tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLovers at the Beach

Lovers at the Beach


G, a 27 year old man walked into the long room. The local girls' private school were holding an exhibition of art and G's younger sister had invited him. It was an exhibition of art with various photographs and pictures and portraits too. Many of the photographs had an erotic feel. And the room was a room was not a long room in the sense of a long rectangle ; it was a wide as well as long room. Mirrors were interspaced on the side walls and you could see that effort was put into the design of the room, the interior as well as the walls and floor. The furniture and whole look had a modern elegant look. The interior design, you felt, had the right colours, greys and blacks. It was meant to be a soiree and G's sister asked him to come. She said that some of the girls thought he was a man they'd like as a lover. Perhaps he would meet someone. Girls from the private college were helping with the organisation of the soiree.

Then he entered the large room. He was greeted immediately by a topless young girl in panties and garters and stockings. He was surprised but in his shy but reserved way, he accepted it. He saw too that the event had an erotic atmosphere complemented by the soft eroticism of the art. Older people in full clothing, women elegantly dressed too or sometimes just very casually dressed in jeans mixed with the girls showing their breasts. There were about seven topless girls and some girls were dressed in short skirts and blouses. The topless girls walked too in high heels. He looked around at the art. There was a dark haired woman fully nude in a reclining attitude in one portrait and then as he turned, a blonde girl with full breasts showing stood beside him. 'Do you like it?', she asked almost shyly. Maybe she was making conversation. The fact that she was almost nude herself didn't bother her and maybe she wanted to have a serious conversation about the art. He said 'yes' in a soft voice and then she offered him a glass of wine. He turned and he looked at her full breasts. Of all the girls, she was possibly the fullest.

Then a woman teacher passed,' A, is this your boyfriend, you're a lucky man', and A blushed as G smiled. Then the women seemed to glance quickly in his crotch area as she walked away. A too seemed to blush as she looked at this area. She saw G's arousal. Then the girl turned casually to offer her tray of cheese and wine to others and walked away.

G looked at her in the distance. He saw her full naked breasts and long blonde hair. She turned and offered a glass of wine to someone and he could see her buttocks, womanly full buttocks. She turned again and looked at him. She saw him almost examining her but she wanted him to examine her full body. The girl seemed to blush as she saw his eyes linger on her full bare breasts. Then he saw her turning and talking to a woman who had come over to her. From behind he could see again the girl's womanly body; her hips and buttocks. He saw some of the men looking at her too and some women. The women were perhaps surprised by her full body.

Then as G stood on his own. The girl looked over with the woman beside her. Maybe this was her mother or a teacher. She smiled shyly and then the girl and the woman beside her walked to him. The woman introduced herself and said she was A's mother. They said they saw he was alone and then the mother asked him how he was enjoying the evening. The mother then said that A liked him. Would G like to meet up afterwards with them. The mother said she was meeting her own boyfriend. G said he'd like that of course. The mother almost coyly said that the girl was too shy to ask him directly as the girl uttered 'Mama' softly. The young man looked at her and then at the top of her full breasts. The mother tried to steer the conversation away from the girl's half nudity. Still with her full hips and buttocks and full breasts too, it was difficult to ignore this but the girl herself didn't want the man to ignore it. She wanted him to concentrate on her womanly body.

The mother said immediately 'A has such a womanly body that I prefer an older man to be with her. She's only had one lover and he was your age'. A said 'Mama, he wasn't a proper lover', and the mother said 'sorry darling'. There was a moment of quiet as G glanced at her breasts but A didn't mind. She felt his gaze on them.

Then A turned around with her tray and offered a glass to an older woman in her forties. G saw that the latter seemed surprised by the full body of the girl. The mother saw him looking at the girl but she didn't mind. She felt the maturity of the young man and wanted a mature lover for her daughter. A's full body made him dreamy and he scarcely heard her mother say that A was a mature young girl who liked older men.

