tagNovels and NovellasLoving Eli Ch. 04

Loving Eli Ch. 04


Eli lifted her head to look around the busy restaurant. Just fifteen minutes more and she could go home. She'd been busing tables the last few months because she was meant to bring Love even in the simplest of ways. Yet, being of service to others could be a messed up thing in a "Me first" world, and lately all Eli wanted to do was hide.

The smirks some people gave the "lowly" busgirl could trigger her temper instantly because of that inane attitude of 'better than thou', since Eli believed no one was above, nor beneath another (except on the literal level, like sex usually called for). We were all stuck here together until we Loved our way out. So, with a day like the current one, she figured she'd be out the door soon of her own accord before she raised a little hell, or because of it.

She took a deep breath as she looked at the thunderstorm that had driven everyone inside, before pushing her way back through the throng of irritated people. Normally she loved storms, but it was the 4th of July, and people were on edge with the rain and the heat, so smiles and laughter were few. You'd think a day off was something to celebrate, time with friends and family, and independence this time around, too, but not when holidays meant traffic and stress, outdoing one another, and often not getting what you thought you deserved.

So, Eli's last nerve was ready to sever, and Kali was waiting to be unleashed. She kept her head down, using both hands to clear table after table, making no eye contact in case she would scream or cry or tear someone in two, but then a hand reached onto the table with hers to pick up a cup. Assuming it was an impatient customer wanting the table, her head flew up and pale green fire flashed from her eyes.

The man just stared unfazed back at her as his hands continued to pile up dishes, too. Eli's sudden laughter lit the place up like the fireworks everyone was waiting for, and absent sunlight filled the room for her, too, in the guise of a Guardian of Love.

Jasper's cinnamon-colored eyes smiled into hers. He could be too easily dismissed by some, the slightest and gentlest of Love's Guardians, but she saw pure Beauty. She saw Peace. She saw a man who cherished her. She smiled with a sassy light in her eyes now, and Jasper's grin responded. He could tame her beast rather than invoke it, and they both liked that very much.

He took the busing tray from her hands and set it by the dishwashing door with the rest, where he leaned against the wall, observing people and waiting patiently for her to punch out. Eli's smile didn't leave as she finished up, as Jasper readjusted his stance and she sensed what hard thing was making him uncomfortable. He was as happy to see her as she was to see him. Ah, it was going to be a night of beautiful fireworks after all.

As soon as Eli left the kitchen, Jasper took her hand, guiding her through the restless crowd. He gestured at the dark sky with amusement, as they headed into the humid air. He was relishing a good, wet time as much as she was.

As the first new spat of fat raindrops fell, they both raised their faces up to catch them. All her heavy thoughts began to fall away as Eli gazed at Jasper who stood with his eyes closed, Joy on his face...and she let go. He was her Present.

She brought her free hand up to slide the rain from his face with her fingertips. His eyes remained closed although his lips turned up at the corners, and his sweet dimples appeared. Just as the rain started its next downpour, he opened his eyes to look into hers, and her breath caught. He was so beautiful. Fire didn't always need to rage to consume.

Jasper stepped into the space between them and put his lips to hers. He released her hand to run both of his through her tangled hair, smoothing it back in the rain, his heavy bracelet sparkling with raindrops and awakening peridot Light. He pulled her close and deepened his kiss, making her feel loved and lovely.

She took off his thick-framed, dark purple glasses that were now covered in rain, and smoothed the dark, chestnut waves of his hair, hypnotized by the sight and taste of him. When his eyes opened, their burnished depths sizzled her to the core.

"I think you must be Eros," she sighed. "You are what Love needs now."

By the time their kisses ended, they were soaked through, and Eli couldn't tell what was rain, and what was her own need wet against her thighs.

They walked slowly for the last block to her apartment, letting the rain be their foreplay as it drizzled down her T-shirt, teasing her nipples to hardness. And Jasper was no less shy, unashamed by the hard-on clearly visible through his linen pants. Their entwined fingers bumped his outer thigh and Eli's fingers itched to feel the length of him ready for her, inches away.

She let go of his hand and ran the rest of the way to her apartment building. She held the entryway door open for him, as she watched him slowly walk towards her, another painting of Wonder awakening in her heart. Her pulse raced as he drew nearer, his dark hair slicked back, his remarkable amber and cinnamon eyes blazing, his white shirt plastered to his chest, and his beautiful hard-on leading the way.

Then the sun burst through the clouds to shine on him like a choreographed spotlight, and her laughter filled the evening summer air. At the sound, he broke into a jog himself, grabbing her hand and bedeviling her with his dimpled smile. He didn't stop his pace until her apartment door was locked, and they both lie soaking across her bed.

