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Lovers' Oath


Author's Note : - This story is going to be long, and is not meant for instant gratification. In other words, this won't be a quickie, so if you were looking for that, sorry to have disappointed you. I'll be writing other stories to fit that category. Hope to see you there.

Please bear in mind that the story is located in a fictional world of magic, Cardaera, where our 'normal' world and supernatural world mix and coexist, often without the knowledge of humans. The history and geography of the world is nowhere near our world, since I was never good at those.

There will be some depiction of heterosexual,homo, BDSM and group sex. Rape and horror will only be depicted as a part of story development and NOT for arousal. All characters are of age, and the author encourages safe sex.

Last, but not the least, this story is my very first attempt, and I'm kind of "testing the water." so be generous with the constructive comments and let me know if you liked it.


Somewhere in the Dark Cave, UnderWorld. Now.


The world around her felt like a dark void. Rayn was slowly gaining consciousness.... Slowly, and Painfully. She felt... Battered. Her first instinct was to try and rub off the perspiration from her body. It was uncomfortable.

She groggily wondered why she was sweating. Was it because of the bad dream she had? She could not yet remember the particulars of the dream, but she remembered it being bad. She almost tried to turn on her side to bury her face in the waiting arms. Something was restraining her, pinning her in place. 'Probably one of his games again,' she mused. Relaxing her muscles, she wondered how long it was since she had last had a nightmare. She knew the answer to that - 'I had not had a nightmare ever since... Since...' and then it hit her. Memory came rushing back to her and with that came the full realization of pain. Incredible, intolerable pain.

She could not move. She was chained and bound to a metal frame. And with horror she realized that it was not perspiration that covered her body. It was blood. Her own blood...and something else, something that smelled foul. She felt her stomach heave, only there was nothing in it to throw up. Her limbs were feeling disengaged. As if they did not belong to her body. She could not even feel the limbs. She could only feel the pain. She felt the cold of the dungeon numbing her senses somewhat, but it was not enough. Rayn closed her eyes. There was nothing to see but the threatening dark.

She tried to distract her mind. She was trying to think back to the point when this all had started. It was hard to think when her body was feeling like it had been battered with a heavy rod, which it had been. But she knew she had to. She had to keep reminding herself why she was here, why she was going through this and why she could not simply give up. She can not break down. And breaking her was exactly the purpose of the torture. And they would come back to try some more. That inevitable made her shudder. She was not coward, but the pain was unbearable. And she feared breaking down under it. Yes, she was not particularly afraid of dying, no. Die she will, whether she gave them what they wanted or not. She only feared breaking down and giving them the information. No. She could not do that. If they knew what she knew, her Clan would lose any hope of winning. It was crucial that she kept her resistance up.

Rayn lazily wondered about her captors. How long would it take for them to realize that she would not talk, and the only thing that they could do was to kill her? She prayed it would be soon... Very soon. That way, she would not have to worry about her breaking down much longer.

While she morbidly pursued that line of thought, a small voice of hope still whispered to her - 'May be if the captors were resisted long enough, the Clan would come for her?' As she realized the presence of that hope, her heart skipped a bit. And then she firmly killed the hope, the tiny voice in the back of her head that never seemed to give up hoping the impossible. No, it won't be so. The Clan would not come for her. She was only another fighter in the war, a fighter who has been captured by the enemy and held to extract information. She could imagine the writing on the long list of their ranks. She could picture the tiny hand-written letters beside her name 'Rayn Slader - M.I.A'. Missing in action. And considered beyond the hope of rescue.

Those captured by the demons, were never returned whole. In pieces scattered all over the area within a 100 km radius from where they were captured, yes. But never returned whole. As if the demons were determined to show them just how cruel they could go; and that was without the Clan knowing what happened to the victims before they were killed. Now Rayn knew what they had to go through. No wonder some of them broke down. After all, not all had the same motivation. Not all had practically begged to be a fighter - to fight side-by-side with the Alpha and help to bring the victory to the Clan that was long fought for. She had. And she was going to keep the Oath she had taken. Yes, the demons will be relentless. That made her smile dryly, despite the wounds that started bleeding again. 'It doesn't matter' - she told herself. She was capable of being relentless too.

