tagIncest/TabooLoving His Daughter:...

Loving His Daughter:...


Loving His Daughter: What More Does A Man Need?

My name is Rosa, and I have a big family. When I was younger I would sit on my Daddy's lap all the time. He told me he use to feed me when I was a baby. That was the only way I would eat. As I got older, Dad and I would watch TV, or do my homework on his lap. When my mother was killed by a drunk driver, Daddy held me on his lap while I was crying. When I was 18, Dad brought home a woman, said he was going to marry her. Shortly after they were married, she walk into Daddy's Den and I was on his lap.

"This will have to stop Charles, I wont have it anymore. She is to old for sitting on your lap, people will talk." she said. And that was the last time I sat on his lap.

My Dad's throwing me a big party, my 20th. All my friends are coming, so is my Uncle Nicky. I haven't seen him sense mom died. I had a wonderful time with my friends, but I couldn't wait till the party's over, and it's just family.

"Hey Rosa, Happy Birthday, our ride is here to take us home." Nancy said. She's one of my friends.

"How's it going Honey?" dad ask.

"Oh Daddy thank you for a great party." I told him.

Everyone has left now, and it's quiet. I went inside to where my family was.

"Hey Rosa, are you going to sit on my lap, like you did growing up, or are you to big for that stuff anymore?" Uncle Nicky ask. I wanted to, but I knew she wouldn't like it. Sure enough before I could say anything she open her mouth.

"She is to old for that, besides I was tried of having Charles's cock hard everytime she leaves his lap.

"That happen only once and if I reminder rightly it was you who was sucking my cock, and you just had to leave to answer the phone, you left me hard, not her." Dad told her. I left the room. I had, had enough, sometime I wish she would just leave.

"Hey, she's some bitch, bringing that up like that. "Nicky said.

"I know, and you want to know the funny part is, what I said about her was true, but it's also true that having Rosa on my lap dose turn me on, and she plays with my cock, getting him even harder." he told his brother. "She never done that to me, if she ever did I'd take her to the nearest bedroom and let her have her way with me." Nicky said.

The next day I was coming down the hall, when Dad called out.

"Hi, Honey come in here." he said.

"Come over here and sit on Daddy's lap and play like you use to." he said.

"Where is she at?" I ask.

"She gone for the day." he told me. I went over and sat on his lap.

"Oh Daddy I miss you and this." I told him. My hand slip down between us and I found his already hard cock. I caress, and rub it.

"I see you are already hard." I said.

"Yes, been thinking about you sitting here playing with me. Have you ever play with Nicky like this?" he ask.

"No, I wasn't sure how he would feel about it." I said.

"Next time you see him, try and maybe he'll take you someplace and you can have some fun." he said.

"Shit, she's back honey go hide in the bathroom." he whispers in my ear. I ran into the room, just as she came into the room.

"What are you doing still in your bathrobe Charles?" she ask.

"I've been waiting for you to come home, and take care of me, and this big baby. I've been here waiting just for you." he told her showing her his had cock.

"Go put some clothes on, I don't have time for this right now." she told him as she walk out of the room. Dad walk into the bathroom, locking the door he lean on the sink.

"Oh Baby would you please suck Daddy's cock?" he ask me. I took his cock, and lick, and kiss the tip. My hands were rubbing the length, pumping him. When I close my mouth on him, he let out a hiss. I took his cock down deep in my throat, and i suck him there till his cum burst out and I swallow every drop. Licking my lips I left the room.

A lot of things have happen in the last three weeks. My Uncle Nicky move in. My step mom is madder than hell about that, and I've suck Daddy's cock three more times, when she wasn't home. Tonight Dad is taking her out to eat, so I can spend some time with Uncle Nicky.

"Hey baby, we're leaving now and we will be gone about three hours have fun." he told me kissing me with his tongue. I kiss him back. I watch them leave from my window.

I went down and found Uncle Nicky sitting on the couch watching TV. I went over and sat on his lap.

"Hi, Uncle Nicky what are you doing?" I ask.

"Watching my favorite show with my favorite girl." he said. We sat there and watch for away. I slip my hand down between us and found his cock,

"mmmmm he's bigger than daddy is" I thought to myself.

"Oh Rosa, If you don't stop that Honey your going to have a wet mess to clean up." he said.

"Then I better get him in my mouth where the mess can stay." I said. I got off and kneel in front of him and pull open his robe and his extremely large cock was hard and jerking. I close my mouth over the cockhead and suck,

"Oh Sweet baby." he groan. I took him as deep as I could and drank his cum when he exploded.

"We better move this to yours or mine room." he said.

"They wont be back for hours yet." I told him. He told me that he wanted to get his cock up inside me and he was going to stay there all night. We went to my room, I have a king size bed Daddy just brought for me.

"Go lay on the bed, I need to get something from my room." he said. I took off my robe and layed on the bed. I heard my door open, and close then I saw Him. He was rubbing something on his cock. [Before I go any further I need to tell you how I came interested in Daddy and Uncle Nicky. The males of my family have very enormous size cocks, I've always wondered what it would feel like to have them inside me.] I ask him what he was rubbing on, all he said was to get inside you easyer. I didn't care, as long as he did. He climb on top of me and push my legs apart more and with his hand he held his cock pushing the head in.

"Now baby I'm going to push in hard are ready?" he ask I nodded my head yes, and he plunge his cock in.

