tagLesbian SexLovebites Ep. 03

Lovebites Ep. 03


Emmaline Black woke with a fever and a memory. A memory of Sophie, licking her, loving her, and then biting her ; leaving from an open window on the third-story of the Black family estate.

Emma could not shake the image of Sophie's shocked face as she pulled away. The window was still open and there was frigid air blowing inside. She felt her forehead and knew she was coming down with something serious.

Having missed the last day of classes for pretending to be sick in order to avoid Sophie seemed silly now in the light of a new day. Yet it made staying home a second day, when she really needed the rest all the more simple to ensure.

When her mother came round to wake her she hadn't even asked if Emmaline was feeling any better -- the cold sweat was proof enough to keep her home for another day. The day seemed to drag as Emmaline drifted in and out of fitful sleep.

When she eventually took a shower sometime around noon she was struck by the marks on her body as she stood naked in the mirror. There were red spots on her neck and shoulder -- the bite Sophie had attempted hadn't broken the skin fully but the contact was unmistakable.

Her sex was also sore, but she figured that was normal considering all that had transpired. The ache there was dull and felt a little warm, but not the fevered kind of warm more of a pleasant fuzziness.

The more she looked at the mark on her shoulder the more it seemed to irritate her, it was beginning to itch and she wondered silently if Sophie were sick with something crazy and had now infected her with the same bug.

With all this on her mind Emma couldn't sleep despite her exhaustion. She half hoped she had dreamed the whole thing and had really gotten sick the day before and only forgotten in hazed confusion. But in her heart she knew there was something more, something much more dark and sinister at work.


In the lair of the Lady Christine light wasn't allowed except for the natural light of fire. And so it was that Sophie sat at the feet of her maker, head bowed low in a show of absolute servitude.

The color had begun to return to her skin as she was now well fed on the milk from Christine's ample bosom. What was even better was that her strength had seemed to grow to at least five times it's previous level and the mistress said that it would only continue to increase with time and training.

If Sophie had her way she would never have stopped sucking those glorious tits and being filled with milk. Alas, the Lady explained that serious matters required their attention.

" Yes my sweet, there shall be plenty of time for playing in the future, an eternity in fact -- but for now we have work to do. You see biting your little friend last night, that was ill-advised."

She elaborated further when Sophie looked a little scared, to put her fears to rest. "Being the understanding maker I am, I know that the first experience with the hunger can lead to far worse things. What you need to know now is that time is of the essence, as underdeveloped vampires cannot become full-fledged makers. Your fangs haven't come in fully quite yet, and feeding progeny takes many things you still do not posses. "

"mmm like milk?" said Sophie remember it's flavor in her mouth, now watering.

"Yes, like milk. Though as I've said there are also other methods which you may learn of at another time. What you inflicted is what we call a soft bite. This doesn't make the vampires quite the same way -- and even more important it leaves them susceptible to a number of other afflictions ; the worst of these, for us, is the sisterhood of the softbites. A coven of witches who have been similarly victimized only to have the process of creation so rudely disturbed."

She now appeared to be breaking into a full fledged speech " The wretched sisters as they call themselves are our sworn enemies from times long past and still to come. They too have attained immortality, albeit through different ritualistic means, and they see it as their duty to oppose all vampires and their activities in this world, and others. For the afterlife of me I can't figure why they hate us so. After all it is the vampires bite which makes their existence possible in the first place but here we are, years into bloody conflict with no end in sight."

"You should know that they, unlike any other beings, even any other witches, can resist Vampiric charms, and once turned there is no going back"

Sophie's head was now swimming with a myriad of questions about other worlds, vampires, witches and life, but her biggest concern somehow was still Emmaline.

" So, what can we do to make sure these witches don't get to her, and if we do retrieve her, can you make her, the same way you made me?"

"Well my dear, things are never so simple. As the Softbites are daywalkers and can get to their prey anytime and we, are still confined to shadows. Even more troubling is that over the past few months it seems as though the bitches have developed quite a knack at finding the victims to turn. To answer you though, if we do get her, I would be more than happy to help bring her into the fold but I must be honest when I say that chances are slim now but we shall make the best of the situation."

Christine spoke with such an easy command that Sophie never even questioned her, it seemed the easiest thing in the world to follow her, and do exactly as she bid. Sophie looked at the clock and saw it was still the afternoon -- with no windows it was difficult to tell time but having fed so vigorously for the hours of the early morning she had no want at all for rest.

"Mistress" said Sophie in a hopeful voice " If we must wait for nightfall to make our move, might we lay together first?" She licked her small sharp teeth and even drew a little blood from her own pink tongue.

"I suppose we might my sweet little Sophie, I suppose we might" She said this and reached her long thin arm out to her yearning creation leading her back to a bed with purple satin sheets and big pink pillows.