She heard something. Yes, the door of the cold, stone chamber was opening. She could smell the creature that entered. They were back to torture her, and this time there were more of them. She sighed. 'It doesn't matter' she thought as she prepared for the oncoming pain. ' Kiel has to be safe. That's what matters.' she reminded herself of their Alpha. His location was her captors' interest, it was what only a few knew, and what she was adamant to protect. He has to remain safe to lead them. And her life did not matter.

She heard them taking their places around her, They asked her questions and she only answered with silence. And then the blows begun. She could feel them gathering around her. They were preparing to take the torture up one notch. Till now she was only beaten, now, as she felt several hands on her body, groping her, penetrating her, she realized with horror what they would do next. In almost desperate effort she tried to scream,

- "NO!" -

Her voice failed her, she only could gasp. Some how one of her captors heard her. He... It... cocked his head to one side -

- "No? well you know the magic word..." with a smile intended to put on display his pointed teeth, he added in a raspy whisper,

- " Tell us where he is, and all this will stop. You know it will. Tell us what you know..."

She heard him through a fog of panic. And stilled. She could not do that.

-"No. Never."

- "No? Well, then we must continue persuading you, shouldn't we?" the demon added with a smile. She remembered him. He was the one who had captured her first, and questioned her. They had first come to her as angels, not only in their words but in their looks, too. When she had refused to budge, the pretense was gone, along with the glamor, showing her exactly what they were. Reminding her of her first fight against them. Only difference was, now she was heavily chained. She had told them what she thought of them - cowards; they did not care. They wanted her to tell them something they did not know, but wanted to know. Then the torture had truly begun. And this particular demon had delivered the first blow.

Rayn felt the demon move between her thighs, separating them. She sobbed dryly. She had no power, no strength. She wished she had rather been killed in their last action.

She felt her womanhood being penetrated... And then she screamed with all her effort, because one other had just mercilessly rammed into her anus, stretching her beyond her capacity. And they started fucking her respective holes in unison. The pain compelled her to scream again. This time her scream died in her throat as an immense member was thrust in her mouth without warning. She gasped for breath. The tears that had stopped before, now welled up again. Someone was also fucking her ample cleavage, pinching her nipples so hard that her skin had punctured in several places. All of them thrust inside her and they did not care if she had died. Now she knew why they kept her alive this long despite her silence, they wanted to take all the fun they could get out of the capture.

She had to divert her mind. She thought back to the time before... before her capture. She had no idea how long ago she was taken.

She thought about the powerful hands, slightly calloused from extensive fighting, that had held her, touched her ever so gently, pleasuring her. Thought about his gentle kisses and caresses, and tried to lose herself in the memories of the past. Memories of her only refuge she had ever found. She thought back to the time it had first started. She wanted to forget everything, she did not want to note that one of her rapists had already cummed in her mouth and was replaced by another. Her mouth was being abused again and again. Her butt and cunt were being ravished over and over, without giving her any pleasure. She could feel the numerous bleeding scars from where the demons had buried their sharp nails and teeth. The metal frame was being moved and positioned so they could fuck her in every way possible. And she was being covered by their seed. She would have vomited from the smell, only, she had no strength left in her ravaged body.

She lost her self in the memories of the pleasant past. The only escape she was able to take.



City of West Debra, OuterWorld, 3 months before. Night time.


It was Approaching midnight, and Rayn was yet to reach her home. She was a little nervous. She had never returned home this late, and one reason for that was her aversion to traveling in dark, especially if traveling meant walking. She was not scared, only hated the fact that nights in Cardaera were mysterious, and unpredictable. Despite the busy city, the nights were still, and only a few people were seen outside, especially in this part. But tonight seemed unusually still, even for West Debra. As if the night was waiting for something to happen. Rayn became alert of her surroundings. She wanted to hear it if someone came from behind her.

