tagNonHumanLovely Miss Fox and Coyote

Lovely Miss Fox and Coyote


Oh no! Miss Fox has gone into heat and what's this? There's not a male fox on the preservation. Poor Miss Fox...I suppose she's stuck like this for an entire week-but wait, what's that rustling in the bushes?

Miss Fox was of average height and her breasts were full and firm, the dark cherry nipples puffy and swollen with need as she stroked down her stomach, to her swollen, wet sex. She had cute little fox ears atop her head, nestled in soft red waves of hair and her fluffy thick tail was tucked off to the side, out of the way while she stroked herself, praying for a male, any male to ease this burning heat in her. When the bushes rustled, she didn't really pay it any mind, assuming it was some smaller beast come to investigate.

Her attention was caught though when a large rough hand slid up her thigh, parting her legs gently. Making a small sound of inquiry, she lifted her head, catching sight of a large male with blonde hair and coyote ears sitting among the messy locks. Her eyes widened and she yelped, pulling into herself and trying to curl away from him. Dark brown eyes shimmered playfully at her and the Coyote crawled closer to her, chuffing softly and sliding his fingers from her ankle to her knee. Clearly, he was suggesting that he satisfy her heat.

Indignant at the very thought, Miss Fox turned up her nose, huffing and her pretty pink lips curled down. She turned when she felt him sniffing through her hair and growling lowly. His arm curled around her waist, dragging her closer to that big solid chest and she felt her heart flutter madly. Coyote grinned at her, over her shoulder and framed her legs with his own, kneeling in the grass with her while his hands travelled up from her ribs to cup her full breasts. He rumbled deeply against her back and tilted his head, flicking his tongue over the edge of her ear. Her ears folded back but she let out a soft coo, finally giving him a backwards glance.

Well...Well, she was feeling awfully lonely..And his big hands felt so good on her skin...

She felt her thighs tremble as he lapped down her neck, nudging her face to the side so he had more access. He nibbled at the juncture of her shoulder and neck, biting down gently with his sharp fangs before he squeezed and massaged her breasts together. Her skin tingled where he touched, sending electric little shocks all over her skin and she found herself panting, rubbing back against the hard length pressing into her asscheek.

His excitement seemed to heighten as he leaned harder on her, trying to force her forward and she eagerly obeyed. His fingers pinched and twisted her nipples, bringing them into full awareness. He tugged and rolled them until Miss Fox was letting out little cries and whimpers, raising her tail and rubbing against him harder. She couldn't get his length inside of her like this but oh, oh, she wanted it! With glazed eyes, she sent him a begging look, her tongue hanging out of her mouth while she panted. A smirk flitted over his handsome face as his hands travelled from her breasts down her ribs, to her stomach, and then her hips.

She trembled with excitement, dripping her arousal down her thighs as she raised her ass higher for him. His tongue slid up her spine slowly, accompanied by the occasional graze of a sharp fang. His hands skipped over her aching sex, teasing as he nibbled at the base of her tail. She let out sharp whines, trying to back up under him again but he refused, nipping at her asscheek for obedience. Desperation was starting to ease over her as he stroked up the backs of her thighs firmly, cupping her asscheeks and spreading her folds with his thumbs.

He took his time, admiring her trembling pink pussy and stroking his thumbs over her outer lips. He cocked his head first one way and then another, his expression softening as he smiled. He liked the way she was whimpering and begging with that sweet voice of her's. Would she make more sounds if he teased her more? Or maybe she'd get louder if he gave her what she wanted? His cock strained towards her hard and he chewed at his bottom lip thoughtfully before he decided, lifting her tail out of his way as he nudged forward.

Coyote let his cockhead nudge at her folds, sliding all over them before he rubbed his entire shaft against the length of her pussy. Oooh, so hot, so wet and he knew she would be tight for him. He growled lowly in the back of his throat, stroking up her back before stretching out over her, placing his hands in the grass to either side of her head. He prodded forward, searching for her entrance before she reached under herself to help him.

