Lover on a Leash


Not wanting to have something so delicious go to waste, I licked all the fresh juices off her pussy, before enveloping her clit in my mouth. It was so engorged by that time, I had no need to push any of the protective hood away. While my lips formed a seal at the base, I sucked on the precious morsel while my tongue fondled the sides and top. When she felt what my mouth was doing, Chloe's movements became more strenuous, and I was glad I had my fingers securely holding the insides of her ass cheeks while she thrashed above me.

After less than a minute of my mouth laving and sucking her clit, Chloe gave a happy cry: "Oh! Oh, my god, I'm cumming!"

The movements of her body immediately became even wilder, rocking from side to side and jamming her pussy against my face, exactly where I wanted it. I held firmly to her ass cheeks, not wanting her to roll off me, but also not wanting to bruise the soft flesh. I couldn't see what her arms were doing, but she was no longer holding to my cock.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Chloe whimpered, in time with the pumping action of my mouth and the strokes of my tongue. Abruptly, "AH!" she cried out joyously, as she climaxed, arching her back and ramming her pussy down against my face.

After her orgasm, Chloe completely relaxed, with her pussy pressed against my face. Greedily, I licked the fresh juices from her thighs, crotch and almost everywhere else I could find it, but I left them inside the pink hole that had been their source. Thanks to everything involved, my cock was stiff and ready for fucking, and the juices remaining in there would be needed to perform their natural function of lubrication. For several minutes, I lay quietly on my back, letting Chloe catch her breath, while I breathed in the aroma of her pussy.

When I thought she would be ready to fuck, I raised my arm straight up and tugged on her leash. Chloe raised her upper body so she was kneeling with her wet, fragrant pussy snugly pressed against my face. Delightful though it was, I had other things in mind. Still holding her leash with my left hand, I reached to my right to pluck the condom off the nightstand and hand it to Chloe. She knew what it was for, of course. A few seconds later, I felt the latex disk pressed against the tip of my stiff cock while her other hand rolled it onto me until the shaft was covered.

I had been lying flat on my back, but I sat up while extending my arm forward, pulling the leash with it and telling Chloe what to do. She knew anyhow, but she prefers to be given directions the way I was doing then. Still holding my cock in one hand, she moved forward on her knees until her pussy was pressed against the shaft.

"You know what to do. Sit on it," I told her.

She knew, alright, and Chloe rose to a crouch above my body and rubbed the end of my cock against her wetness to spread the lubrication. I slackened the leash, because she knew what to do without being told, and wanted very much to do it. With my right hand, I reached down and held my cock in place and upright, so Chloe could begin impaling herself on it. She let go of it and, with her index fingers spreading her pussy lips, slowly lowered her body until the end of my cock wedged inside the wet place where she and I wanted it. We both sighed happily, and Chloe lowered herself farther enough for another inch of my cock to disappear inside her pussy.

This deeper penetration evoked more mutual expressions of happiness, as did the next time she lowered her body to engulf more of my cock. I no longer needed to hold it upright, and I moved both my hands away. Although still holding the leash, I allowed her freedom to do what we both wanted her to do. Chloe continued lowering herself by slow degrees until my cock was crammed all the way inside her, and her pussy muscles were alternately squeezing and releasing it. She remained in the reverse cowgirl position, waiting further instructions, preferably given by pulling on her leash.

She knew what I wanted her to do, but I told her anyhow, by sitting upright and elevating my right hand so the leash pulled on Chloe's neck and told her to raise herself. She did what I ordered, flexing her thigh muscles and lifting her body until just the head of my cock remained inside. There was no need to give the obvious next command, but I did it anyhow, pulling down on the leash telling her to lower her body again until my entire shaft was imbedded inside her pussy.

Chloe has a very sexy, plump body, and one of the sexiest parts is her voluptuous ass. I placed my hands on either of her gorgeous cheeks, with my thumbs inside the crack and spread them wide. She leaned forward slightly so I could watch her pretty pink rosebud winking at me while she fucked herself on my upright cock.

Slowly, Chloe moved up and down. With every stroke, she took my hard shaft all the way inside herself, while I thrust up to meet her. Wanting to enjoy everything about what we were doing, I kept my hands on her ass, because her skin felt so good, and so I could guide her movements, and because I liked to hold her cheeks apart and watch her adorable rosebud. Even more fun was watching my shaft plunging in and out of her, but the best part was what her pussy was doing to my cock while it was inside her. After fifteen minutes of slow fucking, Chloe was moaning in bliss every time it plunged into her, and I was also letting anybody within earshot know how great it was for me.

I gave a light tug on Chloe's leash every now and then, because she likes to be reminded that I was holding the other end of the leash that was connected to her collar. To make even more sure that she was aware, I removed the leather loop from around my wrist and reminded her by gently slapping her with it. I had never done that before; on the spur of the moment, it seemed like a good thing to do. The idea wasn't to hurt her, just to let her know the leash was still there, and I still had control of it. However, Chloe had other ideas of what would be fun.

