Loving Daddy

byL.A. Wicker©

"Oh no!" John moaned as his long, hard cock rubbed on her wet pussy. "You're killing me! I can't do this baby!" He said lifting her off his lap and rushed off to bed.

"Fuck!" Was all Jena could say.


Friday night came and Jena sat in her room fixing her make-up when her Mom walked in. "I hope tonight he gives into you, I don't know how he ever resisted you the other night. I got horny looking at you!" Lena laughed, caressing the hair from her daughters' beautiful face.

"Mom, I've been hurting so bad! I know it's just from being so horny, but I wanted to save it just for him!" Jena whimpered, reaching to hug her sexy Mom. "I hope he gives in tonight, if he doesn't I'll just die!" Jena cried as her Mom kissed her.

"He will, I haven't fucked him all week!" She laughed thinking of his hard cock rammed up her horny pussy hole, fucking her to death.

"No wonder he's been in a pissy mood all week." Jena laughed with her Mom. "If he does, should we come back here or get a room?" She asked, not wanting to upset her sweet Mom hearing him fuck his daughter.

"Hell, just come back here. I'll leave a note saying that I felt bad and went to bed," she said, looking over her daughter and knew there was no way John would pass her up tonight.

Jena wore her sheer white, silk blouse, with no bra to hide her excited nipples. Her shortest black silk mini skirt and matching stockings and a pair of black 4 high-heel shoes. Lena knew her dream of Daddy would come true.

"Let me go check on, Daddy and make sure he is ready." Lena said with excitement as she ran from the room and into her and Daddy's. "You ready?" She smiled at him and saw a nasty stare coming from him. "Oh, is that how it is? I'm telling you right now, you best make her have the best night of her life or else!" Lena said placing her hands on her slender hips walking towards him.

"And what if I don't?" He snapped back at her with a very hateful tone in his voice.

"If you don't, you won't get any from me and if you piss her off, chances are she's just going to find some ass-hole to do what she's been begging you to do!" Lena replied in a more hateful tone.

"I don't know why this bothers me so much. After all the things we've done it should be nothing for me to take her." "John said moving to hug her.

"I don't know, but you better take, she's a woman in heat!" Lena laughed pulling from him. "She wants you to pretend to be her date. The handsome older man that loves young girls', OK?" She said, making sure he knew the plan to ensure Jena had a good time. "Play it up! Even as you're driving there, act like you just met her." Lena added feeling her pussy begin to drip with excitement.

"You two are crazy!" He laughed, walking from the room and out to get a beer.


"Thank you very much for taking me, John." Jena purred as she sat next to John caressing his thigh. "I'll make it worth your wild, later!" She added, grabbing his hardening cock in her tiny hand and squeezed it.

John moaned at her advances and replied, "You keep that up and I might just pull over here and take you up on your offer!" He said, giving Jena a wink. "How many drunken kids will be here tonight?" He asked, enjoying her playing with his growing cock.

"The entire senior class!" She smiled, knowing he would love looking at all of her beautiful friends. "You're going to love it!" She added with a big grin.

"I better or we've going to find a nice place by the lake to make-out!" John teased, putting his arm around her and began to play with her right nipple. "Are you cold?" He teased again rolling her hard nipple between his fingers.

"Oh John that feels so wonderful!" Jena moaned out, turning to give him better access to touch her inflamed nipple. His skilled fingers brought her young body to a raging heat in only a matter of seconds.

John laughed at his daughter and knew she was going to be his. No more fucking around, he wanted her just as bad as he had wanted her Mom some 19 years ago.

"It's just up on the right," she whispered savoring the last few seconds of his touched before they were at the party. John slowly pulled the Jaguar up to the house and saw kids running all over. Girls' in bikinis and boys' were chasing them. "Looks like fun already!" He laughed, seeing a young girl running to the car.

She leaned her very small body into the car window, "Oh my God, Jena. Where did you find this handsome guy?" The girl asked as she looked up and down every inch of John's body. "Are you into threesomes?" She giggled, opening the door for Jena.

Jena hugged her friend and replied, "Sara, he's all mine and you keep your horny ass away!" Jena giggled. "John, this is my horny friend Sara. Sara, this is John." Jena smiled seeing a look of pure lust of Sara's face.

"Some girls' have all the luck," she replied with a frown on her pretty little face. "See that driveway just to the right? You can pull around the side. We'll be waiting inside, talking about you!" She giggled and they ran into the big house.