The girl had said to her mother just a few day before that she wanted a boyfriend with her this summer and the mother accepted the girl's wishes. With the girl's full womanly body, the mother knew that she needed a mature lover, maybe not an experienced one but at least an older one. The mother too decided to mention that they were going on holiday. While the girl was away in another part of the long room, the mother wondered if she would ask if G would join them for a holiday and go with the girl to the nudist beaches that they liked to visit in the summer. Still she thought best that the girl should ask but before the girl returned, she wanted to begin a conversation so that her daughter would find it easy to ask him. She knew young people and their shyness.

The mother decided to mention this to the young man as the girl was away. She mentioned the nude beaches . The girl came back and listened to them and the mother was careful that that the girl herself invited the young man to the holiday. The girl tried to put the young man at ease when she mentioned the nudity. She'd said that she'd like a boyfriend with her this summer. For her mother had her own boyfriend.

Then the mother said that anyway, she'd like G to visit the family and get to know them before the holiday. Still G said he had never gone to such a resort but he'd love to come as A's man. Then the mother saw the reserve and maturity of G. When the girl was away again, the mother said: 'You're a man I like for A. A is a girl who needs an older man to look after her'.

When the girl returned, G looked at the girl whose breasts were heaving beside her mother. She seemed aroused now by the thought of G with her on the resort. The mother said coyly that A with her beauty and looks, needed a man to look after her. Will you look after her, she asked the young man coyly. The girl tried to put him at his ease as he looked at her and she felt his gaze on her body. 'Will you come with me to the nightclub afterwards', the girl asked. Mama will be there with L, her boyfriend. He's coming to the beach too,' A said casually. A seemed more confident now in her beauty, as G looked down at her breasts again.

Then A turned and smiled and offered a glass of wine to a woman. It was her teacher with her partner. They talked with her for a while. G heard the woman saying that A had a full body, that she was surprised by the girl's full breasts and buttocks. The man, the woman's partner, looked at A's breasts and G saw his eyes studying them. A smiled. She was shy and blushed. Then the woman looked. She must have asked if she had a man because they looked at G.

A returned to her mother and they turned to G. Her mother said she liked A to have a proper boyfriend to look after her. The girl mentioned the nightclub again and asked if he was coming. Then A stood away and talked to her mother. He could hear her mother say turning to her , 'Be careful, you'll make G hard'. The mother turned again to G as the girl talked to another girl. The mother said:

'The boys are aroused by her body, she has a full womanly body. She just had one relationship with her music teacher. I allow A to bring a boyfriend over but I don't want her to have a sexual thing straight off. I trust you. I can see you G that you're mature. You're in your twenties. She's eighteen. I want A to have a good man who loves her. I have my own boyfriend...you can see that she's very beautiful and she is a woman not a girl'. A listened and the mother spoke as if talking to a confidant. The mother didn't want to speak to G as to a boy but as a man. For A had chosen G herself as her boyfriend because he was a man.

Later on G went to the nightclub to meet A and her mother. He saw the girl at the bar in a short coat to her thighs. He felt her flesh and bareness beneath the coat and the coat which reached her thighs just covered her buttocks. Her legs were bare and she had removed her stockings and garter. Her mother now wore a mini -skirt and a tight top which showed her full mature breasts. He could see that the mother's boyfriend was there and he seemed to be stroking the mother's breasts as they stood at the bar. The girl too leant against the bar and you saw her full womanly buttocks.

Then the girl turned and smiled at him, she walked in his direction and said that they were sitting in the recess beyond. The girl said that her mother would join them but it was obvious that the girl wanted to be alone with the young man and the mother herself wanted to be alone with her boyfriend. Then the girl took off her coat and he saw she was wearing a short silky dress. She had panties on and as she sat, the dress went up beyond her thighs but she didn't pull the dress down. She sat almost forward at first and he could see her full breasts and nipples under the dress.

They talked together as he looked at her and she asked him then to take down her straps and her breasts fell out as she put his hands on them. They arranged again to meet when he finished work the following evening.

