tagLoving WivesLoving Mimi Ch. 02

Loving Mimi Ch. 02


I should have known with Mimi's love for his big cock and the crush Elliott had on her what happened the night before wasn't the last they would be fucking each other. Elliott was sitting on the front step when I got home from work.

"Hi, Elliott. You missed Mimi. She's at work."

"I know I was here when she left. She told me I needed to wait here and to act like I am your friend around town rather than hers."

I didn't know how he got a ride into town or if he walked. "You saw Mimi then?"

"Oh, yeah. I got here about nine o'clock."

"Let me ask you, Elliott, did she let you fuck her?"

"Uh-huh, I fucked her right after I got here and again before she went to work."

Perfect! I thought. I wondered how long this would go on.

"Do you need a ride home?"

"Mimi told me that if I could stick around she would fuck me again when she got home tonight. I really love her."

The boy seemed to need a reality check. "Did you fuck your Mom when you went home last night?"

"She was wanting it bad. She had me up until two. I'm really beat."

"I'd think so. You've fucked my future bride four times and she has jacked you off once. Then you still fucked your Mom in the last twenty four hours."


"Twice what?"

"Fucked my Mom twice. She wants it twice a lot of times. I fucked her twice."

"You must be tired."

"I am. I could use a nap."

What the hell. I motioned towards the couch.

"Hey, I ain't fucking no guy!"


"I ain't fucking no guy. I'm not getting on the couch."

"No, Elliott. I'm offering to let you take a nap on my couch. You've been nice enough to fuck my woman. It's the least I can do." I mocked him.

The guy was still asleep when it was time to go get Mimi. I woke him up. He was eager to go along. Mimi smiled when she saw us together. I should have dumped the stupid fuck in the woods somewhere. Elliott wanted to sit outside at one of the cement picnic tables. I decided to learn more about him fucking his Mom and sisters. I asked him to fill me in about his sister Carol Ann getting married.

"You told us you started fucking your sister two weeks before she got married. How did that go?"

"I was worried about her husband. She wanted to fuck me all of the time. She had me do her every time she could get me hard. She would wake me up in the morning to fuck and sneak in my room at night. A couple of times during the day we were doing it, too. She kept promising that when she was married she wouldn't want her brother fucking her any more."

"How was that promise?"

"We did it after the rehearsal dinner the night before their fucking wedding. At the church the next day she called me in and said she needed it one more time. She fucked me in her wedding dress. She said she wanted to stand at the alter with a load of her brother's cum inside her. She did, I shot her full, thinking it was the last pussy I might ever get."

"It wasn't, was it?"

"A week later she was home with her new husband, the the same guy she had been dating and screwing for three years. Mom was busy in the kitchen. Dad had the new son-in-law in the garage showing him some new tools. Sis, pulled me into the hallway."

"Thanks for fucking up my honeymoon, little brother!"

"What did I do?"

"You shoved that big dick in me and that's all I could think about. I had a husband, but I wanted your big cock in me. I almost fucked a black guy just so I could feel myself stretched out with a big cock until I could get back here to you. Go to the bathroom with me. We'll close the door."

"Then Carol Ann dropped her panties and scooted onto the sink. She opened her legs and told me to fuck her as hard and as fast as I could."

"Did you get caught?"

"Nobody came looking for us. They stayed the weekend. I fucked my sister four more times. She said it would never be enough. About a month later she asked my Mom to let me come stay with them for a while. Mom sent me for two weeks. Carol Ann was waiting to start a new job and her husband was out of town all but three nights while I was there. She was fucking me three or four times a day and I was sleeping with her at night. I was fucking her when we went to bed and when we got up. Most nights she woke me up to do her again. She told me she thought she might be a nympho, whatever that meant."

Elliott had his nap on the couch and then we went to pick Mimi up from work. I got her off to the side to ask her what the hell was the deal.

"I decided I needed his cock a while longer. It's not going to hurt anything. The wedding is still several days away."

So, we went home. Elliott fucked the brains out of my intended again. I went "jogging" with Eva. Before I left I looked back at Elliott's cock working in an out of Mimi's cunt. I watched for several minutes. She does look good getting fucked. So, does Eva. I buried a load in her and came back home.