As she walked past one dark ally after another, she thought about the bakery she worked at. 'Bakery and coffee shop,' she corrected herself. She had only joined Sips and Nibbles a few weeks back, and was still in the process of getting used to working there. Before, she had worked at a restaurant as one of the wait staff. But quite soon had managed to get herself fired by making an enemy out of Kirsten - a girl who had made almost a pet out of the owner by batting her eyelashes and flashing her pearly teeth ( 'And Lord knows what else'- Rayn added in her mind) at him. Rayn had refused to cover up the mess Kirsten had made in the kitchen, because in Kirsten's vocabulary covering up meant taking the blame upon yourself for the mess of others - to be specific, for the messes of Kirsten.

Kirsten had taken out her anger on her by making a mess for Rayn and by pushing the blame on her. A 100

gold credits missing from the Cash Register had been found from the pocket of Rayn's uniform shirt , and the owner of the restaurant had been informed mysteriously that her rent was due. He had not waited for any explanation, and had fired her. That too, without any salary for that week. "You are lucky that we are not reporting you. And a week's salary is the price you gotta pay, and it is not much if you ask me," he had practically growled at her.

Rayn had NOT asked him about the justness of the punishment. Instead, she had emptied her locker and before leaving the restaurant premises, had punctured the tires of the cars of Kirsten and Mr Donald, and had dropped quite a lot of cheese in their cars, which were bound to stink the hell out of them within a few days. Rayn had a taste for vengeance. And she satisfied it in any way possible when she felt something was unjust. And if Mr Donald had seen the flash in her big, hazel green eyes, he would have known better than to withhold her payment.

She knew it was petty; after all, they'd go about their own business in a few days as if nothing had happened. But then, Rayn could not have gone Vigilante on them. Going Vigilante did not pay, and she needed to get on the search again, and desperately. If she had not been able to get this job when she did, she would have lost her home, too. Her landlord did not take well to rents pending due.

As Rayn walked nearer to the area she lived at, she started to enjoy the night weather. The cool breeze soothed her tired body. She distractedly played with her hair. She realized that she rather enjoyed working at the bakery. She could remember how she would bake with her mom every Restday when she was a child. That came in handy now. Also, the other staff there were quite friendly. As a small team, they were relatively helpful. She hoped she could hold this job a little better. She had at last found a place where she felt accepted.

Suddenly, startling her, it started raining. She was shocked. Shocked and delighted. She loved rain! She loved watching the rain and the way it cascaded down to wet the soil. Hell, after her birth, when she would scream murder at anything unknown, rain was the only other thing that would stop her crying instantly, even her mom was not that effective. That's why she was named that way - Rayn. It was her mothers idea.

Her mom had always told a story of her childhood. After her birth, she was named Sheela at first. But she would never respond to that name. Then they'd tried quite a few other names. But she would ignore them, too. Then observing her fascination with rain, her mom had named her Rayn, and she didn't had to be called twice with that name, ever, she would respond every time when someone called her. It had not taken long to discover the name - she was born on the second day of the span of the Goddess Vera, that was the season of rain and prosperity.

