tagIncest/TabooLoving Family Ch. 03

Loving Family Ch. 03


As we lay the four of us lay on the rug watching the porno movie mom and Jane came back. I had started to recover a little and the film was getting me turned on again.

"Well I can see you have been having fun this evening."

Sarah looked a bit embarrassed until she saw we were all fine with it.

"I decided to bring you a little present." I looked up and saw Uncle Scott standing behind them. I was a little nervous with him being there. While a new cock is always welcome I felt funny about it. Sarah had no such feelings however, she jumped up and gave him a long, deep kiss as a hello.

"Well, that's the sort of greeting I like. What's your name?"

"I'm Sarah, but you can call me whatever you want." I knew she had been having sex with Brad for a couple of months, but this was a side of her I had not seen before. I seem to have created a real cock-hound.

Scott seemed happy, he had his arm around her and one hand on her fabulous ass and she squirmed under his hands.

Mom saw me looking a bit apprehensive and came over to me, "Don't worry honey, Scott and I were doing this, with your dad, before you were born. And he has a wonderful cock." Jane was already down to just her bra and panties, little purple lacy ones. I am always amazed at how good my sister looked.

"Ok, mom. I could do with some relaxing though." With that mom began to massage my tits, and kissed my stomach, that made me feel a lot better.

As I lay back to give mom access to my cunt I could see Jane sucking Don's dick as Sarah was stripping Scott naked. The sight of his cock mad her gasp, it was about 9 inches long but very, very think. Sarah could only just get her hand around it, this had her moaning with delight. She slowly wrapped her lips over the top of his meat and a millimetre at a time slid it in to her mouth, until her jaw was wide open. She had her fingers dug into her snatch and was doing a good job bringing her self off.

Nobody was paying attention to the film any more, so I rolled over and began to watch it. Mom left me alone as I lay on the floor like I used to as a small child, watching two blonde women get fucked by no less than ten different guys. These girls had cock every where, on their cunts, asses, mouths and one in each hand. They must have been good at their jobs as the finale was all ten cocks spunking all over the girls. They all pulled out and let go as one. The two girls were covered with cum, and then they rolled over and began liking it off each other.

This had me hotter than ever. I turned back to the room to find some action, only to find everyone busy. Mom was getting a good pounding from dad, she was lay on her back with her legs wrapped around him, screaming that she was cumming. Jane was on all fours with Don's cock pumping in and out of her ass, while she shoved a huge 12 inch dildo up her cunt. It was so big it would not go all the way, even in to her well fucked pussy. Scott and Sarah were locked in a very steamy 69, she was just licking and sucking the end of his dick, while he had his face buried deep in her twat.

I stood up and walked around the room, looking for an opportunity. I decided to lie down under Jane and help her with that big dildo. I pulled it out of cunt and sucked her juices off it, before slowly inserting it back in to her soaking wet hole. I put my mouth over her clit and flicked it with my tongue. All this attention flipped Don over the edge and he pulled out of her ass and showered Jane's twat and my face with about a gallon of cum, it just kept cumming. Before I could move Jane moved down my body and began kissing me and licking the sweet, gooey stuff off my face.

This left Don a spent force, he sat with Jane on his lap on the easy chair watching and trying to get hard again.

By know Sarah and Scott were well in to each other, he was lay on the sofa with Sarah sat on his pole with her back to him. His hands were rubbing and pinching her tits and nipples as she slid up and down. I knelt on the floor and started to suck the bottom of his cock and her pussy lips as she slid down. She was playing with his balls as she moved. I thought I would surprise her, as she slid back down I stuck my tongue in to her virgin ass. That made her scream with delight and her pussy walls clamped around Scott's dick. That made him cum at the same time. He grabbed her hips and rammed his cock right up to the hilt in to her cunt. With her twat and her ass full Sarah had the most incredible orgasm. She cried out and ever so slowly slumped forward off his cock, unconscious.

Scott slowly lay her back down and helped her to wake up a little, she had such a dreamy look in her eyes, I could tell she really loved that.

"Well, fucking Brad has never been that much fun. I like the feeling of all that spunk in side me."

I still had not had my turn, so I looked over at daddy, only to see him pull his cock out of mom's hole and spray spunk all over her stomach and tits. I was going to eat it off her, but Jane got there first. My little cunt had not had a cock for an hour and it was getting very wet watching all this fucking.

"Hey. This is not fair, everyone has had a really good fuck, except me."

"Well we can't have that. Don is hard again, he can start and Scott I will join in a minute. Ladies, you will have to try and get us hard again."

Mom, Jane and Sarah just looked at each other and said they would see what they could do. I was already very wet so Don's cock just slid right in to me, I was on all fours looking at the sofa, with him underneath me. Mom started to put on a show for the guys by slowly sucking Scott's cum out of Sarah's snatch, while slowly inserting a finger in her ass. Sarah turned my mom around and began eating her cunt as well. Jane was going from one cock to the other, sucking it and playing with the guys balls. The combination of the slutty lesbian show in front of them and Jane's lips and tongue on their cocks had them ridged in no time.

As I was watching mom and Sarah sticking their tongues, fingers and even a couple of dildos in to each others cunts and asses I felt some ones hands on my ass cheeks. The thought of my father's huge cock in my ass made me dizzy with lust. Suddenly he was in front of me, waving it in my face. I started to slip it in to my mouth, when I realised that must mean Uncle Scott was behind me. I was not sure my tight, little ass would take the width of his dick, but I was going to give it a damn good try.

As the head of his dick began to push at the ring of my ass I slowed down the pace on Don's cock and relaxed, just a little. Slowly, inch my amazing inch Scott's cock was pushed deep in to my ass. When he was about half way in I pushed back to feel it slam in to me, he let out a long moan and I just stayed still. The feeling of being full of cock is great. One big dick stuck in my wet twat, one tasty cock in my mouth and one new, think cock filling my tiny ass. I felt stretched and full and loved every minuet of it. I started to move again, pumping those two cocks in and out of my cunt and ass.

"Guys. I want you all to come together. All over me. Think you can do that?"

"We will try, just don't stop fucking us."

With that I let me self go. I was pushing back on Don's cock and could feel Scott's throbbing dick in my ass. I played with my daddy, taking him to the edge and bringing him back down again. All this heavy fucking action had me cumming again and again, I had countless orgasm while those three cocks were using me. I felt like a slut, like some kind of whore, but I loved it.

As I felt Don and Scott quicken their pounding I started wanking his cock with my hands and mouth. Don pulled out of my cunt and stood over me, Scott pulled out of my ass with a plop, so I rolled knelt in front of my daddy. All three men were fisting their cocks. Amazingly they all came at once. Daddy's hit me full in the face, I caught some of it in my mouth and let it trickle out of the edge and on to my tits. Don's blast hit my tits and stomach, it began to run down in to my cunt, where it was sucked in to that hungry hole. Scott's load was huge and he sprayed it all over my back. It was fitting as he had fuck me in the ass for ages. He shot loads of sum all over me, so it ran down my back, and in to my gaping ass.

I knelt there and massaged all that sperm in to my skin. I love the felling and smell of cum on my skin. Jane, Sarah and mom al crawled over to me and began playing with the spunk on my skin. With that the four of us liked the cum off, and out of, each other.

After having a shower we all went to our own rooms. Jane took Scott upstairs, with a look in her eye I love to see. He was in for a good, long night. Don went up alone while Sarah and I jumped into my double bed. We used to sleep together on sleep-overs, but we didn't realize how much fun we could have. We sucked and fucked each other to sleep, thinking of what tomorrow would hold.

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