tagLoving WivesLoving in Silence

Loving in Silence


Roger's brown eyes were hidden behind clenched lids as the bright strobe light of his alarm clock flashed around the room. He sighed and reached over his petite wife of five years and flicked the annoying light off. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and then looked at Joyce, her head buried under the blankets, so the light didn't wake her up. He chuckled and pulled the blanket from her blonde curls and saw her shake her head no.

Eventually, Joyce rolled over and glared at him with the sea-green eyes that melted his heart every time he looked at her. His hands came up and he told her, "You have to stop hiding under the blankets. You will be late for work tomorrow. It will be your first day Not a good impression." He raised his eyebrows and smirked.

Joyce sighed and rolled her eyes at him. Her fingers and hands moved as she signed back to her husband. "You have made me get up at 5am for the last two weeks, to prepare me for waking up early . . . I want to sleep in this morning." She stuck out her tongue and grabbed the blankets.

As she attempted to pull them over her head to shut out her husband, he pulled them away from her and off the bed. "Argh!" she muttered and glared at him.

Roger laughed and winked at her. "I will make it worth your time," he signed back to her. His finger trailed over the collar of her pajamas. His brown eyes danced as she pouted, but he knew when she slipped her hand into his pajama bottoms and toyed with his cock, she was more then willing to let him try his best.

An hour later Joyce was sleeping again, but this time the smell of her and her husband's climax filled the room. Roger made his way to the shower and was soon clean and in the kitchen making breakfast. It was the vibrations that ran through Joyce's body that finally got her out of bed.

She jumped up and grabbed her robe, the strobe light again was cascading, this time however it was throughout the entire house. She ran to the kitchen. The smell of smoke filled her nostrils as well as the small room. She stood there waving the vile smoke away as Roger tossed burnt toast into the trash alone with a now broken toaster.

She grabbed Roger's arm, released him and then passed the tip of her right index finger down over the flat part of her left hand from her index finger to her little finger and finished with both hands, index fingers pointing away and simultaneously pivoted them with the palms down.

"What happened?" he asked using the same sign. "What does it look like . . . we need a new toaster." His fingers moved quickly as he pointed to the now smoking trash.

"I will buy one today," Joyce motioned. She pulled out orange juice from the fridge and poured them both a glass. "Do you want to come with me?" she asked.

Roger grinned. "Can I pick what you wear?"

Joyce blushed. "If you want," she answered. Her eyes lifted in amusement as she watched him smile and leave the kitchen . . . breakfast now forgotten.

A bright red light blinked and Joyce stood up to see who was at her front door. She walked over and peered through the security hole and grinned. When she opened the door, she was almost blown over by the two sets of identical four year olds. "Aunt Joy " Becky shouted and hugged Joyce's right leg. Robin echoed the same sentiment and staked claim to the other leg.

"Girls," their mother called and pulled them off of her sister's leg. "Sorry, Joyce," she signed.

"No worries," Joyce answered back with her hands. She bent down on her knees and hugged the girls before looking at them. "What have you learned?" she asked them. Her mouth never moved, but her hands and eyes did.

Becky grinned and lifted her small fingers. Her index and middle fingers formed the right 'H' sign and then she traced a cross on the upper part of her left arm. "Hospital." She grinned with pride.

"Hospital?" Joyce repeated the word and a look of concern crossed her face. She looked to her sister Abigail and asked. "Why Hospital?"

"Philip, broke his arm when he rode his bike down the hill," Abigail answered. She rolled her eyes and assured her sister that her eight-year-old nephew was fine and that was why he was not with them.

Joyce's attention was pulled away when Robin pulled on her robe. Joyce bent back down and looked at the young girl's brown eyes. "Yes, Robin? What did you learn?"

Robin put together her hands, forming the letter 'A' she placed them together with her thumbs up, then she wiggled them up and down. "Sweetheart." She grinned wide.

"Ohhh . . . that is a special word," Joyce grinned. She glanced at her sister and saw another rolling look.

Abigail signed, "There is a new boy in her preschool."

"Ohhh . . . I see," Joyce added, "she's starting early."

The girls were dismissed and allowed to play in the backyard. The sisters followed them out and when Roger found them he gave a customary kiss to Abigail's cheek. "Hello beautiful," he signed.

"Careful, I'm still a recently divorced woman and may snatch you," Abigail said, her fingers moving gracefully just like her deaf sister's did. She smiled over at Joyce and for the thousandths time found herself envious of her baby sister. If she could live one day in Joyce's shoes she wondered if she would miss hearing.

"I would snatch you if Joyce would let me," Roger's fingers moved deftly before winking at his sister-in-law.

Joyce laughed at them both. "Why are you here this morning Abby?"

"I have a date and wanted to invite you and Roger along. I have a sitter for the kids," she asked.

"You need chaperones?" Roger asked.

"She's been without for so long, perhaps we are supposed to protect her date," Joyce signed and then giggled when her sister stuck her tongue out at her.

"That is a family habit, isn't it?" Roger asked.

Abigail and Joyce laughed, simultaneously showing him their tongues.

"Careful . . . I've never made Abigail use her tongue when she sticks it out at me, but I have you," he moved his hands and then quickly kissed his wife. He made a move to kiss Abigail, but grabbed her cheek instead. He winked and then sat back in his seat. "We will join you and . . .?"

"Tucker," Abigail spelled out her date's name.