Mimi and Elliott were still at it. I sat down in a chair to watch. With me watching Mimi seemed to get a little hotter and Elliott seemed to want to show me how good he could fuck the woman I was about to marry. Mimi took a second massive load into her womb. I liked the way the cum ran out of her as they finished.

"I guess it's time to take Elliott home." I announced.

"Hey, I could call my Mom and ask if I could stay overnight."

That worked out well. Except for me. Elliott told her he could stay all week. She said to have fun. Mimi and Elliott took a shower together and got into our bed. Not to be outdone I got in with Mimi between us. I hadn't really noticed before, but the two of them don't make out. They don't even kiss. Mimi spreads wet and ready and he shoves it in until he works it until his balls hit her ass.

They were making a lot of noise and the bed was shaking. I had to get up in the morning, but decided to out wait them. In about a half hour we were all asleep. Mimi had a fresh load of his in her, maybe thinking this is the load that knocked her up.

Twice in the night my dreams that they were fucking in the bed beside were interrupted by the fact they were fucking in the bed beside me. They got up in the morning to have breakfast with me. I left them at the table when I went to take a piss before work. I was back in less than five minutes. Mimi had her ass at the edge of the table taking him almost to the balls again.

The guy never did go home. Two days before the wedding Mimi told me that she liked the idea that Elliott's sister had him fuck her the night before and then fuck her again in her gown at the church. She took her vows with a load of her brother's seed buried past her cervix.

That's what Mimi wanted. Her first intended paid for everything. Even the ring I was going to put on her finger. The wedding wasn't going to be fancy, but nice. She even invited the guy to the wedding. He refused, seemingly pissed about something.

That's the way it went. We had a rehearsal dinner. Afterwards Mimi had a room at the hotel so I wouldn't see her or her or her wedding dress before the ceremony. Elliott spent the night and gave her a good fucking several times. I guess it was ironic that I let him be the best man.

Mimi walked up the aisle by herself. She was lovely in her gown. Elliott stood at my side with the ring. Mimi gave him a kiss and thanked him. As she stood by my side I was so proud that she was about to be my bride. After the vows our lips met as the first kiss for our marriage. Mimi whispered in my ear ...

"Elliott's cum is running down both legs. He pumped me so full of his sperm before I came out here to marry you."

I watched as we made the rounds and she danced with all the men there. Elliott's load was making its way to the carpet on a regular basis. It seemed like the reception went on forever. I just wanted to get her upstairs and fuck her. Mimi had other plans. After a few minutes in the room there was a knock at the door. It was Elliott. Mimi said it would be a shame if the best man wasn't the first to fuck the new bride. She took him again on the bed while still in her wedding dress.

I wondered how I was supposed to follow that. I didn't have to follow that. We went three to a bed again. He fucked her goodnight and then again a couple of times during the night. After getting all cleaned up for our drive to the airport she fucked him again.

We finally got them to stop fucking each other long enough for Mimi to get dressed. She looked hot. She was wearing a black dress several inches above the knee, black lacy bra and a black thong for a panty.

We were at last headed to the islands for a week. The night before sucked. Now we were in the airport. Mimi seemed happy to discuss our trip with those around us. All while being quite flirty with the men. Even giving a little panty flash from time to time. I just wanted to get to the islands.

On the way there Mimi was fidgety in her seat. I thought she was just nervous on the plane.

"I'm going to have to use the toilet. The last load from Elliott is leaking out of me. I wanted to hold it until we got to the hotel so it would be in me when you fucked me for the first time."

I didn't care what was in her. She was now my wife and she had better be ready to get fucked. She was gone several minutes. She came back and handed me her panties. My new wife was now naked under her dress on the plane.

"There was even more than I thought. My panties were soaked with his cum. I must have used half a dozen towels to clean up the mess."

She leaned back in her seat. She took my hand and squeezed. "Almost there." She told me.

