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Loyal Wife / Vengeful Ex


Janine grunted as the hard cock was wrenched from her asshole, she was hot and sweaty having been ass fucked like a bitch for the past twenty minutes or so. Ron held his dick up in his hand and almost waddled around to janine's mouth and plunged his engorged dick between her red lips.

"Yeah, ass to mouth bitch! Take it like the fucking slut you are!" he demanded as his cock slipped all the way in and his balls slapped against the blonde's chin.

He slapped her cheek hard with his hand then gripped her long hair for greater purchase as he throat fucked her

After just a few thrusts he tensed up and Janine let his dick spill from his mouth in perfect time for it to erupt at eye level and spray her sweaty face with streaks of thick, hot cum. Blast after balst assailed her until he was done and with her face obliterated with creamy cum she found his dick with her lips again instinctively and began to suck out the remnants. From her left a voice cried out.

"And cut! That's a wrap! Great stuff guys, very fucking good!"

Ron ignored the young director and took Janine's hand and helped her to her feet.

"Damn girl, you're as good as ever. That stint in jail hasn't hurt your oral skills anyway! How you finding things now? Still hanging with those bikers?"

Janine took her robe and wrapped it around her naked body before answering her co-star.

"I'm doing Ok Ron. It's not easy you know. That was a hard fucking six months in there. And it doesn't help that my asshoel ex-husband and his prissy new wife got full custody of my kid when I was banged up. Fucking bastards!"

Ron looked at her and was a little scared of what he saw in Janine's eyes. She had always been a wild and crazy bitch before the tax evasion thing, she was tattoed to hell and had all sorts of piercings and what she hadn't doen in her personal and professional sex life was not worth doing. But right there she had a look in her eyes that killers have and it froze Ron, he couldn't think of seeing such hatred before and he pitied whoever she decided to take it out on...


Sandra groaned and reached out her hand to fumble at the digital alarm clock when it blared for the second time that morning. For a moment she thought about getting up and gettign ready for work. In her position as a high powered business woman it didn't do to be late into the office. Then came the realisation that it was Friday and se wasn't going in to work today, she was staying hoem with her adopted step daughter and doing some paperwork from her home office. She gave an inward smiel before reacvhing her other arm over and prodding her husband, Jessie ion the ribs.

"You getting up Babe?" she whispered huskily.

His answer was predictable enough, but she knew that and expected it (and secretly wanted it).

"You know it Babe, here, have a feel."

His hand grabbed hers and pulled it down to his crotch and his waiting, stiffening dick. He gave a satisfied sigh as her hand shook his off and wrapped itself around his shaft and began to slowly work his foreskin up and down.

"Hmm, see? I always get up for you Babe."

"You must've been dreaming about me, eh?"

"You know it" , he hadn't in fact his dream had been about a pole dancer called Michelle that he had fucked in the alley behind the strip club he had visited three nights ago but his wife didn't need to know that!

Her fingers moved down the length of his cock and began to massage his balls, something she knew he loved having done.

"You haven't time for this darling, you've got a plane to catch" her words belied her regret too, Sandra loved pleasing her man.

He gave a groan at the though of leaving his wife like this but knew she was correct. She had got him his job when they hooked up, got him away from the biker gang he had been running with, cleaned his life up and gave him the opportunity to make some real money doing something he loved as a sales manager for a leading guitar manufacurer. Her and her fathers influence had got him this chacne and for the year or so he ahd being doing it he had grabbed the ball and run with it.

Two hours later and Sandra had the house to herself. Jessie was long gone and would be just about on his flight by now while Kin, her step-daughter was spendign the day with Jessie's parents. This was Sandra's once a month riday by herself at home and she intended to make the most of it. After clearing up the brakfast dishes she headed for the bathroom and a long hot shower.

As she stood under the jets of water she didn't hear the sound of a motorbike pulling up and parking in her drive, nor of the front door being opened so it was complete shock when Sandra emerged from the en suite bathroom into her bedroom wrapped loosely in a towel to find Jessie's ex Janine standing waiting for her. Sandra was unnerved immediately. For one thing her appearance there was so unexpected, it was a real shock. For another she was dressed agressively, in black leathers with armns crossed and an impatient, crazed look etched on her face. And finally because jessie ahd told Sandra many, many times of what an unpredictable psycho his ex could be.

