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Our first child was eighteen months when this happened although we had been together for some time before she had conceived. It had been a difficult time when it finally happened but we'd got things back on track and we were very much in love. Elena had always known my fantasies about sharing her with another man and we had tried one or two things before but what I will be recounting now really blew my mind. As our relationship really solidified Elena took my fantasies to a new level. She seemed to 'get it'. She seemed to begin to understand that my fantasies were a loving thing, that they could be an expression of love. She was initially scared of the intensity of some of my fantasies but over time she saw that I never dreamed of anything that did not immensely turn her on. I don't mean what I dreamt of 'turned her on' but in all my dreams she was always turned on by what was occurring. For instance if she was being asked to submit to me and a couple of other gentleman I imagined her finding the circumstance very erotic. Any thought of displeasure on her part was something I rejected completely. So she started to feel completely safe. We had a couple of experiences too, short small ones which I guess showed her that I was unlikely to blow up when these things happened, i.e., I wasn't all mouth and no trousers. I really did like it.

I guess she started to experiment to please me but soon found that pleasing herself was the key to pleasing me. The more she liked something the more I liked it. I had enjoyed dominating her with other men, she enjoyed it too, especially with one or two particular guys! It was always better when she really liked the guy herself. Let's face it, she permitted me to dominate her with other men. She 'consented' to me doing that with her and she knew I would pick the guys most likely to get her wet. We both very much knew who controlled our sex lives. It was made abundantly clear one evening. I remember her dressed in sexy underwear, a slinky gorgeous dress on the bed ready to be worn that night on a date she had accepted from a man in a shop. That evening she had come home from work and kissed me passionately and pulled me into our bedroom very excitedly. She had whispered how it had happened; slowly describing how he had asked and how she had felt. She had rubbed my cock as she did so and quite directly told me that if she had her way, I shouldn't expect her home that night.

"That's alright with you baby isn't it?" she asked coquettishly. "Don't you remember our wedding vows?" I did of course remember our wedding vows, both sets. She was now referring to those made privately on our wedding night. Essentially, she had vowed to 'actively' explore 'our' sexualities and I had vowed to 'accept the outcome of that exploration' come what may. She continued, "I want you to help make me pretty for Ivan then look after baby."

"You want me to..." my question is cut off curtly.

"Yes I want you to Allen, I think it is very important that you assist and watch me prepare to be wined and dined by a nice young .... fit ... Russian young man."


"Because I like it."

"It turns you on?"

"The Russian turns me on, his Porshe turns me on ... but yes I think I like making sure you know how things are." I helped her of course and she teased me incessantly, she made me rock hard. She pretended not to be excited by how horny she made me but she teased and teased, she would rub my cock with her foot through my trousers. Eventually, twenty minutes before his expected arrival to collect her she had me kneel, her smooth waxed legs and bikini line nicely trimmed smelling of coconut before me.

"Play with yourself," she breathed huskily. "Who's your Mistress?"

"You are!" I reply.

"Wank yourself! Now! For me!" she urged, "and lick my feet". I did as I was asked, immensely turned on by my wife, my Goddess being so forceful and demonstrating my complete devotion. "Look at me," she crooned. "Now wank yourself, I want you to cum at my feet before I go out to fuck this man.... faster ... wank faster... he'll be here soon to collect me ... show me you are happy for me to go and 'explore' him ... Faster!"

"Yes! Yes!" I came intensely, squirting milk across her leg, and I licked it up immediately upon command. Her phone rings and she makes to go. I feel terrible, raped almost. I look at her desperately," was that just for me? Or...or did you like it too?"

"Touch my pussy," she whispers. I do, it is dripping wet. "Does that answer your question," she smiles and gives me a loving kiss. "Be a good hubby now and clean up the rest of your mess while I go out and have some fun."

That hadn't stopped Elena being very submissive on occasions with gentleman I arranged, but you can see what I mean about her always really being the one in control.