John pulled the car around the house and walked inside, seeing nothing but young girls' wearing some of the shortest skirts he'd seen in his life. He thought Jena's was short until he saw this.

"Tell me fast, have you fucked him yet and how big is his cock?" Sara gasped out as she hugged her long-time friend. She just knew this handsome hunk of a man had a giant cock he used to fuck young girls' to death.

Jena felt her face turn red at Sara's words and she replied, "No, I haven't fucked him yet, but the night is young!" She giggled with her friends as they waited to hear her next and most important words. "He is at least a foot long and it's so big around, I'm lucky I can get it into my mouth!" She lied but knew after tonight that it would be true.

"God! That's what I need after what Bill did to me," Sara added with a little frown on her face.

John looked around, seeing a large cooler of beer and took three of them, that's when he saw four girls' all talking and giggling to Jena and Sara. He slowly walked towards them, eyes every girl in the room watching him. "Having fun yet?" He asked winking to the girls' and handed them a beer, hearing more giggles coming from them.

"Nahhh, we're just making plans on raping some handsome guy!" Sara smiled. Lifting the bottle and took a large drink, letting out a loud, burp. "OOPS, sorry!" She laughed out, pushing away the other girls', leaving only Jena and herself with John.

"Do you always do that?" John asked looking at her small body and he knew this was Jena's best friend from school. Sara had been a cheerleader her entire life and he couldn't help admiring her firm body.

Sara laughed and moved to John's other side. "Only after a nice cold beer or a good blow job!" She laughed again when she saw John choke on his beer.

"Sara, you're a slut!" Jena teased as she reached to hug John next to her excited young body. "You'll have to excuse her, she broke up with her pussy boyfriend last month." Jena said lifting her bottle to drink.

"Why is he a pussy?" John asked, looking into Sara's pretty green eyes. "That's some pretty hard words to say about a guy," he added seeing her returning a very sexy look.

Sara just looked into John's eyes and coldly replied, "I caught him making out with a guy!" She said with hurt in her voice and gave Jena a lost look. Sara did anything Bill had ever ask of her, giving him blow jobs, letting him fuck her anytime he wanted and the one thing that should have gave away that he was a fag, he always wanted to fuck her in her ass.

"Poor thing!" John hugged her as tight as he could. He could only guess how that made this sexy young girl feel about her self. Loosing a guy to another guy must have devisated her. "Well, I'll tell you what," he paused as he pulled her even closer. "He is a total freak for doing something like that to someone as gorgeous as you are!" and he slowly leaned to kiss her lips.

Sara closed her eyes and enjoyed the kiss of a true mans' lips as his skillful tongue danced in her excited mouth. After a few minutes of pure pleasure, she slowly pulled away and whispered, "Thank you!" as small tears of happiness ran down her pretty, little face. "Well, I hate to, but I better go mingle before everyone does think we are a threesome!" She hugged Jena, whispered something to her, and walked away.

"Oh Da..John, you made her so happy saying that!" She paused to wipe a tear from her own eye. "That jerk about killed her when he did that and to beat all, he said it was her fought for not being more of a woman." Jena said watching Sara greeting more people at the door. "She's only 18, how could she be more of a woman?" She asked John as she looked to him for a reply.

John just hugged her, letting his growing cock push into her body and replied, "Shit! As you can feel, there's nothing wrong with that sweet, little girl!" He laughed, looking to see a warm smile come from Sara as she looked in his direction. "If I wasn't here with you, that hot thing would be in the nearest bed, getting her tiny, sweet ass worn out!"

"I'd tell her, but I would break her heart not wanting to cut in on my action!" Jena laughed as she held out her empty bottle and pointed to the cooler of beer.

"Maybe I will!" John took her bottle and casually strolled towards Sara, pulling her into his arms, they began to dance to a slow song playing on the stereo. "Don't let that guy bother you baby. If I wasn't with Jena, I'd already have your beautiful ass in a bed, fucking the shit out of you!" John whispered, quickly pulling from the young girl, leaving her in total shock at his lustful words.

Sara just had a big grin on her face and Jena knew her wonderful Daddy did more good her Sara than her jerk ex-boyfriend could ever hurt her. "That's my Daddy!" She whispered to herself and held back a tear of happiness.


Later in the evening, someone turned down the lights and young couples began to find places to be alone and some just stayed where they were, not caring if anyone saw them making out.

