Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 01


"Yes, until you are completely recovered, you will be staying here with me. There is more space than single quarters. I have already moved some of my things in and your items, except for your clothes have also been brought in. Your clothes are in storage and the replicator limiters have been disengaged for the near future. You will need a complete new wardrobe and all women's accessories."

Before Jamie could say anything the door chimed sounded and Carol said "Come in." The doors parted and the Captain stepped into the room.

"Good afternoon ladies. I am Captain Parvin. You must be Lt. Jamie Gordon. It is good to have you on board. The upcoming mission will be most interesting to someone of your background, and the ship will benefit from your expertise."

Jamie looked at the female Captain before her and came to attention. "Yes sir, thank you sir. I will certainly do my best on the upcoming mission. The thought of studying such a structure is quite exciting."

"Relax lieutenant, please sit down." The Captain came into the room and settled herself gracefully on to the chair before the sofa. Jamie followed with much less grace. "The councilor has discussed your condition with me and if you will permit me an observation, you have some work to do. First of all, when you sit, keep your legs together, and cross your ankles."

"Yes sir." Jamie replied, doing as instructed.

"Now in addition to your duties, which will be to take over the structural survey team responsible for the sphere, and the ship, you will need to learn how to be a woman until we can straighten this out. With my approval Councilor Webster has moved into your quarters and will conduct your lessons in this matter. When we get you straightened out we will move you to single quarters. The councilor and I have also agreed on a story for you if you want. Just tell everyone that you are Lt. Jamie Gordon. No one knows that you were a man before the transporter accident and when we get your pattern corrected, you can just become Lt. James Gordon again. There is no physical similarity between the way you are and the way you were, people with just assume that Jamie transferred out and James transferred in."

"Yes sir, but you know how things travel aboard ship. The crew already knows." Jamie protested.

"How could they know? The transporter operator also transferred off in the last rotation. Dr. Sportan knows as does Councilor Webster, but it is against their code of ethics to tell anyone. I had to be notified as Captain and I have told no one." Turning to Carol the Captain asked, "How old is Lt Gordon?"

"I am 30 t-years old, Captain." Jamie replied.

"According to Dr. Sportan, Jamie is about 19 t-years." Carol said. "I am working with Lt. Gordon to accept herself as Jamie."

"That would be best as I have been in contact with Starfleet Command and they cannot locate any records for Lt. James Gordon. The usual bureaucratic snafu, it may be some time before we can fix this. If you can adjust to this situation, then so much the better Lieutenant."

"I don't know if I can Captain, but I will certainly try. I mean, it is not as if I can be the way I used to be until we get this fixed." Jamie replied with a sad smile.

"Try not to be so disheartened Lt. You may find that there are more advantages to being a woman, especially when you find out that you still have your original strength. Ensign Peters was from a heavy gravity world. Once you get used to that body you will find that you can lift as much if not more than before." Carol told her.

"Indeed." The Captain said. "In the mean time, you have a lot to learn and a short time to do it. At times you may feel like you are back at the academy, but I assure you that the Councilor will do what is best for you. Lt. Gordon, you will have to meet with your team shortly, I will expect your recommendations for a structural survey with the rest of the department heads twelve hours prior to arrival at the sphere. The complete Enterprise report will be downloaded into your padd as soon as it is received. Now I have a meeting in engineering in five minutes so I will leave you in the Councilor's capable hands. Ladies," the Captain said, standing and leaving the room briskly.

"Well that went well," Carol observed. "On board less than three hours and already a department head. She must like you."

"Oh, I don't think so." Jamie replied, standing up and walking about the quarters.

"Now, don't be like that. The Captain is like that with everyone. You understand what it is like at the top."

"Yes, I guess so. I am just having a lot of trouble with this." Jamie said as she wobbled around the room.

"Take smaller strides. You are still trying to walk like you used to. Slow down, shorter steps and roll your hips, just a little. No, not that much, just a little bit. We don't want you to look like an Orion slave girl working her master. Don't think about it so much. You did quite well coming here from sickbay."

"Like this?" Jamie said slowing her steps and walking more carefully.

"Almost." Carol replied. "Put one foot directly in front of the other, like you are walking on a narrow beam. And stop stomping."

"I am not stomping." Jamie replied indignantly. "This is just the way I walk."

"No that is the way you used to walk. Now watch me." Carol said, and she almost floated across the room.

The lessons went on for hours, until both were completely exhausted and more than hungry. Carol ordered up dinner from the replicator as both felt it was too soon for Jamie to be out in public more than necessary. Even during dinner the lessons continued as Carol explained and corrected much of Jamie's behavior while eating, ladies did not eat like men. After a quick and light dinner, for Carol anyway, Jamie needed far more to eat due to her heavy gravity genes, they were back at it. By this time Jamie had the hang of walking and sitting. Just as they were about to get into the subject of makeup the door chime sounded again.

