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Loving Stepdaughter


Loving Daughter

Sue walked her sister and husband-in-law to the door and said, "Good night Sandy and thanks for coming; you too Ted." She gave them each a peck on the cheek and listened to t heir returned salutations. She saw them and her other friends so seldom these days that she cherished the few opportunities to interact with them. But the evening was drawing to a close. The new-year had rung in nearly two hours ago and everyone was taking their leave and going home. Sandy and Ted were the last guests to leave she thought to herself. The dancing, laughing, socializing, had been so wonderful she wanted to cry to think it was over until her Easter party. But her parties wee all she had anymore. New Year's, Easter, Fourth of July, her birthday in September, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas: the only days of the year she felt alive. The other days her only company was her husband, Charles and his daughter, Charlotte. She shuddered involuntarily.

"That's the last ones," Charlotte's sex contralto voice said behind her, "time to get back to the real world, Mom." Charlotte's voice, though throaty and sexy for an 18 year old, dripped sarcasm and venom. "Be careful not to mess up my evening gown while you take it off and put these on," she held out a shopping bag to her stepmother.

Sue turned slowly and saw that Charlotte had already chanted into her usual in-home attire, a leather teddy with dozens of zippers on it in various places. Each nicely si8zed breast had four zippers that ran from the body to the nipple. These could be unzipped and the four pie shaped pieces of the breast cup could be removed from the teddy by unzipping a long zipper that went around the base of the breast cup. There wee three zippers in a triangle around the crotch of the teddy that would open and then allow the entire triangle to be removed. Two other similar triangles adorned each ass cheek behind the six foot tall Amazon woman.

Sue lowered her eyes submissively and reached behind her for the long zipper of Charlotte's emerald green beaded gown. She unzipped it, slipped the shoulders from her body, and stepped carefully out of the beautiful gown. She folded it carefully and placed it on an end table nearby. She followed the dress with the whole slip, bra, and panties she wore. She removed the five inch spiked heel green shoes and pushed her panty-hose down and off of her legs and feet. Last, she removed her mother's emerald necklace, bracelet, and ring and handed them to her stepdaughter.

"Very good, Whore Toy," Charlotte said sweetly. "Take these and put them on quickly."

While Sue took the articles of apparel from the bag, Charlotte took the nice articles of clothing Sue had been wearing and put them into her own room where they belonged. When she returned, Sue stood waiting for her. She wore a black leather garter belt that wrapped around the waist and buckled tightly at her hips. It held up very sexy sheer black stockings that made Sue's long luscious legs look like an inviting parfait snack. Black high heel sandals with a full seven inch stiletto heel and thin leather straps wrapped around her ankles and up to the top of her calf now adorned her stepmother's feet. Sue's large breasts were encased in a black platform bra that had a form fitted leather bottom and a gauzy transparent black top. Where the leather and lace met, at the nipple, both top and bottom had a cut-out that left a two inch hole through which her hugely oversized nipples protruded.

Charlotte's syrupy voice sounded sweet as she said, "Oh my God, Mother," again that undertone of sarcasm and cruelty, "you look positively good enough to eat. Here, put your jewelry on." She handed Sue a gold bar an inch long with a one half flat circular plate on one end of it. Sue took the bar and carefully pushed it through the horizontal hole in her right nipple. Charlotte handed her a matching flat circular plate which she screwed carefully on to nearly invisible threads on the end of the horizontal bar passing through her right nipple. Charlotte handed her the other bar. After both nipples were penetrated, Charlotte handed Sue a shorter version of the nipple bars to put through the holes in her earlobes. Once both sets of pierced jewelry were in place, Charlotte stepped up to her stepmother and secured an elastic string from the right earring to the right nipple bar. Each end of the elastic had a small gold hook that was designed to fit against one of the flat circular plates. After the right ear and nipple were connected, the left ones were connected. The elastic string was just strong enough to make it painful if Sue raised her head to look forward. If she maintained her submissive eyes-to-the ground posture, her ears and nipples were left comfortable.

Once Sue's preparations were completed, Charlotte touched up her make-up. Over the pretty pink lipstick, Charlotte added a deep crimson and finished by lining the lips with black and covering the red and black with an iridescent coating to make her lips shine. Charlotte picked up an object she had brought back with her from her room that looked like a small baseball with a pencil through it. She held it to Sue's red lips and allowed Sue to use her tongue to thoroughly lubricate the ball. She inserted the ball into Sue's pussy with the pencil looking part horizontal sticking out in front and behind Sue's crotch. She pulled down an unused garter hook and hooked it to the front and another to t he back of the bar. She touched a remote and the ball began buzzing in Sue's pussy. Charlotte took Sue's hand and led her to the Roman style lounge char where Charles was sitting and grinning at the interactions of his two women.

