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Lovely Auntie


Shyam was driving the car at 80kmh, but still his wife wasn't happy.

Neeta said, 'will I be late?'

'Relax Neeta, the flight is at 3 30. We are about 10 minutes away. You will be there by 2 45.'

'What if the checking at the door will make me late? Can't ever trust you on this, Shyam.' Shyam was taken aback. She was visiting her brother in Hyderabad. She was always in this mood, while visiting her brother. She couldn't bear being late even for a moment. If it was for her office, she wouldn't bother. If it was for her daughter's graduation, she wouldn't give a hoot. But when it came to the matter of visiting her elder brother's family, it looked as though she couldn't make it earlier, however early she made it to the port.

'Now, don't vent your frustration on me, honey. Even if we miss this one, we can afford the next.'

'I don't want to miss this one, Shyam. You know that. It's not about our affordability.' She fumed at him.

From the corner of the eye, he eyed his wife. She was the gorgeous bombshell he had married seventeen years back and she was the same, even now. Maybe, a little more. Dressed In her tight salwar kameez, she looked like she might make half the men in the world envy her husband. He didn't have a clue if ever he had seen any other better woman than her. She was the most gorgeous lady with the best figure that a lady could possess.

She had the most beautiful face adorned with the best features that would make any lady envious. Her almond shaped eyes, red rosy, ruby like lips, straight, aquiline nose, dimpled cheeks and beautiful chin. Her neck was sinewy and was sexily apposed with her curvaceous figure. She was 5' 5" in height, with a killer chest. Her back was sexy with a curvaceous dip to her hips which gave away to generous and gorgeous bum. Her tits were bordering on medium to large. They had the most pinkish and suck-able nipples which a lady could possess. Shyam even after seventeen years felt that he didn't have enough of her bust.

Her rack made him subservient at any time of the day. But the best feature of her figure was her ass. At the start of the marriage, he stared on the delicious rump for years together. She smiled at his fascination with it even being able to get it on daily basis. She didn't know that she had such an easy hold over the other sex with her ass. Many times when she woke up, she felt him slept at her buttocks with his face nuzzled in. He loved her waist and hips, which easily belied the fact that she was the mother of two beautiful girls of ages, sixteen and fourteen.

Coming back to the world, he told her, 'hey, you completely forget me, when you visit your brother'

She turned at him with the momentary affection in her maelstrom of frustration and anger. She smiled at him and said, 'I can't help It, darling. You know that'. Her moan of balm was like ethereal to him. She could make him wrap around his fingers in a jiffy. She had made him the most irritable fellow with her gorgeous looks. At the early part of his marriage, he envied anybody, she talked with. Even if it was a "hi", he would go fuming at her for hours. But after a while, he gave away to this feeling for his own health. He knew that it was unreasonable. She loved him. And he loved her even more. So, he couldn't bear her contact with anyone. If he would have had his way, he would have locked her up in a tall tower with him being her only visitor.

But slowly, he matured at her obedience and faithfulness to him. He liked the way she was dedicated to him and her family. But still, occasionally, he had those pangs, which she cleared in the confines of their bedroom. And what a tigress she was in the bedroom. She would always make him cum with the snap of her fingers. She knew her hold over him in the bedroom and that made him vulnerable around her. He thought that would all simmer down once she had children. But it just got worse. She was becoming more and more beautiful with the ripening of age and he was becoming more and more fat and low on hair. He feared he would lose her, but her love convinced him every time.

She never gave any consideration to a strange man other than her family. Her polite words never carried any provocation of sexual nature or belied any flirtation. She was helping and caring with everyone, but she observed it in limits. She loved her husband and children more than anything in her life. The freedom her husband had given her in making her pursue the job, she needed, made him dearer to her. The only other family which she loved like her own was her brother's.

Her brother, elder to her by ten years, was the dearest relative she ever possessed. He had cared for her before marriage and even selected Shyam for her in the millions of her applicants. He was always there whenever she needed any help even after marriage. He solved any inner minor turmoil, they had, which were scarce. He loved her as her kid sister and she was grateful that she had a brother like him. The sacrifices he made for her were something she would never forget. So, she did as much she could do for his family, which was merely scanty. Anurag never wanted his sister to be concerned with his plights, so he never mentioned any of them.

