tagBDSMLisa Gets What She Wanted

Lisa Gets What She Wanted


I was in Niagara Falls on a holiday. Good town for a good time. You can see historical sites, live theater, visit wine vineyards and stay in some nice hotels. You can also party at some real raunchy strip joints and flop in a seedy motel. Good place to find young American chicks too.

Got up early that morning had breakfast overlooking the falls. Grabbed a Timmys' Café Mocha went for a stroll up the walk. I was leaning over the rail right at the edge of the falls, when she moves to the rail beside me. She meets my eye and smiles brilliantly. The hottie leans over the rail and peers into the gorge. She pulls back with a start and a sharp intake of air. Moving forward again she leans forward a looks again. She breathes deeply, her breasts straining against her blouse. Pulling back she bites her bottom lip.

I look and ask, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," she replies, "It's just so far down. It scared me a bit."

"You went back for another look. Even when it scared you the first time?" I state.

"Yeah, I kind of like the feeling," she gives me a shy look.

I laugh. "Ah, an adventurous type, nothing like a bit of fear and some risk to liven things up, eh?" I ask. She looks me up and down. I can see her nipples and areolae through her white blouse.

"Exactly," she says, "Hi my name is Lisa," extending her hand. I take it lightly and slightly bow over it. She giggles.

"Pleased to meet you Lisa. My name is Rom." I introduce myself, "And what brings you to town?"

"What makes you think I don't live here?" Lisa asks.

I can spot them a long way off. These American chicks come across the border all the time. Our lower drinking age attracts a lot of them. Our strip clubs are far less restrictive than the Yanks. You'll see a table of them in many strip joints. Trying to look in to the VIP area, giggling as dancers writhe in simulated 69 with customers on stage for money. The real adventurous ones even pay themselves, then rush giggling and flushed back to their drunk cheering friends.

"The fact it looks like you did that for the first time," I lie, as I indicate the railing.

Lisa moves back to the railing. I move close beside her.

She looks up at me, "Thanks, I feel safer."

Lisa leans out over the railing and spreads her arms wide. I drink in the sight of her ass. Her legs spread apart slightly. She wears high heeled shoes. I imagine what I would like to do to that ass.

"Hold me," she says.

I step up behind her, grabbing her hips. I step forward nice and close. She does the Titanic bit. I have to grip her hips to keep her from toppling over. My cock is hard as rock. Suddenly I find myself having to pull her back as she slumps over dangerously. Lisa shakes in my arms, breathing deep.

"Oh my god, that was great. I was so scared. But I knew you would not let me fall. I felt you behind me and it freed me from my fear and I thought I could fly. Then I..." she stops in midsentence.

"Then you what?" I ask.

She doesn't answer but steps away and turns to face me, leaning against the rail. Her nipples are hard and erect through the thin blouse material.

"I like it here. The falls so dangerous, much older than me, so powerful. I like things like that." Lisa says, her head down at bit.

She looks up at me, mouth parted, her tongue caressing her bottom lip.

I reach out my hand, "Then come with me, little girl. You can choose between angels' trumpets or devils' trombones."

Lisa takes my hand.

"Devils' trombones, please, sir," she answers and steps close.

I grab a handful of her ass and pull her closer. I kiss her hard. She dives in to the kiss and suddenly we're making out, right there on the public walkway. Releasing her ass I cup her breast and pinch her hard nipple.

She half moans and whispers, in the midst of the kiss, "Oh! Daddy."

People are starting to look. Shocked looks from most, smiles from a couple and a look of pure lust and envy from a trio of young guys. They're probably wondering how a guy like me got a girl like her. I turn her to face the young trio.

I whisper in her ear, "In Canada it is legal for a girl to go topless. I want you to show these young pups your tits. Show them what they are missing out on."

"Legal doesn't matter to me. Whatever you want is good enough for me," Lisa says and without further instruction unbuttons her blouse and displays here tits to the young men.

I entwine my fingers in Lisa's hair and tighten my grip and whisper in her ear, "Slut."

"Thank you, Daddy", she says.

One of the young guys taunts us, "What is she a whore? A dirty slut you picked up off the street?"

"You're smarter than you look. You got it first try. She is a whore and I did just pick her up off the street. But you see, she's a special kind of whore," I retort. "Tell them what kind of whore you are, babygirl." I tell Lisa.

"I'm Daddys whore," Lisa tells them.

Taking Lisa by the hand I quickly lead her to the car park where my car is parked. It's an older BMW 3251. I unlock the doors as we approach and open her door for her. She smiles and thanks me. Closing her door behind her I cross and enter my side.

