tagIncest/TabooLoving My Mother

Loving My Mother


My father had a heart attack and stroke last year and spent about 4 months in a residency hospital while recovering. I took a sabbatical from my job and moved in with my 63-year old mother to help her through the ordeal. My mom was a dainty brunette, with shoulder length brown hair, streaked with lots of grey, and a smallish pasty-white frame held together by a flat but now slightly ballooning belly. She was voluptuous, with a floppy set of tits that although not very large, hung low. Age had taken its toll, and in spots, blue veins now spread across her legs and her boobs, and nice pads of fat on her hips and ass gave her an irresistibly soft appeal, and just the right amount of womanly charm. The back of her thighs spread nicely now in her middle age, combining with the other soft pads of fat making to make her so full and womanly, voluptuous and desirable.

As a teenager I had loved to play with her underwear, clean or dirty. I spent endless hours stroking myself with the silk and satin that had touched her skin, absorbed her sweet, fragrant sweat, and that had been wedged into the dark, musty cracks of her ass and her crotch, soaking up her body juices. Many an hour was spent with a pair of her used panties, freshly stolen from the hamper, draped over my face while I stroked myself , imagining her and my sweaty bellies sliding and slapping against one another while I entered her forbidden, taboo inner sanctum. Or better yet, pretending that I had a front row seat while she took on a group of frat boys or a young buck from the high school where she taught, she lying wantonly on a dirty mattress as they used her as their sex toy, plundering her soft nether regions and spewing their potent seed deep into my mother’s womb.

Nothing had ever transpired of course, and such thoughts were far from my mind when at the age of 33 I moved back in with my mom. She was happy to have her son back in the house, and soon took advantage of my craftsman skills, putting me to work on all kinds of little household projects. She would bring me coffee in the morning, and beer in the afternoon as I busied myself with her little chores. In the evenings, we would sit together, or to forget our troubles, go for walks or long drives together. We were leading quite the little domestic life together, me and my soft, loving mother.

One day I convinced her to come swimming with me at an isolated swim hole that I used to visit as a teenager. I of course loaded the car myself, carrying her small day bag out to the trunk. Mischievously, on the spur of the moment, I removed her frumpy one-piece bathing suit and hid it under the liner of the trunk, wondering how she would react at the swim hole. My plan paid off better than I had hoped. Wearing a simple light-green sun dress that teased me by displaying her shiny freckled shoulders and her pretty calves, she swore up and down that she had packed her bathing suit, and was so upset that the picnic was ruined.

“Nonsense”, I said, “we’re the only ones here and no one ever comes here any more. We’ll have our little picnic like we planned, and afterwords you can strip down to your modest underwear so we can go for a quick dip. No one will see and it will be fine.”

She was still upset, but the day went on well and we had a quick lunch then went for a short stroll, arm in arm, around the lake. When we got back to the car, I quickly stripped off my shirt and shorts to reveal that I was already wearing my swim trunks. Mom was flushed; she didn’t know what to do, but I reassured her then stepped back to let her step out of her sundress.

I was not disappointed with this opportunity to look at my mother in a state of near-nudity. Still relatively slender, age had nonetheless taken its toll on her frame, and the tiniest rolls of fat covered her cute, slightly bulging tummy. She was no spring chicken, and most men wouldn’t have given her a second look, but I remembered the shape of her 40-ish frame, and could see remnants of it in this 63-year old woman, almost bursting out of her plain white bra and panties as she innocently but seductively stepped out of her dress and let it fall to her feet.

Her breasts were ever so slightly pebbled with liver spots, but honestly I couldn’t take my eyes off the back of her flat thighs, especially that compelling crease where her droopy ass cheeks met the back of her legs. She was clearly uncomfortable with the level of attention that I was giving her; I was so obviously leering, but I had to break the ice and get her used to the thought of me being aroused by her. I was so in love.

“Come on” I said, jumping into the cool lake, “the water’s perfect.”

Of course, the reality is that I couldn’t wait to see her skimpy underwear turn see-through once she left the water. Her innocent mind never considered the impact of the wetness on her undergarments, and as we left the water to dry off, I feasted my eyes on my near-naked mother in see through skivvies!! Her broad nipples were perfectly visible as the bra clung to her full, fleshy, pasty breasts, and I could easily make out the lips of that vagina where I so longed to plunge myself, nestled in a thick patch of grey-black pubic hair, perfectly revealed in the wet panties.

