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Lovers Switch


I could see my boyfriend walking toward the gate on a hot sunny day after he had finished work. We were both planning on Playing video games for the afternoon and to relax in the air conditioning. Sitting on his balcony I was able to view his arrival while I was talking to his house mate as I waited for him to make his way through the security gates and up the stairs.

I heard his keys rustle and the screen door followed by the wooden door unlock and open. He came in and I saw him look at me with his always cheeky smile and adorable as fuck dimples. Still in his work clothes, a black button up shirt with a company logo on the pocket and a pair of blue jeans. I knew I was horny but I wanted to give us both time to play our games to not crowd each other. I have only just begun to stay at his place so wanting to ensure personal space is observed.

He joins me and his housemate on the balcony and we have a cigarette together. His housemate drew out one of his tailor made cigarettes as my boyfriend and I roll out own. His housemate had to excitedly show him a clip from a new anime he had been watching. My boyfriend was very keen to see this and they both gathered around the housemates phone to watch.

I left the two on the balcony and went inside and started to load steam. I wasn't sure what I wanted to play. I was still in chat windows with my friends when he entered his bedroom and lay in front of his computer. His bed is in direct view from where I am set up on the dining table. His computer is only ever in his room if he has been watching porn and too lazy to move it after. I did wonder what kind of porn he had been watching. It turns me on to hear what he enjoys and sometimes I will even watch the same kind of porn he does just for the inspiration.

He was laying there with the door open and loaded Adventure Communist. I passed through the bedroom to use the ensuite. While I was in there I heard the door close and the unmistakable sound of his jeans coming off. When I came out he was laying with a blanket over him and just playing the game with full focus toward the computer.

I decided to give him a cuddle. I wrapped my arm over him and was stroking his chest hair. Tangling my fingers through the curls as he was explaining what was going on in the game. My hands were then acting as though they were no longer a part of what ever my thought path was at the time and began to widen the areas I was stroking. Making my way up his chest and down his stomach. Eventually my hands found their way to the pubic line and to that line where the leg meets the hip. Tracing my fingers around I deliberately was avoiding the heat in his crotch. I could feel this intensifying though and while my hands begun this on their own, I was now making deliberate moves to tease the hell out of him.

The closer my hand drifted toward the unmistakable heat of his erection the more aroused I became. He rolled back to enjoy the teasing a little and I instructed him to roll back over and keep playing the game he was playing. He did as he was instructed for about 30 seconds and then turned around and kissed me. This was one of those kisses that ended with him biting my bottom lip firmly enough for my eyes to water. My eyes often water during sex with him and I have to say, I really enjoy it.

I continued to stroke him and my hand accidentally touched his hard cock. I looked at him and told him that it was not to occur yet but feeling that had made my clit throb a little. I pulled back as he watched me and removed my shirt. As my shirt came off he saw my exposed nipples and immediately attached on to bite them firmly, again my eyes watered but He is very aware of how much this turns me on. As he released I pulled back and quickly removed my skirt to reveal I was not wearing any underwear (pre-condition of entry to his bedroom is that I do not wear underwear).

I begin to rub my clit in front of his face and reach over to our toy drawer and pull out our favourite dildo. I press is against my hole and it just slides in with ease. It was hungry. As I begin fucking myself with it I moved my tongue over my boyfriends sensitive nipples and gave them a little bite. Using my tongue I begun to circle the path my hand had taken just before until finally slipping my tongue along his cock and firmly sucking the tip, ensuring to just flick underneath the foreskin where his head is the most sensitive. He flinched and moaned. I recoiled and glided my tongue just above his pubic hair and then along the line again where the leg and hip meet. I allowed my tongue to pass by his balls though and gave them a gentle suck on the way through as I made my way to the other side. He watching me also thrust the dildo in and out.

At this stage I begun to get very desperate and was wanting to fuck but I also wanted to tease the fuck out of him so I decided it was time for my mouth to give attention to his cock. I climbed between his lags crouched on my knees, allowing the dildo to stand straight up on the bed so I could rock myself on it as my mouth explored his cock.

My mouth wrapped around one of his balls and gently suckled, his moan as this happened ran through me and I rocked a little faster against the dildo and my mouth switched to the other. I didn't tease too long before I ran my tongue up the shaft of his cock and slid my mouth over engulfing his entire length. Using my free hand I cupped his balls and gently fondled at them as my mouth raised to the tip. He continued moaning, with each movement on his cock my body was moving against the flesh coloured dildo. Using my tongue I pushed his foreskin back further, removed my hand from his balls and wrapped my fingers around his shaft. My hand now gently stroking the shaft and keeping the skin pulled back. My tongue went to work on the tip. Licking the underside of the tip and swirling around to the back, Using my tongue flat firmly licking. Each time I swirled around I felt his cock running along my lips and judging by his moans, this was turning him on. As excess amount of saliva helping the movements slip to easily.

I removed my hand and he begun to try to thrust into my mouth, usually he is in control but I pulled back. I advised him no. I proceeded to however push my mouth over his cock, I could feel as it was sliding partially into my throat. He moaned and fell backwards. At this stage I begun to bob up and down on his cock, pressing my tongue against the shaft, raising me head with each bob to be able to have my mouth firmly suck the tip and make it's way back down the shaft over and over.

I pulled back and told him "I want to fuck, I can't wait any longer."

Making my way back up his chest and nibbling at his nipples again I continued to fuck myself with the dildo as I made my way up. I kissed him and asked "Do you want to taste my nipples?" He eagerly agreed and I raised further up and pressed a breast to his willing mouth. He immediately wrapped his teeth around it and begun to flick it with his tongue. As I was still fucking myself my moans were becoming uncontrollably loud. He bit down a little more firmly and I squealed slightly. I was too horny to continue this and pulled the dildo out and pressed myself against his cock.

