tagFetishLoving the Tutor's Feet

Loving the Tutor's Feet


Edith Graham was in her senior year when she met Thomas Devine. She was a leggy blond with a nice looking face and a body to die for and was never short of dates or opportunities for sexual partners. She picked and chose among her suitors, discarding those who did not live up to her sexual demands and favoring those who did with her body, but not her love.

She had been tutoring since she was a freshman to pick up spending money to supplement the scholarships she held. One thing she did not want when she graduated was a large loan that she would have to retire. So far she had worked hard to avoid having to take out any loans.

Edith tutored in Government and Political Science, her two majors. Her intention was to go into some form of government work after she had earned a master's degree. She had been accepted by two prestigious graduate programs and was just waiting to see what levels of financial aid they offered her before deciding which one to accept.

Thomas Devine was a beginning freshman and knew he needed help if he was going to make it through to graduation. He had graduated first in his class from a small high school and was admitted to The State University because of a law that said all who graduated in the top five percent of their graduating high school class could go to The State University. He knew though that the competition at the University was stiff and he needed all the help he could get.

He signed up to be tutored in his intro poly sci course and was stunned when he went to his first tutoring session. Edith was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his eighteen years.

Edith sized him up as a bright but unlearned young man who would benefit greatly from tutoring. Some of her tutees had been dullards and not worth her time and she had told them that when she dropped them. Besides, Tommy, as she thought of him, was kinda cute.

She had admitted him when he knocked and shook his hand as she introduced herself. As usual, she put the Tutoring sign on the outside doorknob and locked the door. She hated being interrupted when she was tutoring.

Tommy sat in the chair placed in the front of the desk in the small room used by the tutors

Edith sat on the edge of the desk facing him. She gave him a list of assignments he was to prepare to discuss each session, culled from the syllabus of the intro course. As she spoke to him, outlining how they would proceed this semester she unconsciously swung her free leg back and forth, like a pendulum, her other foot resting on the floor.

Tommy tried to look at Edith's face but her swinging foot and shapely legs and thighs kept distracting him. His eyes dated from her face to her body to her legs and to her feet and tended to settle on her feet.

Edith wore a typical coed outfit; short skirt, short sleeved blouse, pantyhose and shoes. This day she had opted to wear a pair of open toed shoes because she had polished her toes the night before in preparation for a date she had that night.

Her pussy pulsed when she saw the way Tommy's eyes kept returning to her feet. She had taken a number of psych courses along the way and one had a section on deviant behavior, including fetishes. Tommy fit the profile of a person with a foot fetish.

She licked her lips excitedly, wondering if Tommy knew of his fetish.

He did and it tore him up. He had become aware of it this past summer when his sister came home from a summer abroad, bringing with her a cute Spanish girl.

The three of them would swim in the family pool and rest in the shade of the many trees that surrounded the yard. Their parents forbade them to sunbathe, telling hem that they were not going to have their children suffer from skin cancer.

One afternoon the girls were preparing for dates they had that night. Both of them polished their toe nails and fingernails. Tommy sat next to them watching. He could not take his eyes off the feet of the Spanish girl, Monica. They were small and dainty and he felt himself get hard looking at Monica apply the polish.

Monica, wise beyond her years in all things sexual, was aware of the attention Tommy was giving her feet. She saw his cock harden in his pants. Her pussy pulsed as she thought of ways to make use of his foot fetish, for she was sure Tommy was a foot worshiper. He may not be aware of it, but he is, she told herself. What a rush it would be to have him love her feet.

The next day Tommy's mother and sister went shopping. Monica opted to stay home. She wanted to be alone with Tommy. She dressed in her skimpiest bikini bathing suit and went out to the side yard and lay on a lounge chair that had been opened up like a bed and closed her eyes. Tommy, she knew would be by her side soon.

She was not disappointed. Tommy came out of the house and looked around casually, pretending to not know she was there. "Hi, Monica. I though you went with Mom and Sis."

