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Lover's Revenge


This is a story of a usual love triangle, in which there is one girl and two boys in love with her. Of course she is in love with only one of them. But this story comes with an unusual twist. The lover who is being ignored comes back at the girl with malice and revenge in mind. Now read on . . .

Ayesha has just joined college and there she meets lots of people but Ajay catches her eye the most. Soon they start flirting with each other and within a month’s time they are deeply in love with each other. Ayesha is still a virgin and a man’s eyes have never set eyes on her sex. But there is someone else who seeks the sexy virgin.

It is the fourteenth of February and the college has organized a Valentine’s Day Dance in the Hilton Resort. Everyone is here. Even Rahul, who is madly in love with Ayesha (or at least her body). Ayesha and Ajay climb on to the dance floor. She is engulfed in his arms. For this special occasion she is wearing a backless black top, which reveals to quite some degree her pert breasts. She doesn’t want to hide anything from her lover and wears a skirt so petit that it’s just enough to hide her panties. The dance floor is 2 feet above the ground level and while she is dancing with Ajay all the boys stand there and can easily look up her skirt, their cocks hard.

Rahul is boiling with anger. The dance floor is so loud that even if anyone screamed at the top of her voice no one would hear a word. Ajay leaves Ayesha for a minute to go and pee. Rahul takes this opportunity. Being the son of a rich man, he has the hotel staff at his fingertips. He gets a room booked on the 14th floor and heads towards the dance floor. He grabs Ayesha by her hair and pulls her down and out of the hall. The hotel staff, bought by his money, helps him carry the girl to the fourteenth floor.

Inside room 1401, he dumps her on the bed, pays $500 to each of the three men and locks the door. He strips himself quickly thereby avoiding any delay in matters of such urgency. She begs him to let her go.

“Please Rahul, why have you brought me here. Please let me go”

Without saying a word, he advances, now nude in front of her, even making her wet. When his lips are within 3 inches of her’s, he bends down and starts planting kisses on her neck. She tries to move him away but then he grabs her arms with his strong hands and pushes her on to the bed. Lying on her back, she feels scared and exposed. He says:

“You don’t know for how long I have wanted this to happen”

Seeing her naked thighs lying there makes him very hard. He advances towards the bed and plants himself on the bed, one leg on each side of her body. She starts crying. He sees her panties through her small skirt and pulls it out. The look on her face when he does this makes him laugh his heart out. He pulls her panties down to her ankles and then pulls it off. He starts kissing her ankles then up to her knees, thighs and then the inside of the top part of her sexy legs. She moans in fear mixed with arousal. He grabs a pair of scissors from the dressing table, cuts her skirt and throws the shredded cloth onto the floor. She begs him to stop but he instead slaps her hard across her cheeks, making them red and making her stop crying and sobbing.

He reaches up to her beautiful top, pulls it down from the middle and rips it apart with a lightning force making her scream in fear. Now he can see her nipples hard through her bra. With his knife, he cuts the two strings and throws it on the floor. Now she is exposed in front of him. He grabs her head by the cheeks, draws her up to him and kisses her passionately.

“We could have done this with your approval but you had to fall for that Ajay. Let’s see him save you now.”

Throwing her back on the bed again, he lines his manhood with her sex and pushes it into her. She is a virgin and feels so tight. She screams. The three people from the hotel staff, peeking through the keyhole are masturbating in the corridor, getting highly aroused by the bondaged female.

Rahul starts pumping in and out of her and then climaxes just after Ayesha climaxes herself. He falls on top of her and takes her right breast in his mouth. But he is not completely satisfied with her. He wants to trouble and torture her. He kisses her on her lips and eyes and enters the bathroom. He fills a bucket with cold water, comes into the bedroom and splashes it on her. She screamed so loudly that the whole hotel must have heard it. He got so aroused doing this that he jumped right on top of her and starts sucking her breasts and biting her nipples. She went on screaming. He was torturing her. She was freezing by now.

“Please give me a towel, Rahul, please, I beg you”

Rahul started laughing at her pitiable condition. He turned the air conditioning on. Ayesha started screaming really hard, so he switched the air conditioning off, opened the refrigerator, pulled out a can of beer and started drinking from it. Ayesha was lying on the bed moaning and sobbing. He suddenly got another idea. First, he poured the remaining beer from the can onto her breasts. She shouted.

“Why? Why?” was all she said and continued sobbing.

He took the icebox out of the refrigerator and poured the ice cubes onto her naked body and inserted one cube into her naked sex. She got up and started jumping trying hard to get the ice cube out of her hole but he held her tight with her arms.

“Let me go! Let me go” she shouted but to no avail.

He pushed her back on to the bed, fucked her once more and then after half an hour, he wrapped her in a blanket and took her down into the parking lot. There, with the help of his hotel boys, he took the blanket off of her tied her arms and legs and gagged her mouth. There they left her crying by the side of her lover’s car. Rahul sent a message to Ajay through a waiter giving him an anonymous tip to check out his car.

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