"W-What do you want? W-What ar eyou doing in here? Get out! You can't just come barging in her unannounced!"

Janine just smirked at the tremor in Sanda's voice and pulled up her hand and took along drag on the cigarette she had there. Sandra hadn't noticed it before and this just aggitated her further.

"Put that out! You can't smoke in here! Put it out at once!"

Janine took another long draw on the cigarette and then walked right up to Sandra before blowign the smoek out into the older brunette's face.

"Why don't you make me bitch!"

The words were spoen so low, so flat that there was no mistaking the threat they held.

Sandra held the towel tight around her wet body and brushed past the bully, determined not to be intimidated any further. She picked th etelphone handset up and addressed the interloper to her house one last time with a warning.

"Look, I'm not kidding, get out now or I'll call the police, you don't want to go back to prison do you?"

"What, and let you fill my little girl's head with more poison about me? No I don't want that. But you go ahead and call the cops, I don't mind because as soon as you do there will be a call going in to them about Jessie's luggage when he arrives, about the large stash of coke in his stuff. Do not doubt it is there bitch because I put it in myself. And you know how he had those convictions a few years ago? Oh you don't? Naughty jessie not tellign his perfect wife about his two drugs busts. And this one see it'll be his third, gotta be jail term I reckon, what do you think?"

Leaving those words hanging Janine dropped her fag end on the expensive bedroom carper and deliberately stood on it and ground it out on the shag pile, her eyes never leavign Sandra's the whole time. Relishing the look in her face as she took in what Janine had just said. And it was said in such a way, with such conviction that Sandra knew it was the truth, she could tell she dare not call this woman's bluff. In that instant sandra's whole life fell to pieces and Janine loved seeign it on her face. And when Sandra spoke again her voice had lowered, adopted a submissive tone that was music to Janine's ears.

"OK. Please! I won't call the police around here. Let's just be calm about this."

Very slowly and carefully she replaced the reciever in it's cradle and backed ever so slightly away from the other woman.

"Listen Janine, there's no need to be silly about this. I'm sure if you tell me what it is that want..."

Sandra broke off as the younger woman stepped righ tup in front of her again, her face just centimetres from Sandra's.

"What I want? I want the lot, everything. But to begin with I want to see what it is that makes Jessie be with you. I want to see why he's give up someone like me for you"

And with that Janine hooekd her hand into the top of Sandra's towel and jerked it off, leaving Sandra standign there before her stark naked and still wet from her shower. Janine smiled and stood back, making a big show of examininign Sandra's naked body.

"What are you? 45? Not bad for an old cunt."

She should have shut up but she couldn't.

"I'm 41."

"Yeah? Guess you've had a hard life, eh? Well it's about to get harder, believe me."

The comment about Sandra's age was designed to be cruel but it was whollu inaccurate. At 41 Sandra was in great shape thanks to regular work outs and a healthy lifestyle. She had the body of a thirty year old. She had really nice dark browh shoulder length hair, bright eyes, a perky smiel and some real nice curves. Infact although Janine was nearly ten years her junior it was the blonde who looked the worse for wear, as wild nights, drugs and excesses had taken it toll on her.

Everything about Janine, her actions, her voice her look was lurid and sleazy and she made Sandra's skin crawl as she moved around her appraising her body.

"just like I figured, he must have married you for your money. You got little else going fo you honey."

"Fuck you!" Sandra expolded then shrunk back and covered herself (or tried to) with her hands.

"You got a bit of spark anyway, Jessie always did like. Course he like money more. Anyways I reckon its about tiem to find out how much you love him, not the other way round. You love him bitch? Really love him?"

The truth was she did. He and his daughter were Sandra's life now, she would do anthign for them. Anything to protect them. Janine saw that in her eyes and smirked again. This was going to be fun.

"Good. I like that. Still I kinda want to grass him up. You know he was real pissy when I went to jail, acted all better than me, might be interesting to see him in the same situation. But you're not gonna let that happen are you Sandi?"

Sandra cringed she hated that shortening of her name and also janine was now stoking her wet hair really creepily. But she still shook her head, no she was not going to let that happen.

