Loving Lill, A Christmas Romance


When we reached the edge of the bed, he raked his eyes over my naked body before directing, "Lie back."

I pushed myself back into the middle of the bed, propping myself up on my forearms, my knees bent and together. Blake followed me onto the bed like a panther stalking its prey. Placing a palm on each of my knees, he pressed out to open my legs. Then, he hooked his fingers under my knees and lifted, positioning my feet wider. Licking his lips, he looked me over with a devilish smirk.

"Mmm. I can see you're already wet and ready for me, baby," he growled while he reached out and dragged his fingers through my slit. "You are so fucking hot."

He continued to rub up and down, long, steady strokes. My forearms gave out and my back fell to the bed while I arched my hips, craving more. When my breathing became short, fast gasps, Blake's finger rolled over my clit. I cried out at the sudden burst of pleasure and he continued rubbing that little pleasure button. It didn't take long before I was convulsing and crying out while I climaxed. My limbs were limp, and I lay there breathing heavily.

Leaning over me, he whispered, "I told you I'd make it up to you." Kissing me softly, he played with my nipples again while my breathing returned to normal. Then he said, "I want you on your knees, baby."

I rolled onto my belly. Blake grasped my hips, assisting me to get on all fours. Then, I slid my knees into a straddle position.

His hands smoothed over my butt cheeks and down onto my thighs between my legs. He moved into position behind me and growled, "Wider, honey."

I complied, spreading my knees further apart on the mattress.

Blake splayed his fingers on my back, pressing down to lower my torso while the head of his cock pressed into my pussy opening. Without hesitation, he drove in. Fortunately, I was wet enough with my own lubricant that he easily slid inside me until he bottomed out. He made several back-and-forth movements, getting himself good and coated with my juices. I knew his pattern. Then, he pulled out and slammed back into me. I cried out at the sudden shock and pleasure that spasmed in my core, sending a zing to my nipples, causing them to pucker.

Blake loved this position. I enjoyed it too, but lately, he seemed to prefer it to any other, and it's just—I don't know—not very... romantic? And a girl needs a little romance—sometimes.

He pulled out and rammed back in again. I moaned, and that seemed to spur him on and he began his breakneck speed of pumping in and out, his fingers digging into my hips while he pulled me toward him with every thrust. It wasn't long before he reached his climax and bellowed, "Oh, yes! Fuck yes!"

Collapsing on the bed next to me, he rolled me onto my side and pulled me so my back was to his chest. He delighted, "I can't get enough of you."

I don't know why, but I felt disappointed all of a sudden and my brows furrowed. It was great sex, so what was going on with me? Well, it must be the stress finals, the end of the semester. Yeah. That's probably it.


Blake and I did some Christmas shopping that afternoon. It was really great to take a break from studying for finals. Instead of going to the mall, we went into town. I love the variety of unique items you can find in local shops, and I much prefer them to the hubbub of a shopping center. At 4 PM, I purchased a gift for the last person on my list. I was so elated to be finished shopping that I did a little happy dance on the sidewalk. Blake just shook his head in amusement.

My mood was light and I was happy. There was a spring in my step while Blake held my hand and we headed back to his car so we could get back to campus for our weekly ritual of Saturday night gaming in his dorm room. It usually ended up just me and the guys, but I didn't mind. Over the last ten months I'd gotten rather good at Forza Motorsport 7, and though I would never admit it to the guys, I secretly enjoyed Star Wars Battlefront.

On the way back to the car, we were passing by a large park where a lot of people were gathered. One moment it was dark, and the next, Christmas lights came to life, lighting up the whole park.

"Oh, Blake! Look! There is a Christmas display in the park! Let's go!" I could see my breath while I bounced on my toes excitedly.

He chuckled and grinned at me while squeezing my hand, "You are such a kid."

I snickered. "Oh, c'mon. Who doesn't like Christmas lights? Admit it. You like it."

Blake couldn't hide his smile when he kidded, "Not a bit."


"Oh, you're going to regret you said that," he chided. Grabbing my sides, he tickled me, and I giggled. Then, he held my waist and kissed me sweetly. "I would love to look at the Christmas lights with you, babe."

"Yay!" I exclaimed while jumping on him in an excited hug.