He took care of all his troubles single-handedly and that made her love him more. Her sister in law was goddess incarnate. She comforted whenever she needed any help. At the start of her marriage, she provided all the moral support, Neeta required with her kindly words and an ear for her troubles and fears. She cared after for her two pregnancies and raised her niece when she was in post partum period. She would never forget her brother and sister in law for all the comfort they had given her.

Her brother had a single child, Manish. He was a darling to her aunt, Neeta. Neeta loved him equally as the two other men in her life, her husband and her brother. She had raised him as a child, was a close friend to him during his schooldays and participated in the college gossip during his college days. She had been his best friend; there was no doubt about that.

Shyam said smiling at her, 'don't forget me in the four days'

She said to him teasing, 'I can't help it, honey.'

'I know, honey. Whenever you see your handsome nephew, there's nothing you remember about your poor little husband' he said smiling at her.

She smiled at him coyly. She knew he was right. Manish was the handsome hunk, surpassing even his father. Not that Shyam was bad looking. He was a good looking man, but her brother had a great physique. The same genes, Manish inherited. Manish had great features on his mother's side and he was built up like a Greek god with all the heavy workouts and the genes from his father. He was a craze in his college and in his university. He was a great athlete and a good sportsman. To be fair, Neeta had a crush on him.

She rarely had any crushes, only three all her life. The first two had been before college. The third occurred when Manish turned nineteen. After a long gap of three years, she came to visit them, being away in the states with her husband. The way her nephew turned out, nearly made her gasp. She didn't know that her nephew would turn out to be such a masculine hunk.

From then she had been teasing him about girls, the topic which he modestly averted. In addition to being built on heavy scale, he was a very good kid. He was never a bother to his parents, excelling in his academics, always helping his father with his chores and even cooking for his mother. The boy was a fireball of energy. Whenever she was around him, he cracked jokes and he was very humorous. She knew that he would make a girl's life, one day.

Shyam knew that his wife fancied Manish. He earlier thought he was just a kid, but the kid was turning out to be a man. Manish even respected his uncle very much. And Shyam liked that. The kid was not cocky like the others of his generation. He obeyed his uncle, if the latter asked any favours or any tasks. But the only thing that he hated about the kid was that his wife loved the kid. He earlier felt jealous, but he later felt as though the envy looked exhilarating and something above the earth. Whenever his nephew and his wife talked and laughed and enjoyed themselves, his breath caught in his throat and he was sexually excited. Those nights, he would give out nice workouts to his wife. He didn't know why they looked very erotic to him. He ribbed her of her nephew every now and then.

Generally when he teased her about other men, she would get angry at him and tell him that he was the only man in her life. But when Shyam mentioned Manish in his jokes about her, she just shied away. Shyam knew that his wife surely had a crush on her nephew. And he would have boggled if he would have looked into the mind of his wife.

Neeta earlier thought that it was just a small silly crush. But as she watched her nephew grow up, she knew that she was deeply infatuated with him. She liked him more and more with each of her visits to him. They were both great friends. But the first time in her life, she flirted with a man. That man was Manish. She never even flirted with her husband. But she liked to be around her nephew and gave him long, lazy, lusty looks, which made him swallow hard.

Shyam told, 'I know you are not joking there when you tell me that you will forget me before your nephew.' Again she just smiled. There wasn't any denial, again. Shyam felt a tad disappointed, at the same time, in the back of his mind, he was excited. He knew for sure now that she clearly liked her nephew.

'So, what's the age of the idiot?' he asked.

'Hey, don't call him that' she rebuked him and Shyam clearly noticed the way she was standing up for him.

'He's twenty five. You are jealous because you are an old man' she gave him back. She meant it to bite and it really did. Was it an Indication for him that he was an old man and he was no match for his nephew? She bit her lip after she said that. She didn't like when Manish was ill spoken of. He was a good boy. But then again, her husband just joked.

'I am sorry, honey' she said, looking at him with concerned eyes.

'You love your nephew, don't you, Neeta?' the question just blurted out of him. She too was surprised, but just said, 'yes, I do, but I love you more'

'I am sorry for calling him that. I am just jealous of him'

'Oh, honey. He's just a boy'

'Is he? I think he is a hunk. At least his aunt thinks so.' He played with her in a light manner.