"Good then we have an understanding Sandi. You are going to keep me entertained for the day. Going to do what I tell you like a good little wife and in return I won't use tha phone. How does that sound? Good to you? Fair? Thought so."

Janine stepped back and pulled off her leather jacket reaveallign that she had nothing on under it, her silicone enhanced, tattooed tits sprang free. Seconds later her trousers followed and Janine was as naked as Sandra as she three her clothes away and fell down on the bed facing Sandra with her legs held wide apart. Sandra was suddenly realising where this was going and want to be sick.

Sandra stood shaking as the full extent of what Jessie's ex was going to ask her to do struck her. Janine held her thighs wide apart and Sandra could see the garish tattoos above her shaven pussy lips. Janine smiled and pointed between her legs.

"Lets see what skills you got with a tongue bitch, make me cum!"

"No! Wait, you can't, I can't , isn't there something else..."

For the briefest moment Janine's face clouded over and took on a menacing look, one that you would not willingly cross.

"Listen you old cunt! Either you drop to your fuckign knees and crawl over here and eat me out or in a few minutes there will eb police all over your darling husbands car, understand?"

Sandra was taken off guard, she was so used to beign in control and thing sin her life being regimented and neatly set out. Rushed and unable to think things through she reacted to the harsh, stringent voice and got down onto all fours and slowly crawled across her own bedroom. She looked and her heart sunk further when she realised that Janine had taken a camcorder from her bag and was filming Sandra's humiliating journey.

"Don't you worry about this little wife just keep crawling, my pussy's nice and wet and just waiting on you!"

Sandra made it to the edge of her marital bed all too quickly and from her position between Janine's thighs she looked up into her foes cold, emotionless eyes, there was no mercy to be found there, she was hard, bitter woman. Sandra looked at her sugically enhanced breasts, her tattoos and her pierced clit and could not believe she was being forced to do this. She looked long and hard at the dark pink of the folds of Janine's pussy lips and the more she looked the more she hesitated. She looked up again to find the camera right in her face and her adversaries face darkening.

The she opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and leaned in and began to gently, tentatively lick at Janine's pussy. The taste and smellw as totally alien to Sandra, she had never done anythign of a sexual nature with another woman, never even be curious, she just wasn't into anything that wasn't vanilla. Janine's body gave a shiver of excitement at Sandra doing this, she was wet at the mere prospect of humiliating this stuck up bitch and just the touch of her tongue was enough to get her juices flowing harder. She closed her thighs around Sandra's head and shoved ehrself forward so that her cunt was pressed hard into the other woman's face.

"That's it eat my pussy you dirty bitch! Eat it! Just think I had three cocks in there yesterday, can you taste them? I didn't wash it specifically for you!"

Sandra gagged at that, pullign her face away spluttering and spitting but Janine just grabebd her hair with her free hand and thrust Sandra's face back between her thighs and squeezed it in there.

"Lick it bitch! Make me cum or I am straight on the phone to the cops and your darlign husband will be going down too! I can really imagine his pretty face would be a real hit in prison too!"

That got Sandra's tongue working again and although Janine had been eaten out by professionals and this was a pretty listless performance in comparison she had never had quite so much satisfaction as havign the woman who she felt had stolen her man and kid eating her out reluctantly. She ground her pussy against Sandra's face and her free hand released Sandra's hair ans reached down to flick at th etop of her clit until she could hold her arousal back no further. With the camera focused on Sandra janine jerked her face from between her thighs in perfect timing to catch her cunt squirting and ejaculating all over Sandra's surprised, dazed face.

It took a few moments for Sandra to fully realise what had just covered her face and she instinctively reached up to try and wipe it away but Janine caught her wrist and, easily demonstratign her strenght advantage over the older woman, held her wrist away and told her to leave it.

"We're not finished yet bitch, I've got another hole you're going to clean out today."

The implication was as clear as it was obsene and Sandra just knelt there wonderign how she could be letting all this happen to her. Janine merrily chose a nice spot to leave the camera runnign before crawling onto the bed so her ass was neatly pointed right at Sandra's face.

"No way, you have got to be kidding! I am not doing that!"

Janine soun around and got off the bed to tower over Sandra, the blonde looking mightily pissed off. She reached down and grabbed the brunette's hair and yeanked it so Sandra winced as she looked up at her.