Taking my gloved hand, Blake and I entered the park through a tunnel of fairy lights. On the other side of the tunnel, snowflakes were suspended from the umbrella of tree branches above the paved trail. They were complimented by icicle lights that were on a trace pattern, so it appeared like they were dripping. It was magical!

The path ahead was lined by stanchions with clear rope lights strung between them to keep pedestrians from straying. We were greeted by outlines of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella, her pumpkin coach, and the field mice, lighted in all the right colors! Next, we came upon a large Christmas tree, decorated with colored lights and shiny ornaments. Under the tree, were lighted packages made of tinsel and wire. Beside the tree was a 3-D lighted figure of a young girl holding a nutcracker up in the air. She twirled like a ballerina on a motorized base. It was Clara and the Nutcracker. Music spilled from speakers that were hidden in the trees, playing Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite. It was enchanting and so clever!

I squealed with delight.

Laughing heartily, Blake squeezed my hand and kissed me on the cheek.

We walked through several more displays before we came to a gumdrop forest. The candy was made of what looked like glittered rubber balls with twinkling lights inside them. From there, we walked into candy cane lane. Off to the right there was a lighted silhouette of a very colorful gingerbread house, complete with gingerbread people.

Just beyond candy cane lane was a path lined on the ground with red and white rope lights. Nine motorized deer were positioned on both sides of the walkway. One had a red nose. Rudolph. A path broke off the main trail and the red and white rope lights led up to a small house. It looked like one of those sheds that are made to resemble a child's playhouse. It was red with white trim and covered in pine garland lighted with tiny white lights. I heard the unmistakable "Ho, ho, ho!" come from somewhere inside, and the tell-tale line of children leading up to the door told me that Santa was inside.

At twenty-one, I may have been a little too old to go up and sit on Santa's lap, but that doesn't mean the charm was lost on me. It was adorable.

After a few more wintery scenes, we exited the display and were met with ordinary street lamps and the black velvet sky. I turned to Blake and kissed him excitedly. "That was so much fun! Thank you!"

He looked happy and continued to hold my hand while we walked.

"Hey! What do you say we go and pick up two large pizza and go back to the dorm and share them with the guys and get that game of Forza 7 started?" I suggested enthusiastically.

"Now you're talking!"

I'd had a great time that afternoon. It was probably the most fun we'd had together in a while.


Matt, Ryan, and Joe forgave us for being late when we arrived with the pizza. We ate our fill and then started up the Xbox.

After I turned out the best time in Forza 7 in two out of the three rounds and second place in the other, the guys were apparently sick of losing to a girl. Poor sports. So, we played Star Wars Battlefront for a while before they abandoned that for one of the shoot 'em up games. Those are not my thing, so I took the time to check my Facebook messages and email.

After the day's excitement, I was pretty tired, so I decided to go to bed. Blake and I had plans to meet Logan and Kirstin the next morning to go ice skating, and I didn't want to start the day tired. The guys were deep into their game, and loud about it. I knew there was no sleep to be had in Blake's bed. So, I decided to head back to my room.

"Hey, Blake. I'm tired. I'm gonna go."

No reply.

I placed my hand on his forearm. "Blake. I'm going back to my room to sleep."

"Huh? Oh. Okay," he said distractedly.

I crossed my arms and waited, but he said nothing more, so I asked what I thought he should have offered, "Would you walk me back?"


"Would you walk me back to my dorm please?"

"Aw. C'mon, Lill," he said with a note of irritation.

"It's late, and it's dark."

"Seriously? I'm sure you can make it back to your dorm without me holding your hand."

And just like that, he spoiled the good mood I'd been in all day. Ass.

"Fine," I said curtly. "I'll see you tomorrow morning." I zipped up my wool coat, looped my scarf around my neck, shoved my hands into my pockets, and strode out of the room, letting the door slam when I left.

I huffed out a breath, shoving open the exit door at the bottom of the stairwell and stepping out into the wintry night air. It was pitch black, save for the tall street lamps and the blue-light safety alarms that were interspersed along the walkways. Hugging my arms to my chest, I hurried around the side of the building and down the tree-lined path that led to the quad.

I heard laughing and mumbled voices, and I looked around, making myself aware of my surroundings. There were three guys coming into the quad just ahead of me from the path to my right. To get to my dorm, I needed to cross the center of the quad and go straight. I could tell from the guys' motions and obnoxious laughter that they were drunk. Probably returning from one of the end of the semester frat mixers that were going on that evening. Damn it. That was exactly why I wanted Blake to walk me home.

