tagLesbian SexLoving Family Ch. 04

Loving Family Ch. 04


After my family introduced me to the joys of sex I could not get enough. I was determined however, not to become one of those girls who will just fuck anyone. I was choosing partners very carefully.

I went to college in the September after my 18th birthday. Loving in dorm was fun, lots of new people around. I met a couple of guys, but going to college in my home town meant I was never frustrated.

In the spring term I met my new room mate. I had had the place to my self until then, thanks to a mix up during the summer. I was a little annoyed at having my privacy spoilt. At least I was until I saw my room mate. On the first day of spring term I was greeted in my room by an angle. Lucy was half Asian, about 5'4" with a golden tan and the blackest hair I had every seen running in a pony tail down her back. In a short dress she looked like one the school girls on a Japanese manga cartoon. Sort of innocent, but only a little.

I was sharing with her for to weeks and getting very turned on watching her walk about our room in just her underwear. She had a preference for tiny g-strings and push up bras. I was going home almost every afternoon, and fucking anyone how was in the house. I was so horny I would have fucked the dog if the house was empty. I never thought of my self as gay, but by God I would have done anything for, or to, her most of the time.

One night we stayed in watching bad movies and drinking wine. After the third bottle we started to tell each other about all of our secret fantasies.

"Well, you mustn't tell anyone, but I am bi-sexual. I love men but women are so much better at some things. I dream about threesomes and stuff, but most guys are to shy." As she said this my heart skipped a beat. A plan formed almost instantly.

"I know what you mean. I have slept with a few girls in my time." The words were only just out of my mouth when she leapt over the bed and planted a kiss on my lips. We lay there, kissing and fondling each other for a while. She pulled back and tore her t-shirt over her head.

"I'm glad you liked that. I have been prancing about here trying to get you turned on since the start of term." With that I ripped the buttons off my old shirt getting it off.

Lucy stood up, turned around and very slowly eased her shorts down her legs, revealing her lack of panties. As she bent over I stared at her soft pink slash and began to drool, I leaned over and slowly ran my tongue up her damp slit. Lucy shuddered and let out a soft moan. She turned round and very slowly peeled me pyjama bottoms down. Seeing my neatly trimmed bush tipped her over the edge, with a squeal of delight she dived down on to my pussy and gave me a long, good tongue fucking. As I began to cum she spun round and presented me with her ass and cunt, like a drowning man at an oasis I dipped my tongue in to her, by now soaking wet, snatch and returned the favour. As she began to buck and scream I pushed my finger in to her ass. That was to much, she slammed her face in to my cunt and let out a muffled scream. We fell a sleep together, glad we found each other.

My plan however was put in to action that weekend. I called my parents and arranged a visit for us. Lucy was a bit reluctant, thinking we could not fuck in my folks house. I convinced her in the end though.

After dinner on Saturday night we went up to my old room to get changed to go out. I told her to wear her sexiest outfit as we were going out to tease the local boys. I got out of the shower to see her dressed on a tiny pleated skirt, a blouse so thin it was almost see-through. Her tits were held in place by a white Gossard wonder-bra, with matching silk thong. Stockings and suspenders could be just seen under her skirt, and ran down to white high-heeled shoes. With bright red lipstick and her hair in pony tails she looked just like a real life sex toy. Taking a deep breath I slid into my red thong and bra and put on a Chinese dress, so short you could see my panties if I bent over even slightly.

"You family is really attractive. I can see were you get it from. I would really fuck any of them."

"Lucy, I don't want to hear that about my family." I said, sounding shocked. I was so turned on I thought I would explode.

After a night driving all the guys in town wild we made our way home.

"Did you see that old guys face when I kissed you?"

"God, I bet when he ran off it was to the bathroom for a wank."

"That makes me even hotter."

"We are nearly home".

As we came in I shouted that we were home but got no reply. "See, the house is ours."

"Good. This might sound a bit odd, but could we go to your parent's room. I bet they have a huge bed, and I would love to fuck you in it."

This was just what I had hoped. Opening the door to their room I turned the light on to show Lucy the bed. On it were mom and dad, Don, Jane, Uncle Scott and my friend Sarah. She had been seeing a lot of Jane and Don while I was in college.

Lucy's eyes bulged at all the naked flesh. "This is all for you." I said. Her knees got a little weak at the thought. Lucy licked here lips and her eyes locked on my dad's huge cock. "Can I suck that, please" She said. My dad stood up and led her over to the bed. She fell to her knees and started to lick around the large head. Don knelt behind her and began rubbing her breasts. She throw here head back and kissed him quickly before returning to daddy's dick. Unbelievably she took it all the way in to her throat, as she looked up in to his eyes, he could not hold back and shot his cum down her throat. Lucy swallowed all of it.

"Christ, seeing her like that just made me cum. You are incredible." Lucy looked a bit disappointed dad had cum so soon, but turned around, and on all fours, started on Don's cock.

"She looks like a real good cock-sucker. You were right honey, she will fit right in."