'Come in please." Carol answered automatically, then turned and looked at a pale and scared Jamie. This was not an expected arrival.

The doors parted and in walked a tall black haired commander. "Good evening Councilor, Lt. I am Commander Burton, the first officer. I understand that due to a family emergency the councilor will be staying with you for the next little while."

"Yes Commander I will be. What can I do for you?" Carol asked with a smile.

"Well normally, it is protocol for new officers to report to the first officer. The Captain did explain a little about the Lt.'s emergency so we let that pass, however, the Enterprise report has come in and I thought that I would deliver it and take the opportunity to meet the Lt. at the same time. I also brought you your new comm. badge. I hope that that is satisfactory?"

"Well we are in the middle of..." Carol started.

"Of course it is satisfactory Commander." Jamie said, walking slowly forward on shaking legs and extending her hand. "I am Lt. Jamie Gordon, very pleased to be on board. I am sorry for not reporting as per protocol, but I have been with the Councilor since I arrived."

"No problem Lt. We don't usually stand on protocol aboard the Korvan, but I try to meet all new personnel. Commander Charles Burton." He said taking her hand lightly and squeezing gently.

Jamie squeezed just as gently, she was still finding her way with her new body and crushing the first officer's hand upon first meeting was not a good idea.

"Thank you so much for bringing down my padd. I have a lot of homework to do before I meet with my team."

"No problem." Commander Burton said as he passed the padd over. "I have taken the liberty of setting up a meeting tomorrow at ten hundred hours in the deck 4 conference room. I trust that is convenient for you."

"I think that will work." Jamie smiled sweetly. "Thank you so much."

"Well, being new on board, you wouldn't know your team or our procedures. I thought this might be helpful."

"Very, Commander." Jamie said looking up into his black eyes. "I am very appreciative of all your effort."

"No trouble at all. I will meet you here at zero nine forty five to escort you there. I will be sitting in on the meeting."

"Oh, that won't necessary Commander." Carol said quickly. "I can lead Lt. Gordon to the conference room."

"No Councilor, I insist." Burton replied. "It will give me a chance to get to know the Lt. and brief her on her team prior to the meeting. I am sitting in on all survey meetings anyway. Until tomorrow Lt."

"Until then Commander." Jamie said, smiling even more sweetly, only then letting go of Burton's hand.

The door slid shut after he left and Jamie turned to a flushed face to shocked Carol.

"I can't believe you." Carol said smiling. "One day of being a woman and you are already flirting with the first officer."

"I was not flirting." Jamie retorted, but without heat. "I just thought it was a good idea to try to talk to him to see if he thought I was a woman."

"You were flirting. That sweet little smile, the way you never let go of his hand and you should have seen yourself walk across the room to greet him. I think you are better at this than I am." Carol said laughing.

"It just felt so natural; I don't know what came over me." Jamie said. "The door opened and I was panicked, then I heard someone speaking and realized it was me."

"And Charlie, just laying it on so thick." Carol said still laughing. "He never comes to meet new arrivals, he summons them. I think someone let slip we had a new pretty Lt. on board. You had better watch out for him. He is a real lady killer."

"Well, this is one lady that is not going to be killed any time soon, by anyone. And will you stop laughing, it was not that funny." Jamie said firmly, before collapsing into giggles herself. The laughter rang through room until both women were collapsed on the furniture holding their sides.

"I think I needed that." Carol said, whipping a tear away.

"I know I certainly did." Jamie said. "I needed that release. And I am beginning to understand what the Captain meant about certain advantages."

"Good, but be careful, you are still an officer in Starfleet and you don't want to get the wrong kind of reputation."

"Yes teacher." Jamie replied modestly and ducked as Carol through a pillow at her.

"Okay, last lesson for the night." Carol said with authority.

"Do we have to? My brain is about to overload." Jamie said, in almost a whine.

"Yes, we have to. It is bed time procedures."

"In that case, I am all for it." Jamie smiled.

"Good, strip while I get the shower ready." Carol said walking into the bathroom.

Jamie immediately started to remove her uniform. The tunic and slacks came off without thought, but when she got to the underwear her hands slowed down and began to feel more. Her hands ran down her legs with the stockings. The feel of the silk as it slid down her legs was very erotic. The garter belt came off quite easily, but taking off the bra was a little harder. Jamie found that she liked the feeling of the lace against her skin. She had not noticed during the day but now she gently caressed her breasts through the bra and pinched her nipples softly.

The thrill that ran through her unlike anything in her experience. Her eyes closed and her head lolled back as her left hand continued to stroke her breasts as her right slid down her tummy. The goose bumps followed her hand towards the elastic of her panties, but before she could slip her fingers inside a subtle cough brought her back to her surroundings. Carol was standing in the door way to the bathroom with a small smile on her face and Jamie blushed scarlet.

