tagErotic HorrorLovers in the Wild

Lovers in the Wild


He drove me in his convertible, the top pulled down and the wind rushing over my ears. We drove north then west to Abique. We passed over a dam by a clear blue lake and onto the side of a barren red pyramid-shaped mountain, a thousand feet tall. The red color of the mountain was so rich and vivid that it seemed to glow in the afternoon desert light.

After passing through fantastical red rock canyons and knife edged mountains we passed into the Bisti badlands where the gray rounded hills and strange contorted black rocks resembled a moonscape. I had never seen such magnificent desolation in all my life.

At Nageezi we headed south on a washboard dirt road. The car shook so badly that it felt like it would fall apart. We traveled deeper and deeper into the vast brown empty rolling desert land. A vast panorama stretched out ahead of us and I began to notice the walls of a canyon on the distant horizon. We passed Navajo Hogans and herds of sheep roaming the wilderness.

We entered Chaco Canyon. The yellow canyon walls looked like they were about two to three hundred feet tall and were spread apart by a few miles. A huge jagged mesa stood behind us to the left towering over the vast yellow desert sandy plain. We followed the narrow asphalt park road through the canyon past Pueblo Bonito whose huge walls stood a silent witness to the ancient ones.

We parked where the road curved back in a circle. We got out our backpacks with the blankets and food and other supplies to help us survive the merciless wilderness. He carried one pack, and I another as we walked silently across the parched land into the wilderness. We followed the ancient Anasazi trail for hours till the sun was low on the horizon. Finally we came to a ruin whose mortar stone brick walls stood on a rise in the desert.

We climbed up into the ruin and as we came over the wall we saw a huge round Kiva, a hole dug out of the earth and lined with stone bricks sticking up above the floor of the ruin. We climbed into the Kiva and spread our blankets on the dusty floor. We were covered in shadows from the ruin walls as the sun went below the horizon. I heard coyotes mournfully howling in the distance.

Soon we were immersed in pitch-black darkness. The stars shone, millions of candles in the velvet black bowl of the night sky. I asked Peter, "Are you afraid?"

He said, "No more than normal."

We undressed and wrapped the wool blankets around us keeping each other warm in the cold desert night with our bodies. Suddenly I heard footsteps and a scraping sound. I stood up and looked over the edge of the Kiva seeing two glowing eyes looking at me perched on the wall of the ruin. I shined my flashlight and saw a majestic mountain lion, muscles rippling in the desert night. She opened her mouth revealing huge sharp ivory incisors in the beam of my flashlight.

We stood there looking at each other for a moment and I felt real fear. I could see the hunger in her eyes and it connected somehow with my hunger. We stared at each other. I saw her eyes glaze. My heart was beating wildly and I froze. The lioness leaped off the wall and I heard her running into the desert roaring. Peter was asleep through all of this and the fire we built was dying down. I blew on the glowing coals trying to get it to start again.

Peter awoke shivering and I told him what I had seen. He said, "They are more afraid of us than we are of them. Don't worry, my love."

He said, "I really must have a fire. You stay here while I look for some twigs to burn."

I held his arm and said, "No Peter. Please stay here. The lioness is hungry. I could see it in her eyes."

Peter kissed me and said, "No fear my love." He got up and walked toward the opening in the walls of the ruin. I followed him with my flashlight. With terror of recognition I saw the lioness in front of him. I said, "Peter. Stay still." I could see she was stalking him. I took Peter's colt 45 out of the pack and aimed it between her eyes. She looked at me and I felt an empathetic connection with her. For a moment I froze and then pulled the trigger. She fell like a limp rag doll. Daddy had taught me well and my aim was good. I had gotten her between the eyes.

This was my first kill. I remembered how daddy had the boys cover themselves with the blood of the first deer they killed. Peter stood still with his back turned to me and I took his hunting knife out of the pack. I walked up to the dead lioness and crouched down beside her as Peter looked on watching me with his flashlight. I petted her head and then grasping her ears pulled her head back and slit her throat. Blood poured out with a sickly sweet smell and I covered my naked body with it. I coated my face, breasts, legs, torso, and even my sex with her blood.

Somehow the smell of her blood created a deep hunger in me. My heart was pumping fast and I was dripping with sweat. I stood up turned around and faced Peter. He was naked too and I walked toward him. I laid him down on the blankets. I gently grasped his erection. Its skin felt silky, as I caressed it feeling it throb in my hand. He asked, "Are you going to seduce me with black magic?"

I put my finger to his lips saying, "Of course."

Coyotes were howling now across the desert and the moon shone high above us now illuminating our nocturnal fornication. I was astride him looking down at his face. The soft smooth roundness of his cheeks and the look of innocence in his eyes made him look so childlike in the moonlight. He closed his eyes and appeared as though in a trance. He had the same look on his face as the face of the Buddha, sitting under the Bodhi tree just before achieving enlightenment, I had seen once on an ancient Nepalese painting in an art gallery in New Orleans.

The lioness' blood was dripping from my body and covering his chest and face as I kissed him, pressing my hard nipples against his firm breasts. I raised my upper body and scrapped his chest with my nails, leaving red streaks. He was breathing hard and fast now.

The intensity of the sex was almost hallucinogenic. Something about these wild places brought out a primal force in me. I had left my civilized self behind in my delirium. My mind was operating on pure instinct. I was a wild Puma devouring him.

I looked down at him through my glazed eyes with pure hunger. I thought about the lioness and her hunger. I felt a sisterhood with her. We were both hunters. Something came together within me. I felt my Chakras fusing as I absorbed his energy. I dug my fingernails deep into his chest muscles. I felt his body tense as the heat between us became an inferno. I smelled his musk mixed with the sweetly pungent scent of the lioness' blood. Droplets of the blood trickled down my cheeks onto my lips. I licked the sweet blood off my lips as I violently thrust my hips, savagely taking Peter.

Deep in the hollow at the apex of my legs, I felt my soft walls tighten around his member. In the crevice of my orchid, I felt my tiny stamen humming with glorious pleasure. Sparks of heat and flame shot from my tiny nub of flesh through my spine as I felt the tide of pleasure begin to surge through my body.

He climaxed with a soft moan and his body fell limp under me. My climax was muted as his member went limp like a soft spaghetti noodle within me. I had been so close for him to get tired and leave me in heat.

Something was wrong. He wasn't breathing. I felt his chest. His heart had ceased beating. I began beating his chest trying to bring him back. But he lay there, cold and still in the desert night. I was furious with him. Just at the point he was surrendering himself completely to me, filling the aching hunger in my body and soul, he had left me, leaving only this mortal shell. I was mad at him, for leaving me in the throes of passion, so hungry and un-satiated.

I covered his face with the blanket. My anger subsided. A flood of sorrow filled my heart and I wept cradling his head in my lap. The sun rose the next morning like a succulent orange resurrecting my hunger for endless life.

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