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Jan and I have been married for ten years, and today was our anniversary. After a boring day in the office, I was driving towards home and I stopped at a supermarket to buy some gifts for her. We hadn't made love for quite a few months now. We'd both fallen into that too comfortable stage, both busy at work, and with our two young children rampaging around the house, too tired at night to do no more than just collapse into bed.

I had arranged for Jan's mother to take our children for the weekend, so we could spend the weekend together on our own, hoping to restore the love and passion with which we started our relationship.

I arrived home before Jan and laid the table. That may be the only laying I do this weekend, I thought to myself with a rye smile. I'm not very good at cooking, but I'd bought Jan's favourite microwave take-away meal, two good bottles of red wine, and of course, Champagne. The dozen red roses were looking tired and limp, a little like me I thought.

Jan sent a text message saying she would be home in ten minutes, exactly the same amount of time the meal would take to heat up. As she pulled up in the car, the microwave pinged, and I hurriedly placed the food on the plates.

The meal went well and we drank the wine, a bottle each, and we were both at that slightly tipsy stage. I tentatively suggested we took the champagne upstairs to bed. Jan agreed, but said she wanted a shower first. As she got into the shower, I took two glasses and the bottle to the bedroom, drew the curtains and waited patiently for her to join me.

Jan entered the bedroom dressed only in her black silk dressing gown. This always hi-lighted and complimented her beautiful long blonde hair. She stood there looking at me for a moment, then with a shrug of her shoulders allowed the gown to slip to the floor. I looked at her gorgeous body, still slim after having two children, her breasts fulsome and pert, her nipples erect. Her flawless skin still wet from the shower was slightly steaming. With a start I realised she'd shaved off her pubic hair, she'd never done that before. Swaying slightly, she parted her legs, licked her finger and started to rub her clit. I could feel my cock bulging in my pants, an erection hard enough to break a plate. I stumbled out of my clothes and went towards her. "Stop!" She said. "Sit in the chair, you are not to touch me until I say you can". I sat in the chair, slightly nervous as this was not like Jan at all. But I was feeling sexually highly charged and excited.

Jan got onto the bed, reached over to the two dressing gowns on the back of the bedroom door and removed the tie cords. She tied a cord around each of her ankles, then tied the other ends to the bottom posts of our metal framed bed. Her legs were stretched as far apart as they possibly could be giving me the best possible view of her pussy. Jan placed the four pillows behind her so she was in a half sitting position and again licked her finger and started to gently rub her clit. With her other hand she gently caressed her breasts, every now again pinching her nipples. She inserted one finger then two into her cunt and brought her other hand down to part her lips of her newly smooth pussy. I could see her fingers sliding in and out and noticed they glistened with her wetness. Her vaginal lips were red and swollen and she was moving her fingers faster now. Every now and again she gave out a little moan, her sharp ice blue eyes looked fixedly at me.

My cock was throbbing and my balls ached. I was so turned on by this so unlike Jan display that I started masturbating myself. In a tone as sharp as ice she said "No! Just watch, I'm going to come for you". She slid her hand under the pillow and produced a big black vibrator. I was shocked. I had no idea she had one. She twisted the end of it and I could hear a gentle buzzing sound. She placed the tip of it on her neck and slowly moved it towards the valley between her breasts. Then she massaged one nipple then the other with it, and continued to stroke her clit with her other hand. She inserted four fingers between her pussy lips and brought the vibrator down to her exposed erect clit, and rested it there. Her moans became more urgent and she suddenly thrust the vibrator into her cunt up to the hilt and I could see the juices squirting from her. She came with a shriek, shuddered, and lay back with a satisfied moan.

I sat there, mesmerised, I just wanted to fuck her so hard, and just as I was about to stand up and jump on her, she sat up, and untied the cords from her ankles. She came over to me and grasped my cock, and led me by it to the bed. "Lie on your back" she said, an then spread my legs so she could tie each one up. She went to the wardrobe and bought out two silk scarves, and with these she tied one end to my wrists, the other ends to the headboard bedposts. A blindfold from an aeroplane trip we'd once made was placed over my eyes. "Wait there a minute" she said "I won't be long. We have to do this my way if it's going to work, OK?". I agreed. "You're not to talk, or say anything at all" She said, and then she went to the bathroom. Not a lot I could do anyway, but wait.

She returned and I could feel her sit on the bed. My cock was flaccid now, but she gently lifted it up, and started to lick the pre cum off it. She stroked my balls and started giving me a blow job, and soon once again my cock grew to its full size. Just as I could bare the tension no longer and knew with the next move of her mouth down my shaft I would explode down her throat she stopped. Then I could feel her hand stroking around my pubic hair, teasing around the base of my cock, and pulling it gently. Then her hand was cold and wet, as she splashed water over my cock and balls. Then a different sensation, as she rubbed in some sort of lubricant it felt like. It was shaving cream! and she started to shave the hair off my shaft, then my balls, then all of my pubic hair. The feeling was incredible, tied up, unable to see, and being totally vulnerable, but all senses heightened to the extreme., she washed and then towelled me dry, and went back to the bathroom.

She returned and inserted the very tip of my cock into her mouth, and massaged with her hands the area she'd just shaved. "Fuck!" I screamed. The after-shave burned into my balls and cock, but soon left me with a warm tingly sensation. I was aching to come. She stood up and sat astride me and slowly lowered herself on to my throbbing cock, just teasing it, rubbing her wet cunt all over it. I moaned, and she got off me and the bed. I could hear her fiddling around in the bedside drawer, she grabbed hold of my cock and slipped a small rubber band over it and under my balls, and then took it off, twisted it to shorten it and replaced it. "Oh my God! That's really painful" I complained. My balls were being thrust up and out, but then she started licking them. What an experience! They were so sensitive, I couldn't believe it. I was groaning in ecstasy. She placed another rubber band tight around the glans, which felt so erotic as she wanked my foreskin onto and off it.

"Now! Now! Just get on top of me and fuck me now" I shouted. She once again straddled me and roughly begun to fuck me, as she humped to climax I could feel my own building up. With a yell I orgasmed with her, but because of the rubber bands so tight around my cock and balls, I was unable to shoot, the pressure just kept building up and up, and she didn't stop, she was multi orgasming. The ache in my balls was so intense now and my erection still hard, I was amazed to realise I was going to come again, and I did, just as the rubber band around my balls snapped. I spurted into her with such force she gasped, and I kept pumping the cum for ages more. She collapsed on top of me, both of us exhausted. After a while she untied my legs and arms, and then removed my blindfold.

I blinked to adjust to the light, and saw Jan sitting naked on the chair grinning like a Cheshire cat. As I flexed my hand to restore circulation it brushed against something, or someone on the bed beside. I turned, and lying beside me was Jan's twin sister Claire, naked and panting.

"Well I always knew, you fancied my sister, and she's always told me she wanted to fuck you. So happy anniversary darling" said Jan.

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