tagNovels and NovellasLoving Eli Ch. 03

Loving Eli Ch. 03


Eli sat up straighter as she gazed into the night sky. For just a second, she swore that she'd seen a glimpse of her spirit's home. The rainbow sheen was already gone, but her heart pounded at the feeling of connection.

Before her grandfather had died, he'd told her just pieces of the tale of Love's Guardians. He'd waited so long because he hadn't often believed the story himself, that there were Guardians for the most needed emotions on Earth.

He'd told her that the last Bringer of Love in their family had been his brother, Elijah. In those days, a man who could love as freely as his younger sibling had, was made a pariah or far worse. But for fifty years, the other Eli had changed the world by helping to ignite the Light of Love so desperately needed in human hearts.

And she, Eliza, had been named for him. So, it was fitting that the Guardians and Guides had chosen her for the current generation. It was now an era of new knowledge and new openness, yet still with so many forms of hatred, division, and fear, that Eli was starting to feel like maybe someone stronger than herself was needed.

Bringing her thoughts back to the world in front of her eyes, her heart pounded wildly as the moon broke free, illuminating two figures walking side by side. Tears stung her eyes as she recognized the woman's waves of silver-white hair, and the ebony skin of her towering companion.

A painting came alive in her heart as she watched two of Love's Guardians make their way to her door. E's own lips tingled watching Marin's turn up in a smile as she looked up at Eamon with rapt attention. A breeze lifted Marin's white, blue-green, and indigo hair just as she laughed, and a thrill filled Eli's soul.

And Eamon was no less beautiful. He was all Darkness, all Light, and the desire she knew would again burn in his jet eyes sent a shiver down her back. She watched his approach with awe, as his stride carried his massive body with grace. Tallest of Love's Guardians, Eamon topped even their shared mountain, aptly named Mesa.

Eli laughed out loud then, her spirits lifting by even greater degrees as her mind found more lustful inspiration. She'd enjoy being in the middle of that, but tonight and hopefully far into the morning, it would be these two glorious beings whom she would worship, renewing the depths of her Love to channel into an unnecessarily dark world.

And she was too happy to see them both to question the new frequency of the Guardians' visits, as she rushed to greet them. As soon as the stairwell door opened, she pelted barefoot down the hall to throw herself into Eamon's arms. She was damned lucky it wasn't her elderly neighbor, Melisande, again, or another neighbor, but she would always be wild at heart, and so far it only made her neighbors smile. And maybe write some porn.

Eamon's rich laughter made even the nerves of her ass tingle, as her breasts delighted in being crushed against his heat. His strong, loving presence, and Marin's calm Beauty, were a balm for her soul. She breathed in the scent of him as she found Marin's hand. As Eli's short, silky black robe rode up to reveal her lacy thong, and the golden ass it decorated, Marin's welcoming laughter became a sexy intake of breath.

"E, let's take this inside, hmm?" she breathed into Love's multi-colored hair, tugging her by the hand.

And as the door closed behind them, Eli found Marin meant those words, that she was ready to "take things inside." As Eamon took care of locking the door, Marin took care of Eli.

"Mmm, you're the fire to my water," Marin whispered as she took both of Eli's hands in hers, their gem-bright gazes locked, aqua-blue and peridot-green, both burning from within. Then the older woman laughed, "The moon's got me hot and bothered. I hope you don't mind, Love."

Eli laughed, too, as she touched her lips to Marin's.

Marin took that as a "Yes," letting go of Eli's hands to grasp her lush waist, pulling her close to revel in the feel of E's mouth. Marin's hands found Eli's bare ass under her robe, and their bodies melded.

Eamon came to stand close behind Eli, inviting her weight to fall against him, to which she surrendered, dropping her bright head back against his hot, naked chest.

Marin's deft hands untied Eli's robe, caressing her shoulders as she slid the satin from her body. Her fingers teasingly lingered on Eli's shoulders and arms, as her lips took an upthrust nipples into her mouth.

