Lovely Lita


We of course slept with her in between us.

We skipped breakfast the next morning as we had Lita for breakfast. I ate her as she sucked Dave's tool; after she came we tagged off and switched again. But instead of letting her blow me, I tit fucked her as Dave ate her, and I came all over her magnificent tits. She led me to the shower.

"Like I said, to the winner go the spoils." once in the shower I fucked her in the ass again with her leaning against the wall, as she screamed and writhed as I mercilessly pounded her, and then came deep in her bowels yet again. Dave showered alone because Lita was really spoiling this winner.

"Now that he's in there, can you give me one more?" she purred at me, "Just one last load before I have to go back out on the road and you have to go home. Can you do that for me?"

"For my favorite Diva, anything."

Her words got the blood back into my cock and she took my tool back into her mouth and when I was so hard I thought I could break rocks, she flipped onto her back and spread her legs for me. I slipped inside her as she put her legs over my shoulders and I pounded into her for what would be the last time.

"Harder, faster! Fuck me Tony! Fuck me good and hard! FUCK ME!" she screamed. Pretty soon she started bucking and screaming and moaning. "Holy fucking shit! That feels so fucking good! I'm cumming again! Yes Tony! Do me baby! I'm gonna cum right...NOW!"

She thrashed like a wild animal underneath me as she came. The look on her face, the words coming out of her mouth and her pussy contracting on my shaft milked my final orgasm out of my nuts. I blew my load inside her and we both collapsed in a sweaty heap.

Soon enough the morning was over and it was nearly noon.

"You boys are champion tag-team fuckers." she said as we all got dressed and Lita told Brad she was ready to go. We got a drive home and were dropped off at my door. Our girlfriends were waiting for us. We told them almost everything that happened. We told them we played Frisbee in the park, walked around the mall, and showed off our autographed copies of her video, told them about the amusement park and dinner, and then a question and answer session at the hotel. We told her that Lita told us about her career, and told us about some inside information about the business including upcoming storylines.

We were good liars because we told them all this with a straight face.

A week later a box arrived at my door. I opened it to find a ton of WWE exclusive gear. Replicas of all the WWE title belts, several WWE and Lita T-shirts, and at the very bottom of the box the zebra striped thong she wore from the day we met. Also in the box was an autographed picture that read; "To my BIGGEST, fan Tony. It was great! Lita XOXOXO", and a letter telling us when the WWE would be in our town again, and a promise of two more free tickets and backstage passes. Dave told me he got the same thing, except he got a blue thong.

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