Loving Daddy

byL.A. Wicker©

"Oh Daddy!" Lena screamed out as he sank into her body. It felt as if she was going to be split in two, but she loved the fact that it was her Daddy inside her. "It's so big and feels so good!" She screamed again wrapping her long legs around his hips, driving him even deeper.

John started driving his aching cock in and out of his daughters' tight pussy. "Fuck, you're are fantastic!" He cried out enjoying her tight muscles squeezing his shaft as it gently slid in and out of her tiny pussy.

"Daddy! I'm cuming! I'm cuming!" Lena screamed out as her pussy orgasmed around his hard cock. She had never felt this good in her life. "Daddy, I'm cuming around your cock!" She sobbed with joy as her one dream came true. "I'm cuming on my, Daddy!"

"Oh shit!" John moaned out as his cock shot hot 'Daddy' cum deep inside his daughters' pussy. "Fuck!" He yelled out filling her more. "Oh baby, I love you! I love you so much!" He also sobbed as they held each other.


Three months later, Lena walked to the living room. "Daddy, I have some good news for you!" Lena said as sat her panty-covered ass on his cock. "I went to the doctors today," she said with a smile and saw a worried look fill her Daddy's face. "Don't worry. I told him everything. I think it turned him on!" She giggled out as she kissed Daddy. "He's seen this before and said there's a 50, 50 chance everything will be okay. He says this happens a lot!" Lena smiled out when she saw her Daddy was now smiling.

"Oh baby, I just want to make sure nothing happens to you. I'd die if I ever lost you." John said as he gave her a deep, loving kiss.

"Let's go fuck before my belly starts to swell with your baby and my tities start to fill with milk!" Lena moaned in a sexy voice as she reached to caress her Daddy's big cock. "Oh I want this thing inside me so bad!" She moaned again as John picked her up in his arms and took her to their room.


"Oh God Daddy, your cock is so fucking good!" Lena yelled out as her Daddy pushed his 56-year-old cock deep into her pussy. "Even though we've been fucking 19 years it always seems like it's the first time you every took me." Lena said as she hugged her Daddy to her breasts.

John smiled down to his still sexy 37-year-old daughter. "And I must say, your hot little pussy still feels the same," he said as he began to slide his long, hard cock in and out of her tender pussy. Slowly just the way she liked it. She loved getting as wet as possible and then she'd tell her Daddy to fuck her as hard as he could. Lifting her still firm behind off the bed with each deep thrust up her tight pussy hole.

"Oh Daddy! I love your hard cock in my pussy!" Lena cried out as her Daddy moved faster. He had been horny from watching his 18-year-old daughter swimming in their pool. Her beautiful body had been driving John crazy for the last 3 years. "Mmmm, you're really hard tonight." Lena moaned looking into his eyes. "Daddy, is it from watching and playing with Jena in the pool today?" She smiled to her big, handsome Daddy.

John wasn't sure if he should tell her or not, but their entire time together neither of them had ever lied. "I feel really bad, but yes. She makes my cock so hard it hurts baby," he said as he stopping to kiss his daughter. "I know we've been doing each other for 19 years, but I feel bad looking at her," he added caressing her pretty face.

"Daddy, it's fine. That's how you and I started so long ago. Can you just imagine fucking our daughter! Wouldn't that be great!" Lena smiled and hugged her Daddy. "You could fuck the daughter that you and I made. Father and daughter's baby and you get to fuck her. I could fucking cum just thinking about your big cock being in her sexy body! Oh Daddy, fuck me hard!" Lena yelled out as John began to drive his long cock into her pussy.

"Oh baby, I love you!" John moaned as he felt cum shooting from the end of his cock and into his daughters' belly. He tried to mentally count how many times he had filled her pussy full of cum, but he lost track somewhere after ten thousand times.

Lena moved her still slender hips to meet Johns' thrust in her. "Yes! Daddy! Fuck my pussy, Daddy!" Lena screamed out as her Daddy filled her pussy full of cum. He had done it so many times before, but it always felt like the first time in her guess room so long ago.

"You like Daddy's big cock baby? Like Daddy to fuck his baby girl nice and hard?" John teased his daughter as his long cock used her tight pussy hole hard and so fast.

"Yes Daddy! I love Daddy's big, hard cock in his daughters' hot pussy!" Lena yelled as her Daddy used her pussy hard and fast, just the way she liked it. "Oh my God! I'm cuming Daddy! Fuck me harder Daddy!" Lena screamed out as her pussy orgasmed around her Daddy's big cock.