"Damn, going to be some fun going on tonight!" John whispered into Jena's ear as he held her, swaying to soft music as his hands moved under her tiny skirt caressing her excited body.

Jena just lay against his thick chest enjoying his wonderful scent and his hands touching her. She felt as if she would explode any second. "I sure hope so!" She moved, feeling one of his soft hands moving to the front of her skirt. "Oh yes!" Jena whimpered as he began to lightly touch her eager, young pussy.

"Is that good, baby?" He whispered in her ear as his skilled fingers explored her young mound. "Like Daddy's fingers touching your hot little cunt?" He whispered again, feeling her legs giving away.

Jena couldn't reply her body was in heaven thinking of what was to come. Her Daddy fucking her hot cunt. Him ramming his long, thick cock deep into her wet cunt, turning her into a woman and hopefully, his own personal WHORE to use anytime and anyplace!

Sara staggered across the room to John and Jena. She had never been this drunk in her young life. "How's my bestest friend and her fucking hot man?" Sara slurred as she held John, trying not to fall on the floor. "I thought you'd..burp..be fuckin' this hot ass of hers by now!" Sara giggled, grabbing Jena's excited ass with her hands. "Well, I gotta goes pee pee!" She giggled and staggered her way towards the stairs.

"Poor baby! I feel sorry for her." Jena said, hugging John to her and could feel his cock trying to pushing between her legs and against her wet pussy. "When can we fuck? I need your cock up my cunt so bad!" Jena moaned out pushing it to her pussy.

"Soon baby, very soon!" He replied, handing her his empty bottle and pointed to the beer cooler. "I gotta go pee myself. Be right back," he added walking away and towards the stairs. He could help looking at some of the young girls and the guys on them. There were bare breasts hanging out everywhere with a guy sucking them. 'Fuck, these kids know how to party!' He said to himself as he climbed the steps.

Once upstairs he found the bathroom and wondered where Sara had disappeared too. He hadn't seen her go back down stairs and the sounds coming from the closed doors were that of young people making love. He moved to the toilet, unzipping his pants, 'Hopefully she didn't just jump into bed with some little jerk!' John thought as his cock began to piss and grow thinking of the young sexy girl. "Easy boy! You getting a nice piece of ass real soon!" He said to his stiff cock. "You get Jena's beautiful 'cunt' as she calls it!" He laughed out and zipped his pants.

Once out of the bathroom he heard a loud slap come from one of the rooms. He quickly walked towards it and carefully opened the door. A girl was laid across a bed with her feet still on the floor, along with her panties and a skirt. A tall boy with nasty long hair stood behind her with his pants pulled down trying to enter her.

"No Billy! I hate you for what you did!" She said trying to fight him off, but being on her stomach made it impossible.

The boy slapped her harder, "Fuck you cunt! You and your whore friends told everyone that I'm a fag!" He yelled drawing back his fist to punch her in the back.

'Fag, Billy.' John thought and tried to remember and it came to him. Sexy Sara's queer little boyfriend. John rushed into the room and grabbed him by his long, dirty hair; jerking him back so hard he flew against the wall with a large thud and fell to the floor.

"You alright baby?" John asked pulling the young, crying girl into his strong arms. "Don't worry, he won't hurt you anymore," he said, giving her a long passionate kiss. Lying her back on the bed, John walked to the whimpering boy on the floor. "So, you like hitting little girls' when they can't fight back?" He asked as his foot drew back and kicked Billy straight into his small cock and balls.

"Oh God, I'm sorry!" He cried like a baby as John's foot kicked him in his side, making him double over in agonizing pain.

"Get out you little queer and if I ever hear of you getting near her again, I'll kill you!" John said giving the boy another good hard kick in his back and he threw Billy from the room and closed the door.

"Thank you!" Sara sobbed as John sat on the bed, pulling her near naked body into his arms. "Jena is lucky to have someone like you to love her," she sobbed as she pushed John back on the bed and moved next to him.

He couldn't help but looking at her young and tender body as a distant light shined across her and he could feel his cock coming to life against her. "Oh baby, don't do this, please!" John tried to beg Sara as she slowly pulled down the zipper of his pants.

"Yes, please!" She begged in the sweetest voice John had ever heard in his life as she turned to free his cock. "Ohhhh my God!" Sara moaned, pulling his growing cock from his pants. "This is going to be so good!" She giggled, opening her mouth; she sucked his hard cock-head inside.

