tagIncest/TabooLovers Ch. 01

Lovers Ch. 01


I'm James Stark and this is my story.

It all started June 19 2011 the year my little sister Taylor finished high school. Taylor is 5'6 has 36c breasts and a nice, cute, tight ass and has great thighs, and she is also a year younger than me. I live in Illinois and go to Illinois state for journalism so I can become a writer I live only a half hour away from my moms house. My dad left my mom and ran off with his secretary who was 22 years old and that was 5 years ago so my mom, my sister, and I have become very close since then and I became man of the house and got a job at Barnes and noble which was only five minutes away from the house. Since dad ran off we have never been better except mom has never had a boyfriend since dad left and always says I'm her man, but the problem is I'm in love with my sister Taylor.

I'm not saying my mom is ugly because she isnt she is hot she is 37 and she is 5'8 and has 42d breast size and is almost as petite as my sister and has a nice ass. she had me when she was 18 because my dad knocked her up he married her then a right after I was born he didn't want to use a condom to fuck my mom and that's how my Sister was made. And by right after I was born I mean he fucked her like a week after they took me home.

Now to June 19. It was a nice summer day outside and I was lying next to the pool with my mom and sister. I always had a crush on my sister since forever and fantasized about her and my mom having sex. Back to the story, we were laying out in the sun when my mom asks "J could you put some sunscreen on my back I want to flip over?"

"Sure." I responded.

"Could you do me too." Taylor asked.

"Yea let me do mom first then I'll rub you I mean rub some on your back." what was I saying I thought, she's going to kill me.

When I got the bottle my mom in her hot black bakini that left little to the imagination she untied the back and when I was rubbing it on she moaned like I was fucking her. I knew this because I had a girlfriend Paige that I use to lick her till she came 2 or even 3 times and then she would blow me too but she didn't want to go all the way because she was really into abstinence and that stuff so we'd just mess around.

When I stopped mom said "Thank you honey that was great."

"Are you going to do me now or what?" Taylor said.

"Alright I'll do it."

When I looked back at mom her top was still untied. I always wondered if my mom had a crush on me she use to always pinch my ass or smack it and she would always kiss me on the lips Once she slid in her tongue but I didn't say anything.

While rubing lotion on my sister I got a boner in my swim trunks. I'm not one to brag but I had a pretty big cock it was 9'0 and pretty thick and is was totally sticking out and poking my sister. That's when she said "Thanks James that's good but can I talk to you inside?" "oh shit I'm skewed" I thought but when we got Inside it was different.

Once I stepped inside and out of sight of our mom Taylor said "Do you love me?"

"Yea of course I love you your my little sister." I said.

"No not that kind of love I mean this kind." when she said it she pulled me toward her and passionately kissed me with tongue.

"Well is it that way or did I just totally embarres myself?" she said.

"Ive always been in love with you and I always wanted to tell you but I thought you would reject me and never talk to me again." I said. "I never took the chance because I never wanted to lose you."

"I have had a huge crush on you forever and I watched you once have oral sex with that cristian slut girlfriend of yours that dumped you and I was jealous and that was when I knew you were the man I truly wanted and that's why I broke up with Ricky the next day."

After she said that I went in for another passionate kiss. Then she said "Tomarrow I want you to take my virginity and I want to take yours too if you still have it because I love you James Stark." and with that we went back out side where my mom was asleep with her top off and showing us full boob by laying on her back, I had already seen them before because I accidentally walked in on her in the bathroom and she didn't care just asked what did I need. My mom has always taught us that sex is a normal thing but that it should be with someone you love.

And I knew that this was love.

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