"Go baby girl! Cum for Daddy! I love feeling you cum on me!" He moaned out feeling his cock again shooting cum deep into her pussy and to her womb. "Mother fuck! I'm cuming again up my daughters hot pussy!" He cried out as his cock quickly filled her tiny pussy.

"Oh Daddy! I love your cock when it fills me so full!" She moaned pulling him down to her heaving breasts. "I love you so much, Daddy!" Lena whimpered as her Daddy laid on her with his long cock still deep inside her body. She loved when he'd lay on her like this and fall asleep with it so deep in her tender pussy.

Jena sat in her room hearing her Mom and Daddy playing their crazy sex games. Each night she had the pleasure of hearing her handsome Daddy fucking her Mom into a daze. The only thing she thought was strange, was the fact of them always calling each other Daddy and his daughter. She just thought it was wild thing that turned them both on and never thought anything else.


The next morning Jena came from her room wearing a tiny half shirt that just did cover her 36-inch breasts and a small pair of powder blue bikini panties "Hi Mom." Jena leaned to kiss her mother and went to get a drink of water. "Sounds like you and Daddy had a good one last night!" She smiled pushing back her long, thin brown hair as she sat across from Lena seeing that her sexy Mom was only wearing a pair of panties.

"Mmm, me and Daddy always have fun at night!" She smiled to see her sexy daughters' nipples were hard. "Looks like you've been thinking of it a lot!" She giggled pointing to Jena's breasts.

Jena laughed and gave them a good, firm squeeze. "Well, the way you two go at it I'm not surprised." She replied looking at her Mothers' firm breasts and saw that her nipples were also very erect. "Why do you call him Daddy all the time? I'm sure it's fun as hell calling him that while he fucks you crazy, but you do it all the time." Jena said as she took a drink of her water.

"I just like it, it's so sexy and it keeps him turned on," she lied to her daughter. "He likes it. It even turns him on when you sweet talk him the way you do." Lena smiled when she saw Jena's face turn a pretty shade of pink. "You see, it's our job to keep him happy. We love him with all our hearts. I dress as sexy as I can and through the years you've learned to do the same. He loves it."

Jena thought of all the things she had bought to turn him on and she knew her Mom was right. "Oh my Lord. Do I really turn Daddy on?" Jena asked as she remembered feeling his big, long cock pushing on her body. Most times she had always felt it pushing into her great little ass as he hugged her close. She had always enjoyed it and never, ever pulled from him.

"Yes you do!" Lena grinned at her daughter. "Yesterday at the pool when you wore your new white bikini is why he fucked me so good last night!" Lena smiled at her daughter and saw a new look on her pretty face.

"I thought he was looking at me a lot. It makes me so warm when he looks at my tities and ass. Is it wrong for a girl to get horny thinking of her Daddy in such a way?" Jena asked hoping her Mom would tell her what to do.

"No way! Your Daddy is a good man and I'm sure that he would make any dream you have of him come true!" Lena smiled thinking back to when Daddy made her dreams of him come true.

Jena had a small shocked look on her face and replied, "Mom, isn't it wrong for a Daddy to fuck his daughter?" She said thinking of her handsome Daddy on top on her, riding her hard and fast tearing her young cunt apart.

"No! Why would it be if you love him and he loves you? He could show you how a man should treat you and you could give him the one true gift that a young girl has. He would love to be your first man, every man loves getting a virgin and you are his beautiful, virgin daughter." Lena said feeling heat building in her pussy. Even after the good hard fucking Daddy had given her the night before. It drove her crazy thinking that Daddy would be getting his other daughter.

Jena sat thinking of such things and could feel her pussy coming to life. 'Daddy fucking me. Yummy' She thought to herself and knew she had to give it a try. "So, if this ever happened between me and Daddy, what would you say?" Jena asked seeing her Mom's nipples looked like they would explode at any second.

"What would I say?" Lena smiled at her daughter and added, "Isn't he the best!" She smiled again and became more excited thing of Daddy fucking his other sexy daughter.

Jena grinned hearing her Mom's words and asked, "How should I go about it? I just don't want to throw myself at him, I want him to tease me and me tease him until we both are ready to just explode with lust!" She smiled thinking of all the sexy things she could wear and do to turn him on. He loved looking her at great 36-inch ass so she knew her best mini skirts would be on the list and as for showing her supple breasts, all of her see-through blouses would also be great.

