tagNovels and NovellasLoving Eli Ch. 02

Loving Eli Ch. 02


Sometimes it felt to Eli like Love was lost, or rather, had lost. She wondered if humans would always be too stubborn, or too afraid, to truly let Love in.

She met the pale green eyes staring back at her in the mirror. She wasn't used to seeing them so sad. Her brilliant hair of gem tones, too, hung limply around her shoulders. Yet, it had only been two months since her birthday surprise had tapped at her door, and Devon had reignited her passionate heart.

Usually her vibrancy and innate drive to change the world only started to deplete nearing a year, as her own creativity sparked much Love within herself. But she hadn't found any lovers to worship, no one's physical Beauty to inspire her as a muse in months, and so much shit was constantly going down in the world, that Love was hard even for her to hold on to at times.

Yet, she'd been chosen to be the Bringer of Love for a reason, and she still knew the one surefire way to make her Love Lights spark. So, winking at herself in the mirror, she shrugged off her silky ivory robe and cupped her breasts, gliding her thumbs across her pink nipples, so pretty against her caramel skin and the lace of her sheer silver bra.

She laughed at herself as she said, "The things I do for Love."

Then, her eyes began to sparkle in sweet anticipation as she watched her fingers unsnap the front clasp of her bra. Letting the silky material fall to the floor, one hand played with a thrusting nipple, while the other slid down her stomach to finger her smooth cunt beneath her satiny black thong. Her mouth parted on a sigh at her own practiced touch, as she nudged her panties aside to watch her fingers slip inside her pink pussy lips, and out again, as she slowly began to fuck herself. Biting her lower lip as her need grew, she watched as the faintest of Fuck Faeries began to dance under her skin.

Out of nowhere, a vision of tattooed wings and darker hands enfolded her in the mirror, and she gasped, nearly coming, from the intense Beauty of her image entwined with the other. As her heart pounded loudly in her ears, she missed at first, the knocking at her hallway door.

"Ahh fuck, oh fuck no," she moaned, as her near-orgasm disappeared like unkind magic, and the knocking grew louder and more insistent, causing her Aries anger to ignite, propelling her to the door.

"What the fuck?" she growled, throwing open the door, although she was still completely naked except for her tiny black thong. Then her eyes rose up to meet Max's.

Her breath caught and she had to shut her eyes to regain her equilibrium. The sexy vision that had been about to make her cum, was standing before her suddenly in the flesh. And Max was even more beautiful in person, with new tattoos for her to explore; green waves of color, that matched his unfathomable eyes, streaking his black hair; and his scent surrounding her. Eli's tongue flicked across her deep pink lips at the thought of tracing the runic designs shaved along the sides of his temples, and tugging on the rest of that gorgeous hair as he made her scream.

She opened her eyes to find his intent stare centered on her wet lips, and his thirst for her seemed almost inhuman. His dilated pupils made her cunt grow instantly wet, and as much as they fought verbally, she wanted him so intensely that her nipples hardened almost painfully, and an electric shock shivered down her spine.

In those few seconds, he already had her completely unbalanced, even though a Guardian's mission was to help keep her balanced. But she could handle him, she told herself, while her impish side reminded her that she enjoyed handling him too much maybe. So, she turned on her heels and headed for the shower. She needed to get a fucking grip on something other than his cock right there in the doorway.

But when she didn't hear the door close, she chanced a glance over her shoulder to see Max leaning against the door frame, his broad shoulders purposely blocking any wandering neighbors' view of her delectable ass, as he waited to be invited in.

Eli swung around, putting her hands on her hips, and their war of words began, even as his eyes locked on the beautiful way her breasts bounced and her pink nipples strained towards him.

"You aren't a fucking vampire, Max! Come in!" She nearly bellowed.

Max raised one dark eyebrow and grinned, and the sight of his sharp canines sent more heat from her already aroused nipples to her cunt, but Eli told herself that even though his teeth were cute as fuck, he was no more otherworldly than she was. Then her eyes grew wide.

But Max just shook his head, stopping the blood-sucking question before she could spit it out. He stepped inside and closed the door, leaning against the wall, his eyes still locked on hers, not helping her emotional balance one bit, and he knew it. His dark T-shirt molded to his hard chest and his hardened cock strained against his jeans, making Eli's fingers itch to touch him, and again, his bold eyes told her that he knew this, too.