I look at her, taking in the sight exposed breasts. Taking Lisa by the back of her head I kiss her hard, probing her mouth with my tongue. She responds with her own tongue. I fondle and squeeze her breasts. Pinching her nipples hard. She moans and gasps through the kiss.

I undo my belt and pants and manage to pull my cock out. It's rock hard with a drop of pre-cum already appearing. Lisa reaches down with her hand and wraps it around the shaft and starts to slide her hand up and down. She breaks off the kiss and looks down at my cock. Her hand has milked more pre-cum and the head glistens. She kisses me again.

"I want to suck your cock, Daddy. Can I? Please?" she moans, whispers and begs as we suck face.

"How can I resist when you say please," I say as lean back in my seat to give her head some room.

"Thank you, Daddy" she says in her best babygirl voice.

Lisa leans down and kisses the head of my cock. Her tongue licks up another drop of pre-cum as she milks my cock with her hand. The eager slut parts her lips and takes in the head, sucking lightly and using her tongue. Slowly she takes more and more of my cock, sucking and licking the head as she pulls up. Lisa takes more and more of my cock and starts to fuck her head up and down on my cock.

Spit and drool run from her mouth as she starts to salivate on my cock. She drives her head up and down, gagging as she takes it all in. Lisa fucks herself in the mouth, gagging and choking, her copious saliva running down my cock. She sucks and slurps it up with her tongue. My toes curl.

"Holy fuck, this sluts is a cock sucking queen." I think.

I moan and twitch as she sucks me worthy of a pornstar. I put my hand on her head, gripping her real tight. She's moaning herself. I can see her hand moving between her legs as she rubs her cunt through her jeans. Unable to hold back I erupt in orgasm. My cum spurts in to her mouth. Sucking and slurping she hungrily swallows mouth loads of cum and spit. I push her head down hard on my cock. She gags and chokes as I spurt down her throat. Her whole body quivers and twitches as she chokes on my cock. I pull her head up far enough so she can breathe.

"Be a good girl and make sure it is clean before you put it away," I order her.

She sucks and licks gently, working her way up my cock. Lisa milks the last drop of cum from my cock, gives the head a final lick. She tucks my cock back in my pants and sits up. Her makeup has run, her lipstick is smudged and her hair is tangled. She looks amazing. She spreads her legs and looks down. I follow her gaze and see the wet spot through her jeans. I laugh, "Having fun?"

"The best fun, Daddy. Thank you for letting me please you, Sir. Did I do a good job?" she asks.

"You did just fine, babygirl," I say, "but that was only just the beginning of our time together. I am going to give you the opportunity to pleasure me in many ways. I hope you do as well then."

"Oh, I will, Daddy. I'll do anything," she says, "May ask, Sir, if your use of me can be rough and hard? I want to be nothing more than your dirty cumdump slut. Use me, humiliate me and make me do anything you want. I don't care what you do with me."

Lisa looks at me with a pleading look, biting her bottom lip.

"I think that can be arranged." I grin evilly. I open the glove box and offer her a large wetnap. "Here, clean yourself up."

We drive to a cheap seedy looking motel. There is a strip joint next door. I stop at the check in and get a room. It's gotta be the crappiest room I have ever seen. Clean enough but still what dump. There are holes in drywall. A/c and heater kicked in. Bathroom is tiny with half sized bath tubs and shower. Again looks clean enough.

Lisa sits on the edge of the bed. She didn't bother with the top buttons of her blouse. She's combed her fingers through her long blonde hair but it still looks wild and untamed. Suits her. She leans over to take off her shoes. I stare hungrily at her tits.

"Take off your clothes, slut" I order her.

Lisa obediently rises and disrobes, tossing her clothes on to a chair. She stands, head down and with her wrists crossed.

I take of my shirt. Revealing pagan symbols tattoo work. The slut raises her head slightly to peek at me. Her eyes open wide. She steps forward and shyly traces my tattoos. I give her an explanation of the various symbols and creatures. Each tattoo receives a kiss.

Lisa steps back, "Thank you for letting me touch you, Sir, and for teaching me about your tattoos."

Openly leering at her, I take her arms and place them behind her head and kick her legs apart. Placing my hand beneath her chin I raise her face up. I give her a little kiss on the lips followed up with a slap. Not overly hard, just enough to cause her head to snap to one side. Lisa submits to the abuse and holds her head ready for another.

"You're my total slut aren't you?"

"Yes, Daddy, I am. I am your total slut."

I give her another slap on the other side of her face. Again Lisa submissively makes no protest.