"I would say just do everything you do now, but snuggle with him more closely. He loves it when he's horny and I sit on him in my sexiest panties and a sheer top. You should know all of this by now." Lena laughed at her daughter as she thought of all the times that she and Daddy would just about fuck each other in front of Jena. "You've seen us going at it on the sofa so many times, just dress like I do and make sure you sit by him at night," she added thinking of Daddy fucking Jena, his own daughter that came from his daughter.

"Maybe I can get him to take me to the big party nest week. The one you guys don't want me going to." Jena said looking to her Mom with hope in her eyes. She had wanted to go to the party so bad. All of the cool people from school were going to be there.

Lena thought for a second and knew it would be a great way for Jena to make her move. "Not a bad idea! One thing girl, you had better make sure you're doing this to get Daddy! If I find out you're going to flirt with some little jerk-off from school, I will personally kick that sweet little ass of yours so hard you won't be able to sit down for a month!" Lena paused, hoping this wouldn't just turn out to be a way for Jena to go to some sex party and dump Daddy. "Understand little girl?" Lena added with a look and sound in her voice that sent chills through Jena.

Jena could feel fear running through her. She knew Mom was serious about this and Jena knew Mom was nobody to fuck with. She'd seen her take out a few other moms in her time and Jena knew she'd get her ass beat in a 'New York minute'. "I wouldn't do anything to get Daddy mad at me. Shoot I'm so wet now cunt is killing me just thinking of that big long cock of his going up it I could scream!" Jena smiled as she thought of the many times she'd seen Daddy hard for Mom and wished it'd been for her.

"This will be perfect. No one from your school has ever seen him so you could say he was your date." Lena smiled thinking of all the horny little schoolgirls that would be trying to get in Daddy's pants. "You'll be the envy of every girl there. I'll have him drive the Jaguar and that will really drive them nuts!" Lena laughed thinking of the fun her daughter was going to have with Daddy.

"Now I can't wait!" Jena smiled and she needed to ask Mom one more thing. "Mom, when that big cock of his goes in your cunt, how bad does it hurt?" Jena asked wondering how something so big and long was going to feel in her tiny cunt.

Lena replied with a frown, "I just love that word you use for such a wonderful part of a woman's body," she said closing her eyes she added, "Oh baby it doesn't hurt at all! You feel like all of Daddy's love is filling every last inch of your insides and as your body wraps around him and starts to squeeze, you'll know that no other man will ever love you like he can." Lena softly said, thinking back to that first time Daddy slid deep into her young body. "It will hurt a little because you're a virgin, but remember, Daddy is a very skilled lover!" She smiled knowing she would have to go wake up Daddy and fuck his brains out.

"Oh Mom! I can't wait! I wish the party was tonight." Jena said thinking of her black mini skirt and white silk blouse would do great to get Daddy to take her.

"You can have a lot of fun between now and then!" Lena grinned. "Well, I just hate to leave you, but I think I'm going to go get Daddy up! And see if I can make his morning extra special!" She smiled at Jena as she stood up.

"You bitch! That's no fair." Jena laughed thinking of her sexy Mom riding Daddy's big, fat cock, ramming deep into her tight cunt and she had to wait who knows how long before she had her chance at him. "My cunt is on fire too!"

"One of the great advantages of being the Mom!" She laughed. "If you like I'll leave the door open so you can watch us!" She teased as she left the room and just about ran to the bedroom.

"Fuck! This sucks shit!" Jena said thinking of Mom getting Daddy's cock up her hot little cunt and she had to wait and hope Daddy would take her later that week. "Maybe I will go watch and then I'll go use my toy on my cunt to cool it off for Daddy!" She said moving from the kitchen and down the hall towards her parents' room.

"Daddy." Lena whispered to her sleeping Daddy. "I'm horny can I fuck my sweet, sexy Daddy?" She asked, moving under the sheet to find his long cock lying across his thigh. "Mmmm, just what I need!" She purred, as she opened her warm mouth and swallowed it.

"Oh fuck!" John moaned out enjoying the feel of his daughters' mouth around his growing cock shaft. "That's Daddy's girl!" He moaned again as two pretty eyes watched from the dark hallway. "Suck Daddy's big cock!" He cried out flipping the sheet back to watch Lena suck him. He loved watching her lips around his cock and the way she made love to it with her wonderful mouth. So did the young girl kneeling in the hall. She wanted to love Daddy just like Mom did, watching them would help her to please him so much better.

Lena sucked him hard and fast thinking of Jena and all of the wonderful things that Daddy would show her. He had brought her from a shy girl into a knowing sex queen in only a few months time and with Jena being horny day and night, she would learn even faster.

