tagIncest/TabooLoving Mother!

Loving Mother!


For several months now I have been screwing other guys behind my husband’s back. It all started when an old school friend of mine, Sue, moved back into the neighbourhood and having gone through an acrimonious divorce, she was determined to make up for lost time by fucking almost anything that moved! At first she just told me all about it, but soon I was drawn into it. Before long I had been out with Sue and in a drunken stupor one night, we let two black guys fuck us both! From that point on there was no turning back. Once I’d been unfaithful my fidelity no longer mattered and I have gone on to have a string of one-night stands, often Sue and I sharing the same men! And all that time, my darling husband has kept working hard and providing for me, totally oblivious to my antics!

Last week my husband was called away on business for a couple of days and I arranged to go out with Sue on one of the nights. Without my husband’s prying eyes watching me getting ready, I was free to wear just what I wanted. Our daughter, Victoria, was going out too and I went through her wardrobe to see what I could borrow rather than stick to the same old clothes that I always wore. Luckily, although I’m in my 40’s, I still have the same figure as Vicky, who is only just 18!

I felt seriously in need of some hard fucking that night so I took the most revealing of clothes from Vicky’s wardrobe! I can still picture the girl’s face as I asked to borrow her short, white leather mini skirt and white, 5” stiletto heels! To finish off the outfit I took a very tight, white vest, below which I had no intention of wearing a bra!

I went back into my own room, leaving Vicky to get herself ready, and started to get changed. I decided to shave my pussy, as I have noticed that most men who have fucked me recently always comment on how sexy it is to feel that smooth skin between my legs! I put on a very skimpy thong, the gusset of which barely covered my pussy lips and clearly showed off the profile of my lips below the thin lace! The thin cotton vest hugged my tits showing off their curves wonderfully and my nipples were hard and protruding, visible through the cotton.

Having slipped into my outfit, I applied my makeup. The minor blemishes on my face I covered in foundation. I used very dark mascara on my eyes and a deep red, thick lipstick.

Looking in the mirror in our bedroom I could see an entirely different Marilyn! The one looking back was making a clear statement! She was game. She was obviously a fun woman. She like her body so much that she wanted others to share it! Above all, she looked a true slut! Perfect, I thought!

Predictably I got a disapproving glance from my daughter who, in no uncertain terms, told me I should dress my age! Mum, you’re not 18, she went on! Strangely enough, I felt it! I only wished that sometimes she’d lighten up instead of being so serious! She’s had one boyfriend since she was 16 and had worshiped him. She’d not as much as looked at another guy! She really was missing out!

As I was about to leave, Vicky said she would be staying at her friend’s house for the night rather than come home. Yes! Yes! I couldn’t believe my luck. Things were already looking good for the night! Husband away for two days, daughter staying out the night and a house entirely to myself! I’d never fucked another guy in our marital bed, but all of a sudden, it seemed like a realistic possibility!

Sue and I met in our usual haunt, Sue looking just as horny as me! We downed a few Jack Daniels and by 10.30 or so, we were well on our way! We’d had the usual guys chatting us up, some of whom, we’d already shared, but tonight we wanted fresh cock!

Sitting on the bar stool next to Sue I spotted a couple of younger men clearly eyeing us both up from the other side of the bar. I pointed them out to Sue and she agreed that they were well worth a shot! I looked one straight in the eye and smiled, crossing my legs slowly, showing off ample thigh to him! He liked it. Men are so easy to pull!

Minutes later they were buying us more drinks and Sue was already showing here appreciation by kissing her guy firmly on the lips! Tart!

Unusually Sue agreed to go off to a club with her man, leaving me and the other guy alone! She gave me a knowing wink and told me to ring her the next day! Soon after, I suggested to my admirer that he accompanied me home! We took a cab and I made it abundantly clear to him that I was his for the taking! He would be 24th extra marital fuck of the year! His hands met no resistance at all as they explored my body in the back of the cab!

As soon as I arrived home, I grabbed my husband’s favourite single malt whisky, two glasses and grabbed the guy’s hand, leading straight up to my bedroom! He seemed surprised just how easy I was! I placed the drink on the bedside cabinet and climbed onto the bed! I looked him in the eye.

“Come on honey, fuck me!” I purred!

He stripped off and his huge hard cock sprang out, pointing straight at me! He was big! And that body was oh so fit! What a stroke of luck! Only two hours before, I’d not even met the man!

He stepped forward and I grabbed hold of his amazing shaft and pulled it towards my mouth! I engorged it, the whole length, my red lipstick smearing down it as I worked away at it! All the time he stood next to the bed, looking down at me, watching me suck him!

“You dirty whore!” he muttered.

“Yes darling. I know!” I thought!

I cupped his balls in one hand and held his cock in the other as I sucked him harder. Through the corner of my eye I could see the framed photo of my husband and I getting married! I looked so innocent! I lapped away at his dick for several minutes before letting him go.

He climbed down onto the bed with me, his cock still throbbing hard. He lifted my little white vest over my head, releasing my tits and then pulled down my mini skirt, revealing my tiny thong! He virtually ripped the thong off me and slipped his hand between my legs. I felt my body shake as he began stroking my smooth shaven pussy.

“That feels good!” he whispered.

