly, her face was flushed with desire and her body was beginning to shake with the impending orgasm. Abby felt Sarah's muscles contract around her holding her cock tightly within her.

"AAAAAbbbbbyyy....." Sarah groaned out, it sounded like she was going to say something more but it was lost in a low moan as her body locked <(Not sure if locked is the right word here. Maybe WENT might work better or something like that?) rigid for a moment before she went limp falling forward on the bed.

The spasms from Sarah's eruption caused her muscles to flex and release, sending one shock wave after another, of pleasure down the shaft of Abby's swollen member and through her body. Abby lost all sense of time and place, only conscious of that fact that her hips were thrusting with wild abandonment and she was on the very cusp of her own earth shattering orgasm.

With a cry of pleasure, Abby slammed her hips into Sarah for a final time, feeling the sweet sensations wash over her body, like a cool shower on a hot summers day. Every nerve ending was alive, tingling with pleasure. She could feel the droplets of sweat on her chest, the soft skin on the back of Sarah's thighs brushing against her own, and the strong sweet smell of their sexual union mingling in the air.


Sarah reached out brushing her fingers through Abby's jet black hair as they cuddled quietly on the bed, quietly enjoying the afterglow of their orgasms. Abby gave a small smile propping her head up with the palm of her hand, letting her eyes wander along the soft curves of Sarah's body.

"Sarah?" Abby whispered with a hint of trepidation in her voice.

"Hmm?" Sarah mumbled letting the fine black strands of hair slip through her fingers.

"I need to ask you a favor. I need you to keep this little sexual adventure between us, and not share it with the rest of the support group?" Abby replied nibbling on her lower lip.

Sarah smiled letting the last strand of hair fall from her palm, "Of course Abby besides no one needs to know about this weekend except the people who are here...enjoying it with us."

Abby leaned in kissing Sarah on the cheek, "Let's get dressed and get this party really started!"


Toby and Robert had moved off the porch into the small house, Toby dubbed The Man Cave. Both of them had been chatting on the deck waiting for the females to emerge from the bedroom but after twenty minutes of waiting Toby decided to show his guy room off.

The small house was indeed smaller then he expected. As you walk in the door your eye is immediately drawn to the large flat LCD TV mounted to the far wall, above it was a large stuffed sword fish. Under the TV was a small wooden table that spanned the length of the room and was full of Blue Ray /DVD cases, a Blue Ray player and other devices.

On each side of the wall were two wooden book cases that reached floor to ceiling each of them packed with books, more DVDs and other assorted items, baseballs and sports souvenirs. In the middle of the room were two plush black leather recliners, and a single table between them. The floor was carpeted and a door next to the left hand bookcase, which Toby explained lead to a simple bathroom.

Next to the right hand bookcase was a very large wooden table lined with all manner of dark colored alcoholic bottles. Toby explained that he tried to be a gracious host when inviting people over but rarely did he ever use the bar.

Presently the two of them were sitting in the plush leather seats in the center of the room. The conversation of their current jobs was in full swing now, both men trading stories about their past and present work places. Toby seemed to be very impressed with Roberts knowledge of computers, asking gradually tougher and tougher questions of him. Robert started to get the sensation that he was in a job interview, and worried he was bombing it. Toby must of sensed the unease in his guest, and quickly changed the subject.

"Robert can I ask you something? I hope I won't offend you but, are you bi-sexual?" Toby asked leaning back in his chair. Robert was shocked at such a bold question, his mind devoid of thought could only look on his host giving him a quizzical. Seeing the look of shock on his guest's face, Toby quickly waved his hand in the air with a shake of his head he replied quickly "Never mind I am sorry that was out of line.."

Robert sat in silence trying to push his thoughts back into his head, sitting forward he asked, "Why did you ask me that?"

Toby sat back with a very uneasy look on his face, Robert could tell that his host seemed to be worried that he had offended him with such a question. "I am sorry Robert I was not trying to offend you, I was merely curious about your relationship with Sarah." "Please forget I asked the question."

Robert surprised Toby and even himself with the chuckle of mirth that escaped his lips. "I am not straight, or bi, or even gay." He stated leaning forward in his chair, "I love Sarah with all my heart and soul, with that said I have never even thought about what that meant until you asked." "I guess if you had to put a label on it I would have to say bi, just because I still enjoy the sight of a lovely wet pussy, but my relationship with Sarah goes beyond sex, and I think that is why I never questioned what sex with her, really labeled me as" Robert leaned back in the chair watching his host digest what he had just said. In his own ears the truth of what he had said rang true, and a small debate which seemed trivial compared to other internal debates he struggled with on a daily basis, and finally been resolved.

To be honest he had never even thought of his sexual status as straight, bi or gay because of his lover Sarah. Robert knew that he loved Sarah, and that because she is what she is, their sex was the way it was.

Toby had been nodding along with Robert's statements, with a pleasant smile on his lips. Setting his glass down on the table between them he cleared his throat quietly. "Robert I am so glad you said that." "I have talked with several men from the support group, who are always seemed so stuck on the question, speaking as if they had to define that roll in themselves to explain their desires or emotion for their partner." "I agree with what you said and would have answered such a question with the same statement."

Toby opened his mouth to speak when his cell phone, which he had placed on the table when they entered chirped with a new text message. Reaching over he read the note gave a small chuckle then explained that the ladies were done changing and wanted to finally eat dinner.


Dinner had been a sorted selection of food from grilled chicken, grilled shrimp and some bar-b-qued ribs; they also had a small light salad and some fresh fruit. Robert sat back in his chair sipping from his glass and watching the waning sun drift south towards the ocean bathing the waters in a bright orange glow. Robert felt something slip into his lap and looking down he saw the Sarah's naked toes, reaching down on instinct he began to massage the balls of her feet, looking back to the pounding surf.

Glancing over to Sarah she saw that she was wearing a very simple yet sexy looking yellow two piece bathing suit, with a sheer light blue wrap around her waist. The wrap did little to hide her gentle curves but was enough to conceal her small bulge. When he had come out of the small house in the corner of the yard she had taken him aside to explain that once Abby had seen the bathing suit she had brought she insisted that she wear this one instead. Sarah admitted that she felt a bit exposed in the outfit, but none the less felt very sexy. Robert only grinned pulling her close to him and kissing her deeply.

Robert was snapped from his day dreaming when he felt Sarah's heel gently massaging his manhood through his shorts. He looked up and smiled at her, watching her turn and answer a question Abby had asked her about her meal.

They sat at the table making polite conversation, subjects ranging from childhood mistakes to teenage angst's. Robert had sat quietly in the chair trading stories and watching the last of the sun drift below the horizon as a cool night breeze washed over him pushing the heat of the day with it.

Abby was sitting across from him telling a story about the night she and Toby had gone out for dinner. On the way home she explained that she started feeling adventurous decided to put on a show for Toby. Toby was driving and she climbed into the back seat of the car putting herself in the middle so he could see her in the rear view mirror. She said that she had pulled up her dress and began to masturbate right there in the car.

She giggled explaining "That the faster I pumped my hard cock, the heavier his foot got on the accelerator." "Before we knew it I was ready to explode and he was doing 110 mph!" "It wasn't until we both zoned back in that we saw the lights and heard the sirens of a cop behind us." "Toby was freaking out but I quickly told him to tell the cop I was feeling ill and he was trying to rush me home before I got sick in his car. I lay down in the back seat moaning like a sick calf, when the cop came to the window." "After looking at me and Toby he told him to get me home, and keep it under the speed limit!" She replied with a shriek of laughter.

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