tagIncest/TabooLoving Daddy

Loving Daddy

byL.A. Wicker©

I hope you like this. It's a story with people talking back and forth, not just a bunch of words telling you what a person thought. I think some of the newer writers need to learn to have their people talk.

Lena lay on the king size bed, rubbing her wet panties trying to tease her husband, Matt. "Would you please fuck me? My pussy is on fire, you haven't fucked me in over a year, Matt!" She begged him as she slid two fingers up her wet pussy hole and began to finger fuck herself.

"I wouldn't touch you with a dogs dick!" He replied turning to see Lena fucking herself. "God you make me sick!" He added with disgust in his voice. "I can't stand to touch you after that day I saw you with your Daddy! No woman in her right mind fucks her own father." Matt said as he combed his hair.

Lena fucked her wet pussy hole faster, thinking back to that wonderful afternoon with her Daddy. He had came from the doctor's office and was very upset, thinking his very long, thick cock had been hurt during a company baseball game. All Lena did was change into a nice bra and panty set to try and turn him on. This led to that and before she knew what was going on, his beautiful cock began to grow and she started to suck him off.

"I've told you before, he got hit with a foul ball and thought his cock had been damaged. I just helped to show him it was all right." Lena said as she pulled her fingers from her pussy and licked them. "Please come and fuck me!"

Matt just gave her a dirty look and replied, "Have your Daddy fuck you because I won't!" He said as he walked from the room and out the front door of there home.

"Fuck you, you dirty cock sucking faggot! Maybe I will get Daddy to fuck me," she moaned thinking back to his big, long and thick cock. Wondering how something so long and fat would feel rammed up her tight, lonely pussy. Matt was only 5 inches long and she knew her Daddy was very close to a foot long.

Lena moaned out as she slid her fingers back into her soaked pussy, dreaming it was her Daddy's big cock. "Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck your baby's tight pussy! Fuck me hard, Daddy, make me your whore!" She cried out hoping an orgasm would relieve her burning pussy hole.

'Ring, ring, ring'

"Fuck! A girl can't even fuck herself in peace!" She moaned reaching to get the phone with her left hand. "Hello!" She yelled into the phone as her right hand continued to fuck herself.

"Hello back. Are you alright?" A manly voice replied into the phone. "Is Matt pissing you off again or what?" John laughed into the phone thinking of his very beautiful daughter.

"I'm so sick of him, Daddy. He won't...um...he won't do me anymore!" Lena began to cry to her Daddy. "Every since that day last year!" She cried harder thinking of her Daddy's long cock in her mouth and how good it felt as she sucked up and down his long, thick shaft.

"What? I thought he was over that by now." John replied thinking of Lena not having sex in a year. The poor girl was always so horny her pussy stayed wet. "You need to leave that fucking prick and find you a good man to fuck that gorgeous ass of yours." John said thinking of her very trim 36-inch ass in her tiny, white bikini panties being in his house, his woman.

"Daddy, you think my ass is sexy?" Lena asked knowing damn well that her Daddy loved looking at every inch of her body. She loved it when he looked at her large 38-inch breasts and nipples to her trim waist and her very nice ass.

He laughed into the phone again and replied, "You see me looking at you like a teenager in heat, you know I love every inch of your hot body." John thought of her hard nipples and wondered what it would be like sucking them while his massive cock slid into her tight pussy hole.

"We should change the subject, I'm so horny now I could die," she moaned as she thought of her big, strong Daddy laying her on his bed and ripping off her panties, ramming his big cock deep in her pussy.

John began to grow, his cock filled with hot blood as he thought of Lena. "Does it make you horny that your Dad looks at you?" He teased as his hand moved to give his cock a squeeze.

Lena moaned out as her fingers moved inside her body, "Oh Daddy, don't make me answer that," she moaned again thinking of his brown eyes looking at her nipples. Every time she was anywhere near him they would get as hard as little rocks.

"Mmmm, my little girl likes it when Daddy checks her out! Maybe today when I come and steal you for lunch we'll find out for sure." John said in a very low voice that he knew Lena loved to hear. She had always said his voice was the kind that could make a woman cum without ever touching her.

"Oh Daddy, that would be so nice!" She moaned out feeling her pussy was about to cum. About to cum because of her handsome Daddy. "Daddy," she whispered into the phone. "What part of me do you like the best?" She continued to whisper thinking of his big hands squeezing her ass as he fucked her hard and fast.

