tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLover or Rapist?

Lover or Rapist?


I met him via the internet. Mike and I spent a lot of time online chatting and exchanging e-mails, a lot of it cyber sex, and even talked on the phone. After talking online for a couple of months, I took a chance and invited Mike to come over one morning after my husband went to work. We had both fantasized about play rape, and we figured that this would be a wonderful chance to act it out. Since we had never met in person, it would be very realistic. At least that was the plan, I am still not sure if it worked out that way.

Mike had instructed me to lock the dogs up, and leave the backdoor near my bedroom unlocked. I was to leave out some scarves and rope, and get back in bed naked and pretend to be asleep. I had everything prepared as planned, and crawled back into bed. I was very nervous and having second thoughts. Part of me wanted to jump up and lock the door quick, but in truth the nervousness was arousing me, after all this is what I had wanted.

I heard the outside door open and rolled onto my side, my back to the door. He was over an hour early, but that just meant more time together. I was trembling as the bedroom door was opened, but of course there was no turning back now. I did my best to pretend sleep as I heard him moving behind me. Suddenly his hand was wrapped around my mouth. I struggled to turn and face him, but he easily held me head in place. I saw his hand in front of my face, and he was holding a very sharp knife. This was not part of the scenario we had discussed! I could panic welling up inside me. If only I could hear his voice and know for sure that this is the man I had spent hours talking to on the phone and internet.

He moved the knife and released my mouth; I guess that was his way of warning me to keep quiet. A blindfold was slid over my eyes, blocking out all light, I think it was one of my scarves. He rolled me onto my stomach and quickly tied my hands behind me. I tried to convince myself that this was Mike, but without seeing him or hearing him, how could I be sure. The covers were ripped completely off the bed and now I was totally exposed to his gaze.

I felt his hands running over my shoulders and back, goose bumps springing up at his touch. My arms, my neck, my legs not an inch escaped his touch. Then his hands were on my buttocks, kneading and massaging the firm sensitive flesh. His touch is feathery soft at times, and firm and demanding at others. With easy movements, he rolls me to my back and pulls my legs apart. I feel the rope being tied around my ankle but I am not sure if I should fight it. Not sure whom I am with, I cannot be sure of how I should react, so I stay still. Soon both ankles are tied to opposite corners of the bed, leaving me open and vulnerable.

He began his slow exploration of my body, my shoulders, arms, and thighs; everyplace but where I needed him to touch. "Please, I need…" my pleas are cut off by a sharp slap to my right breast. I barely stifle a yelp, as the admittedly mild but unexpected pain hits me. Smack, smack, smack alternating between my breasts. I lose count but know he hit each one at least ten times. I am crying now, tears running from below my blindfold, trying to stay quiet and avoid further punishment. It is obvious he does not want to hear me; he made that abundantly clear.

His mouth began to trail kisses across my abused flesh, stopping at each nipple to suck and nibble. His hand trails lower, his fingers parting my sex, stroking the moist inner lips. Arousal is replacing pain and I am responding to his touch again. I am amazed at how wet I am, especially after the brutal treatment of my breasts. His finger slides into my pussy and is soon joined by another. His fingers feel so good as he finger fucks me, and I lift me hips pressing for more. He slides a third finger into my aching sex, purposely rubbing my g-spot as he uses his fingers like a small cock. His mouth on my nipples is sensational, biting and sucking, one then the other. My body is tensing and I feel my orgasm fast approaching. He must sense it too because he slides down my body and flicks his tongue across my clit, sending me over the edge. My pussy grasps his fingers trying to draw them deeper as I scream in release.

I hear him softly chuckle, and then he positions himself between my legs. I feel the head of his cock probing the entrance to my dripping cunt. I want to beg him to fuck me, but I remember the last time I spoke and bite my lip. Slowly he presses forward, entering me with just the head. Then with one quick stroke he buries his entire shaft in my velvet tunnel. I gasp in surprise and some pain, he is huge, by far the biggest cock I have ever had. Then he thrusts forward and sinks another two inches inside me, and now I feel his balls against my ass. He is thick and long and every stoke hits against my cervix, as I am stretched tight around him. Buried inside me, he leans back and unties my ankles, placing my legs over his shoulder. At first he fucks me with long, deep strokes and I slowly adjust to his size and begin meeting each stroke by lifting my hips.

Our need builds, the pace quickens. I need his cock so bad, and love having it buried deep within me. I have to literally bite my lip, actually drawing blood, to keep from begging him, pleading him, ordering him to fuck me harder. I hear our flesh slapping together as you slam into my, feel the sweat beading on our bodies. I feel his cock swelling inside me, knowing without words that he is close. His thumb finds my clit, rubbing it in firm little circles, my hips buck beneath him. So close, so damn close, then I am cumming all over his hard cock. My pussy milks his cock as orgasmic waves contract and release the muscles surrounding him. He grabs my hips, slamming into me, and I feel his hot cum exploding inside me. Wave after wave of cum splashes the inside of my cunt, as he remains buried to the hilt inside me.

He pulls me close and kisses my lips, our very first kiss, and then pulls out of me. I can hear him cleaning up in the bathroom off the bedroom. Then the sound of fabric, is he getting dressed? I hear the bedroom door and then the outside door open and close. My god, he has left me like this, tied and blindfolded. Well at least he untied my ankles. With some maneuvering, I bring my wrists down and around my feet, putting them in front of me. I remove the blindfold and use my teeth to untie my hands. I rationalize that this must have been Mike. He probably got caught up in the role-play, and thought this would fit his character. I couldn't wait to e-mail him later. Looking at the clock I realize only an hour has passed. I am in the bathroom cleaning up when I hear the backdoor open again. "Hello! It's me Mike!" Oh Shit!

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