I was just rubbing against him to begin with but my wet pussy guided itself to have him slide in. I began to ride him. My nipples wanted attention though as I rode him, I grabbed the clamps and put them on. The chain dangled down and pulled them slightly. "Oh fuck" I called, it feels so fantastic. I picked the chain up and placed it between his teeth as I held his arms back and continued to ride him.

With each thrust the chain pulled, as he moaned as well he would rock his head back, causing my nipples to stretch a little bit, oh wow this hurt but in the right ways. I kissed him with the chain in his mouth and rocked back again to feel that pull. I then kissed him again picking the chain up with my tongue and rocking my head back as far as I could to allow him to watch me do this to myself. I fucked him and swapped the chain between our mouths a few times before I leant over and told him, "I want you you finger fuck the hell out of me."

I pulled myself off him and he did as instructed and slid his fingers into my eager cunt. As this happened I took my mouth back to his cock. He knew I could taste myself there and loves to see me suck my juices off him. I kept it slow to keep him aroused but not wanting him to cum yet. My tongue knowing his cock well still pressed against all the places that he would react the best to. His moans were tantalising and I could not help myself. "I want you to cum in my ass as I fuck this dildo again I told him."

"Though you are going to make me squirt first." He smiles with a cheeky smile, knowing he is the only one who has ever been able to make me squirt and how desperately I want it. His fingers started to increase speed as he rocked them against that one spot. He does this like an artist. He knows exactly what he is doing. It only takes a few moments before I can feel myself building up and my cries become louder.. He continues at it as he loves to see it as much as I want it to happen. A wave begins to wash over me as my body is rocking into his fingers. I begin to climax and he can feel the moisture build even further until the point liquid begins to spray over his hand and down my legs. The mess left on the bed is just another unmistakable sex stain.

I throw him the lube and tell him my ass also needs a little attention before he can fuck it. He withdraws his fingers for a second to open the lube and place some on the fingers of his other hand. He returns his fingers to my very sensitive cunt though without being told. He goes back to the same spot but rubs a bit more gently, knowing how easily I will climax now. He then presses a wet slippery finger against my ass. I feel it slide in, never comfortable for that first moment but after about 5 seconds I find myself rocking between his hands. He inserts another slippery finger into my ass and watches as I fuck his fingers. I am sitting vertically an arching my back, I reach down and stroke my clit which automatically causes all of my muscles to tighten around his fingers and for me for fuck more furiously. I pick the chain up from the clamps and place the between my teeth so they could be pulled firmly, I tilted my head back to pull on the chain as I was fucking his hand. The pain shot through my nipples at which point I was over the edge. I dropped the chain which caused another shot of pain through my nipples and I climaxed right at this moment. I did not squirt as much but I came so hard my boyfriend exclaimed I nearly broke his fingers.

At this point he took control and pushed me down, my ass was in the air and he pushed the rest of my body against the bed so tits were completely pressed against the bed, my nipples were aching and pressing me down caused that pain to shoot a little more through me as I felt the tip of his cock pressing into my tight asshole. I heard his moan as he pressed in, as he slid himself in he grabbed a hold of my hair very firmly and instructed me to slide the dildo into myself. It is not easy and I can feel myself quite stretched between the two holes and so filled. I almost came as the dildos length was engulfed. He began to slowly stroke and first and I followed the same pace with my hand holding the dildo. In and out. My moans were becoming too loud so he grabbed me by the throat and begun to choke me. He knows all of the moves to make me cum with ease. He knows I can cum over and over and he knows this will cause me to cum again.

I feel a rush and tingle in my head as he grips rather tight and his strokes increase in speed, I can feel the throbbing of his cock and I know he wants to cum. He tells me to cum, I immediately focus on the thrust of the dildo and his cock sliding in and out of my ass and tighten up around everything. I can feel that his cock is going to cum at any second, I had planned to be able to take this into more positions than this but wanted him to cum so badly at this point. I clenched at near point of passing out and came, he released my throat and as I gasped for air, he kept me firmly pressed down telling me that he could feel the thrusting of the dildo in my pussy through my ass and that it was so tight he could not hold on any longer. I am always surprised by how hard you think a cock is and then how hard it actually becomes before cumming. I felt that extra hard cock now thrusting fast and faster as he told me to ensure to keep up with this dildo. It only took a moment before I felt the him squirting into my ass. He continued to stoke until he had completely drained himself and pulled himself out.

I went to remove the dildo but he said "Not yet, I want to see you cum again." He laid back on the bed and I raised to my knees and opened my legs toward him to allow him the best view. I began to slowly increase the speed of the dildo, Pressing it further and further in. Nearing having nothing left to grip to actually be able to fuck myself. I could still grip it however and ferociously continued to feed my hungry pussy. He was watching very happily and stroking his chest at the time, he told me I have to cum again now. I was hyper sensitive and on the edge, he knew I could cum in a second if I wanted to or if he told me to which is why he told me to. He grabbed a hold of my sensitive clamped nipple and begun to twist at it. I cried out and came again.

Naked, spent, sweaty, feeling lube in my ass and cum dripped from my ass, I removed the dildo and crashed down over my lover. "Oh fuck that was amazing." I told him. He smiled again with a cheeky as fuck grin and tells me how he still can't believe he has found someone who enjoys sex to the extent he does. I remove the clamps and We begin to discuss sexual fantasies for a short while before we both fall asleep, my fingers tangling themselves in his chest hair at the time and his hand groping my ass.

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