Marlow arrived. Marlow was an American who ended up staying at our house because a friend could not put him up and we had a spare room. He was a visiting academic in the linguistic department at the Uni. Marlow was a proper Caucasian white American, just turned thirty three, clever strong and athletic. Blonde haired and blue eyed and muscular he was the all American apple pie man from Tennesee with Harvard schooling. Elena was smitten from the first day he arrived. He was here on a six month exchange although he was only staying with us until he found a flat for himself. He was a very funny and intelligent man, I would talk to him plenty and we laughed a lot. He was very down to earth, we hit it off straight away. Not like Elena did of course! She recognized all these attributes for sure but his devastating handsome face and solid worked out body may also have played a part in her admiration for him.

At night she did not hold back in telling me quite how much she liked the idea of his ripped body working her tight little frame. She's no intellectual dunce though, smarter than me for sure is Elena! Not as well educated but smarter for sure. She would chat about all sorts with Marlow, keeping him well entertained with her smart banter. If you listened to her you would think she was always interested in what he had to say... I knew different. I knew what she wanted, she teased me with her desires each night describing in exquisite detail how she imagined Marlow. I had seen him whilst swimming and she was most disappointed I couldn't tell her a little more about him. I knew that she fancied him but he was a work colleague so out of bounds. She would pout and look displeased when I pointed this out,

"But he is so gorgeous!" and "You like him though!" and "He doesn't work in your Department!" the excuses came thick and fast. Remoulded and refashioned the same excuses would return the next evening before I even managed to utter the rule. Elena was not allowed to compromise my work relationships. Let's face it nobody wants their sex lives subject to close examination. Well maybe exhibitionists do but I didn't, I am a University lecturer. I adored the fact that Elena was a very wild woman and contrasted so heavily with those around me. However, if our lives became common knowledge I would have a very hard time from my students and it would indirectly lead to my being asked to leave the Department. "Bringing the University into disrepute," is the cover all phrase that they use in these cases.

We dallied on the edge of this sometimes, one of my student's graduated thinking he had had a night with his lecturer's pretty wife once and had better keep his mouth shut or he would get into serious trouble. I should say Elena dallied on the edge of this, it added some excitement for her to play in that garden I guess. We were drawn to the danger; like kids who cannot help but cross the fence into the garden that most proclaims, "NO ENTRY". I don't blame her, because I always followed on the adventure, my heart pounding. She was always the one that stood on the edge of the threshold and took the decision to go. Even if we had both walked over to the fence together holding hands and chatting. Even if I had told her I really wanted to go into one particular garden, at the edge she always went first and I followed checking behind to make sure nobody had seen. I wasn't a coward, I just didn't want to go in without her and she always fell to the impulse before me.

I would have entered any garden she entered, I would follow her anywhere. Sometimes I went into a garden with her just to make sure she didn't get into any trouble even when I was terrified. She wasn't just fearless, she was impulsive. I admired her immensely but I knew she could maybe sometimes push the envelope too far and I felt I needed to be there when that happened. I was always ready to draw the attention of the gamekeeper or groundsman so as to give her a chance to escape if she was in any trouble. I felt she knew that. She knew I was brave and loyal, she knew she could depend on me. It took time to build up such trust, the world throws things at you sometimes.

Once it seemed the whole garden was going crazy and I did't know what to do. I fled and hid that time and she thought I had left her on her own. I didn't though. I crawled through some really thorny bushes and skirted the garden keeping cover from all the trouble and found my way to her. I thought she would be happy to see me again but she wasn't. She was still angry because she thought I had run away or something. She kicked and screamed at me silently until I calmed her enough to tell her I knew a way out of the garden and we could be safe. Finally she calmed and I guided her out of the garden back to safety. She was angry with me for a long time but over time she realized that I never really left her, I just took cover, figured out the best thing I could do to get her and then did that. I'm not as brave as she is, I am not as smart, I don't do things the way she does, but I am loyal and relentless and effective.

I never really liked to play in my work garden, the cost to me of getting caught playing there was so high. Elena normally didn't see any fruit she wanted to pick there anyway, the student lad had been one of my very own students. He was like a particularly red apple hanging near the fence. I think, she most enjoyed testing me to see if I would follow her over the wall into the work garden and pick it. It was an easy wall to jump but she liked watching me sweat as we made our way over to the apple tree and I gave her a lift up into the tree. She sat there and munched it looking out over the University grounds, I implored her to get out the garden and get away but she munched on it taking her time, relishing my agitation, testing my limit. My relief at graduation day was palpable.