"Harder," she said. "Hit me harder."

I always do what my lady friends want, so I used the end of the leash to slap her across one of her voluptuous ass cheeks.

"Oh!" she blurted. I knew it was a cry of pleasure, because I suddenly felt fresh lubrication flowing around my cock.

Even so, she wanted more. "Harder than that. Hit me some more."

I hit her with the leash again, on the other cheek and hard enough to sting and put a red mark, temporarily, on the smooth white skin. Once again, Chloe gave a cry that was a combination of pain and pleasure, and she started fucking herself faster. I still had one hand resting on her ass, and I placed the other one there too, and pulled down on her while I rammed my cock up into her on every stroke. Every third or fourth time, I let go with one hand and slapped Chloe with the leash, and these swats usually resulted in a fresh gush of her juices. I could see them and smell them running out of her pussy and feel them soaking into my pubic hair.

As soon as I started hitting her hard, her moaning turned to whimpering, but it was strictly from pleasure. With a few more minutes of fucking and lightly whipping her ass, Chloe's movements became more erratic. She was weaving from side to side as she raised and lowered her body and leaning back and forth, rubbing her clit more strongly against my cock. Besides those changes, her hips were swiveling in front of me, driving her knees into the mattress. Chloe was getting closer and closer to cumming, which was good, because I was too, and I knew what command she badly wanted me to give her.

Rising to a sitting position again, I shortened my grip on the leash and raised my hand, tugging firmly on the collar around her neck. "Faster!" I ordered her, slapping her ass with my free hand as I spoke.

Immediately, Chloe started doing what she loved so much, but wanted to be told to do. A fresh gush of her lubrication helped, as she started fucking herself faster on my upright shaft. I lay back down, my hands on her ass again, and matched her speed, ramming my cock up into her pussy every time her body came down to impale herself. She changed her motion too, swinging her ass in my direction as she rose, letting her clit and my hard shaft massage each other more thoroughly. Although I was nominally in control, and kept slapping her ass with the leash to prove it, I let her set the pace and control just about everything else about what we were doing on the bed.

Even as she moved up and down, I could see Chloe's body starting to weave and wobble from the exquisite pleasure I knew she was feeling. When her movements became erratic enough, I would have to steady her, to keep her from falling off me. She wouldn't get hurt, because she would just land on the mattress, but it would considerably interfere with our mutual pleasure to have our fucking interrupted like that.

And, I could see and hear and smell that it wouldn't be very long before falling would be even more likely to happen, because Chloe was getting closer to cumming. Her juices were running so freely that they were almost sloshing when out bodies came together, and she was whimpering and moaning more loudly with every stroke. Her movements on top of me were becoming more and more erratic, so I kept my hands, including the one with the leash, on her hips to hold her in place while I rammed my cock in and out of her pussy. I was nearly at the point of cumming too, but she beat me to it.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" Chloe whimpered until, suddenly, she blurted out: "Yes! Yes! Oh, god!"

She didn't have to tell me, because I knew what was starting to happen. Her body pitched and swung wildly from side to side, but I kept my hands firmly on Chloe's hips, moving her body up and down while jamming my cock into her pussy. She continued whimpering, sometimes even sobbing, from the intense pleasure, and I fucked her even faster. I still had her leash in one hand, but I didn't want to let go of her to either tug on it or slap her with the loop.

It wasn't necessary anyhow, because Chloe climaxed with a cry of ecstasy, with all her muscles clenching, followed by her totally relaxing on top of me. There was still the danger of falling, but I kept my hold on her hips and raised and lowered her while jamming my cock into her pussy, almost like using her body to masturbate, except that she was warm and wet.

It only took a dozen strokes, until the pleasure of my climax welled up inside my body, and I relaxed, and let it slide out of me. I ejaculated twice, and still continued driving my shaft in and out of Chloe's acquiescent pussy, until I knew I was through. My cock still imbedded all the way inside her, I slowly rolled to my left, until she straightened out her legs, and we ended up as if were a pair of spoons. We lay like that while my cock softened and slipped out of her pussy.

Our love-making had been great, but it was over, and the collar and leash were no longer serving any purpose. With my cock no longer inside her pussy Chloe unbuckled the former and rolled over onto her back so I could hand her the latter.

Neither of us was in any hurry to get up. As we lay on the bed, a thoughtful look came over her face, and she turned part of the way toward me. "That was a good idea, hitting me with the leash like that. It really made me cum a lot harder. Next time I'm over here, why don't you slap me the same way while you're eating my pussy?"

"Yes Dear," I responded, and she smiled. It is well known by all my lady friends that I always do what one of them wants, within reason, and that would certainly include a little thing like hitting her ass with a leash while I'm Wring her pussy.


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Chloe and I had and will have the next time she calls on me. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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