"Listen you dumb cunt! How many fuckign times do I have to tell you what I am going to do if you don't do what I fucking say? And besides I have just about the cleanest asshole you're ever gonna find considerign what I do for a living!"

With that Janine manhandled Sandra up off her knees and threw her onto the bed on her back. Before Sandra could react or move Janine was on top of her, straddling her torso then crawling forward to plant her ass right over Sandra's face.

"Now lick my ass you fucking stuck up bitch!"

Sandra looked up and her face was engulfed by two soft ass cheekd and a brown starfish shaped asshole slowly descended first on her nose then shifted and lay above her lips. With seemingly no other option Sandra opened her mouth and began to lick at her rival's asshole. It was the most disgusting and humiliating thing she could imagine and she cringed each time her tongue connected with Janine's body but she did it nonetheless. After a while Janine sat down harder on Sandra's face and urged her to press her tongue deeper and actually into the shit hole. Sandra really did not want to do that but she felt Janine's fingers on her own nipples and knew that resistance would be ultimately futile and that she would just end up doing it anyway so she did as she was told, as sick as that was. Her tongue wormed it's way inside Janine's asshole, the sensation unbearable while the thought of what she was doing even worse. Janine slowly began to move her body up and down so she was being gently fucked by Sandra's tongue whiel she smiled and waved at her preset camera. This film would be gold she thought and perfect for convincign this dumb bitch to go through with her plans for tonight. But she was gettign ahead of herself, there was one more hole in the room that deserved some attention before she left this house.

Without warnign she pulled herself up and off Sandra's face. She peered down at the flushed, gasping brunette and smirked at her.

"Enjoy that honey? Thought not, but don't worry next is going to be all about you babe, all about your pleasure."

She had rifled in her bag for another object and lifted out the strap on dildo and harness and held them up for Sandra to see.

As Sandra looked on incredulously Janine stepepd into the harness and straped the thing on until the dildo jutted out of her crotch like some bizarre black cock.

"You like black bitch, bethca don't do you? Well you certainly won't after this. How do you normally like it? Bet you're a missionary only woman, I can tell. Don't like it doggy, uh huh. Well that's how you're getting today bitch, like the dog that you are, crawl onto your belly bitch!"

The goading annoyed Sandra but she had other things to worry about right then and it was with some reluctance that she rolled over onto her front on the bed and allowed Janine to haul her hips up and hold her in position. She had been correct Sandra didn't like any other position other than normal missionary and...

Her train of thought shattered as Janine plunged her plastic cock into Sandra's pussy from behind and started to roughly fuck her. Oh this was heaven for Janine, she could not help but think back to her time in prison and being fucked like this (and a whole lot worse) by a procession of bull dykes who wanted a piece her ass and now to have the woman who had seemingly taken her place in the world like this was sweet revenge in her twisted mind. She slapped at Sandra's ass as she fucked her and looked around to see their reflection in the dressing mirror on th esideboard and smield wide for the recording camera, this was a moment she would want to replay time and again.

Her hands were busy with more than slapping Sandra's ass though, she also pulled back on her long, wet hair, reached under her body and tweaked her TITS AND NIPPED HER NIPPLES AND THEN SHE SETTLED ON FINDING Sandra's clit and masturbating it as she fucked her, she was determined to humiliate Sandra as badly as she could. And it cucceeded as

But Janine did not want Sandra climaxing just yet so after some frantic fingering of the woman under her's clit Janine suddenly pulled out of her pussy and taunted the brunette.

"You like that bitch? Not been fucked like that beforem have you? I bet Jessie's held back big time for you. Want to cum? I bet you do but not like that bitch, you can cum but only when I'm butt fucking you!"

Janine plunged her slick dildo into Sandra's tight asshole and started to fuck her, as the older brunette rearer backa nd arched her back Janine reached down again and started fingering her pussy hard and fast, much more so than before. The sensations were so totally alien to anything Sandra had experienced before. Whiel her asshoel was invaded and plunged to the depth of the dildo she was on the very verge of a massive climax and though she bit her lips she realised she would not be able to stop from cumming. And a glance to her left confirmed all this was being captured for posterity on film.

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