Eli's humor had started to return, but her temper reignited at the way he played with her. Yet, her words were more biting than she'd intended as she asked him, "What are you doing here, Max? I have a class in an hour? And Devon gave me everything I needed for my birthday this year, and then some."

Max silently drank in the sparks in her eyes, but said nothing as he stared into expressive face. Why he'd been called to come to her this time was new to him, too, as the Guardians were usually only called on Eli's birthday, or when something had rattled the world more than usual. So, as soon as he'd felt the gem against his heart grow cold, he'd caught the first flight available from California. He'd been scared that he might have lost her, and he'd been overjoyed to find her safe. Naked was definitely an extreme bonus, but except for the naked part, he'd hid his thoughts well. Too well, he knew.

Not trusting his brain to say the right words now, after having already pissed her off, he pulled his necklace from under his collar, revealing the dullness of the peridot within his wickedly cool amulet, as E always called it. Only a slight glow still shone from within it, and all 13 of Love's Guardians wore a similar stone, knowing that if it faded to only the softest of heartbeats, they were needed to help light Love up again.

As Eli stared in disbelief at the swampy stone, failure filled her heart, and her voice grew sad and lost as she said, "Fine. I get it, I'm fucking up. Something's definitely wrong with me lately. But why you, Max? We don't even get along. How are we supposed to fix this?"

Something sparked then faded in Max's unusual green eyes, but then he hid it with a sexy smirk, and Eli's heart fell. She hadn't meant to hurt him, if that's what his current wall meant, but that was how it went with them. He seldom showed her his true feelings, which left them at an uneven place that she hated, as emotions were her lifeline. Hell, she literally lit up because of them. But he always stayed so fucking stoic. So, they argued about the stupidest shit. She trying to break his false calm, and Max trying to teach her some kind of lesson, it seemed.

His voice was low as he said, "E, you know damn well how you and I can fix this, right now."

And E knew she wanted to do just that, very, very badly, but she also wanted a chance to step off this sudden rollercoaster before he became her ticket master. So, she stalked towards the bathroom, but feeling Max's eyes hot on her ass, her legs almost betrayed her as she thought of the things he could do to that ass. As calmly as she could muster, she called back to him, "Give me a minute."

She was almost relaxed, a few minutes later, as she let the shower's steaming water slide down her skin, when a cold draft from the open door made her eyes fly open.

"If you think for one fucked second you're joining me in here--" but her words ended on a yelp, as Max's hot lips touched the sensitive point he knew so well in the side of her neck.

E's arms reached forward instinctively to brace herself on the shower tiles as her body went weak. The position jerked her ass up to collide with Max's fierce hard-on, but he let her take control as she needed-or didn't-holding himself ridged, in more ways than one. But Eli swore that she'd heard his teeth gnash at the effort.

"Just fucking do it," Eli bit out, resting her forehead against the tiles, knowing she was as wet for him as he was hard for her. To hell with their inability to communicate! This they knew how to do well together.

Once granted permission, Max wasn't one to play. He wrapped one muscled forearm around her dripping and fragrant body, so her breasts rested against his skin, as his other hand guided his cock into her pussy. He kissed and tongued her neck as he sank himself inside her, and Eli's moan when he entered her, almost undid him.

He thrust deep six or seven times, one hand teasing one of her nipples as he clamped her close with his other fingers splayed across her ribs. Then, drawing in a breath he hoped she couldn't hear, he pulled all the way out again, resting just the tip of his cock against her swollen, silken lips.

He groaned out loud when she didn't disappoint, slamming her ass so impatiently back to fill herself with him, that he would have fallen backwards had he not been ready for it. Hearing his own moans mix with hers, as she kept ramming herself against him and away, he inwardly cursed.

No, he hadn't been ready for it, he hadn't been ready for her. He threw back his head, biting his lip roughly in frustration, wanting her too much and damning himself to silence as she found their rhythm, thrusting, pausing, and pounding, her fingers playing with her clit and breasts, fully trusting he wouldn't let her fall. He breathed her in as the Love Lights beneath her delicious golden-caramel skin pulsed with soft color like a watercolor in the making, her body and soul the masterpiece.