I hoped the guys would walk straight, but they turned onto my path. Stopping, I thought about going back and making Blake walk me home, but I told myself I was just being silly, and I continued on my way. Keenly aware of the approaching men, I didn't make eye contact, but kept them in my peripheral vision.

Just walk by me. Just walk by me.

I was about to sigh with relief when they began to pass me, but instead I gasped. One of them backed up and jumped in front of me. I nearly jumped out of my skin! The other two guys had turned and were standing behind me.

"What do we have here?"

My whole body tensed. Shit. I dove forward, trying to shove my way past the goon in front of me, but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back into the center of the circle.

"Not so fast."

I twisted my wrist toward his thumb and jerked downward, freeing my hand. That only made his wicked smile wider. My heart pounded furiously and I was trying not to let myself get frantic, but damn it, I was scared. I glanced to the edge of the walkway looking for the closest blue safety alarm. Unfortunately, I was almost exactly in the middle of two of them, each being at least ten feet away. I made the quick decision to try to run. They were drunk, and I was fast. If I could get away, I didn't think they could catch me. I aimed for the biggest hole in the circle between two of them.

I bolted and felt exhilarated when I broke through, but I was quickly jerked back by a pair of arms around my waist. I felt tears stinging my eyes and a knot gripping my stomach. I pulled my arms to my chest defensively when goon number one hurled me into the arms of one of the other two drunken fools.

"Stop! Let me go!" I screamed. Maybe someone would hear me.


The goon and the two drunken fools turned in the direction of the voice, just in time to see a man in a hoodie running toward us. My eyes were blurred with tears, so all I saw was his dark form when he arrived on the scene charging right into the center of the three of them and pushing me right out the other side, his arm held out protectively in front of me.

"You're done here. Go sleep it off, fellas," the stranger said forcefully.

"We were just having a bit of fun," one of them responded.

"It didn't look like she was having any fun. It's not going to score you any points with the girls if you go around scaring them."

He didn't wait for a response and spun around, placing an arm over my shoulder and quickly ushering me away from the three idiots while they sputtered behind us. My body was shaking and my legs felt like jelly. Realizing I was in the company of another stranger, I panicked, and I took off running. I could hear the footsteps running behind me and I began to whimper.

"Lill, wait! Stop! Lill!"

His voice was familiar, but in my state of panic, I couldn't place it. I slowed and turned around. A moment later, he stopped in front of me, his heavy breathing matching mine.

"Geez. You're fast!" he exclaimed, pulling the hoodie down.

A flood of relief washed over me, and my legs wobbled. I fell into Logan, throwing my arms around his waist, tears streaming down my face.

"Shh. You're safe," he soothed, holding me securely in his arms. Then, he mumbled, "I'm sorry."

"Why are you apologizing?"

"I wish I'd been there sooner. Before they started hassling you."

"What? No. You rescued me."

A grin broke out on his face. "So, I'm your knight in shining armor?" Leave it to Logan to lighten the mood with his silly humor.

I couldn't help but grin and agree, "Yes, of course."

I felt him take a deep breath in and out. "Well then, let me escort you home, milady."

He dropped his arms from around me and I straightened up. We began to walk. It was cold. I hopped in front of Logan and he nearly walked into me.

"Lill," he complained.

I just giggled and pulled up his hoodie to keep his head warm. Then, I bounced back to his side and looped his arm with mine, pulling him along.

He chuckled. "I'm glad to see you've recovered."

A sudden thought occurred to me, and I asked, "How were you there?"

"I was coming back from Kirstin's when I saw you heading for the quad. I decided to come after you so you wouldn't have to walk home alone. If I had run to catch up to you when I first saw you I would have been there when those jerks stopped you. I'm sorry for that. So—where's Blake?"

"He was gaming."

"Wait. He wouldn't walk you home?"

I didn't respond.

The annoyance in his voice and the tension in his body was immediate. He stopped short, and I jolted a little, my arm still looped around his.

"I'm gonna kill him," he sputtered.

I wasn't sure whether to be concerned or appreciative.

"He didn't know." I wasn't sure why I said that. I was annoyed with Blake. I guess I felt like I had to defend my boyfriend.

"He damn well should know. He should never have sent you out alone at night."