John thought for a second and knew Lena had to be playing with her pussy. "The part that you have your fingers in!" He said in his low voice, thinking of Lena on her bed with her long legs spread wide, fucking herself.

"Oh Daddy!" She cried out. "Is it wrong for me to want you to take me? You're so handsome and I just love your big, long...um...oh Daddy, I love your cock! It's all I think of day and night! Having it ramming up my pussy and you fucking me like I'm your little, sexy whore!" Lena moaned out as she fucked herself faster, thinking of Daddy's big cock deep in her body.

"That would be nice. I loved how you held and sucked it? You want to suck Daddy's big, fat cock again, don't you?" He asked as he stroked his cock, thinking of Lena having her pretty lips around it.

"Yes! I want to suck my Daddy's cock and I want you to ram it up my pussy and fuck me!" Lena moaned out knowing her orgasm was so close.

"You nasty little whore!" John teased his horny daughter. "What if I come over there right now and just fuck your sweet ass? Would you want your own Daddy to fuck your pussy? To have it filled full of your Daddy's hot cum?" He teased as he stroked his straining cock. "I want to fuck you baby!" He moaned out feeling his balls filling with cum.

Lena heard her Daddy's words and it drove her over the edge, "I can't do this, Daddy! It's so hot, but it's driving me crazy!" She moaned; fucking her wet pussy faster and as deep as her fingers would go.

"Oh baby, it's true. I'd fuck you so fast you'd faint!" He said thinking of her under him with his long, hard cock deep in her pussy. "I'll pick you up at noon. Wear something sexy and think of what I said," he added hanging up the phone.

"Oh Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me with your big, fat cock!" Lena screamed out when her pussy locked around her fingers and the most wonderful orgasm rushed through her body like nothing she had ever felt in her life. She orgasmed, thinking of her own Daddy fucking her lonesome pussy and it felt so good. "Today Daddy, I'm all yours!" She moaned knowing he would please her every need.


John thought back to that wonderful day when Lena turned him on and sucked him.

"Oh God Daddy! I didn't realize you got hit so hard. How long has it been since you got...um...hard?" Lena asked with a caring voice as she sat next to John. She knew he had a very nice, long cock and what a shame it would be if it was hurt so bad.

"Shit, it's been over three weeks baby. The doctor wants me to go in and hook a big suction machine to it and do a CAT Scan. "John said as he wrinkled his face. "I should just get some girl to go and suck me as hard as she could to see if that would help," he added looking down Lena's small blouse to admire her wonderfully large nipples. He always enjoyed that fact that whenever he was around her, her nipples would grow twice their normal size.

Lena loved her Daddy looking at her. In fact, whenever she knew he was stopping by she would always change into a low-cut blouse, a mini skirt or a tight pair of jeans. "Yuck, I hate thinking of some floozy doing that to you!" She could she herself sucking him off or maybe she could do something just as good. "Daddy, what if I help you! I see you looking at me all the time. What if I see if I can get you hard?" Lena said with more excitement than she had felt in a long, long time.

"What? I can't let my own daughter suck my co... thing! What's got into you girl?" John laughed, thinking of Lena's mouth wrapped around his big cock, sucking him as hard as she could.

Her face turned bright red and she replied, "No! I meant I could change into something real sexy and rub you. You could look at me all you wanted and just relax and enjoy yourself!" She paused and thought of her next words very carefully. "And... if you want, you can even touch me, Daddy!" She whispered, praying he'd say 'yes'. She always had dreamed of making him cum from the first time that she had ever seen his massive cock.

He looked into her pretty green eyes and pushed her soft, blonde hair from her face and replied, "Not many men could maintain control under those conditions, including me," he said pulling her against his chest, feeling her trembling. "Are you sure you want to do this? Are you willing to take that chance with me?" He asked her one more time, making sure that she understand that if things got out of control that there would be a very good chance she'd get a good, hard fucking from her father.

Lena just smiled at his words and it excited her knowing her Daddy thought of fucking her sexy body. "Yes!" She whispered in his ear as she softly licked it with her hot tongue. "Do I turn you on that much that you'd think of...doing me?" Lena asked as she stood up in front of him, giving him a good view up her short skirt.

"Yes I do! You're one of the sexiest women I've ever seen in my life!" He replied pulling her stomach to his face. He enjoyed her soft skin against his manly face and he knew there was a good chance this beautiful woman was going to get fucked by her father.

