Jensen entered the Magic Shop and began to look around. He recognised a lot of it as stuff that Low used all the time.

He thought back to when his own powers had begun to appear and how alone he had felt. He hadn't known places like this even existed.

Low had been assigned to risk assess him, way back then. No one could have foreseen that the two of them would fall in love. But they had, and they weathered everything the world had thrown at them since.

Jensen spotted what he'd come in for. It looked like a simple heart-shaped pendant, but appearances were deceiving.

He picked it up and ventured up to the counter.

The elderly woman behind the counter looked up and smiled.

"Know what that is, young man?" She asked. Laughter seemed to be in her eyes. Jensen wasn't upset; he knew that he looked too all-American for this kind of stuff. People underestimated him all the time.

"I give it to the one I love and it beats in time with my own." He answered and was rewarded with a bigger smile.

"Traditionally given to brides, in fact." She countered.

Jensen nodded and couldn't stop beaming. His wedding day to Low and the prospect of spending their lives together filled him with happiness.


Low ran a hand through her short and spiky purple hair and tried to repress the feeling of anxiety.

The whole rental apartment was dark and far too quiet. Her boyfriend usually occupied this space with the sounds of his music or DVD collection.

"Jensen?" She called out, calling a combat spell to hand as she did so.

She told herself that Jensen could take care of himself. Not only did he take care of his strong athletic body but he'd been growing stronger with his telekinetic power too.

Still, she was nervous. Her own talents as a witch and a seer sometimes meant that she was a target for all kinds of wickedness; she didn't want Jensen to pay for her deeds.

Low stopped and sent out a wave of sensory power.

Nothing indicated that she was in any danger, but there were some strange flickers of magic drifting down the hall.

There appeared to be a glow coming towards her out of the darkness.

Its course was too slow and fluttery for Low to read it as an attack, so she let it approach, but maintained a ready stance.

It was a butterfly, shaped out of flame!

The improbable creature flitted round her head until a dozen, or so more, all dancing about and filling the space with light joined it.

Low smiled at the amazing sight. She extended her hand and one of her guides settled on her finger.

She could feel its warmth but there was no pain so she took time to inspect its design.

It was beautiful.

Intrigued, she ambled down the hall after the bright little things.


She entered the small living room and her fiery friends alighted on the dozen candles around the room.

Her eyes were drawn to the table in the centre. Perfectly sculpted out of bubbling champagne was a flawless rose.

On looking closer she could see the effervescing bubbles bounce up the stem and burst in the transparent petals.

She was so transfixed by the way the liquid flower radiated in the candlelight that she did not notice Jensen appear behind her.

"Will you marry me?" He whispered gently into her ear.

Low turned around slowly, her mouth open in astonishment. She could not believe that Jensen was able to do all this.

"Yes." She sighed as he took her into his arms, and she knew that she never wanted to leave them.

He gently caressed her back as he lowered his lips to her earlobe.

"Mmmmmmm" She moaned as he nibbled her ear in just the way she liked.

His arms made her feel so safe and she tingled as she basked in his warmth, savouring his smell, manly but clean.

Now he tilted her head up towards his lips. Jensen kissed her softly as he pulled her down to the floor.

"I love you, Low." He breathed against her cheek as he began to unfasten her blouse

Low shivered. For all the wild times that she and Jensen had shared this is what she craved most, Jensen making love to her, sweet and perfectly.

"Ahhhhhh" She groaned with pleasure when she felt his mouth playfully nipping at her nipples then kissing the pain away.

"Damn, you're beautiful..." Jensen sighed, resting on an elbow to drink in an image of her in the glow.

"Jensen..." Low growled deeply as she tugged at his shirt.

Once he was topless she couldn't resist running her hands down his tanned arms, over the soft skin and muscles to where golden hair spread down to his wrists.

She took his hands and pulled them around her as she began work to open his belt and drop his pants to the floor.

Lighter than touch, Jensen unfastened the zip of her skirt and let it fall away.

Low grabbed Jensen's ass, stroking and pulling it towards her. She loved the feel of the worn cotton and his strength hidden beneath.

"I love you..." She whispered, as he guided her to the floor.