And mother made no effort to hide herself from me either. She played the innocent, but I knew, just knew, that she was as horny for me as I was for her. I stroked myself three times that night, thinking of those lustful images as my sweet mother slept just on the other side of my bedroom wall, not 30 feet away. How I longed to penetrate her moist inner sanctum, and I knew that I had to make my dream come true.

I had taken to casually walking in and out of her bedroom, and even to sharing the bathroom from time to time, to set an air of casual familiarity in what would otherwise be private situations. So mother was used to my being in her bedroom chatting with her as she quickly slipped from one outfit to another. Although I ogled her incessantly, it was never overt. So the evening after our swim, it was normal for me to be in her room as she changed out of her day clothes into a non-descript flanel nightgown; after all, it’s not like she got fully naked when she changed. I was casually sitting on the armchair in her room as she stepped out of the blue polyester shorts I loved so much (they showed the bulge of her tummy so delightfully).

I casually said “Gosh mother, you’re legs are incredible; I can’t believe you’re 63 years old you know. You could easily pass for 40”.

It was a bold-faced lie, her wide thighs, although not fat, were formless and spreading. As she turned to look at me, the loose flesh of her no-longer firm inner thighs clearly showed her age. She stood before me in the soft light of the evening, her skin glistening, and blushed so prettily at my comment.

“You, mister, are invited to get your rude ass out of this room right now”, she said, but there was no way I was leaving.

“Oh please, I’ve seen you undressed enough. I’m just being honest; you’re a beautiful and desirable woman mother. I’ll bet you get hit on all the time”.

“Stop it” she commanded.

This was out of order by her victorian standards, and I’m sure that she was confused and a little bit scared. But I was emboldened by yesterday’s antics, and blood was rushing to my penis as I watched my mother turn to face the mirror on her dresser. The sight of her wide ass was too much for me, and I stood up and took a tentative step towards her.

“You’ve been watching me for weeks haven’t you??” She scolded, but it wasn’t working. She was intimidated by me, and looked sheepishly at the floor as I stood at the foot of the chair, some 10 feet from her diminutive but fleshy frame, soaking up the view of a used-up old woman who I just had to have.

We stood quietly for some time, eventually she turned towards me and said “What do you want?”

I didn’t answer, I just sat back down, to try to take a bit of the tension out of the situation. She sat on the bed, her legs flattening and her tummy creasing as she did so, and kept looking at the floor. I could see the slightest hint of pubic hair peeking out from the inner seam of her panties, and I grew harder, but remained silent. It was dark out now, but the soft light from the hallway provided a romantic glow to her bedroom.

A small tear fell from her eye as she stood up and looked at me, feet shoulder width apart, her sagging frame barely held together by her plain white bra and underwear.

“Is this what you want?” She meekly asked, sweeping her hands along her body. “Is this what you’ve wanted all along?”.

I stood up and stepped towards her, tenderly taking her hand in mine as I stood in front of her. I kissed her hand then softly stroked her blushing cheek with the back of my left hand, feeling her hair along the side of her head as I took her pretty face in my hands and touched my forehead to hers. I could feel her body heat rising and I clearly smelt fear and desire and confusion radiating from her aged body. I stepped back to the chair, eating her frame with my eyes.

Her womanly frame couldn’t have been more ideal. Small, veiny breasts hanging freely down towards the side of her flat, broad tummy, with that slightest of mother-bulge that I just loved so much. Her wide, matronly hips were the perfect segway to her broad thighs, criss-crossed with tiny blue burst veins, and framing that dark tangle of grey-black pubic hair where paradise lay, and from where I sprang, some 33 years ago. How I longed to return there.

“Is this what you want from me, dammit?” She asked again.

I walked over to her and took her in my arms. Softly kissing her once on her tender neck, I gave her her answer. It was an awkward and forced kiss, which she didn’t really return, but clearly she was nervous and helpless before me. I gently eased her backwards and sat her on the edge of her bed, then stepped back and stepped out of my clothes. She took in a deep breath, very gently though, as she saw my erection for the first time. I knew she was nervous, but I also knew that she wanted me in the most forbidden of ways. I sat down beside her on the bed.