We took the shuttle to the resort. There were hot couples everywhere. I thought I measured up pretty good and Mimi looked perfect ... even without panties under her dress. When we looked around I asked Mimi is she wanted to check the place out or go to the room. Much to my surprise she wanted to go to the room. The only obstacle was five men standing at the bottom of the stairs. Four of them were black."

"Wait, we can't go up there!" I exclaimed.

"Why? It's the way to the room."

"Those men are going to see up your dress. Remember, you are naked under there."

"That's not going to hurt anything. Aren't you proud of your wife?"

"Yes, that's not the point."

"Here, give me the keycard. You wait here and watch them look when I go to the room."

You sure can't say I married a girl with no sense of adventure. She climbed the stairs. They all turned to watch. Her little red bush must have been in plain sight. They were all slapping themselves on the shoulder and pointing as she went on to the room. I waited for them to break up and went to the room myself. Mimi was on the bed with her dress still on. Her hand cupping her pussy.

"When we are old and gray you can say your wife had five guys looking at her cunt on her honeymoon. Are you ready to fuck your bride?"

After all this time I half expected to look around and see some other guy with a big hardon. Instead Mimi opened her legs and motioned me between her thighs. I knew foreplay wouldn't be necessary. I looked at her slit. Some of Elliott was starting to trickle out. I took my cock and shoved it between her cunt lips. It slid in real smooth. It was really slick and warm inside. There was a slippery feel from where Elliott has shot several loads.

I was doing pretty good. It wasn't loose and sloppy like I thought it would be. The grip was about the same as fucking Eva. Mimi started fucking me back. It felt really good.

"Oh, God, Honey. Your cock feels larger than I thought it would."

We were hitting it off good for our first fuck. I made her cum twice. She drained my nuts as I shot into her pussy. I'm sure my seed wasn't hitting her uterus. Afterwards we cuddled a few minutes. I had pushed a lot of Elliott's cum out of Mimi and added some of my own. Maybe claiming my territory, so to speak. Either way, we needed to shower before going out. We showered together. I was starting to feel like I had a wife.

This was good. I was the one fucking her four times a day, before bed, and once in the night. She said she liked fucking me and was glad I was her husband. I was glad she was my wife. She looked so good. I noticed when she was dressing her tummy was still out a bit from fucking Elliott's big cock. It made her all the sexier and I figured it would go down soon.

Then with two days we were out exploring the island when she said something I guess I should have been expecting.

"You know, Honey, we may not get to travel like this again any time soon. I wonder what it would be like to fuck a strange man in another country. Kind of a different experience. Me taking a cum load here from someone not American. Have you thought anything about me doing something like that while we are here?"

I found myself getting hard thinking about it. Seeing her with another man wouldn't be new. Although she had several men, just Elliott was the only one where I had actually seen her fuck. Towards the end I was starting to enjoy it.

"I suppose you could. Kind of like a honeymoon special remembrance. Do you want me to help you pick someone out?"

"No, please no. I don't want you to know who it is. I think cheating sex is better if your husband doesn't know about it, or if he does, he doesn't know who it is."

"Oh, okay. I thought you were talking about a threesome or something. I might like to see that."

"No, just me and the guy. Why don't you go back to the room and I'll see what I find. Or, maybe go to one of the clubs near the beach."

"Why? Do you already have someone picked out?"

"Maybe! Are you going to be my sweetie and let me do this? You've had me with a pussy full of cum. This won't be any different except that is is special because we are married now."

"Make sure he has condoms. With you off the pill I don't want a baby that can't speak English." I joked with her. I knew her making him wear a rubber wasn't in her plans.

She kind of rubbed her tummy with her hand. "If Elliott hasn't knocked me up I don't think a man on a one night stand is going to breed me."

"Well, still no condom. No cock for Mimi!"

"Okay, if I see I'm going to be late or overnight I'll call the room."

Fuck that! I acted like I was going to one of the other clubs and doubled back. Whoever she had spotted was probably right there. As I was getting in position to watch a man asked her onto the dance floor. Then she danced with several others. She was acting like every one of them had a chance. I thought back to her gangbang days. Surely she wouldn't do that.