She had never really looked back at that tree even when a couple of new apples turned up... she had just tested me. Marlow however was different. It was as if a mango tree resplendent in fruit had just appeared over night in the very centre of the University gardens. She licked her lips as she looked over the very low wall over which she had to jump. The tree was so close to the chancellor's office though. To just stroll up and over to the tree as she did to get the apple would be a disaster. Over the next few days all she could talk about was the mango tree, she salivated for it. She was completely focused. I knew it would be impossible for her not to attempt it. Even I could see the mangos looked very rich and juicy! She reminded me of my vow to accept the consequences of her exploring and adventuring and I reminded her that I loved working in that garden and did not want to get chucked out. She promised me that she would be very careful, very sneaky, very cunning. I loved watching her get so excited! Her eyes glowed with the adventure as much as with the prize. Of course, I loved her and eventually I offered my help.

After all I was allowed in the University grounds anyway and it was assumed that I would be doing nothing wrong. I was to gently amble over to the tree and make it my favourite place to sit and read. From there I could keep lookout, and make sure she could get to the tree unobserved. I would be responsible for making sure that if anyone came along I would draw their attention away whilst she picked and ate the fruit. I was nervous but couldn't help love the audacity of it, the audacity of her, of us. I was going to help her get her mangos.

I was taken aback the evening after I had agreed that I would help. We shared dinner with Marlow as our guest he cooked in return every few days. Whilst eating dinner Elena asked Marlow how he was finding the 'flat search'. He said he had seen a couple and had about five more lined up.

"Well you know Marlow, we weren't renting your room, but you know ... Well we like you and it wouldn't be bad to have you around at all, and we could do with a little extra cash," she left the words hanging and looked at me to ascertain my reaction. I hadn't seen this coming at all. She was inviting him to live here! I covered my surprise by taking another mouthful of the quite delicious dinner. Since Marlow arrived the dinners had been outstanding!

"huh, errm., that really is very kind from the both of you.. I mean of course I really like it here," Marlow responded and continued "but the room is a little small if you know what I mean, it's lovely and all but I kinda..."

"Oh of course it is! I know we already thought of that hadn't we Allen," I looked up and nodded assertively wondering what the hell she had in mind, the room was tiny! No space for him to work at all. She continued, "of course you would have to work, there is plenty of space in Allen's study for another desk, Allen is quite happy to share the study aren't you baby and there is plenty of space outside your room for a new wardrobe.. I mean don't feel pressured at all Marlow it was just a thought obviously, you're welcome back as often as you like for dinner anyway!" My, I had to hand it to my girl, she had it down pat.... ending on drawing attention to the food at the end of that.

"Wow, dinners like this!" Marlow smiled a very handsome smile and "this is really, really, delicious, I know I said it already, Allen is a very lucky guy!" I nod affirmatively.

"You're an idiot sweetheart you don't know how to haggle," I tell her chidingly. She looks shocked, "You should have just pointed out that Marlow would not be getting any of this food if he decided to sling his hook and that by staying he would get plenty!" Marlow laughed.....

"He's right you know!" and I could tell he was 'so' going to take up the offer, although Elena for all her bravado had still not seen that. She was cutely blushing and lowered her head over her dish to eat. I decided to remove the pressure on her so she could compose herself. I assured him that it was no problem if he fancied another place but I was more than happy to shift some of my stuff over and that we could pick up a wardrobe and perhaps a bike for him at the carboot next Sunday. He offered me a fair rent and I accepted and we toasted the deal... simple as that.

"Are dinner's included?" he asked Elena who was now quite radiant, beaming from ear to ear.