Sophie couldn't hold back her excitement and jumped in the bed and on hands and knees turned to face her Lady. Christine's approach was slow and seductive, enjoying the look of anticipation on the young girl's face. She was drooling from her tiny mouth and her eyes were screaming to be touched and prodded.

Their first kiss of this encounter was long and sweet. Sophie obviously didn't have much experience kissing -- yet she seemed to have picked up some ideas after a night of sucking at Christine's breast. The kiss she gave included aggressive sucking of the lips and tongue of her mistress.

When that was finally broken Sophie buried her face in the Christine's huge rack -- she stuck her tongue out while she did this and ran it along the curves of flesh yet when she got to the nipple she resisted the urge to go for more milk. As great as it tasted she wanted more now, tastes from other places.

She wanted to be controlled. To be utterly submissive so in her best pleading voice she begged. " Lady Christine, please have your way with me, do anything to me, do everything to me."

Christine for her part needed no further direction. Up to this point everything had been slow and easy, soft and sweet. Now was the prefect chance to see what this girl was really made of.

She hadn't allowed herself a taste of her new progeny yet, for consideration of her difficult transition -- but it seemed as if Sophie was ready to play and the allure was too great to ignore now.

As Christine removed Sophie's pale white nightgown and made her luminous skin bare and exposed the maker stopped for a moment to drink in everything before her. Sophie's pussy was soaked wet with want as Christine ran her hands over her quivering pussy lips -- the crack there was slight, and the older woman knew that it would be tight. Tighter, younger, and fresher than she'd had in years.

She was sure now that she had made the perfect choice turning this one. It had been rather spur of the moment when she'd spotted Sophie but now she was thankful for that luck of happenstance; of course the plan to create had been in her head a while but previously she hadn't had the energy to deal with the responsibility of making another vampire.

When she finally got around to penetrating Sophie's sex it was with one single finger, her long middle one. She eased it in and enjoyed the sound it provoked, a squeal of desire. She quickly began to pick up speed and soon stuck in a second finger, now the opening was wider and slick with bodily fluid. Christine smelled it on her fingers and licked at loving the taste -- strangely like rosewater.

With that small sample she had to go in for a full taste and so with an expert tongue and a hungry heart the Lady Christine began licking and sucking at Sophie's vagina. She pushed in hard with her tongue spreading the lips and licking them with a healthy coating of spit -- it should be noted here that vampire spit, like all their excretions carries no small amount of pheromones which serve to heighten all sexual experiences.

By this time Sophie was in a rather prone position on all fours leaning forward while her master ate her out furiously tongue-fucking her small tight hole. It was the best orgasm of Sophie's life and when she came much of it went right into Christine's open mouth. As has been explained the pheromones again only spurred the Lady to further passion.

Next Christine bade her pet to clean her face of the likewise enchanted girlcum. Sophie gleefully adhered to the demand licking at all the wetness on the stunningly beautiful face of her creator. Sophie's small pink tongue was now covered in cum and spit and when she swallowed it her heart beat faster as if she'd taken a shot of adrenaline.

Christine knew what to do with that excess passion and reached for something from her bedside table. At first the thing looked like just another wax candle. But if there is one thing that should be made clear it's that things are never quite as they seem in the home of a vampire.

The candle was in fact a strap-on dildo. Or perhaps it should be called a strap-in dildo, because in a sense that's what it did.

The wax at it's base when heated correctly with the nectar of a vampire became softer and easily malleable so that when Christine molded it in her warm hands she could fit it in her own sex as if it were actually connected to her, no strap-belt necessary.

Putting it inside Sophie too was really an effortless task. Sophie was amazed at the feeling. It was unexpectedly hot, as body heat transferred from Christine brought out it's full potential. The edges were smooth and soft so that despite Sophie having never experienced penetration it all went in without any pain, and to her continued delight, maximum pleasure.

Sophie also found that with her new abilities came and added flexibility she hadn't previously known. She came to this conclusion as Christine fucked her to a steady rhythm slowly raising the younger girl's soft white legs as she thrust forward -- soon Sophie's feet were nearly behind her head and as she was being drilled. It was fantastic in a way that she never imagined.

Sophie screamed in ravenous lust as she came for the final time. The cum spilled forth from her womanhood like it never had, she was awestruck at the amount.

Christine could not have been happier with her new vampire vixen. She'd forgotten the joy of creation having been away from it for so long, but now the thought of adding another to this little family seemed like an enticing prospect.

She wondered if Emmaline Black were a suitable candidate. It had been her style, in years past to keep her profile low by having only one 'child vamp' at a time maybe it was time to rethink that strategy.

She removed the candle-member from herself and held it out to her eager progeny whose eyes spoke of still-burning lust. Sophie stuck the end in her mouth and cleaned it with her tiny tongue which danced all around. She went to sleep like that, sucking the wax dildo like a baby might a pacifier. They had a big night ahead and would need to be at full strength if they were to successfully extract Emmaline from the Black family estate.

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