Monica smiled and waved to him. "No. I did not want to go shopping. I just wanted to lie around." She patted the grass near her legs and asked Tommy to sit with her.

Tommy stared at her naked feet, painted toes, and then up her sexy legs to her tiny bikini panties which barely covered her pussy lips. His cock tented his shorts as he stared at her body.

He walked over and sat on the grass near her chair, his eyes on her feet.

Monica raised her leg and looked at her foot. "Do you like the polish on my toenails, Tommy?"

He swallowed and stared at the bright red nails, his cock throbbing in his shorts. "They are very pretty."

Tommy did not know what was happening to him. All he knew was that he wanted to take Monica's foot in his hands and kiss and lick and suck on it and then her pussy. His body was trembling slightly as he stared at Monica's foot.

"Oh, just pretty? Don't you just love them, Tommy? Look at it and tell me it is not the prettiest foot you have ever seen." Monica pouted and raised her leg and put her foot close to his face.

Her foot so close to his mouth sent Tommy over the edge. His latent hunger to worship feet took over. He put his hands on her foot and drew it to his mouth, kissing her toes lightly.

Monica almost creamed when he did this. She was experienced sexually but nothing prepared her for the feel of a man's mouth kissing her foot. And when Tommy began to suck on her toes she felt her pussy sending a stream of her juice down her vagina. She closed her eyes and laid her head back; loving the sensations Tommy was creating.

Tommy did not disappoint her. He licked and sucked he toes and foot and then began to lick and kiss and suck his way up her legs to her crotch. When he got his head between her thighs Monica decided she would not take any chances that he would not love her pussy as he did her feet.

She put one hand to the back of his head and pulled his mouth forward while her other hand unfastened her bikini panties to expose her hot pussy. Before Tommy was really aware of what had happened he found his mouth for the first time pressed to a real, live, warm, wet pussy.

"Love my pussy the way you love my feet, Tommy. Make me orgasm. I'll fill your mouth with my cum."

And Tommy did. He kissed and licked and sucked at her pussy and clit until Monica orgasmed and she had a copious flow of hot cum that Tommy lapped up and drank down.

He spent many an hour worshiping Monica's feet and pussy and was very sad when Monica left for Spain. Now he was looking at another pair of beautiful shoes and feet and knew he was lost. He had hoped that when Monica left he would get over his love for feet and shoes but the sight of Edith's swinging foot sent him backward to the days of loving Monica.

Edith's voice shook him out of his reverie. "You OK, Tommy?"

Tommy looked up at her face and shook his head. "May I kiss your shoes and feet, Edith?"

Edith was stunned at the suddenness of Tommy's surrender to his fetish impulse. She had anticipated spending time getting Tommy to reveal his compulsion and to get him where she wanted him, his head between her thighs, after a suitable period of foot and shoe worshiping, of course.

"If that is what you want, Tommy, but you have to promise me you will do the work I have assigned."

Tommy nodded and then sat on the floor in front of her and took one of her feet in his hands. He carefully kissed and licked at her foot and shoe and then took the shoe off and kissed and licked and sucked on her nylon clad feet.

Slowly, with practiced care, he worked his way up her svelte legs to her crotch. He planted kisses on her panties and asked Edith to take off her undergarments so he could lover her pussy.

Edith was more than glad to comply and soon Tommy's mouth and tongue were at work on her hot pussy.

They spent the semester that way. Tommy would at the beginning of the\tutoring session recite his lesson for the day and then he would love her feet and pussy until the hour was over. He never asked to fuck Edith, being satisfied to worship her body with his mouth and tongue.

Tommy graduated high in his class and took a job with a large corporation. His first supervisor was a woman not much older than him. He fell in love with her feet and she fell in love with him.

After a suitable courtship they married and produced two children, neither of which had a fetish of any kind, which made Tommy and his wife happy because they knew how easy it was to exploit a person's fetish.

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