He began to sing her sweet nothings as two gentle fingertips played over the fabric of her panties and then slipped down to rub at her clit.

She arched her back at his physical touch but groaned as he psychically caressed her sensitive breasts.

"I need ...you..." She moaned, shifting and parting her legs.

Jensen knelt up, his telekinetic power all over her, warm and soothing, massaging and arousing all at once.

Opening her eyes with difficulty Low watched as he pushed his boxers to his knees, and she growled her appreciation. She was aching for him to enter her.


Jensen smiled.

"Anything....for you..." He promised as he carefully positioned the head of his cock and let their two bodies meld together.

"Mmmmmm" She sighed as his inches filled her and he slowly began to rock them back and forth.

She trailed her fingers over his back and to his narrow waist and down to his flexing ass.

His kiss, his sweet lips pulled her from the world, there was nothing else, just the sensation of his body on hers. She shivered as she felt his torso slowly rise and fall with each delicious thrust against her.

Deliberate, invisible pressure could be felt, on her buttocks, her feet, her neck and her ear lobes, like the warm air itself was kissing and adoring her.

Jensen always put Low's satisfaction before his own and used every trick he possessed to bring her body to the height of pleasure.

"aaaaaaaaah" Low uttered, as waves of ecstasy began to flow and ebb throughout her entire nervous system.

Her hands were cradling him as he moved above her. She moved her hips in time with his, seeking the climax, trying to cling on to it as long as possible.

"Ah ah ah..." She groaned. "Aaaah....mmm...."

She came hard.

A little while after, she was gazing at him with devotion in her eyes, caressing his soft skin on his strong arms.

"I love you..." Jensen whispered as he resumed his thrusts between her thighs. He locked his eyes on hers as he sought his own relief.

"Ugh...oh god..."He growled as Low grabbed his ass and pulled him closer, deeper into her. "........." He mouthed as he shot his load inside the woman who he was going to marry.


A week later


Jensen sat in the bar with several of his mates, waiting for the live act to begin. The bassist was another friend of his and the night looked set to be a good one.

Low was out there somewhere, having had a vision of some supernatural wickedness that needed her attention.

She'd promised to show up as soon as possible but Jensen missed her presence nonetheless. He was very aware that most of the guys were very coupled up.


"I've come to give you a hand with those." A woman said, indicating the round of drinks Jensen had just ordered.

"Thanks." He smiled.

He started to chat with the woman. He hadn't caught her name in the noise but he had the vague impression that she'd come in with Pat and Debbie.

She seemed somewhat familiar but he couldn't place her. The woman was some years old than most of the other patrons. She was also rather overdressed for the bar, which was a scruffy indie/rock kind of place.

Still if she was feeling uncomfortable in her nice top and skirt it didn't show. Those strapped up shoes definitely required a certain amount of confidence in their wearer.

"Looking forward to the band?" He asked her as they made their way back to the tables.

"Dunno. It's not really my kind of scene." She answered with a shrug. "Still it might be fun when it gets darker and people start to move together...getting sweaty..."

Jensen realised that her hand was now on his bare knee. He looked at her, trying to interpret her signals. Instinctively he checked her out before he could check himself. She was hot; there was no denying it.

Her hand had moved up now, up the leg of his combat shorts and he could feel her fingers tracing a pattern on the skin of his inner thigh.

"I'm sorry. I've got a girlfriend." He said to her gently. "A fiancée actually. We're going to get married."

"Oh." She said, retracting her hand. "Congratulations."

That seemed to kill the conversation and shortly afterwards the mystery woman got up to talk to a bunch of men towards the back.

They certainly seemed to appreciate her arrival. Jensen could see them blatantly ogling her buxom front and peering round to see her behind.

A few seconds later Jensen had forgotten about her, as he began talking to a buddy about his van and whether it would be big enough to offer the drummer and his kit a ride home.


Low still hadn't turned up but Jensen had had a good time regardless. The beer had certainly been flowing and the music loud.

Right now he'd gone to find a quiet space backstage. He wanted to call Low and find out when she was likely to appear. He wanted to hold her as they listened to the headlining act.