"OH SWEET BABY, YOU HAVE ONE TIGHT FUCKING PUSSY." he said. He pull back slowly, taking his time he move his cock in and out. He'd stop moving, and just kiss my lips or the next stop he would suck my titties, and once he slide his finger up my ass. We must have been fucking for hours because I heard Dad and her come in and go to their room. I was getting upset, and when he stop again.

"Why do you keep stopping?" I ask.

"AM........WAITING........FOR.......YOUR.........DAD.......TO....COME.......AND......JJOIN.......US." he said. Just then I heard my door open and close and the lock click in place.

"It's about damn time you got here, I'm ready to blow." Nicky said to dad.


"Well Baby if you need to cum then I can help with that." he said dropping his robe on the floor, as Nicky roll me on top of him. Daddy stood over Nicky's head.

" Now baby suck Daddy's cock while I finger fuck your ass, and you'll be coming in no time." he said. As soon as I had Daddy's cock buried down my throat ,Daddy fuck my mouth, and ass. And in no time all three of us had orgasms.

I ask Dad where she was, he said he'd given her two sleeping pills and she wouldn't be up till morning. The rest of the night I was fuck up the ass and pussy, and I suck them off again before Dad left my room to go back to his. When I ask Nicky if he was leaving to he told me he was staying he wasn't done yet. He got up, told me to join him in the shower, we were going to fuck in there. And it was the most wonderful time I have had yet.

"Oh I wish we could go somewhere and not have her there. Somewhere we can go naked all the time and fuck whenever, and where ever we want." I said. Nicky left my room after our shower.

Over the last month there hasn't been any chances to get Daddy or Uncle Nicky alone long enough to even kiss them and tell them I miss them. I'm going crazy, I want to get fuck so bad that I've been fingering myself a lot, and that's not helping anymore. I need a hard cock. I saw the pool boy, he's 18, and I just had to go out to him. All I could talk him into was eating my pussy. That's how she found me, with his tongue up me pussy, and me yelling for him to suck me. She scream and Dad came running out. She told Dad that I had to leave, and Dad told her that he would never tell me I had to leave my home. She told him she was leaving and he'd be sorry.

The last two months Dad had to go to court, she was saying that Dad never touch anymore and that he had another woman. I didn't know this till he told me later. He went in front of the Judge. [he was from a family like ours, where daughters sat on their daddy's laps] And told him that she was the one who would get him hard and then leave for appointment or the phone, or she forgot to call someone. And when he gave the Judge pictures of her and her boss having sex. The Judge gave her nothing and told her he'd better never see her in his court room again.

Dad came home with a dozen roses and the Judge came with him.

"I'd like you to meet my daughter." Dad said. I walk up to him and gave the Judge a big hug.

"Thank you for believe my Daddy Sir." I said. Dad took us into his Den.

"Your Daddy tells me you can suck a mans cock, and make him feel like he's the only man in he world. Can you Honey." the Judge asks.

"I know that I can and do enjoy sucking a mans cock." I told him.

"The Judge would like to know if you would be interested in sucking his cock." Dad ask me.

" I would love to suck your cock, but only if you join us tonight in my bed." I said. Just then I heard my step mother yell for Dad. I pull the Judge into the bathroom with me. We could hear every word she said to Daddy. The Judge took out his cell phone and called someone, then told me to hide in the shower and he walk out.

"I think Mr. John's I will buy the Chest set after all, and you young lady are going to jail, for being here. Hello officers, please arrest her for............." he said. I couldn't hear what she was going to jail for.

After she was gone the Judge open the door.

"Okay baby you can come out here and suck my cock." he said. I walk out and over to the couch and kneel down in front of him. I watch as he pull out his cock. He was very hard and he was almost as big as Uncle Nicky. I lick my lips and kiss his cockhead, running my tongue around the tip of his cock. I close my mouth on his cock and slowly suck him deep into my throat.

"MMMMM, YES, I LOVE IT, DEEPER HONEY, AAAAAGGGHHHH, GOD THIS FEELS GREAT, OH YES BABY, SUCK MY COCK, OH GOD BABY I'M GOING TO CUM ANY SECOND, OOOOOHHHH I'M CUMMING!!" he cried out. I lick his cock clean and saw that he was still hard so I stood up and ease my pussy down on his cock, I rode his cock, while kissing him to his second orgasm, and my first. He look at me ad ask me what time I wanted him here tonight.

"Be here in time for dinner and we can go to the pool before we go to my room." I said.

I was in the pool when he show up.

"Take off your clothes and join me, they'll be down shortly." I told him. I watch him taking off his clothes and notice he was hard again. As e slip into the water I met him and grab his cock. "I see your hard already, that's good because I'm all wet and ready for you." I whisper in his ear. He pull me to to him and he plunge his cock in my pussy. pulling me up to the higher steps he lay me down and he plunge my pussy harder, and a few quick strokes I was cumming.

"Lets go up to your room I want to fuck your ass." he said. I took his hand and lead him to my room, where Daddy and Uncle Nicky was waiting for us. Daddy was laying on his back and I climb on top of him and put his cock in my wet pussy. I felt the Judge's cock pushing into my ass, and Uncle Nicky was waiting for me to suck his cock. What a wonderful life. I had three huge cocks inside me and I was loving every inch of them.

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