“You’re telling me!” I panted.

Immediately, he slipped a couple of fingers inside me and started to finger fuck me. My pussy is so sensitive and responded by filling with juices. I groaned out loud as he worked expertly with his fingers deep inside me. Very soon, my body was there, my back arching, my pussy muscles tightening, my juices flowing and my breathing uncontrollable! I climaxed almost violently, pushing myself hard onto his fingers.

He then opened my legs wider and climbed between them, his cock nudging against my pussy lips! I grabbed his firm arse and pulled him into me. His thick cock parted my lips and slid deep into my wet hole. He stretched me to new limits as he started fucking away at me, my tits squashed against his bare hairy chest!

I groaned and panted as my body writhed below his weight. I held his arse tightly, keeping him deep inside me. He fucked me for ages, taking me through two more orgasms before he finally exploded his cum inside me! He thrust so deep as he emptied his balls in my cunt. I tightened my muscles hard onto his thick shaft savouring the moment and squeezing every last drop from of spunk from him! Fucking heaven! All of the time, my husband seemed to be watching us from the wedding photo!

As I lay there, his cock still firmly embedded deep inside my used cunt, I was aware of noises downstairs. At first I thought I was imagining it, but then I realised that someone was walking up the stairs! Shit! We didn’t have time to even move before the bedroom door swung open. I lay on the bed, my legs stretched open, and a total stranger, naked on top of me, with his fuck tool deep inside my hole! Standing in total disbelief at the door was my 18 year old, daughter Victoria!


Vicky was clearly drunk, her eyes glazed and her speech slightly slurred!

“Vicky!” I retorted “You’re drunk!” going on to the attack!

She had been crying and was clearly upset.

“Come here darling. Tell mum what’s wrong!” I went on, as if it was perfectly normal for me to be fucking another man!

She came and sat on the edge of the bed and told me that her boyfriend had dumped her! Poor thing! I was about to introduce her to my lover, but I realised that I didn’t know his name! To give the guy credit, he started consoling her telling her there was more to life than her boyfriend! He told her she should have fun like her mum! And as he did he stretched his arm out and began stroking her back gently. Vicky didn’t object! Realising this, he moved his hand around to her front, resting it firmly on my daughter’s tits! I didn’t mind as long as Vicky didn’t! And it was clear that in her drunken stupor, she didn’t either! He started to massage her firm little tits through the thin cotton dress and then started to unzip the dress! The dress fell, limp to the floor, leaving Vicky in her little bra and panties. Wasting no time, he reached around her back and unclipped her bra, releasing her small 32B tits! The guy was still deep inside me as he started to touch her tits! Vicky lay down next to me, seemingly offering herself to the guy!

“That’s my girl!” I whispered, “See what it’s like with a real man darling!”

I pulled her panties down exposing her blonde, hairy quim. Her body looked so perfect, not a wrinkle or blemish. Her figure was perfectly toned and she looked just so innocent!

The guy pulled out of me, still hard, not quite believing his luck! He immediately went and knelt next to Vicky’s face, his cock literally just a couple of inches from her mouth! He turned her face towards his dick and she instinctively opened her lips! My juices and his spunk were dripping off his cock onto my daughter’s face! He leaned forward and slipped his cock into her mouth. Her lips closed tight around his shaft as he started fucking her face! I reached over and started stroking her tits, gently at first but then squeezing and massaging them!

“That’s it Vicky!” I encouraged “You’re a dirty little slut, just like your mum!” I went on.

With that, she seemed to suck harder, lapping our juices off his cock. She grabbed his fuck tool with one hand and was now stroking herself between the legs with the other hand! As the guy’s face fucking got faster, Vicky’s frigging became more urgent! Her body was beginning to writhe and her breathing was now almost a pant!

“Just fuck the little slag!” I told him, as I still massaged her tits! This guy needed no encouragement. He climbed between her legs and rammed his rampant cock deep into her! Oh boy, did the little bitch squeal! He just fucked her hard and furiously as I started to suck her little tits! Her body was jerking and she was groaning out so loud as he fucked her! The guy was going at her like there was no tomorrow!

“You little whore!” he grunted, as he fucked her “Just like your mum!”

“What are you?” he raised his voice.

“A whore! I’m a little whore!” she panted!

With that, the guy thrust so deep and hard into her. His arse cheeks tightened as he pumped my daughter’s unprotected hole full of spunk! He lay on top of her for several minutes, still inside her, and then he pulled out of her tight little hole. I watched his cum begin to trickle from her gash and simply could not resist the temptation! I went down between my daughter’s legs and began to clean her up with my tongue! I lapped away at her swollen love lips, eating his cum from her, listening to the sweet moans she was muttering!

When I’d finished and we were all spent, I was so proud of her! She could handle any man and leave him satisfied, that was for sure! We collapsed together on the bed and drifted off to sleep!

I was awoken the next morning not by the usual sound of birds, but the now familiar sounds of my daughter being fucked! I watched her being used and then took my turn!

When my husband returned the following day, he had no idea that the two most precious girls in his life had been used like whores in his absence! And that’s the way it will stay! Strangely, Victoria has asked if she can start coming out with me and my friend Sue on Friday nights! Why not? She’ll boost our pulling power no end! Little tart!


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