She slid up his body and quickly inserted his cock into her soaking wet pussy and drove it deep into her willing pussy as hard as she could. "Oh fuck! I needed that so bad!" Lena groaned out as her Daddy's long cock sank to her deepest depths. "I'm so horny Daddy!" She whimpered, as she began to ride up and down on his long, thick shaft. "I was talking with Jena about how great of a lover you are. I felt like I would explode telling her how good your hard cock feels being inside me."

"What did she say?" He asked, holding his daughters' sexy hips as she rode him, driving his cock deep into her body. "Damn, you must be horny. You haven't fucked me this fast in a long time!" He moaned out as their skin slapped together with each of her thrust down on his cock.

"I'll tell you later," she whispered in his ear just in case Jena had taken her up on the offer to watch. "She got very, very excited when I told her it would be alright for a Daddy to fuck his daughter," she whispered again, wondering if Jena was watching or not. "Oh Daddy! I'm cuming! I'm cuming on your big, beautiful, long cock!" She screamed out and started moving her tight ass up and down as fast as she could move, driving his cock in and out of her like a 'pile driver' making a pier.

John gave his daughter a firm slap on her ass and yelled, "Yes! Fuck Daddy's cock! I want to fill my baby girls' pussy full of cum!" And he started lifting his hips to match her body. "Here it comes!" He groaned out when his cock started filling his daughter full of cum. He had done it so many times, but it always felt like their first time together and he loved it.

"It feels so good when you cum in me, Daddy!" Lena whispered as she lay on his big chest, enjoying his big cock still deep her tight pussy and his strong arms around her.

John kissed Lena on her panting mouth. "Not as good as having my sexy daughter's pussy squeezing my cock!" He replied hugging Lena and drifted off to sleep.

Jena quickly ran to her room and rubbed her pussy. "I can't wait! I'm going to fuck you so good Daddy!" She moaned, slipping off her wet panties and lie across her bed, fingering her young pussy as fast as she could move her arm. "My pussy will squeeze you even harder than Mom can, you're going to love it!" Jena moaned out as a powerful orgasm rushed through her young body.


Later that night, young Jena started her seduction of her Daddy. She casually walked into the family room wearing a white see-through nightshirt and a small pair of matching white bikini panties. Her slender hips sway side to side as she slowly walked towards her prey.

"Can I sit with you, Daddy?" Jena asked in a low and very seductive voice as she gently eased her inflamed body onto his lap. Once settled on him, Jena could feel his big cock coming to life under her. "Mmmm, what's that, Daddy?" She moaned in his ear, shifting just enough for his thickness to gently ease between her heated ass cheeks. "Ohhhh, it feels so good!" She whispered to him, turning her body to let her large and excited breasts rest on his manly chest.

John couldn't believe how his daughter looked and was acting. "So, what's gotten into you tonight?" He asked, reaching to caress her side, making sure his hand gently massaged the side of her right breast and nipple.

Jena closed her eyes and a soft moan came from her body as she savored the fact her Daddy was responding to her. "Hopefully you!" She moaned turning to offer him complete permission to molest her excited breasts and nipples.

"Where's your Mom?" John asked his left hand moved to his sexy daughters' firm right breast and began to delicately roll her nipple between his caring fingers. Excitement rushed through his body as he carefully embarked on the seduction of his sexy daughter.

Jena lay back on the sofa and knew her dreams of her Daddy loving her were going to come true. "She wasn't felling well and went to bed. She also told me to give you a 'good' kiss goodnight for her," she purred as her pink lips moved towards his.

"Girl, you've started something that I hope you are willing to finish, because I don't play games." John said looking into her soft brown eyes and saw nothing but lust. He leaned forward to receive his first passionate kiss from Jena, the second daughter his was about to love.

"Oh yes!" Jena cried out as their lips touched and she knew that Daddy would be loving her just as he did her sexy mother. "I know Daddy! I've wanted this for so long. Every night I hear Mommy crying out with joy as you fuck her sexy cunt with your big fat cock of yours." Jena moaned, thinking of her crying out with joy when Daddy would fill her with his massive cock.

She paused to kiss him and quickly turned to sit on his lap, facing him. "I've dreamt of you taking me, loving me and ramming that big, beautiful cock deep in my hot cunt!" She whimpered out, feeling the thing she wanted so badly pushing against her now wet panties. "Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my horny cunt! I'm on fire for you!" She cried feeling his hard cock pushing its way into her panties to her wet cunt hole. "Fuck my cunt, Daddy!" Jena begged him looking into his loving eyes as she thrust her hips to his hard cock.

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