tagBDSMLoves Chances Prologue

Loves Chances Prologue


Adina's work had taken her away from from home for way to long, she thought as she pulled into the driveway of the cottage. Letting out a slow breath as a smile forms on her lips. Quickly she grabs up her bags, slips from her tuck and starts toward the front door. Before she even gets there, the door opens with Leslie standing just on the other side.

Her smile grows as she drew closer, then leans up on her tip toes to give Leslie a loving kiss. Leslie wraps her arms around Dina's waist pulling her a bit more into the cottage before the door was shut. Pressing Dina up against the back of the door Leslie's hands wrapped around her tiny wrists. Lifting them up above Dina's head as the kiss grew hard and passionate.

A low moan parts Dina's lips slightly as Leslie's tongue moves between them, seductively entrancing the woman in her arms. Slowly though Leslie pulls away, leaving Dina arching closer to her. With a grin her low husky voice echoes lightly as Leslie leans in, pushing Dina more into the door.

"You have been gone to long lovely, you have been neglecting me and now that you are home I will be sure to have you take care of that."

Gasping softly, Dina opens her dark green eyes to look deep into Leslie's blue eyes. Trying with all her might to read what was in store for her, either way though she knew it would be an absolute wonderful night.

Without another word Leslie starts unbuttoning Dina's blouse while keeping one hand wrapped around her slender wrists. The hold was light, though left as a point to keep them there. When the last button was undone Leslie moves to the button and zipper on Dina's pants. Her blue eyes never leaving Dina's dark green ones.

Looking deep into Leslie's blue eyes, Dina felt her pulse racing and blood heating as she was undressed slowly. Her fleshy red tongue slips out between her lush lips, rolling over them as her mouth went dry. As her chest raises and falls heavily under Leslie's direct attention.

Slowly Leslie turns Dina around to face the door, her hands slowly sliding over soft flesh. Lightly placing Dina's palms against the door frame before moving back down her arms then over her slender back. Leslie's hands moving down to cup Dina's ass, giving both cheeks a firm squeeze.

Dina's eyes close to the firm though loving touch. Her velvety red rose colored lips part open letting a lustful moan past them. Then a sharp quick slap left her one cheek with a sting. She took in a breath only before another was felt on the other cheek, her moans becoming deeper and louder.

The sounds of a hand landing on soft flesh rang through the cottage as the spanking continued. Each quick hard landing leaving Dina's cheeks a deeper red. Her bottom felt hot and stung more and more with each time Leslie's hand lands firmly on her round rump.

Once more her hand landed hard upon Dina's reddened cheeks. At the landing Leslie's hand remains a moment before sliding down between Dina's legs. Gasping and moaning softly Dina's hips gave a slight push against Leslie's hand.

As Leslie began to rub Dina's already wet clit her. Pressing against Dina's back Leslie's soft voice echo's low against her earlobe. "I think you need to pay attention to something else before we continue."

With that Leslie's hand moves into the base of Dina's hair, curling tightly as Leslie' turns her around. Then placing the right amount of pressure causes Dina to kneel in front of her before lifting up the knee length dress to reveal her strap on dildo.

Dina's eyes had widened slightly as she didn't know how Leslie could have hidden that under the dress. Though desire took over and without a word from Leslie, Dina wrapped her lips around the dildo. Suckling on it and rolling her tongue around the dildo getting it good and wet with her own saliva.

Leslie's hips moved slightly with each stroke that Dina would move down over the strap on. Moaning softly as her fingers work through the dark red curls. Her dark blue eyes roll back slightly as she tilts her head upwards.

A growl develops deep in the back of Leslie's throat before she quickly pulls Dina up kissing her hard once. Then pushing her over the arm of the couch, Leslie runs her fingers down between Dina's legs. Guiding the strap on in with one smooth slow push. Followed by another and another, picking up speed each time.

Their moans fill the cottage as Leslie pushes Dina further. Holding onto her hips and pulling her closer with each long stroke. Until Dina couldn't hold it anymore and with a shuddering groan her release came. Leslie held her there a moment before pulling Dina up close and turning her around. Leslie kisses her trembling lips softly then looks deep into her eyes and whispers, "Welcome home baby."

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