She too smiled at him and said, 'yes, he is a hunk and he is his aunt's crush, happy, now?'

'I am not. But he will be happy, when he hears it?'

She looked at him questioningly, 'don't joke with me, darling. I am an old lady. He won't find me even attractive.'

Shyam was getting more aroused with the dialogue. His wife was considering the possibility of her nephew's physical assessment of her. If she hadn't been thinking in that vein, she would've just dismissed the whole thing.

He said, 'now, you are being modest, honey. I am now seriously concerned sending you to a place where a strapping young man is present.'

'Yeah, you should be concerned' she told him In the same light banter.

'I will bet he will swoon when he sees that cleavage in your dress.'

The sentence at once made her get excited. Shyam noticed in the way her nipples stood up. Even under the bra, they clearly stood up. She was a little short of breath.

He asked her, 'are you okay, honey? You look like you will swoon.'

'Very funny'

'No, very excited. You, especially'

She smiled at him and said, 'so, you think Manish will find his old aunt, sexy and attractive?'

'I am damn sure about that'

'And what will my husband think of that?' she asked him playfully. She observed that he was a little excited with all the talk. Shyam had always been very supportive of her since their marriage. He never interfered in her personal decision making. Be it in the job or on the family level. He valued her reason more than anything. He gave her the freedom, which every woman craves for. But she was the type of woman, who gets her freedom. In her situation, she never coaxed.

'I don't know'

'Anyway, you need not bother about what happens between an aunt and a nephew. It's our secret. We are the best of pals. And we don't let anyone In. Even the jealous, excited husbands' there was a twinkle in her eye when she said that. For same strange reason, he felt proud of her.

He said, 'that's my bold, independent Neeta'

'No one asked your opinion, husband. After all you are just a husband. Try to be in your limits' she joked with him in mock seriousness.

'Lucky bugger, that Manish' he exclaimed.

'No, lucky aunt, wouldn't you say? And moreover, Manish, my baby needs me. How can he spend the end of the term without his aunt? The thought itself is sickening.'

Shyam was excited beyond words. Every year, they spent the New Year together, but this year, he would be spending it alone. His wife after seventeen years requested that she would spend the holidays with her brother, which he couldn't deny. Moreover, his two girls will be visiting his brother in law, from their boarding school from Dehra-dun. He wanted to give them some time for their own.

'I will miss you, honey'

But Neeta didn't want to end his teasing, 'I will try to miss you, honey. But with Manish being there, I would barely remember you'

'Tell him, I asked for him' he said to her as they arrived at the airport.

'Yeah, I would when we get cosy'

She was just taking his breath away. He parked the car and both of them unloaded the luggage. After all the checkpoint formalities, it was time for Neeta to leave.

'So, I think it's better for you to go. Your plane will be leaving in ten minutes.'

'Yeah, I should. Don't be hungry and eat well. Call me alright' she instructed him as though she was his mother.

He pecked her cheek and said, 'I love you, honey'

She thought of teasing him more, 'I don't how to reply you, honey. Anyway, forget it. It's difficult for me to keep track of things as I have to go meet this hunk of a guy. Never in my life, am I so flustered, honey. What a lucky boy to have an admirer like me?'

Shyam had fast breathing as a result of all this, 'I love you, honey'

She smiled and walked to the departure terminal, waving her hand, 'bye, honey'

As she made her way to the plane, Neeta smiled to herself, the way she teased her poor husband. He was such a lovely man, always, supportive and never confrontational. He was seriously a possessive man like all men. She in her years of marriage always truthfully reassured him that she loved him and nobody else. But she didn't know what to make of her and Manish. She ribbed her husband casually, but she really fancied Manish. Her little cub when he was a kid was a tiger, now, all twenty five years of age. She liked the way her husband never interfered in her independence. She knew that he expected her to reply that she loved him back. She just opened her phone and sent the message, 'I love you, my baby'

In the parking lot, the beeping of the mobile and the message lilted Shyam's happiness. He loved his ethereal beautiful wife. She was the soul of his happiness, the joy of his being.

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