The following evening A was wearing a light orange dress just covering her buttocks and she was wearing panties. The three looked at him as he entered and they seemed eager to see him. Her mother and her boyfriend left A and G alone and they sat together. A placed his hand on her breasts. It was a dress with straps and A said softly, 'you can take my straps down, if you want'. A man looked at A from a distance, looking at her full breasts with nipples beneath the dress. G saw this and he took his hand from her breasts. A didn't mind. She felt her boyfriend's shyness. Then A said:

'Do you want me to wear panties', he didn't understand. Then she turned and said:' Some men like their girlfriends without panties'. He remembered her in the art exhibition and tried to imagine her without panties as well as topless.

He didn't answer but she placed his hand on her crotch.

'Do you want me to take my panties off', she said softly. She didn't expect him to answer as they both looked at the mother in the distance wearing her short mini-dress, bent over the bar, showing the shape of the buttocks. A man came over and just felt the mother's buttocks. Her boyfriend didn't mind. And A said to G that this was a good friend of theirs. Then A turned and took G's hand and put it on her pussy and she said softly, 'take off my panties'.

There was an erotic charge in the atmosphere. G felt it and he was almost fully aroused. A raised her dress and made G rub her around the crotch area. She then began to take off her panties on the seat as some people turned and glanced at the couple, the full bodied girl and her boyfriend. Some people were watching...some people from the exhibition who recognised her and were now seeing her with her breasts covered but she was being undressed now by her man.. Still she didn't remove the panties completely and she just pushed the panties to her thigh. Then she looked at G and saw he was hard. The evening was still bright. It was summer and only now could you hear the music in the nightclub although music had been playing softly already. Then A sat forward and you could see her pussy. G felt that she was teasing him and making him aroused as if to seduce him and a full seduction would come later, perhaps at the resort.

Then when she sat there on the seat, her dress hitched and her pussy showing, so that people could see it, she said:

'I'm looking forward to the resort. My nan will be there ; She looks after me; She'll like you', A said with innocence and softness as she still sat with her pussy showing. Then she crossed her legs and as she did this, finally pushed the panties off her. She said:

'My mama likes you, it'll be nice to go to the resort.. mama's boyfriend is there...and my nan..we go nude but you can wear your shorts first', then she blushed as she seemed to glance at his crotch area,

'You're hard. .I really like you', she said, 'Then come on, put your hand on my pussy.' Then as his hand rested there, she said . 'Last year men ogled me at the beach and I just wanted to be nude'. Without thinking she rubbed her heavy but firm young breasts. 'I like older men who treat me like a woman. I feel like a woman...' she added and without thinking rubbed her breasts again. G said then that he liked her and he put his hands on her uncovered breasts which she allowed.

Then her mother returned with her boyfriend. The girl's panties were on the hardwood floor in front of her but her dress was now hitched up and you could see her pussy. Then G without thinking picked the panties up. The erotic atmosphere was new to him and A and her mother lived in a world that he wasn't familiar with. Was he meant to pick her panties up? Maybe he was meant to behave like a gentleman and behave distantly, in a reserved way, maybe be immune to this highly charged sexual atmosphere. At the beach, he must remember too that it was really a non-sexual place. Nudist beaches were not meant to be truly sexual. The four sat together and the girl put her straps back on her shoulder and tried to cover her pussy. She put the panties beside her.

Then G turned and told the girl he had to go.

'Are you going, G,' her mama said. He had to prepare some work but he would meet A soon and he was looking forward to the resort. They didn't kiss and G felt that it was A's body which was the main element in the seduction and the young woman knew it. A didn't really want to be kissed ; She preferred G to be seduced by her body, her breasts, and buttocks. He was and he waited keenly for the beach resort. When they went to the cinema together the following day , A removed her panties again and placed his hand on her pussy. Her mama sat beside her and then later she put her hand down G's pants to feel his aroused penis. She was a girl who wanted to know that her boyfriend was aroused by her.