Lena moaned at her Daddy's wonderful words, "Oh Daddy! Thank you so much, you know how to drive a girl crazy!" She said pulling from him. "You go to the guest room and wait for me. I'll be there in just a minute," she added giving his face a hug and walked from the room.

John watched her wonderfully tight ass as she left the room and he knew he would be touching it a lot. He stood, locking the front door of her house and made his way to the guestroom. He sat on the bed feeling his cock was already getting hard and it made him feel so good.

Lena walked into the room wearing a see-through white, bra and panty set with matching white thigh-high stockings and a pair of white high-healed shoes that she'd worn to her wedding.

"My God!" John gasped out at his daughter and he knew that this would be the most trying day of his life. He looked to see her nipples were twice their normal size and they were pointed up to the ceiling. And down her very fit and trim stomach to her slender hips, admiring the way the tiny panties lie on them and between her fit legs to see that his sexy daughter kept herself clean shaven.

Lena saw a look of lust on his face that sent chills through her body. "I guess that means you like my outfit?" She teased as she slowly turned in a circle for him to see every inch of her body. "Now, you strip off and we'll get started," she said, leaning her firm ass against the dresser as she crossed her arms on her breasts, ready to see her Daddy, naked!

"Fuck! I already feel my cock getting hard baby. This is going to kill me!" John said as he slipped his shirt off and looked for a place to put it. Lena reached out her hand and took it from John. He watched her put the shirt to her nose and he could hear her sniffing in his scent. "My cock smells the same way," he said, giving her a little wink.

Lena smiled and could feel her pussy dripping with excitement. "I can't wait to smell it!" She smiled again and watched him unbutton his jeans. She sucked in a deep breath and watched the jeans slide down his hips and at last Lena saw the wonderful thing that had created her. "Oh my Lord!" She gasped, looking at her Daddy's growing cock and she couldn't wait to get her hands on it.

"What are the rules? I need to know how far or what I can do to you?" John asked as he motioned her to come to him. She moved against him and he could feel her trembling. "What's wrong baby? You feel as excited as I am!" He said sliding his big hands to her beautiful ass and gave it a firm squeeze. "Fuck, I've wanted to do that the last six years!" He moaned enjoying the feel of her soft flesh and the delicate panties that covered her.

Lena lay on his big chest and didn't know what to say. Should she tell him he was free to do anything and everything he wanted or should she just stick to just helping him get his cock hard? "You can do anything and everything, except...you know." Lena replied wishing she'd told him, 'Anything you want Daddy!'

"So, can I do this?" He teased as he leaned to kiss her right on her mouth, sliding his tongue deep inside as his hands slowly moved to her hard, excited nipples. He gently rolled her excited nipples between his fingers and could feel her young heart racing.

Lena pulled from her Daddy gasping for air. "My God, who's going to go crazy today? Matt is a horrible lover and you are a master at it!" She gasped and pointed to the bed. "Lay down so I can fix you, Daddy," she whispered as she slid on the bed, ready to please the one man she truly loved and the man that gave her life. She watched as he laid on the bed making sure his long cock was pointing straight at her. She slowly crawled towards him and asked, "Are there any rules I have to follow or am I free to do...anything?" Lena moved so that her head was resting on his muscular thigh, looking to his face and his growing cock.

His big hand caressed her face, "Baby, you do anything you like!" And he took his cock, placing it on her soft lips and wished deep down that she'd put it in her very sexy mouth. Lena gently took the massive piece of meat in her hands and tenderly stroked it.

"Oh Daddy! You're so beautiful!" She moaned, knowing where it would be going very soon. Straight up her lonely pussy, pleasing her like she could only dream of until today. Matt was a rotten lover and she had never had an orgasm with him, only her great acting.

"You're not bad yourself!" He moaned, pushing his hips up, driving his hard cock-head to her lips.

Lena laughed, and she knew what her Daddy wanted. He wanted her to suck his long cock into her very sexy mouth. "Does Daddy want his little girl to do something nasty?" She asked in a sexy 'little girl' voice as she licked the side of her Daddy's big cock. She began to place small kisses up each side of her Daddy's cock, enjoying his moans coming from someplace deep inside his thick chest.

"Yes!" He cried out as her soft lips kissed his cock. "Be nasty for Daddy, please!" He begged his beautiful daughter watching a lustful smile fill her face as she heard his desperate words.