He was just about to cum, damn it! It'd been too long waking in agony from dreams of her, listening for her laughter in every crowd, looking for her eyes in every face. He nearly reached out to stop her unbelievably hot pounding, to take himself literally in hand, and cum on her sweet ass, when Eli blessed him, and tortured him, like she always did.

She stopped suddenly, gently prying his fingers from her body, sliding her slick pussy free of him. She shut off the water, and wrung out her hair, as he watched in anticipation with one hand on his cock. He expected her to turn, to crouch in front of him, taking him into her own hand, and then into her welcoming mouth, but instead she pulled back the curtain to climb out of the tub. By the time he'd gotten his shit together, she was gone.

Max smiled though, as he followed her out of their insanely hot shower, taking his time to towel off, confident, imagining her spread out on the bed waiting for him. He used the time to cool off his own need, and to instigate her temper, although he knew that wasn't the most intelligent thing to do, until he heard the hall door open and quickly close.

"Shit," he swore, pulling the bathroom door open, ready to charge out and bring her back into his arms, only to be abruptly halted by Eli's robe-covered body blocking his path. He had to put his hands on her shoulders so he didn't bowl her over. Her smirk told him how unlikely she found that, despite their differences in height and assumed strength, while her shiver told him that she still craved his touch.

But she cooly tilted her head to the door as she said, "Thank you much, Max, but one of my students will be here soon, remember?"

He started to argue, but she lightly touched his necklace where it rested near his heart. Looking down, he saw how preternaturally it now shone. "The Universe is definitely fucking with me for fucking with you," he groaned, and he heard Eli stifle her laughter at that, as he stalked to where he'd left his clothes.

Then he stopped still for a heartbeat before turning his head to lock eyes and horns with her, she the Aries ram, and he apparently a demon who brought on his own hell. He walked back to her and kissed her lips lightly. Then he whispered against their softness, "The Universe has nothing on you, E."

Then he was gone, leaving Eli stunned by the genuine feeling in his words and kiss, and at the momentary sight of her elderly neighbor, Melisande, stopped in her tracks, ogling Max in all his naked, tattooed glory.

She regretted kicking him out then, but leave it to Max to only be sincere when all his other cards were played. And, as a woman who would never accept a master, only an equal, Eli was very good at taking things into her own hands, after all. So, with the image of Max's tattooed wings still burned into her mind, she threw off her robe, stalked to her bed, and dropped to her knees.

She pulled out a narrow, black lacquer box, and lovingly picked up the crystal dildo nestled inside in indigo velvet, that Devon had crafted with her beautiful hands. It was a tapered plaything of shimmering rainbow Beauty and perfect hardness, and with a sigh of naughty contentment, Eli knelt with her legs wide, guiding the shaft of reflected light into her wet and aching cunt that was yearning to have Max fill it again.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck." Caressing her clit with her other hand, she bit back her scream of pleasure, in case he still waited at the door, as the heightened emotions of their exchange coursed through her. She closed her eyes as waves of ecstasy pulsed inside her and her Love Lights flared. Her mind replayed the sight of his delicious chest lit up by the gem, her gem, nestled near his heart, and her hand reached out instinctively to touch him, only to be greeted by cool air. She surged forward, dropping her forehead to the carpet.

"Oh, fuck. I want him. Oh, fuck, Max, you fuck," she moaned.

Staying bent forward, she slid cum from her cunt, caressing her asshole. The nerves there, waiting for Max's touch, had her nearly jumping up and running for the door.

"Thank you, Dev. Thank you, Sweet Beauty," she crooned instead, as she slid the gently rounded tip gingerly into her ass. "Baby, you know me so well." The bright dildo moved into her like magic, its tapering width filling her with its now hot hardness. She repositioned herself, crouching, riding the long, bright shaft while thoughts of riding Max rushed unbidden back into her mind.

Suddenly his lingering scent surrounded her, which made her cum again, and her staccato of moans filled the room. Riding the awesome pleasure that Max always awakened in her, she hoped he wasn't still at her door, Melisande either for that matter, and that her student was going to be damned late.

"Ohh, fuck," she gasped, eyes still closed, lost for a few more moments, before slumping softly to the floor, gently pulling her radiant friend free.