"Hello again." A voice called out.

Jensen turned to look down the poorly lit and almost deserted corridor.

It was the lady from earlier.

"Hey." He said.

"I bet no-one ever comes back here." She said. "Two people to be very naughty down here."

She had drawn closer to Jensen and pushed him gently against the wall.

Before Jensen's drink-slowed reactions could act her hands were up and under his t-shirt and roaming over his chest.

"Hey." He yelled. " I'm engaged, remember."

She pushed her body up against his and kissed him.

His mouth parted and she slipped her tongue inside.

Jensen was frozen with surprise and his thoughts were sluggish. It was at least half a minute before he pushed her away.

"Stop." He commanded. "I love my girlfriend."

"Men say they love women all the time. This man loves that girl, maybe he wants to marry her...doesn't have to stop him wanting to get laid now and again..."

She kissed him again, harder and this time Jensen let himself enjoy it, to respond. He was momentarily stupefied. One of his big hands took advantage of her backless top to rest at the small of her back.

"No...I..." He cried for a second as their lips parted briefly, then her hand was searching past the waistband of his shorts.

He pushed her away with effort.

"I can't do this."

"You want to."

"I don't even know your name." Jensen protested, trying shake his head clear of intoxication.

"Anonymous sex not a particular fantasy?" She gave a little chuckle. "The name's Georgia." She replied, trying to pull forward again but Jensen put his hands out to stop her.

Without a backward glance he walked away from the amorous stranger and headed home.


A short time later


Georgia let herself into her apartment and immediately headed for the small den.

She knelt down before a chalked pentagram on the floor.

Her body began to jerk and cough.

What happened next could best be described as the woman spewing forth a black slime from her mouth.

She shuddered as her own consciousness regained control of her body in time to see the black liquid slide towards the dead crow in the centre of the arcane symbol.

Trying to mask her disgust she watched the vile spirit take possession of the bird and it's dead head turn to face her.

"I want longer next time." Came its foul voice.

Georgia called the thing Dead Bird or DB for short. Its real name was something foreign, Indian maybe, and she could never pronounce it.

Georgia shrugged.

"How did we do?" She inquired, having no recollection of the night's events.

The crow blinked disturbingly and then it told her.

"Just a kiss!" Georgia complained. She had been after far more when she'd put this plan into action. She had invested so much time and hard work for just a kiss.

"I warned you. You must be patient."

Georgia cursed under her breath. She did not look forward to letting this rotting remnant back in her skin.

Still, she thought as she poured herself a glass of wine, black magicks demanded lots of sacrifice.

Hell knows she was willing to pay them.


Later that week


Jensen had just gotten changed. He and Low were going out with a group of friends that night and they were planning to announce their engagement.

Jensen was just wondering if he had to wear a tie to the posh club where they had booked a private room when he heard something thump through the mailbox.

He grabbed a tie that would go with his grey shirt and padded out into the hall to see what had been delivered at this time of the evening.

There was a package on the doormat and Jensen looked at it quizzically. He wasn't expecting anything and he didn't think that Low was.

He tore open the envelope and tipped the contents into his hand.

The contents were a lacy red pair of panties and videotape.

Nothing could have been more unexpected; he had to double-check the address on the front.

Jensen looked at the underwear in his palm. They didn't look like anything that Low would ever wear...still Low was adventurous and was always playing little sexual games with him.

He sniffed the fabric and was rewarded with the unmistakeable scent of a woman's musk.

A little aroused, Jensen walked into the living room and inserted the tape into the VCR.


The shot was a bit wobbly but Jensen immediately realised that the location was the bedroom he shared with Low.

A figure walked into the frame.


And she was practically naked, except for the panties Jensen now held in his hand.

Jensen gulped as the hot woman climbed onto the bed. He could see now that she wore red leather stiletto boots that accentuated her long slender legs.

Jensen sat down as if his legs no longer had the power to support him.

Georgia had moved onto all fours so her juicy round ass was all that was visible. Then her legs parted and Jensen could see her fingers rubbing at her crotch.

He swallowed hard as he remembered his behaviour out in the hall and the smell came back to him.