Lena moved closer to her Daddy's cock and asked in the 'little girl' voice, "What does Daddy want? Tell your baby so I can make Daddy happy," she whispered, waiting for his words so that she could swallow her Daddy's cock.

"Suck Daddy's big cock!" He moaned, watching Lena suck him into her wet mouth and down the back of her silky throat. "Oh shit! That's Daddy's big girl!" He moaned again as he watched his long cock slid in and out of the sexiest mouth that he had ever seen in his life.

Lena pulled him from her mouth and asked in her special voice, "Is your baby girl good at sucking?" She smiled, taking him as far into her mouth as she could. Lena watched her Daddy's handsome face as she pleased him. How could she ever go back to her husband after this wonderful day with her Daddy? She knew she would never be horny as long as he was around.

"Oh fuck! I'm going to cum, baby! Where do you want it?" He asked as he pulled from her sexy mouth. "Want it up this hot little pussy?" He asked as he quickly moved on top of her wonderful body. "Want your Daddy to fuck you and shoot all my hot cum up your pussy?" He asked again, but this time he was pushing his very hard cock into her panties and just inside her pussy.

"Oh Daddy!" Lena cried out not knowing what to do. Let her handsome father fuck her and take the chance of getting pregnant and loosing her husband or just jerking him off like she had first planned? "I don't know, Daddy!" She cried reaching to hug him to her excited nipples.

"I want you! I want to put my hard cock deep into your pussy and fuck my baby girl!" He replied pushing her down on the bed and reached to pull off her tiny panties. He looked to the bare prize under him and moved forward to take her. That's when he saw tears in her eyes. "What's wrong baby?" He asked as he hugged her beautiful body to his chest.

Lena sobbed harder trying to think of what she should do. "Daddy, I love you so much and I don't want anything to change between us," she cried as she moved so that his long cock rested between her large breast and she began to stroke him. "I'm so sorry!" She sobbed, seeing a look of disappointment on his face.

"OH MY GOD!" Matt yelled out as he walked into the room. "You fucking whore! How could you fuck your own father?" He yelled reaching to slap Lena on her pretty face.

John jumped from the bed and began to punch Matt in his face as hard as he possibly could. "Don't ever," punch "hit," punch "her," punch "again!" One last blow to his head and Matt lay on the floor bleeding. "Baby, you want to come home with me? Because if he touches you anymore, I'll kill him!" John added knowing he needed his baby girl to help him finish off this wonderful thing they had started.

Lena looked to the floor and it made her sick seeing the man she thought she loved crying like a little baby. She moved to hug her Daddy, letting his hard cock slid between her long legs and resting her wet pussy. "No, I better not. I know it sucks, but I am married to the little sissy!" She said moving her hips back and forth, letting her Daddy's long cock feel her pussy lips against him.

"Well, if you change your mind or if he hits you, you call me," John replied with hurt in his voice as he pushed Lena from him. He knew it was the wrong thing to do, but how could she just leave her Daddy in this condition?

"Don't be mad, Daddy!" She cried as he left the room not saying a word to her for months.


Lena sat waiting for her Daddy, she wanted him more than anything. She needed him to show her how a true man pleased a woman. She needed her Daddy to ravish her little pussy and claim her as his own.

'Knock, knock, knock.'

Lena's heart raced, as she stood to peek out and make sure it was the man of her dreams, her Daddy. "Oh yes!" She moaned as she flung open the door, letting her Daddy see that see was wearing the same wonderful things that she had worn for him the last time they spent the afternoon together.

John stepped inside and closed the door. He grabbed Lena up in his arms and took her to the very room that they used the last time. He stood her in front of him. "You're not getting away from me this time!" He said in a firm fatherly voice. "I'm taking you, I'm going to fuck you, I'm going to fill you full of cum and then your coming home to be my wife! Do you understand?" He asked as he held and shook her with his strong hands.

"Yes, Daddy!" Lena sobbed, knowing she should have went with him before. "Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me hard!" Lena cried out as she pulled from him and went to lie on the bed, spreading herself for her one and only true love, her Daddy.

John quickly pulled off his jeans and ran to Lena, mounting her he said, "Oh I love you!" and he pushed his long cock deep into his daughter. Her tender insides locked around his pulsing cock as it pushed into her deepest depths. "Oh my God!" He moaned out as he filled her body completely full of his cock.

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