John reached to caress Sara's firm little ass and hips as she pleasured his hard cock with her mouth. He watched a little smile on her lips as her head slowly moved up and down the long shaft.

"Oh little girl, this is great, but I need something else from you!" He moaned pulling from her young mouth and laid her on the bed, pulling off his pants he moved over her trembling body. "You've turned me on from the first second I saw you!" He said giving Sara a deep kiss.

"Yes! Put your big cock up my tiny cunt and fuck my young little ass! Show me how a 'real' man fucks a sweet young thing like me!" Sara moaned as she pulled her little legs to her small breasts and behind her head. She saw a shocked look on John's face. "You like!" She giggled at him and licked her lips. "Come on, fuck my tiny cunt with that big, beautiful cock!"

John sat up and positioned his cock to her dripping pussy hole. "Don't you ever tell Jena what we do here tonight!" He said, pushing forward, letting his hard cock gently move into Sara's slick insides. "Mother fuck!" John moaned as her insides started convulsing around his large cock-head.

"Oh yes!" Sara screamed out, feeling his massive cock making its way deep into her tiny body, giving her the feeling she was going to be spilt in two. "Oh God, it feels so fucking good in my cunt!" She screamed again as John pushed deeper into her squeezing, young pussy.

"Sweet little girl!" John moaned out as Sara took the last few inches of his cock. "My God, you are beautiful!" He whispered, kissing her panting mouth and started moving his straining shaft in and out of her tiny body. He looked down, enjoying the sight of his fat cock inside suck a beautiful little pussy.

Sara wrapped her legs around John's hips and moved with him as if they had been together hundreds of times before. "Go! Make me a woman!" She begged him thrusting her pussy to meet his incoming cock. She looked up to John with tears in her eyes and asked, "You won't turn into a fag after you fuck me, will you?" Sara began to cry.

"Oh baby!" John said pulling her into his arms. "That wasn't your fault. He's strange, trust me! No guy in his right mind would do that after being with you," he said rocking her with love. "Your hot little cunt is the best I've ever had." John added and started pumping her tight pussy as he held her to him. "I could cum right now, you turn me on so much!" He whispered in her ear.

"John!" Sara cried out hearing his sweet words. "Fuck me! Cum in my cunt!" She moaned more feeling a fire building in her stomach as John fucked her deeper and faster. "Make me cum!" She begged him as more tears ran off her pretty face.

"Anything for my 'new' girl!" He whispered and kissed her, feeling her squirming under him, John knew what was coming. "Is my baby cuming?" He asked, pumping her faster. "Is my baby cuming on my cock?" He asked, lying her back on the bed and started driving in and out of her tiny body.

"Oh my God!" Sara screamed out as she locked around him and a massive orgasm rushed through every inch of her young body. She felt every muscle in her body tense up as her pleasure raced through her.

"Go! Cum on my cock you sexy little bitch!" John whispered to Sara feeling her tight pussy cuming on him. "Go! Cum on me!" He moaned driving his shaft deep in her young body.

Sara lie under him, her blood racing through her as the handsome man used her body like nothing she could have ever dreamed. His big cock touched things she didn't even know were inside her. "Oh yes!" Sara screamed out with joy. "Fuck me!"

"Oh yes! You sexy little thing. I'm going to fill your little cunt so full of cum you'll never think of that guy ever again!" He moaned knowing it would only be seconds before he filled her young body full of his seeds.

"John!" Sara whimpered as he held her so close. "Cum in me!" Sara said in a sweet voice as she looked to John.

John caressed the side of her pretty face and replied, "My pleasure!" He moaned pumping her tender body and felt his release nearing. "You beautiful girl!" He cried out as his long cock started filling young Sara with his hot cum. "Oh yes!" He moaned out as he moved faster.

Sara felt nothing but joy as John filled her insides with his wonderful gift. "Go you handsome man! Love me!" Sara cheered him on, thrusting her hips up to his cock.

"You're so beautiful!" John sighed, lying on her body enjoying the feel of being in a young girl of 18. And the best was yet to come with his 18-year-old daughter.

Sara's eyes filled with tears of happiness, feeling John's long cock and his cum inside her. She knew that all of Billy's words were nothing. She had just seduced her best friends' father and he was a true man, not a little boy.

"I hate to, but I need to get back to Jena before she thinks I left her." John said, kissing Sara. "You remember, you are a very hot little girl that any man would die for!" He added trying to pull from her arms.

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