He watched transfixed as the stranger masturbated on his bed, her butt quivering in the air. He could hear her sharp intakes of breath as she continued to frig herself.

Jensen rubbed his jaw. He couldn't believe his eyes.

He had just decided to get up and eject the cassette when Georgia flipped over.

Georgia caressed her naked breasts, pinching one large nipple and then the other. Then she abandoned them, placing both hands between her thighs.

Long red nails peeled away the damp material that hid her snatch, treating Jensen to a perfect shot of her cunt.

Any notion of stopping watching disappeared as his cock hardened in his pants. He was breathing hard now.

His head was filled by the explicit visions on the screen. He leaned a little closer to the TV and he rubbed his belly absentmindedly.

Georgia was really writhing now, with three fingers deep inside her, her clit between her thumb and forefinger.

Her tits bounced up and down as she began to buck her hips towards the camera.

Jensen readjusted himself reflectively as the pressure built against his fly. His hand stayed there, gripping his hard-on, as it held also held Georgia's panties.

Georgia's eyes were closed and she was crying like a hardcore starlet as she rode her fingers.


He heard a noise and it took a second to recognise it as the sound of a key in their lock. The world flooded back to him.

"Shit!" He cried as he slammed the off button on the remote, and again as he hadn't aimed it properly.

The indecent panties were hastily shoved into his pocket just as his fiancé entered the room.

"Are you nearly ready? Everyone's going to be getting there soon." Low said, too focused on fixing the strap of her dress to notice Jensen's breathing or the large bulge sticking out.

"Just gotta put my shoes on." Jensen said back, hurrying past her. "You look fantastic, by the way." He added.


"There was another victim last night. I pulled some strings with a detective I know. He's gonna see if he can get us in to check it out." Said Mama Rien, the portly black witch who had practically raised Low.

Jensen heard what she'd said, but was only vaguely aware of the conversation. The room and its guests seemed distant and indistinct, as his mind swirled with questions.

How had Georgia found him? How had she gotten into the apartment? Low had crafted enough wards around the place that it should have been easier to break into a bank.

"And so I said 'like my martini, my tear ducts are dry. Go tell your sob story to someone who cares'." Knave said.

Knave was Low's gay best friend but Jensen really liked him too. Usually he enjoyed talking to the Werebear and his flamboyant chat but tonight Jensen could only make noncommittal grunts and nods.

Despite their lightness Jensen could feel the weight of Georgia's underwear in his pants. His mind flashed back to the videotape. Had she cum on the bed, had she done more than masturbate whilst she was there...?

Jensen couldn't stop himself picturing what Georgia would look like as she reached sexual ecstasy. His cock twitched, it had been feeling heavy and full all evening, distracting him from everyone around him.

He imagined he could feel the panties burning a hole in his pocket and the silky lace brushing against the sensitive skin of his cock.

"This other guy, man! Wizard, really...he found out I was a Were and he wanted to do the sickest stuff I ever heard. I said to him ' how about I slap you silly until you're fucking disabused of the notion'!"

Jensen nodded politely. Unconsciously he had put his hands in his pockets and his fingers had wrapped around the incriminating lace.

"Hey Jensen. Heard what happened in Sixville. That's some crazy shit, huh?"

Jensen looked round and took a second or two to recognise an old friend.

They chatted about Sixville and succubae for a while but his heart wasn't really in it. His damned hard-on wouldn't subside and he was too concerned hiding it with his jacket clutched in his hand to pay attention to anything else.


Low sidled up to him, gave him a kiss on the cheek and took his hand in hers.

All eyes in the room were on them and the conversation had fallen silent.

"Ready?" Low whispered.

Jensen felt a pang of guilt as he nodded. He'd completely forgotten the reason why they were all here.

"Jensen and I are getting married." She beamed at all their assembled friends.

The crowed applauded and cheered as Low pulled Jensen down for a kiss.

Jensen felt ashamed that he'd spent the whole time thinking of another woman, when the girl he loved was right here and she loved him back.


Later that night


As soon as Jensen and Low returned home, and Jensen was alone in the living room he ejected the offending cassette and extracted the warm panties from his pocket.

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