I watched as she settled in with one slender, dark skinned man. He wasn't black, but dark. And, he wasn't very tall. They seemed to be having a lot of fun together. Other guys had now left her alone as it would appear a hook up had been made.

They danced a while and she followed him to his room. I guessed he was probably some asshole that vacations in honeymoon spots so he can get a chance to fuck a new wife. It was working out for this one.

From my spot I couldn't tell what room they went to, but I could see if they came back the hallway. I thought I would stake the spot out to walk her back to the room so she would be safe. Then again what could happen to her that wasn't already happening? I could picture her waiting for his cock to enter her as I sat there.

It had been over an hour. Mimi wasn't settling for a quickie just to be able to say, "Done That!" I was watching other couples making out and women showing tit and ass all around me. A gentlemen sat near me and told me him and his wife were from Atlanta.

"My wife is in the restroom. I made an embarrassing bet with her. I bet that if I left her alone men would try to get in her pants. She bet me a hundred dollars back that they would not. I'm winning my bet, but she is feeling like shit. You look you are here killing some time. Would you mind if I asked you to hit on her so she would feel good?"

"I really can't right now. I'm waiting for my wife. She was seeing what might happen with a little more success than you wife is having. She went to the guy's room. I'm waiting for her to get back."

"I'm sorry. I would have appreciated the help. Here she comes now. See, I can't get her to dress the part. I bought her a hot little dress that she was afraid to wear for fear someone would see some tit or something."

I'm thinking what the fuck. I described Mimi and left him to watch. Might as well send her back to Atlanta feeling a little bit good about herself. I plopped on the stool beside her. A sideways glance showed the body under the dress was not bad at all. She wasn't very pretty, but had a nice smile. She was nervous as hell. I touched her arm and she jumped away. All I needed to do was hit on her.

We talked a few minutes. I asked her to dance. With some coaxing I got her on the dance floor. The second dance was slow and I pulled her against me. She put her arm on my back, forcing her tits against my chest. The frumpy broad from Atlanta was showing some warmth. I could tell she was looking around for her husband. I knew she couldn't see him if he was watching for Mimi.

I was a getting hard so I made sure my cock pressed into her tummy. She backed off a moment and moved back in, seeming to forget hubby was out there somewhere. I brushed my hand onto her ass. She left it there. She looked up at me and I kissed her. She kissed me back. I don't think she remembered being married right then. I almost forgot about Mimi. She looked to see if her husband was watching. Not seeing him anywhere, she took my hand and led me down another hallway to their room.

She opened the door and told me that her husband didn't have a key. The room was like the one Mimi and I had except with a different color scheme. We kept kissing and making out. I backed her to the bed. She sat down on the edge.

For a plain looking woman in such an ordinary dress she sure wasn't shy about reaching in and taking my cock out of my pants. She put her mouth right down on it and began to suck me off. And, she was doing a hell of job. I didn't think she had a lot cock sucking experience, but she seemed determined to get me into her throat.

My balls were about to send a stream of sperm into her mouth when she pulled off and looked up at me. What she was doing to my dick made her look a whole lot prettier.

"I hope I'm doing this alright. A woman with two kids and a husband with a four inch cock doesn't get a lot of experience. Yours is so big and so smooth."

"Thanks it doesn't seem so big to me when my new bride has being doing one over a foot long."

"Good Lord! I don't think I'd even want to try one like that. I'm worried about what my husband will think after I get done doing what I want to do to you."

"My wife tightens back up pretty fast."

"I guess it's all a matter of perspective. Going from a foot down to four inches might get me to lose interest in my husband."

"Why is he so interested in getting you with another man, especially if he has just a four inch dick? Sounds like a dangerous idea to me."

"I don't know. It started a couple of years ago. He planned this vacation here and bought me skimpy clothes thinking I'd become some kind of a nymphomaniac or something. I saw you talking to him. I'm sure he told you about the bet."

"He did! I'm surprised you didn't get some response from lots of guys."

"Well, I can look like a real bitch. Plus, you are one of the few that seemed interesting to me. When it looked like he was begging you to hit on me I decided to teach him a lesson. Can you cum more than once?"

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