I put my arm around her and we embraced. With one hand I gently raised her chin while turning her pretty face towards me. Blood rushed to our loins as our lips met for the first time, and we began to kiss. Tenderly, eagerly, quietly we explored each others mouths. This continued for some time, and I was feeling hornier than ever before in my life. My cock was stiff as an iron rod.

Then Mother pulled back her head and looked at me. "We--uh--shouldn't be doing this," she said huskily, but she stayed in my arms.

Mom, you're just so beautiful--and so desirable. I've had--many--many--thoughts about you in the past. For years, in fact."

"Have you, honey?" said Mother in wonder, looking surprised but pleased. Then she put her arms around my neck again and her open lips on mine. The kisses now deepened, and our tongues got into the action. Her breath smelled so good; in fact, everything about her smelled good. I had rarely necked with a girl the way I was now with Mom. Her breathing was becoming heavier. I could tell that she was coming more and more under the spell of her emotions. My own mother was becoming horny--for me!

I thought that now was the time to make a definite move. I placed a hand on her bra, cupping one of her tits. She sort of jerked, and there was a sharp intake of breath as she felt my hand on her breast, but she didn't stop me. I began to gently squeeze and knead her soft tit. Our kissing actually picked up in intensity. Then

Mother pulled back her head again and said, "Honey, we really shouldn't be doing this." But again she didn't try to escape my embrace.

"Oh, Mother," I breathed fervently, "I can't help it. You just look so good and smell so good and feel so good. And I love you, Mother. You're the most precious thing in the world to me."

I guess I said the right thing, because mom just said, "Oh, honey!" and melted into my arms. I somehow knew absolutely, as she just sort of let go and surrendered herself to me, that she had decided to just let things happen as they would. I KNEW at that moment that my mother was going to let me fuck her!

I slipped my hand inside her bra to grasp a big handful of tit. God, what a thrill! I had had my

hands on the tits of a few girls, but this was the first real woman I had felt. Her breast was so soft and yet firm, incredibly smooth. Nothing else feels quite so good as a warm, firm tit. Her nipple was already hard, but got bigger and harder as I played with it.

Mother started saying, "Umm" in a soft murmur, almost like a cat's purr when it is petted. I was delighted to be the Tom for this cat!

I knew that now was the time to go for the ultimate prize. I dropped my hand to Mother's thigh. I stroked the firm, smooth flesh of her thighs, working gradually higher until I was at the edge of her panties.

She seemed to have one last doubt, because she closed her legs as I approached her crotch. I just kept gently probing at the vee, until she slowly relaxed her thighs and finally opened them, leaving me free to explore her genital area.

I cupped her mound and pressed on it, then began gently rubbing up and down the slit. The crotch of her panties was damp and warm. I worked my fingers under the leg band and began stroking her cunt hair. Then I began playing with her labia, which were swollen and wet. I got a finger inside her pussy and worked it back and forth, probing deeper inside.

Mom responded by wiggling her hips and increasing the volume of her "Ummm"s, muffled because our mouths were still together in one marathon kiss or series of kisses. Then I figured that the time had come for the real thing. I managed to get to the waistband of her panties and began to tug them down. Mother heaved her hips up and used one hand to help me pull her panties off. Soon they were lying on the floor. I embraced her again and eased her further back onto the bed, laying her on her back. I looked down at Mother, lying there on the bed, her beautiful naked thighs wide open, her pussy, covered with a triangle of crispy matted dark brown and grey hair, waiting for me to penetrate. This was paradise.

I lowered myself between her widespread legs and pressed my cock against her mound. My dear sweet mother took hold of my rod with one hand, opened her cunt lips with the other and guided me into her. A strong adreneline rush ripped through her veins as she was taking in her son’s cock. God! What a feeling to push your throbbing cock into the well-lubricated cunt of your own Mother! Nothing on earth can equal it. Mom wasn't as tight as the few girls that I had fucked, but she wasn't sloppy big either. In fact, it was a great fit. With a few thrusts, my dick was into her vagina all the way to the balls. She felt very hot inside, and my cock felt warmly welcomed and lovingly hugged.