Moaning, Eli raised her arms up to massage the strong muscles and soft skin along Eamon's nape. His well-trimmed beard rasped against her cheek and his sexy row of dreads teased her skin, as he bent low to taste her neck. Her light touch became a tight grip that made Eamon groan, and his thick-lashed eyes narrowed in deep desire as he watched Marin lick and fondle Eli's heavy breasts.

E turned her head to the skin below Eamon's collarbone, biting and licking him with need. Although he wore no shirt, he still wore his black pants, and Eli felt a wave of sweet shock shoot through her as she wriggled her ass against his hard-on.

Marin slid her hands along Eli's sides to kneel in front of her, pulling aside her panties to dart her tongue inside, licking and sucking E's clit patiently until E swore as she came. Marin moaned out her own pleasure as she grasped E's ass tighter, sending her tongue deep to fuck her.

Eli shook with need, moaning loudly as she released her grip on Eamon to run her fingers through Marin's sleek waves of ocean hair, as Marin moved within her. But soon Eli wanted Eamon inside her.

She reached back again, but this time to release his cock. She stroked him softly at first, then with a tightened fist, showing him what she needed until he lifted her high and easily, sliding his rigid hard-on along her curvy ass. Then he nudged her panties aside to sink himself in deeply. Eli's grip flew back around his neck, as her shrieks of pleasure echoed off the walls, and Eamon's cock pulsed inside her.

Rising into a crouch, Marin caressed Eli's satiny caramel-brown thighs, holding them splayed, as Eamon moved in smooth rhythm, filling Eli fully and pulling out, and Marin tongued her swollen clit. But they knew her well, and soon Marin rose to just hold and caress Eli as Eamon's pace quickened.

The sweet sea goddess's pupils dilated with her own hunger as she watched the bounce of E's breasts and the glow of her beautiful face, as her Love Lights grew bright, and Eamon fucked her harder with each moan of pleasure that he wrought from her lips.

Eli shuddered, orgasming in waves, clenching Eamon's cock deep inside her, as she let her upper body fall limply into Marin's fragrant arms.

Eamon became still as Eli's orgasms ended, and Love knew why. She pulled herself from Marin's arms, lightly slapping Eamon's tattooed forearms as a signal to put her down. He groaned and bit his sexy, full lips as he lifted her from his swollen cock, setting her in front of him. E looked into Marin's bright eyes, kissing her softly, breathing in the scent of herself on her lips.

"Thank you," she whispered, before turning to Eamon to look up and up into his hooded midnight eyes which burned with fire, and a Guardian's resolve.

Eli moved into his arms, pulling his face gently down to hers for their first kiss of greeting that night. "Hello again," she smiled, two meanings intended as her hand wrapped around his cock.

Slowly she fell to her knees, trailing her other hand along his chest and solid abdomen. Then suddenly the head of his cock was in her mouth, and Eamon moaned with Joy. Using hand, tongue, lips and mouth, she rode him like a siren's song, beguiling his semen to come out to play. Softly she licked away each drop from his head, before burying him in her throat again, sucking until he, too, fell to his knees.

Eli slide with him, her head in his lap as he rested back on his hands, as her ass beckoned to Marin. She took the invite without hesitation, kneeling beside Eli, caressing one glistening ass cheek before sinking her fingers into her cunt. She pulled her fingers out to massage Eli's smooth asshole, teasing it, before gliding her fingers back to Eli's pussy, rhythmically playing it fast and hard. Eli moaned with her mouth full, releasing her hand long enough from Eamon's dick to slap her own ass.

Marin laughed and obliged. This time, not only caressing Eli's anus, but sliding one finger inside along with Eli's cream. Finding her ass as receptive as Eli insisted, she slide two fingers in and then out again. As her fucking motion increased, so did E's, until Eamon moaned out his Pleasure, as his explosion of cum shot down her throat.

He opened his burning black eyes once the glory had passed to look deeply at the woman before him. He bent low to take E's face in his hands, giving her a kiss of Gratitude and Respect, as the peridots embedded in the tattoos around his biceps glowed like beacons of Love's Light in the semi-darkness.