As she remembered the season, she frowned. It wasn't the span of Vera, it rarely rained at this time. She was indeed a little taken aback. But nevertheless, she was happy. As she walked at a slower pace, she closed her eyes, feeling the raindrops dancing on her body, on her naked shoulder and arms, lightly caressing her face; it literally felt like a lover's touch to her as the rain drops touched her eyes and forehead to trail down to her chin traveling through her cheek, as if someone was laying kisses on her face while being very, very gentle. She spread her hand to her sides, lifting her face towards heaven, welcoming the water on her body, embracing the beautiful feeling. She smiled as she felt the music in her soul, her feet wanted to tap to the rhythm, to dance as if responding to a primal need to express herself. She could barely contain herself. Not content with walking anymore, she spun on the spot she had come to a halt. Feeling the smell of the rain call to her, she started to take slow rhythmic steps, bending her body with the tune that the breeze played for her, her feet stepping to the rhythm of the rain drops. She was almost oblivious of the fact that this was not her home, she was in an almost deserted area and very much vulnerable. She did not care. She could only sense the tune as she started to dance, also very oblivious to the pairs of eyes that followed her steps, looking on with curiosity. The nocturnal creatures of Cardeara rarely got to see such behavior in the people. They did not mind it though. They looked on to the creature dance to the heavenly tune.

Suddenly her concentration broke. As she opened her eyes she frowned, confused as to the source of the disturbance that caused her to stop. She didn't have to look for long. As she glanced to the narrow alleyway at her left something came barreling out. Before she could blink, it had collided with her and continued to shoot towards the stone wall at the far right to her, which was getting less far from her every second as she tried to think. she was paste if they hit the wall. Her eyes opened wide in fear. As she tried to think something suddenly she felt herself spinning around, she was now shooting backwards and was held in a stony embrace against something furry. She felt the collision the moment the creature hit the wall, cushioning it for her. She slid onto the ground from where the creature was holding her firmly. She could hear it panting roughly. She straightened to look at it. Creatures so big were rare on Cardeara, let alone the city.

'It must have been hurt very much' she thought, trying to decipher the black fur against the downpour. As she squinted, she realized the creature had spun to protect her from hitting the wall and had taken it on itself. She did not know of any animal that intelligent. She shrugged off the thought as she tried to find the creature. As she took a step forward, someone grunted in pain. She jumped back, a little shocked. Then she realized, she probably had stepped onto his foot. She again proceeded carefully. As she saw an outline of a body, she knelt,

-"Hey, you okay?" she asked, mastering as much softness as she could to talk above the sound Of the lashing rain.

-"I'm fine." The man grunted out, then continued through obvious pain -"You need to get out of here... Fast. If they see you..." he trailed off, rendered incapable of speaking by the pain.

-"You're hurt, let me see," she tried to touch him to understand how many of his bones were broken, momentarily forgetting about the big, furry creature. But her fingers never touched him. Instead, he held her arm in a vice like grip, immobilizing her, demanding her attention, then growled out,

-"I said I'm... I will be fine. Don't bother. Save yourself. Get away before they see you. They won't spare a civilian. Get lost before anyone is hurt saving you." he snarled.

-"Hey! I'm just trying to help you. And who are 'they'? Are some criminals after you?" she said, protesting, yet in a soft tone. She did not want to enrage him.

-"Woman, the only way you can help us, is by getting lost..." he stopped, looking behind her, then growled through gritted teeth, "too late, they're hear. And to satisfy your need to know who 'they' are, just look over your shoulder." he was growling like an animal by the time he stopped. She looked. And went pale. She crawled backwards, almost pressing herself up against the man's chest,

-"Wha...what are those?" she managed to get out of her chattering teeth.

-"Demons. From hell where humans don't go. And I can't protect you, my spine has not healed fully. You're on your own. Sorry." the man growled out, bluntly, betraying his frustration. Noting that, she blinked, then looked down at the man. 'His spine has broken, yet he is thinking about saving me,' she thought with awe. Then she shook herself as determination set in.

-"Got any weapons?" she asked.

-"Yeah. The gun, and the long knife. About the only things that work on them." as he distractedly gave out the information, he frowned, and followed with a question, -"WHY?"

-"So I can save both of us, obviously." she answered as she located both the weapons and tugged them free from below him. His eyes shot up as he saw her advance, putting him at a safe distance away from the potential battle field.

-"Do you have any idea how many there are?" he shouted after her, incredulous, amazed and furious at the same time.

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