I lowered my mouth to Mom’s and we continued to kiss lovingly as we began to fuck. The feeling was such a tremendous combination of warm love and hot sexual lust. Again, there is no better combination in human relations. I played with her breasts with one hand and grasped a big handful of soft ass with the other. Mother responded eagerly to my thrusts by moving her hips with me. We were immediately in a steady rhythm as my cock slowly sank into her and pulled out. I was on my elbows, ever careful of her delicate frame and not wanting to hurt her.

It was so sensual, like in my dreams. Her wide stomach, slick with her sweat and mine, was grinding beneath me as I slid across it in sweaty, sticky, belly slapping ecstasy. My already thick shaft expanded even further as a moan escaped my mother’s throat, revealing her passion for her son’s cock. What she did next shocked me to no end.

With a small tear in her eyes, her sloppy thighs spread wide for her son’s taboo pleasure, her hips churning wildly in the sexual memories of her lost youth, my mother cried out for me to impregnate her 63 year old womb with my creamy sperm, so her belly would swell up with my baby inside it, and all the world would know that this delicate wife and mother had taken her son’s cock into her vagina and let him plant his seed in deep inside her. She cried out for my sperm. I was astounded, and turned on. I honestly wished that we were both 20 years younger and I could make her sick wish come true.

After a while Mother broke off our kiss to look down to where our bodies were so delightfully joined together. I watched too as she raised her ass and lowered it in rhythm with my thrusts. It was thrilling to see the pussy lips pull out as she slid up my pole and how they were pushed back in as she came down. My big prick was glowing red and was coated with thick juice from her cunt.

I felt my balls begin to boil over, and I told Mother, "It feels so damned good I'm going to cum! Do you want me to pull out?"

"No! No!" Mother exclaimed, pulling on my ass to hold me in. "I want you to shoot your juice into me! Please, honey! Pour it all into your Mother's pussy!"

I didn't need another invitation, and I sort of roared as I began to spout my cum deep inside my Mother's belly. What a fantastic sensation it was to have my red-hot cock jerking and spurting in my own Mother's womb--and to feel her pussy muscles begin to grasp and churn around my shooting rod in return! It was by far the most ecstatic cum I had ever had, and the way Mother was acting, panting and whining and bucking, it must have been just as pleasure filled for her.

As my mother, barely able to speak, cried out "screw me honey, make me pregnant with your seed.”

I tensed up and shot load after load of my thick warm cum into my sweet mother’s quivering body. I pulled her soft frame against me as hard as I could and emptied my spurting cock deep inside her sacred womb, filling her round belly with my baby making cream, in violation of all her vows. My seed spilled into her canals, squishing out from the edges of her cunt and drizzled down the back of her wide thighs.

As we both collapsed physically, emotionally and sexually drained, I oozed the final drops of my sperm into her momenly stomach. My cock was still at home in her obliviated pussy as our bodies meshed into one.

We lay together, quiet, for some time, our hot, damp skin sticking to each other. Eventually, I peeled myself off her, my still semi-erect cock kind of plopping as it slurped out of her cunt. I had lived my fantasy; my greatest dream had come true, and I had brought my mother a great deal of relief, joy, and pleasure at the same time. I went into my own bathroom to clean up, and heard her washing up in the ensuite to her master bedroom. I turned off the lights in the house, had a drink of water, then stepped back into my mother’s bedroom, making it clear that I wanted to spend the night at her side. She smiled prettily, and slid into her bed, wearing a light nighty. I climbed in beside her, on father’s side of the bed, and we drifted off to sleep.

In the light of early morning, I woke up at mother’s side; she was still asleep. I looked over at her where she lay on her back, her dark hair spread out on her pillow. I could see most of her fleshy breasts above the deep-cut nightie. She looked beautiful. I carefully peeled back the sheet so that I could see the rest of her body. Her dark pubic hair showed clearly through the sheer fabric of the nightie, which was up close to her wide hips, showing the creamy flesh of her lovely thighs. Cautiously I pulled the nightie skirt up above her pussy and stared at that inviting mound covered with its triangle of curly dark hair, through which the cunt lips peeped shyly. Mother opened her eyes, taking a moment to focus on things and to catch on to the reality of the situation.

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