Marin's rhythm hadn't ceased and Eli bucked back against her pleasing fingers, nestling her head against Eamon's thigh as another wave of pleasure coursed through her. As Marin's fingers withdrew, Eli turned toward her. She took Marin's silky head into her hands to kiss her and then to lay her back onto the carpet. Staring into eyes as liquid as the sea, she drew Marin's knees up to nestle herself between them.

She lapped at Marin's small breasts, and her fingers found her sweet, wet pussy. First two, then three, then four fingers inside her, she filled and fucked her. Then sliding her darker breasts along the other woman's pale bright skin, she sank her tongue into Marin's wet heat.

Eli tasted her with Joy, bringing Marin to a shuddering orgasm, before lifting her head to Eamon. His cock was erect again as he sat beside them intently watching their play, and Eli smiled into Marin's lovely, flushed face to say, "She's ready if you are, Eamon."

Marin's eyes closed and her head fell back in anticipation, while Eamon's eyes widened in surprise. Then he gently lifted Eli away to take her place between Marin's thighs.

"That true, Marin?" Eamon's deep voice asked, as Eli moved to lie across Marin's chest to suck gently at her rose-dark nipples.

Eli adored how her Guardians' beautiful eyes locked, and Marin smiled serenely as she nodded, her silky hair teasing Eli's skin. With an answering smile, Eamon entered her swiftly and then began to move.

"Oh fuck!" Marin burst out.

And Eli's low laughter rippled around them, "You sound like me tonight," she said as she sat back, and Eamon pulled Marin up against him, holding her ass with both hands.

But he sensed a treasure was in his hands, so he treated Marin gently, like the ebbing of the ocean, not its fiercest storms. His pace stayed slow as he thrust smoothly into her, and the deep, quiet worlds in his eyes danced, as Marin wrapped her legs around him. Eli's hand, lit with Love's Light, smoothed Marin's sleek hair as she smiled at how many "Oh, fucks and oh, gods" Eamon was summoning with his gentleness. Then Marin's moans and sighs ebbed like her beloved sea with a final, shivering sigh.

Eamon started to pull out, but Marin's legs and arms wrapped tightly around him, as she murmured in his ear, "I've been waiting for this for too long. Don't stop now."

Eamon's eyes that mirrored galaxies, grew wide again, and he took Marin's face in his hands for a tender kiss. But his surprise wasn't over as she began to ride him slowly, bracing her hands on his shoulders. His head fell back in ecstasy as he watched her, and Marin unwrapped her legs, planting them on the floor, to bounce herself on his broad thighs and engorged cock. She rode him fast then, crying out her own Joy as she nestled her face in the crook of his neck. When she bit his earlobe, Eamon's back arched as he came into her in waves of new-found Pleasure, and his deeper moans engulfed them all.

They broke their hold on each other a few moments later and looked for Eli. She was lying on her back beside them with a contented smile on her face, her hand still softly touching Marin's hair as their Love Lights reflected there. Her eyes followed Love's Faeries as they danced about the room, entangled with the peridot-green glow of Eamon and Marin's gems, too, as their Lights entwined.

Marin grasped Love's hand and kissed it, watching the unearthly lights swirl beneath E's skin, as the three fell into a pool of satiated ebony, pearl and gold. A dragon's treasure in the flesh as they lie contentedly in each others' arms.

Eli's inner lights eventually faded, as their generated Love stored itself in her heart, but the peridot gem in Marin's anklet shone on like a comet into the awakening night. And in the arms that rested gently around them both, Eamon's imbedded gems glowed as brightly as the heavens, too.

Just before dawn, Eamon lied awake watching the lights play around the room once more. But they weren't reflecting from Eli, although in her dreams, they softly shone. The lights swirled within his own eyes, the midnight eyes of the Bringer of Hope.

He had new energy to share with the Earth in the morning, too, as both Hope and Love surrounded him now. With that thought, Eamon fell back into restful sleep as Marin sweetly sighed against his chest, and Eli dreamed of tattooed wings while her Love Lights softly beat in tempo to their flight.

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