Only Sue, Charlotte, and Charles knew the secret that made Sue's life with Charles and Charlotte a Twilight Zone episode rather than a Looney Tunes interlude; Charlotte was Charles' stepdaughter from a previous marriage. This was an incestuous relationship but at least it was not a blood kin incestuous relationship.

"Assume the position," Charlotte said as she released Sue's hand and moved to sit sideways on Charles' lap with her right arm around his neck. Sue spread her feet at least four feet wide and laced her fingers behind her neck as she faced her husband and stepdaughter. Charlotte and Charles began kissing moving their mouths from each other's lips to each other's necks, ears, and back to the mouths. As their breathing became passionate, Charlotte motioned toward Sue and touched her left breast. Sue moved forward keeping her feet widely spread, and used her hands to unzip all of the zippers on Charlotte's left breast and remove the leather pieces baring the mound for Charles' hands. His fingers played gently over the sensitive globe taking time to hesitate at the nipples and gently caress them to hardness and then playfully pinch and pull them pulling sensual moans from the younger woman as he pulled the nipples with ever more ardor. Within moments, Charlotte motioned toward Sue again and touched her pussy. Sue leaned forward and carefully unzipped the leather triangle covering Charlotte's pussy opening it up for Charles' digital attention. His fingers found the hairless pubis moist and warm and slid two fingers into the warm folds easily eliciting a quiet squeal of delight from Charlotte along with a twitch of the hips driving her pussy onto the fingers with a little more force.

Sue was burning alive. The hideous ball being held against her wet open pussy was a porous rubber device with a vibrator in it. Not only did the horizontal bar press the ball into her pussy with a firm force, but the tighter garter strap in back held the entire device appropriately far from her clit to assure Sue's frustration during the entire proceedings. The dual pressures of the two garter straps pressed the ball firmly enough into the gaping pussy to discharge warm lubricating oil as well as a cocaine laced stimulant lotion that lifted Sue's need to heavenly heights accompanied by hellish frustrations of unfulfillment.

Charlotte's finger-fucking continued for abut ten minutes bring the young woman to the brink of orgasm, but stopping before she fell over the edge into blissful ecstasy. She stood and pulled Charles to his feet and they walked hand in hand down the hall toward the master bedroom where all three of them slept. Once there, Charlotte directed Sue to disrobe her husband while Charlotte lay upon the bed playing with a slim six inch vibrator she kept on her side of the bed on a night stand. Once Charles was naked, Charlotte and he placed Sue at the foot of the bed and secured each hand to wrist restraints running from each leg of the foot of the bed. She was seated on a bench over a hollowed out area to catch her female discharges through the night. Charlotte held Sue's "dairy cow" nipple cups in place while Charles turned on the suction machine. The ensuing vacuum created in the nipple cups by the machine, held the cups on throughout the night. This kept the nipple arousal at the full level and, over time, caused a steady enlargement of Sue's already huge nipples. The soft seal of the nipple cups allowed the suction pressure to hold over the elastic strings on her nipples.

Thus secured for the night, the painfully aroused wife watched her husband make love to his stepdaughter for several hours. They fucked in the m missionary position, doggy style, cowgirl position both forward and backward, and even anally. Charlotte came for her first time reverse cowgirl position facing Sue so Sue could see her clit expand, spasm, and cause "Charlotte's body to shudder in the pleasure that Sue was being chronically denied.

Charlotte and Charles began kissing again after a short rest. This time their lovemaking was dedicated to oral stimulation. Charles turned to lie on his back with his head at the foot of the bed right in front of Sue. Charlotte sat on his chest and slowly inched forward as Charles' tongue worked in and out of her wet pussy allowing herself to slowly approach her second climax. As soon as she finished, she turned and swallowed Charles' dick bringing him off in a huge scene of thrashing and thrusting. Charlotte raised her head from Charles' shrinking cock and moved to give her stepmother a good night kiss. It took her about thirty seconds to push Charles' entire load into Sue's mouth for the panting woman to swallow.

An hour later, Sue sat with her ass in the slight depression with the porous rubber ball buzzing away in her aching cunt watching Charlotte spoon with her naked husband. But she had hope! After Charlotte had kissed her good night and fed her Charles' cum, she had said, "Oh, Mother, I might let you have an orgasm this week in five days instead of seven. All you need to do is think of something I can do to you that might excite me enough to let you get off."

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