You're my dirty whore aren't you?"

"Yes, Sir, I am. I am your dirty whore."

I take the total dirty whore slut by the throat with one hand and grab Lisa's cunt with the other. Very roughly I rub my hand back and forth across her pussy lips. My hand slides easily, her cunt is soaking wet. I frigg her clit with my thumb. Lisa's chest rises and falls as her breathing deepens. I give her cunt a hard spank. She winces and cringes a bit, but reassumes her position. I move behind the whore.

"Bend over, whore," I command, "Put your hands behind you".

Lisa bends forward at the waist. Holding her wrists with one hand, I reach down with the other and stick a finger in her cunt. Slowly I move it in and out. Shortly after, I slip another finger in and speed up the finger fuck. Bent over and being finger fucked, Lisa moans and moves her hips back and forth to meet my fingers as they fuck her. A third finger going in elicits more than a moan less than a cry out in pain.

"Oh...daddy...please...oh yes...Daddy," Daddys whore pleads. Daddys whore goes week in the knees and is half held up by daddys hand in her cunt and by her held wrists. Lisa makes a mewling sound and cums on Daddy's fingers. Daddy's whore's cunt juice drips from his fingers.

Directing her roughly by her cunt and held wrists I toss Lisa on the bed face down. I grab her legs drag her so her ass is near edge of bed. I take off my belt and pull out my cock. Twice I whip her ass, one blow per cheek.

"Ow...ow," the whore cries out. She bites her bottom lip, fighting back tears. Her ass cheeks quiver.

"Spread your ass open, whore," I command.

Quickly the slut complies, almost eagerly. Leaning forward I spit a big gob of saliva on her anus. I support myself with one hand and rub the head of my cock thru Daddys whore dripping wet cunt lips. Her juices lube my cock. I place the head against her young tight asshole and start to push it in. Slowly but steadily I stick my cock up my whore's willing ass.

"Ow...ow...Ow...Ow...Ow...Ow," Daddys whore cries out, "Oh, Daddy...please...It's so big."

I start to fuck in and out of the whore's ass. Slowly at first but steadily fucking faster and deeper. Lisa tries to use her hands to limit my penetration by reaching back and pushing against me. I put a stop to that by grabbing her wrists and pinning them at her side. I use the dirty anal whore's ass hard. My cock swelling huge and hard.

"Oh...oh...Daddy...oh please Daddy...oh...oh yes Daddy," she cries and moans, "Oh yes, Daddy. Fuck me Daddy. Make me your anal whore. Ow...oh...ow...oh. Yes Daddy. Oh Yes, oh Yes, yes, YESSSSS," Daddys whore cries out, "I'm coming, Daddy. Fill my ass, Daddy. Please."

I slam balls deep and blow my load all the way up her ass. Impaled in the ass by my spurting cock, pinned down my dirty anal whore slut screams in pain and pleasure.

I collapse on top of her, catching my breath. We both lay there as we catch our breath joined at her ass by my cock. I stand up and Lisa slides off the bed to her knees. She looks like she is crying quietly while still experiencing some orgasmic trembling.

I reach out and stroke her hair. She looks up at me. Her nose is running, tears flow from her eyes and yet she gives me a slight smile. I pull her up to my cock. She looks at me, looks at my filthy cock fresh from her ass and opens her mouth to take me in. She sucks and licks it clean. Seems to take her time, relishing the opportunity.

I'm starting to get hard again. But I got other plans. I push her off my cock and put it away. Going to her pile of clothes, I retrieve her panties they are soaking wet. I extract a large size condom from my wallet and proceed to stuff it with the wet panties. The dumb whore watches me with a quizical look but says nothing. I shape the latex into a sausage shape. Lisa's eyes widen as she begins to clue in. I pick up my belt.

"Get up on the chair, whore, with your ass in the air," I demand.

She looks at the belt and cringes, "What are you going to do? I'm sorry. What did I do wrong?"

"Do as you're told or you will get the belt, bitch," I snap. She gets up and hurries to the chair. Kneeling over the back with her well fucked ass sticking up. Her ass bears two red stripes from previously being hit.

"Hands behind you," I order her.

Daddys whore allow her wrists to be restrained with my belt. I caress her ass and pussy. Sticking two fingers in her ass work her hole. Lisa's ass and cunt twitch with my finger motions. I pull my fingers out of her ass and offer the filthy whore my fingers to suck. Which she does with relish. Licking and sucking my fingers like she did my cock.