They had a house at the beach resort. The girl told him to come to the apartment. Her nan might be there and she would lead him to the beach if they were already there. At the house, a girl answered the door, dressed in tight jeans and women's shirt. She was a friend of A's. In the front room, he waited in his light casual shirt and trousers. Then a woman about fifty entered. She had black hair and still looked young. She was nude and she seemed to smile and blush. He didn't realise the girl's nan was so young and beautiful herself. She greeted him as her granddaughter's boyfriend. 'I'll show you to A's room. There was a bed in the room but it wasn't a double bed. As they looked, the woman said 'You can use the room with the double bed over there'. The young man walked into the room and put his bag on the girl's bed. Some of A's clothes were lying on the bed, a short skimpy dress and a pair of panties.

The woman's nudity beside him and the fact that he was accepted as the girl's lover who would sleep with her that night aroused him. The woman looked at him and smiled at him. She saw embarrassment and shyness but he was a young man with a good body himself. Then the woman said that it was best to go to the beach. A and her mother were there. The woman had her bag with her and she put on a short coat. The young man didn't bring anything with him. Then the woman asked him as they walked:

'Do you mind being with nude women. Your girlfriend is sixteen, nearly seventeen but she's a woman'.

She didn't expect an answer.

'She told me she likes you', she said.

They walked and then waved to A and her mother in the distance. The mother's boyfriend stood up. He was nude and you could see he had a big penis. The mother had her bikini on and A had a tunic blouse just covering her buttocks and showing her naked thighs. You could sense her full body beneath the short tunic dress:

'You two haven't made love yet, have you?' she asked G.


Then the woman said as they approached:

'I hope you'll be alright with the nude women'.

A came over to G and kissed him. As they greeted each other, a man went by with his penis hanging out. Then G saw the mother kissing her boyfriend and slowly feeling his crotch and penis. She closed her eyes as she did this. Then A led G over beside her. 'Are you going to take your clothes off?', she asked. A leant over and unbuttoned his shirt. She sat down beside him. 'Let me unbutton you', she said as she undid the last two buttons. 'I'm your girlfriend', she said softly. Then she undid his belt and then unfastened his trousers. 'Slip out of them', she said and he stood up to take his trousers off. When he sat down in his shorts, she smiled and then put her hand down his shorts. 'Are you alright', she said as she felt and rubbed his penis. Then she began to push her tunic dress aside ; the dress lay on the shoulders as A seemed to wait for her boyfriend to pull the dress down. He leant over and felt her breasts and then pulled the tunic down. Her full breasts came out and he continued to rub them. Then she lay back and pulled the tunic off her. She sat up:

'Are you taking your pants off' ,she said as she put her hand inside the pants again and then he quickly raised himself and pulled his pants down. His penis was almost aroused and they were silent. She looked at it and seemed aroused.

She held it in her hand and then said: 'Do you prefer to put your pants on. Are you alright?' He sat still with his penis almost erect. She had pink panties on and she put her hand again on his penis. The nan glanced over at them as her grand-daughter held the man's penis. 'Are you alright?' she asked and then the girl looked up and smiled. The girl held the penis and continued to rub it. She was almost giving a hand job and he was silent. Then she asked if he wanted to rub oil on her. She said then:

'You're big like my mother's boyfriend. My mama said we can use the double bed in the guest-room or you can sleep with me in my own bed'.

She sat still and then the girl rose and asked, 'Can I sit on your lap'. And she sat in her pink panties on his naked body. He had an erection. She said then 'feel my pussy'. Then he put his hands inside her panties as she began to writhe. She groaned suddenly as her mother looked over at her. Then the girl said:

'You can rub oil on me later', she said as the sun began to shine down.

It was beginning to seem like it was going to be a hot afternoon and G felt an erotic charge. A woman went by nude and she looked down at A as her boyfriend was rubbing the girl's breasts. Then A's nan who was nude leant over and said 'I hope G is going to let you get some sun.' As her nan said this, the girl pulled the pink panties off her and she sat nude on her boyfriend. The lovers sat nude together as the girl gave lotion to her boyfriend to rub on her. Her mother was beside them now and the girl felt the man's erect penis against her. 'Mama, can we use the double bed in the guest-room later' and the mother said 'yes' in a soft voice.

Then her mother said, 'One summer, I couldn't get a tan because my boyfriend was on top of me all the time', and the girl said, 'I don't mind but I think G likes me on top of him.'

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