She had soft smooth hands that cupped his shaft nicely, giving him a few strokes. Miss Fox could feel herself soaking, creamy and needy but she wanted to feel even better. She used his cockhead to rub her clit, moaning wantonly at the feel. Her legs shook as she rubbed against him, letting him rock his hips forward before she finally placed his head against her entrance.

She hadn't mated in so long...

He finally pushed forward, pushing into her slow and easy, letting out a strangled groan as he fisted his hands in the grass. His cock twitched inside of her tight sex and he lost all control. He used a hand to hold her hip, snarling as he pounded his hips into her, plunging in and out faster than he had intended. She screamed and cried out, her claws digging into his forearm as she held herself against his vicious onslaught. He was so big! He absolutely filled her, every inch, the head of his cock kissing the entrance of her womb and sending electric shocks of pleasure up her spine.

He slid like a piston inside of her, hitting amazingly deep. She curved her spine towards him, moaning and shrieking as he panted and snarled against her ear. She should have tried coyote sooner! He was so much bigger than fox males! He filled her up so completely, she could barely stand it! She found her cheek pressing into the cool grass as she twisted, trying to see under herself where they were connected. His big balls smacked against her thighs with each thrust, tickling her clit and making her jump in surprise. He darted down, closing his mouth around the back of her neck and swiping his tongue over the incredibly sensitive skin.

She knew he was holding her in place while he fucked her mercilessly. His claws dug into her hip and she loved it, arching and pressing back against him. He held his tail low and curved while he pounded into her. He was going to cum, he could feel it building! His hand slid from her hip, down to the pad of her sex, giving the soft mound a rub before darting his fingers down to her clit. It didn't take much, the contact of his rough fingers too much, along with the harsh pumping of his cock. She screamed and writhed, trying to get away from him but he grabbed her hips roughly and bit the back of her neck harder, yanking her back against himself while she came.

He buried his cock deeper inside of her, shoving the full length of his malehood into her pulsing writhing insides, revelling in the surge of wet heat that sucked and pulled at him. Her eyes rolled as he fucked through her orgasm, stretching it out until he could take no more and slammed into her twice more, grabbing her hips tight enough that his fingers dug into her. He shoved his hips against her hard, growling against the back of her neck as shot after shot of cum filled her. His nostrils flared as he held her in place, intent on filling her to the brim with his scorching cum.

His tail twitched with each pulse of it and finally, finally, he relaxed his hold on her. He didn't let her go though. Oh no, Miss Fox was not going to get away. Coyote was far from done with her, after all. He released her neck and rolled them onto their sides, letting his cock rest inside of her and lapping lazily at the marks he'd made on her pretty creamy skin. He stroked from her hip, slowly up her side with the tips of his claws and then found her breast again. His other hand folded over her stomach, massaging in tune with the other.

Her entire body felt like it was being stimulated and she couldn't take it! She gave a pathetic little growl, trying to wiggle away from him but he was much larger, much stronger than she was. He held her in place, chuffing into her hair and smirking while he played with her breasts and stomach. She had a flat smooth stomach and he took his time, gently drawing his claws up and down before rolling them over so he was on his back with her laying on his chest. He cupped her breasts again, squeezing them together and looking over her shoulder, his nose buried in her hair while he forced her legs apart with his own. He was still hard...

Miss Fox whimpered in surprise, glancing back at him as he pulled her nipples up and then thrust his cock into her. She was such a mess, she dripped her cum and his onto him. He didn't seem to mind though, lazily stroking into her sopping cunt while he rolled her nipples. He was going to get her dirty, the dull Coyote! She gave a snarl, cut short when he suddenly rolled his hips into her. She let her head fall back against his shoulder as she pressed her hips down towards him, allowing him full access to her body.

One of his hands slid down her stomach again while the other braced under her breasts, around her ribs. His finger found her clit again and she winced, too sensitive. His attack only continued, around her clit, never directly touching it while he slowly pumped his malehood into her. It was going to drive her crazy, unable to do anything but let him work his way with her body. Her red locks spread over his shoulder and into the grass, highlighting the green of her eyes and the creaminess of her skin. Coyote took his time to admire her. She was a beautiful creature and so responsive too! He flicked the pad of his finger over her clit, felt her insides squeeze around him while she grit her teeth and groaned.