"Tucker," the deaf couple repeated, memorizing the letters and forming their own way of signaling it between themselves and Abigail. Once they agreed on a universal sign for the boyfriend's name the conversation continued.

"Great!" Abigail signed, stood up and smiled. She called the girls and soon Joyce and Roger were alone.

"What am I wearing to the store?" Joyce asked, her eyes bright with curiosity.

Roger grinned wickedly and grabbed her arm. He pulled her to the bedroom and there on the bed was her small pleated skirt, white vest, a red bra and red panties. She laughed and slipped her fingers over the sash that kept her robe closed.

Her eyes filled with lust as she slipped it from her body and ran her hands over her full breasts, pinched both nipples and then ducked away from her husband's touch. "No . . . I want you to tell me something," she said with her hands, after she released her breasts.


"Do you want to fuck my sister?"

Roger was stunned. His jaw fell and he studied his wife. He said nothing for several minutes and then he lifted his hands and asked, "Where the fuck did that come from?" He glared at her and placed his hands on his hips.

"Don't get mad. I think you want to. You flirt more now that she is single."

Joyce climbed on the bed and slid her feet to the clothes; she pushed them off the bed. Her fingers ran over her breasts and then she lifted them to sign, "I am not mad. I think Abby would like to fuck you too."

"Why are you doing this?" Roger asked.

"I want you to. I read a story and it was about two sisters. I got very hot," Joyce said with her hands. She then showed her husband how "hot" the story had made her.

She ran her fingers over her trim stomach and then down to her smooth pussy. Her eyes stayed on her husband and she saw his eyes watch her fingers. They slipped between the moist petals of her sex and slowly traveled down.

Roger removed his slacks and shirt, clothes he'd picked for the day after showering. He used his hands to tell his wife, "Yes . . . I would like to fuck Abby . . . I would like to see you and her together."

He climbed on the bed and moved the thumb of his right hand down along his right jawbone almost to his chin and then brought his outstretched fingers together several times, asking his wife an unspoken question.

"Yes, I think my sister will definitely go for it," Joyce answered and then returned her slippery fingers back to her cunt. She toyed with the hardening clit and shifted her body, so she lay more flat on the bed. Her eyes closed. She knew she wouldn't need to see her husband's fingers to know what he wanted.

Soon she was plunging her digits into her sweet box and Roger was sucking one nipple while he toyed with the other. Her moans filled the room as he watched her buck against her hand. He fought the desire to thrust his cock into her. Instead he waited for her to come. When she did, he took her hand and ran his tongue over her fingers, cleansing her.

He moved between her legs and pinched her thigh. She opened her eyes and looked at him. Her breath was coming in gasps. "Watch me," he told her before his hands became occupied with her ass. He held her up and pushed his face between her slick pussy.

Joyce clenched the sheets and begged for more with the words that would not come, but those words weren't needed. Roger could taste her arousal and he knew what his wife liked. He pushed his tongue against her clit. His teeth teased and pulled the sweet jewel until she was riding his face. His nostrils filled with her essences and he bathed in her perfume.

As he licked her pussy, his fingers were kneading the cheeks of her ass. Slowly he spread them. One finger pressed against her anus, but never entered. He only stimulated the puckered entrance. He knew he'd visit her there another time, right now he was simply wanting to devour her.

He moved his finger back to her ass cheek and then her hip. The other hand slowly glided to her pussy and he pushed two fingers into her slick opening. His other hand released her ass and slipped to her belly. There he signaled to her with one hand that he wanted her to spread her legs wider.

Joyce felt the tender fingers move over her stomach and she watched them sign out his demand. She opened her legs wider and then brought her fingers down to her clit. He opened her lips wider and fucked her with his fingers and his tongue. Together they teased her body to a great peak and when she exploded around him, he grinned, sucked and lapped up her sweet fluids.

Her come continued to flow fast as he licked and prodded her until she was whimpering and thrashing uncontrollably. Her hand left her cunt and she grabbed his hair. Their eyes met and he watched her upturned right hand, angle and then drop down sharp. "Now!" she'd told him.

Roger needed no other signal. He straddled her hips and pressed the head of his cock against her sex. He growled deep as he rammed his thick muscle into her. She squealed with pleasure, bent her knees and brought her hips up to meet him thrust for thrust.

His hands grabbed her waist and he plunged another inch into her. Her fingers moved to her nipples and she pulled on the sweet buds. "Fuck!" she signed. "Faster!" "Harder!" her fingers flew as fast as they could so she could get back to toying with her breasts.

The look on his wife's face was pure delight as he claimed her pussy with every impalement he forced into her tight opening. He watched her nipples grow harder, saw the redness increase as she twisted and teased them.

Joyce gripped his cock with her pussy muscles and kept them clenched as he dragged his penis in and out of her. Soon both were shouting out and both were climaxing. Roger dug in with his fingers and held her to him as he soaked her with his seeds. Joyce's fingers racked down his arms as she reached out and grabbed him. Her climax brought shuddering waves of heat from deep within her and she screamed as her come flowed hot and thick, mingling with her husband's juice.

Eventually she released him and he her. His tongue made a path to her sore nipples. He kissed them both and licked the hot flesh, before sliding up and kissing his wife's lips.

He rolled to his back, taking Joyce with him. He watched her rest on his chest. He brought his hands up to her face and signed. "How long do you think, your sister has known Tucker?" A wicked gleam filled his soft brown eyes.

To be continued . . .

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