Jane and mom started kissing each other, while Uncle Scott sat, eyes wide as saucers, as this little Asian sex toy sucked Don off. After getting him even harder she stood up in front of everyone and slowly began undoing each button of her shirt. As she got further down the curve of her breasts was exposed, followed by the thin white strap of her bra. Just as the last button popped open, Lucy spun around and let it slowly slip to the floor. She looked over her shoulder at us and gave Don a wink that was nearly enough to set him off. Lucy undid the zip on the back of her skirt and let it fall to the ground. Standing in white silk underwear, the thong pulled tight up on her hips, white stockings and high heels she looked like a wet dream come true.

Scott lunged at her, grabbing hold of her tiny waist he picked her up and carried her over to the large bed. We all sat around her, feeling every part of her. She lent over to suck Scott's large cock, just as Jane pulled her thong aside and started to like her pussy.

"Good, your wet. And you taste just like syrup. How did you get your pussy so sweet? Mom, you have to taste this little sluts cunt." As mom began to tongue Lucy's twat, Jane eased her panties down her legs. Having got them off she turned Lucy back on to all fours and while she sucked Scott's dick, mom and Jane licked, sucked and fingered her pussy and ass.

Lucy looked over her shoulder at my dad and in a little-girl-lost cooed, "Oh, I have never had anything up there. Mr Williams, I have been bad and need punishing. Please don't force your huge thing up my tail."

Well, dad always did love taking a virgin ass. He smeared some super-glide lubricant over Lucy's tiny ring, even squirting some inside, that made her shudder, before easing his cock in to her pussy. Before she could complain Scott rammed his cock back in her mouth.

"Get nicely juiced up dad. When you are in her ass I will start fucking her pussy. Is she ready for all three sis?"

"I think Lucy is ready for anything."

With that dad slowly started to ease his meat in to Lucy's tight ring. As the head popped in her eyes bulged and she stifled a scream on Scott's cock. Slowly, inch by inch, dads 9 inches slide in to the little fuck dolls tight ass. When he was all in he gave a sigh and rested for a while, letting her get used to it.

"Shit, that feels like having a baseball bat shoved up my ass. I love it. Don, you had better ram your tasty cock in me now, before I explode." With that Don lay under her and eased his dick in to her soaking wet pussy. The three guys quickly found a good rhythm. Lucy seemed to enjoy being used and abused this way, but when Scott suggested giving her a family special she looked a little worried.

"Don't worry. You'll love it." I said. The guys quickened their pace, and all at once pulled out of her together before spraying with three loads of cum. The boy's cocks just kept pumping the stuff out.

"We have not fucked since you called," dad said "in order to do just that."

Laying on the bed, covered in cum meant it was the girls turn. Jane, Sarah, mom and I had just watched until then, now we licked and sucked every tasty bit of cum of her beautiful skin. Her bra had a pool of Scott's sperm in it that I sucked of her tits, driving her wild.

By the time we had finished cleaning her up dad and mom had gone to bed, and Scott had gone home.

Lucy looked hungrily at Don's hard cock, "I have not had any cum inside me tonight, Don. Want to fix that?" The idea of filling her tight pussy with his spunk got Don even harder.

Laying on his back, with his cock pointing in the air, Lucy straddled his hips and spent five minutes slowly easing herself on to his poll. Sarah climbed on his face so he could like her cunt, and the girls started kissing.

Realising I was still dressed I put on a strip for my two girl friends why they got sucked and fucked. Don's tongue must have been lashing Sarah's clit as she screamed and slid off his face ever before my panties were off. Finally naked I crawled over to Don and kissed him, tasting Sarah's cum had me even wetter. I had not had a cock tonight at all. As I swung my leg over his face I felt hands on my hips. Looking over my shoulder I saw Sarah wearing the biggest strap-on dildo I had ever seen. It was 12 inches long and 4 inches thick. I leant forward, my quivering pussy just above Don's face and began sucking Lucy's clit. Don's tongue helped to huge cock slide in to my pussy. Every inch was a mix of intense pleasure, and a little pain. Slowly the mix of my juices and Don's tongue had it all the way in my cunt. Sarah began fucking me back an forth as I licked and sucked Lucy's wet cunt as it slid up and down Don's pulsing cock meat. The sight of such a large cock sliding in and out of my aching twat was too much for Lucy. She slammed down hard on Don's dick and let out an almighty scream as his dick and my tongue were rammed in to her pussy. As her orgasm subsided she began moving again. I looked over my shoulder to see Don had his tongue in Sarah's twat and three fingers up her ass, she was pumping my cunt faster and faster. As Lucy cried out with another orgasm I felt Don's cock pulse as he shot load after load of cum straight in to Lucy's hungry snatch. That sent me over the edge, my pussy clamped on to the dildo invading it and I cried out in ecstasy in to Lucy's cunt.

We lay there for a minuet, Sarah pulled the gigantic, plastic cock out of my pussy and joined me liking up the mixed juices of me new girlfriend and me brother, as they leaked out of her pussy. Not done however, Don slowly licked some feeling back in to my over stretched little pussy.

The weekend turned out to be fun for all. Next year we will be in a big house, that should be fun.

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