"Sorry to interrupt, but you need to understand how to work the sonic shower for a woman or you will have problems. And we really have to work on the blush of yours. With your skin tone it shows far too well."

Jamie undid her bra and shrugged it off her shoulders. She kept the panties and thong in place as she walked into the bathroom with the Councilor. She tried to keep her breasts covered, but Carol chastised her, saying that they were both girls and Jamie better get used to being at least topless around other women. A quick briefing on the settings to keep body hair off, but the hair on her head intact and Jamie kicked off her panties and thong.

Jamie stepped into the shower and the unit sealed itself. The vibrations started and Jamie looked down to see dirt sweat and dead skin fall off her body. Before, as a man, the sonic shower was just something that he had to do each day. Now as a woman, Jamie noticed that the vibrations against his body caused a more intense feeling. She turned in place and lifted her arms over her head. The vibrations went straight down her arms to her breasts. Her nipples hardened again and Jamie reached down to caress her puckered buds. Her fingers pinched and Jamie found that she liked the slightly painful sensation. She did it again, only harder and felt the thrill down to her cock. Looking down past her breasts she could see her cock hardening as well. Her right hand stroked and pinched her breasts as her left slid down her stomach and grasped her engorged cock.

At less than a half of its original size now that she was hard, at first Jamie thought it was too small, but on her current body size it looked quite adequate. Her smaller hand encircled the shaft and still the head was left exposed. Jamie began to stroke herself and got lost in the sensation of her body. The feeling of the vibrations running through her body brought Jamie closer to orgasm quicker than she had ever had one before. She stroked her cock and dug her nails into her nipple. That was all it took to cause her to explode. Jet after jet of come shot from the head of her cock only to be removed by the sonic shower. Jamie collapsed against the wall and tried to catch her breath. After a few minutes she recovered enough to finish her shower.

After a relaxing shower, Jamie walked naked back into the bedroom. Carol sat topless on the bed and was brushing her hair. She looked up and saw that Jamie had followed her instructions and removed all her makeup and nodded.

"Good, you night wear is on the bed. Get dressed and we can get some sleep."

"You did not say we would be sharing a bed." Jamie said a little afraid.

"Physical contact is very important after a change like this and you need to get used to touching women in a non sexual way. Women are very physical creatures and touch constantly. You need the practice. Now get dressed and get into bed. I will be in as soon as I finish my shower." Carol said as she strolled into the bathroom.

Jamie looked down on the bed and saw a white lace teddy laid out for her. The spaghetti straps were deliciously thin and the entire front was lace. The gusset had a molecular closure like her uniform and Jamie slid it up her legs. She tucked herself in as Carol had taught her and stepped before the mirror. An incredibly beautiful young woman looked back at her. The white teddy blended with her skin and her red hair hung gently down her back. Jamie was still admiring herself when Carol came out of the bathroom.

"What are you doing?" Carol asked.

"I am getting ready for bed." Jamie replied turning to look at Carol. She was standing in the bathroom door wearing a pair of white panties, a nightie draped over her arm.

"No, what are you wearing."

"I found this on the bed and put it on. This is the night wear you left out for me." Jamie said confused.

"No, that is my underwear for tomorrow. Your night wear is on your pillow."

Jamie looked and saw a pile of light blue diaphanous material on one of the pillows. She went to the bed and picked up a camisole and a pair of tap pants. The silky material slid through her fingers with a whisper and she put them on the bed.

"What is wrong with what I am wearing though?"

"First, they are mine. Second, it is underwear, not sleep wear. And third, you have tucked yourself in, which is good, but you can't be like that all the time. You testicles and penis need to be out of your body at least some of the time or you will get sick. Now get changed and come to bed."

Jamie slid out of the teddy with some regret. She was beginning to like the feel of lace next to her skin. Since the change her skin seemed to have greater feeling than before. As a man, she did not notice things like fabric and how it felt against her skin, but as a woman it made a great deal of difference.

The camisole was loose fitting and very comfortable. It came down to just below her breasts and the lace teased her nipples back into hardness. The tap pants slid up her legs and settled comfortably about her waist. Her dick swung down and her balls dropped back out of her body. Jamie felt a rush of release as they did. She had not realized how just how uncomfortable her nuts had been all day inside of her.

"Don't worry, you will get used to it." Carol said. "Now come to bed, it has been quite a day for you."

Jamie climbed into bed and rolled onto her side facing away from Carol. Carol slid in and spooned up against Jamie's back. The warm feeling of a body against her sent a surge of blood back to Jamie's dick but Carol simple said goodnight and ordered the lights off.

Jamie lay in bed and wondered what would happen to her now. She was starting to really think like a woman and the thought frightened her. Before she could ask Carol about it sleep came and took Jamie.

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