I take my fingers from her mouth and rub them over her butthole. Then I begin to stuff the filled condom up her ass. Good thing I assfucked her. I would have a really hard time doing this. But she takes it with minimal whining. Lisa squirms her ass and clutches her anus, trying to make it more comfortable. I haul her off the chair and put her on her knees. Taking her belt from her pants I fashion a collar and short leash. I lead her on her knees to a tiny closet.

"Get in," I tell her.

The dumb cunt looks up at me with puppy eyes then submissively lowers them and shuffles forward on her knees. I close the door on her and go have a shower.

Showered and dressed, I return to the closet door.

"Out," I command.

The submissive slut shuffles out on her knees backwards unable to turn in the small closet. I take back my belt freeing her wrists.

"Get up," I order and pull her to her feet.

Daddys good little whore looks at her feet. I use the damp towel I used to dry off with and give her a good rubbing down. Cleaning her up a bit. My whore is really hot and it shows even through sloppy salivating facefuck and a good anal pounding. Like I said the wild hair kinda suits her. So does a collar and leash.

"Get dressed, slut. We're going out," I inform her.

Her blouse, jeans and boots go on in a matter of seconds. I like a low maintenance slut. We leave and walk across the parking lot to the strip joint.

It's still early with few customers and fewer dancers. My slut blows away the one on stage and I tell my slut so. Lisa smiles and blushes. We get a booth and a waitress comes by for our order. Burgers for both, light beer for me and rye and ginger plus tequila shot for Daddys whore is ordered. She keeps squirming. I look at her.

"It's my anal stuffing, sir, I have to work to keep it in," she admits.

"Ah," I nonchalantly reply and return my attention to my burger. Daddys whore has an appetite and wolfs down her food. I like a girl with strong appetites. Her drinks disappear as fast, so I reorder a round for her. They go down just as fast.

About the time we finish eating the bar starts to get busy. More dancers are working the tables and two are on stages. Lisa still trumps them. The DJ comes over and leans to whisper in Lisa's ear. I stare him down. The little slut giggles and blushes. She looks at me with the puppy eyes. The DJ sees my look.

Holding up his hands he says, "Sorry, man. No offence meant. It's just that she's the hottest girl in here and I was asking her if she would like to freelance."

"Oh, please, Daddy. Can I? Please?" Daddys whore pleads, her eyes and mouth smiling and bright.

I think about it. "How much money we talking?" I ask.

"20 bucks a VIP dance, 10 for a table dance and 150 for a three song stage set. We also got amateur night with cash prizes for the wet t-shirt contest," replies the DJ, "Wet t-shirt contest is 500 dollars."

"Really, that much, eh?" I say impressed. "You got a short skirt for her to wear?" I ask.

Squealing with delight babygirl hugs me.

She whispers in my ear, "Thank you, Daddy. I want you to watch me Daddy as I whore myself. I want to feel your eyes on me as I cock tease and strip for the men in here. Thank you for making me Daddys whore."

She follows the DJ to the dancer's dressing room emerging again 10 minutes later wearing a mini plaid skirt, bright red lipstick and her hair put in pigtails. One of the best slutty schoolgirls I have ever seen. Lisa struts over to me and turns about.

"Do you like, Daddy? Can I private dance for you, please." she asks.

"You may," I reply and stand up taking my beer with me.

Lisa struts in front as she leads me to the VIP lounge. We take a booth in a dark corner. I get comfortable and sip at my beer as Lisa begins to strip dance for me.

The whore gyrates to the music, running her hands from her thighs to her tits. She turns and sticks out her ass.

"Spank me, Daddy. Give your whore a hard smack on her whore ass. Please," she asks.

I give her ass cheek a good hard smack. She flinches.

"Again, Daddy. Please," she asks in a babygirl voice.

I give the other cheek an even harder smack.

She twitches and exclaims, "Oh, yes Daddy. Thank you Daddy."

She spins about rips open her blouse. Buttons fly everywhere as her tits stand free for my eyes. Lisa twerks and displays herself in time with the music. The blouse is discarded and very slowly and sexy Lisa pulls down her miniskirt and steps out of it. Straddling my lap the slut rubs her cunt and tits against my clothed body.

Lisa whispers in my ear, "Touch me Daddy. I want to feel your hands all over me."

I grab her ass and pull her cunt down hard on my crotch. I give each of her cheeks another hard smack.

"Thank you Daddy," whines Daddys whore.

My hands roam over her body moving to her tits which I squeeze hard and even harder pinch Lisa's nipples. Daddys whore winces and moans. Her hands move to our groins. The naked slut rubs my hard cock through my jeans and spreads her pussy lips apart.

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