Lying at her side, their fingers still entwined, Jasper lifted their hands to his mouth to kiss her fingertips. Slowly he began to suck them, and Eli felt electricity shoot through her already wet cunt.

Jasper rolled above her, drawing her hands above her head. He wriggled her out of her clinging top, leaving her hot pink bra in place. He kissed the wet mounds of her breasts, warming them with his mouth, as he undid her khaki shorts to wriggle those free, too, tossing them who knows where. His hot eyes gleamed brighter, intoxicated by the sight of her lush, caramel body hugged by her soaked silk panties and bursting bra.

Even soaked by rain, Jasper took his time with her, and she felt no want to protest. The way he could cherish and worship someone echoed her own desires, so she lay content in his arms, the bad day fading far away.

Slowly Jasper slipped the straps of her bra from her shoulders, kissing the rain from her skin as he went. He left her bra across her nipples as he continued to tongue the fullness of her breasts above them. His tongue slipped beneath to graze their tips, and Eli wriggled in sweet shock, before he lifted her gently to undo the hooks at last.

When his mouth took in one thrusting nipple, Eli's head arched back and her hips reared up to find him. Jasper was ready, but still in no hurry. He brought her hips back down, one hand caressing her curves as the other found her pussy through her panties. Pushing a finger past her swollen lips, he played, sliding his slick fingertips along her clit, then back inside her.

He withdrew and Eli whined, but she grew quiet again as he nudged her over, setting pillows under her head, and pulling up her ass. He wriggled her panties free, kissing each delicious part he uncovered.

The air grew cool around her then, so Eli lifted her head to look back at him, and their fierce eyes locked as he pulled his shirt over his head, smiling fully dimpled as he shook out his hair. Untying his pants, he let them fall to the floor, keeping eye contact with Eli as his cock sprang free. He chuckled at how hotly she looked at him, but his eyes rolled back a moment, as his need grew, too.

He trailed a hand along her body, before tugging Eli onto her side as he lie behind her, cradling her luscious curves against his slender body. His hard-on found its welcome between her ass cheeks, and he slide himself along her silky lips, and along her sensitive asshole.

He caressed her leg as he lifted it, sliding his cock inside her, as his other hand pulled her head back for a kiss. His tongue teased her lips as his cock found their rhythm, and Eli's first orgasm was a sweet surprise. As she shivered and swore and called him god, Jasper slid his body under hers, pulling her across his lap, his fingers finding her clit as he pumped inside her.

Her moans grew loud as she came again, her head thrown back against his shoulder. She turned her face against him, tasting sweet saltiness and fresh air on his neck, beneath the waves of his dark hair before she whispered, "I need to look at you."

Jasper slide his cock out, to lay her on her back once more. He leaned across her breasts, holding her legs bent high, as he kissed her neck. He kissed her long and slowly, and then Eli gasped and rocked upward as his cock found its home in her again. He filled her fully, pulling all the way out, over and over, grinding her clit with each thrust, as he sank himself into her to his balls. Eli came on a scream, staring into his intense eyes.

He drove himself deeply inside her again and again as he watched her, and Eli took his face between her hands, kissing his soft red lips.

"Now I need to suck your sweet cock," she whispered.

He smiled hotly, dimples and all, as he rocked her a few more times, and then pulled out. He held his glistening cock out like an offering, and Eli sat up with a pleased and wicked grin, as Jasper fell backwards onto the bed.

Eli scooted off the bed to kneel beside him where he lay close to the edge. She pulled one of his feet to the floor, as her hand curved around his thigh, caressing the tender inner skin there. She cupped his balls as she lowered her head to lick a line up his cock.

"Mmm," was all Jasper replied, but his glittering eyes watched her with the intensity of a bird of prey. She didn't break eye contact as her mouth descended on his cock again, but then she had to, as she sucked him deeply into her throat.

Nestled, kneeling between his legs, her mouth moving fast on him as she held his cock, Eli slipped two fingers inside herself. Jasper's eyes gleamed as he watched her fuck herself to the same rhythm that she sucked his cock. She sped up both the fingering and the sucking, and with the sight of Eli making herself cum again, while the lights of Love danced beneath her skin, Jasper's head snapped back, his eyes closed, and his cum shot down her throat.


Jasper and Eli woke curled together on the damp bed to the elemental sound of thunder. They lied together in Peace, watching the peridot gleam of Jasper's bracelet as it danced with the intermittent lightning, and Love's Lights beat with the soft staccato of rain.

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