Oh yes, he could certainly get used to having Miss Fox around. He'd have to be careful not to let her get away. But he was done being gentle. He rolled them over, pulling his cock out of her. He smirked when she let out a cry of distress, looking up at him pleadingly. But he wanted to see that lovely face of her's. He grabbed her legs, forcing them together and wrapping his thick arms around her thighs as he wriggled his hips up against her. Ooooh-having her thighs wrapped around his shaft felt pretty good too! Soft female thighs were amazing!

His tongue lolled out of his mouth while he pumped between the creamy skin of her thighs a few more times, nearly forgetting the whimpering Miss Fox under him. Regaining himself, Coyote leaned over her, forcing her legs nearly to her chest before plunging inside of her again. So much better than just her thighs. He leaned her legs to one side, bending over her to smash his mouth roughly against her's. Sweet-tasting female! He thrust into her, stroking deep and hard and watched her eyes roll back. He coaxed her tongue against his as he rolled his hips against her, rubbing his shaft against her clit and inside of her at the same time.

Such a messy girl, she was. She had grass stains all over her, from their rolling around and she'd nibbled her lips into a nice red shade. He kissed her again, enjoying the taste of her. Play time was over though and it was time to go to work again. He framed her head with his hands to either side, fisting his fingers in the grass and slammed his hips into her. A shriek tore from her throat and he slid his tongue over her jaw and down that pretty pale column as he slammed his cock into her over and over.

Her eyes shot wide as she tore at the grass under them, trying to move or buck or anything but he had her good and pinned. His cock pommeled her insides harshly, taking everything she could give and more. Her breasts bounced and danced under his ministrations and she writhed as much as she could under his superior weight.

She could feel the slap of his balls against her asscheeks, the sharp points of his fangs against her shoulder, the broad sweep of his strong chest and the roll of his abs as he slammed into her over and over. Surely, he couldn't keep going?! Cum dripped down the curve of her ass but she wasn't sure she could take more. It didn't feel like he was going to give her any choice. Her fingers tore into the ground as another orgasm ripped through her like hell fire, making her arch off the ground and toss her head with a scream.

He snarled, biting down on the juncture of her neck and shoulder to pin her in place but she was too far gone to even notice. Her body bucked and writhed, electric fire racing all over her skin, spreading in mind-numbing pulses over her body. Again and again, he tore through her orgasm, snarling against her shoulder and thrusting madly. He suddenly shoved up against her hard, his hips bucking madly until he stiffened and pushed even deeper inside of her. His cock was twitching inside of her, giving her more cum than her poor body could hold. Her toes curled as her eyes rolled, receiving every last drop of cum he had to offer her.

Poor Miss Fox was so worn out, she simply remained there when he finally rolled off of her, onto his back, panting and wheezing. His cock was covered in juices and she could feel her poor abused pussy oozing their mixed essences onto the grass. She couldn't feel anything other than her hammering heart and the pulse of her cunt. After what seemed like hours, he rolled towards her, wrapping an arm round her waist and dragging her closer. He rolled them onto their sides, spooning against her back with a deep rumble of apparent contentment. Miss Fox was simply too exhausted to deny Coyote what he wanted and she remained limp in his grasp.

He nuzzled through her hair and then yawned, stretching out behind her and burying his face against that thick red mane. He was sweaty and smelled distinctly male and Miss Fox found herself smiling quite against her will. Well...at least he'd be able to protect her from pretty much everything else in the preserve. She let a hand rest over her stomach thoughtfully. Might as well bear whatever mutt pups he had to give her. He rumbled against her, as though agreeing. It wasn't too long before exhaustion took over both of them and Miss Fox shimmied back against her newfound mate, yawning. Coyote kept an arm tight around her as he sighed and then finally went completely lax.

Miss Fox soon followed after him, murmurring in her sleep.

Well Miss Fox, seems like you did quite alright dear! Now that you have Coyote to satisfy your heat, you should be happy. But what's this? Someone lost their dear pet cocker spaniel? Oh, I do hope she's safe! Too bad this preservation is full of wolves. She won't go long without getting 'eaten'.

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