"All inclusive!" she gushed "It will be really lovely! You two working away together it'll be no problem looking after two of you instead of one! I'm so happy you're staying Marlow," she said getting up to clear the table and squeezing his shoulder as she did so. She cleared the table and I made an excuse to follow her to the kitchen. She was on fire with excitement, at her coup, her nipples were standing erect and she swaggered around, she was so beautiful. She sidled up to me as I got the wine I had come in for and she grabbed my cock. "I love you," she whispered and kissed me deeply.

"Look at you," I whispered back gently tweaking her nipple. She was so hot she moaned and went to kiss me more. "No no no!" I told her, "We have to go back out! Remember, cunning, gently, carefully... you want all the fruit don't you?"

"hmmmm yes," she whispered licking her lips and began to calm herself. I left her to it, copping a feel of her arse as I left and took out the wine.

Of course we shagged like crazy that night, Elena did not hold back at all, "make the headboard bang baby" she whispered. "Let him know I'm in here getting fucked real good .... send him the message baby ... tell him I'm in here .... make him think about me with my legs spread ... taking it hard ... tell him baby make it bang..." She started to rotate her hips as I began to reach climax. "I left the door ajar baby," she whispered. "I want him to know I'm good," she looked at me dirtily. "Make some noise," and she twisted my nipple sharply making me scream out in pain, but it could easily have been pleasure she then rubbed them better urging me into her.

She was so dirty, fucking me so that she would give him the best auditory show she could... "I want to make him cum tonight thinking of me," she tweaked my nipples and rotated her hips I let the sounds out that she wanted, it wasn't hard. "Good boy, that's it baby cum hard, sing it out baby". I erupted inside her. As I started to quieten she pushed me onto my back and went down on my sensitive cock taking it in her mouth eliciting completely uncontrollable gasps from myself. Now my silence had been broken it was hard to reel it back in. The fact that she was playing me like an instrument was incredibly horny, she knew what made me gasp and she was doing it and getting horny on that. The fact she was doing it to turn on Marlow across the hall was just such a turn on.

My wife is amazing. So intense! So bad! So good! So dirty! So smart! No sooner than I had hardened and started to get control over my breath, which I wanted to have. She started to explore my ass with her finger which she practically never did. Now she was doing it whilst still sucking me! I yelped and swore proper out loud, they probably heard it down the road. She came up grinning devilishly mounting me, "did I make you scream baby?" She positioned herself to ride me guiding my rock hard cock into her, "keep still, I don't want you moving, I just want to fuck you OK!" I nod and lie back knowing she means I just can't cum. She knows if I move too much I will cum too quick. Sometime ago, I managed to get her to stop saying the words, 'don't cum' as they inevitably led to me cumming, or if I had lost control completely, ruined my orgasm as well as failing hers. I remain stock still, taut and excited and let her ride my cock, she goes quiet.... lost in revelry.... I breathe keeping the rhythm, watching her face. I glance at the door, she is right, it is ajar. "Don't look at the door," she tells me. "I left the light in the hall off and the light on in here." She continues to increase the intensity of her work builds the sweat, the bed starts to squeak.

"He could be watching!" I get the response I anticipate, increased movement on my cock. I think about what I say now as she closes her eyes. I dispose of my fantasy of him entering and joining us. I know what she wants and it isn't that. "He's there watching you, thinking about how he would love to have you himself, alone. He wants to be laying here having you ride his cock... can you imagine doing that for him baby... after dinner some time?" She starts to moan grabbing my body hard and digging in her finger nails. I wince but say nothing, keen to bring her to climax just as she did to me. "Fuck my cock like you are fucking him baby, let him watch what he is going to get," I whisper. She fucks me furiously and starts to moan, I begin to stroke her ass, "Shall I send him the signals baby?" She hardly hears me. I repeat the question more as a warning than a question, "Shall I send him the signals baby? And I gently but loudly slap her ass, she moans more, with the other hand I start to pinch a nipple she cries out loud in pleasure. I slap her ass more, "He's watching. He's listening to how you like to have your nipples pinched and ass slapped baby. Marlow's learning how you like that... He's gonna cum hard tonight thinking of how he wants to get his fingers and hands on you.... His cock in you baby.... He has a big hard on now thinking just that." I keep playing with her and she cums hard, harder than I seen her cum with me for weeks.

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