"Nothing happened." There I go again. Something almost did happen.

Logan threw his hands out to the side. "What would have happened if I hadn't come along, Lill? Nothing?"

Crossing my arms, I studied my feet. I didn't have a response. I knew he was right.

"They could have hurt you." His voice was strained. He hung his head and huffed out a breath with his hands on his hips.

We were both quiet. I shuffled my feet at imaginary pebbles on the sidewalk.

Finally, Logan spoke, his voice calm and kind, "Look, Lill. Don't do that again. If you ever need an escort to go home at night, call me. I'll come. Anytime. Okay?"

I studied him. He meant it. You must be the sweetest guy I know.

"Promise me. Don't go out alone. Okay?"

I felt guilty and a little flattered that he would do that for me. "Okay," I whispered.

The stress left his face, replaced by his impish grin, and he nudged me playfully. "If something happened to you, what would I do without my daily dose of sarcasm?"

I chuckled, "I'm sure you would survive."

"I wouldn't be so sure. You underestimate just how important that sarcasm is in my life."

With a jab to his bicep, I laughed.

"Ow! You pack a punch. I'm mortally wounded."

"Shut up. That did not hurt." I grinned.

"No. But if it did, would you kiss it and make it better?"

"Not on your life!" Wait. Didn't he just say something like that this morning?

"Here we are."

Looking up, I realized we were in front of my dorm.

Logan smirked down at me, "Are you okay to go in alone? I could walk you to your door."

I couldn't tell if he was mocking me or if he was serious. Either way, it was cute. "You're funny. I think I will be safe from here, Mr. Chivalrous."

He bent at the waist and swept an arm out to the side in an exaggerated bow, "At your service, milady."

I giggled.

Logan shot me his devastating smile, and said quietly, "Sleep well, Lill. See you in the morning." Then he turned and began to walk away, but after a few paces, he turned and walked backward while saying, "I'm going to skate circles around you tomorrow!"

I just smiled and watched him fade into the night before scanning my keycard and letting myself into the building.


Sunday, December 17


I woke up on Sunday and got dressed in my stretchiest pair of skinny jeans and a black turtleneck sweater. Wearing my favorite black boots and wool jacket, I styled my red scarf in a French knot, pulled on a beret and insulated gloves in the same crimson shade. Before heading out the door, I took one last look in the mirror at my loose waves and applied some gloss to my lips. Satisfied, I headed to Blake and Logan's room.

I knocked on the door, but no one answered. When I knocked again I heard muffled voices before Logan opened the door wide.

He stepped back and said, "Tell her yourself."

I raised a brow, and I heard Blake moan. "Tell me what?" I asked, entering the room.

Logan just gestured to Blake, who was still lying in bed.

"Are you okay?" I went over and stood by the bed.

Logan uttered a contrived laugh.

"I just don't feel good," Blake answered.

"Are you sick?"

Logan guffawed but didn't say anything.

"No. I'm just tired."

"Okay... Why are you still in bed? I thought we were leaving now."

"I'm too tired."

"Well, I'm sorry, but it's time to go, sleepyhead," I said while I ruffled his hair.

"Liiill," he whined.


"I can't go. I'm exhausted."

I raised my eyebrows, slowly getting the picture, and feeling my annoyance begin to rise. I had a feeling I knew the answer, but I asked anyway. "And why are you so exhausted?"

"I was up almost all night."


"Mmm," he moaned, burying his face in his pillow.

"Oh. So—we're not going?"

There was no response, and I could hear his even breathing.

I sighed and then mumbled, "I really wanted to go."

"Hey, Lill?" Logan called my attention away from Blake.


"Why don't we just go?"

"Where's Kirstin?"

"She's not coming. But hey, I'm ready to go and could use some distraction before having to study for my International Finance final."

"I don't know. Maybe you should really study for that finance class. I've heard it's really hard." It was fun to rib Logan. He seemed to always know when I was kidding and was just as good at dishing it out.

"Who told you that? You were obviously speaking to someone of inferior intelligence." There was a glint of mischief in his eyes.

"You know, I'm not so sure that overinflated ego of yours is gonna do you any favors, Mr. Parkens."

Logan's smile was replaced by a more serious look when he responded, "I might not be as confident as you think, Lill, despite appearances. In fact, there are a few things I'm not confident of at all."

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