She rested with her cheek against the carpet a moment, as her waves of gold, black and garnet hair tangled around her sated body, her breathy laughter the music to which her Happy Fuck Faeries danced.

Then rising up with renewed energy, she nearly hit the ceiling in shock.

"Fucking hell!!"

Max sat calmly at her kitchen table, but his eyes were anything but calm, filled with so much emotion that she couldn't place a single one before it burned to another. She stood transfixed by his sexy, dilated pupils surrounded by a neon ring of molten green, the lighter unearthly glow beneath his shirt, and the simple house key laying on the table in front of him.

"How long have you been there?" she asked quietly, knowing all the Guardians carried a key to wherever she lived, but Max was the first to use it without permission, without an emergency or need. She corrected her thoughts. He was definitely in some kind of need. His hot, hot energy was holding her in tantalizing stillness.

"Last five minutes of you--," he paused, his eyes still riveted on hers, "not hearing me knock."

"Ha! I was definitely not listening for a knock. And that didn't even take five minutes," she laughed, still feeling light-hearted from her fun with her crystal friend.

"E," he started, as he unhooked the dark silver chain from behind his neck, freeing her gem from where it had, for so long, warmed his heart. He set the necklace beside her key.

"I'll accept reassignment as a Guardian, but right now, I need you so much. I need you as Eliza. As a woman I've grown to Love beyond her unearthly DNA. Beyond two people destined to serve others. Just as me and you, right here, right now. I'm sorry I've been such a fucking ass."

Eli was speechless by the Love radiating off of Max, and from his sincerity, and so much emotion from them both sent her Happy Fuck Faeries into a frenzy. She looked down at her hands, at her whole body as it shimmered with soft lights of remarkable colors of pink, lilac and blue.

Then she looked back up at him with a sheepish grin, "I really don't know how to shut them off. Unless you have the instruction manual, but I know I won't have the Patience to read it, especially right now. And--what did you just say about fucking ass?"

That surprised a loud laugh out of him, even as his cock strained harder against his jeans. Eli's eyes sparkled with naughtiness, but she glanced at the clock, and then down at her naked body and the sleek, shimmering dildo in her hand. She lifted her eyes toward her art room, before looking in indecisive torture at Max, whose face suddenly flushed.

"I saw Preston outside," he told her, "I gave him a hundred bucks to let me take the class instead. I told him you'd double-booked, and that I'm from out of town."

Eli burst out laughing, which should have turned his need cold, but the way she could laugh so easily, always made him all the harder.

"Oh, I'd love to be double-booked, Max. Maybe one of the other Guardians can help us out with that sometime soon."

Max knew jealousy was useless, even destructive, for any Guardian, so he nodded at her with a new spark in his eyes. That would be damned fun, and his heart pounded loudly as she spoke of him still being in her future.

Eli's light-hearted laughter filled the room again, "And yeah, you could definitely say that you're not from around here." As, like her own, the Light that made up Max's soul, and all of Love's Guardians', came from the planet that hid behind Venus, "Her Birthday Star."

Then, letting Devon's gift slip softly to the floor, she walked to where Max sat now in silence, watching the Love Lights play along her skin as Love played in his eyes.

"Mind turning that chair my way?" She asked with naughty promise in her voice, as she knelt at his side.

Max groaned aloud as he did, his cock straining even more, as Eli moved between his legs. Peeling up his shirt, she bent her mouth to his abs, and her heated lips sent a shock through his body. Her tongue licked a trail in search of his cock, almost grazing it under his belt, and he knew he couldn't hold out much longer. He grasped her face in both hands, his fingers in her hair, and raised her lips up to meet his hungry kiss. His searching green eyes stared into hers, until they closed on a groan, as she sucked his tongue into her mouth. She sucked in prelude to what his cock would be getting soon, as she undid his belt, mercifully pulling him free, then unmercifully fucking him with a sliding fist.

She pulled back from Max's kiss although she loved the way he groaned in her mouth, but she wanted something else in mouth just then, and in one smooth motion, his cock was deep inside her throat. Her hands tugged at the sides of his jeans and Max shifted to lower them, as her lips grazed his balls. She slid her tight mouth up and down his cock, devouring him, licking his balls as she took him in deep. Smiling into his eyes like a succubus, she slid her lips and tongue up again to lick his dripping cum.

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