tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 02

Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 02


Lt. James Gordon had stepped into the transporter on Starbase 55 and appeared on the USS Korvan as a woman. Now he was stuck in the body of a 19 year old red head on the way to study a Dyson Sphere.

Jamie woke the next morning and for a moment was slightly confused as to why there was a woman in bed with him. Then the memories of the previous day came flooding back. He was trapped in the body of a woman. The woman next to him, still sleeping, was the ships counselor and was responsible for helping him adjust to his new role as Jamie. Jamie rolled over and looked at the clock on the bedside table. It was 0610 hours ship time. Jamie had a little over three hours until Commander Burton arrived to take him; no Jamie had to think of himself as a woman he thought, her to a meeting with her team.

She slipped out of bed and headed into the bathroom. James had always showered in the morning, but Jamie had showered the night before. Looking around the bathroom she noticed that the shower could be used for both sonic and water showers. Jamie's face lit up at the thought of such luxury. Stripping off her tap pants and camisole Jamie almost dove into the shower and turned the water as hot as she could stand on her skin.

The rushing water felt electric against her skin. The feeling of water running down her body was erotic, and Jamie just stood there reveling in the sensation. Had she thought about it Jamie would have realized that she was becoming quite the hedonist, sensations and feelings were becoming far more important to her than before. After several minutes of just wallowing the in feeling of water on her skin Jamie began to wash. Her hair took longer than ever, James had kept his hair short, but Jamie's fell almost to her behind. Washing and rinsing took forever, and Jamie decided that she would only wash her hair with water occasionally. Sonics for daily use would be faster.

The feeling though was delightful, the water pelted her body and when she turned to face the showerhead, the water hit her nipples and they hardened instantly. Jamie inhaled sharply at the feeling then leaned into it. Her nipples were quite sensitive and they seemed to be connected directly to her dick. She started to get hard and with one hand caressing her breast her other started to stroke herself hard. It did not take long before she was pinching her nipples and thrusting her hips through her fist. She came in long ropy shots that hit the wall.

The orgasm affected her more than the one the previous night or any one before in her life. She sat down on the floor of the shower and let the water rain down upon her as she finished coming. Her hand stroked the head of her dick and she saw some of the cum collect in her palm. For some reason she had a sudden urge to taste the pearly fluid in her hand and before she could stop herself, her hand reached her face and her tongue darted out to the viscous fluid in her palm. The slightly salty taste startled her and brought the male side of herself back out. Disgusted with herself Jamie stood up and rinsed off quickly.

Stepping out of the shower she dried off and inspected her body. Drying off was quite different. The normal rubbing motion she used as a man was rough and turned her pale skin red. Jamie noticed her arms were almost chaffed when she was done and started to pat the rest of her body dry. Hanging up the towel Jamie stepped in front of the full length mirror. Her skin was slightly pink and glowing. She looked well scrubbed and ready for anything. Her small cherry nipples stood out against her breasts and her penis was a lot smaller than before, but then so was her body. It did not look out of place on her smaller frame, but Jamie still had problems with the idea of a woman with a penis. When Carol woke up she would talk to her about it Jamie decided as she brushed her teeth sharply to get the taste of cum out of her mouth, vowing to herself that she would not tell Carol about that part of her shower.

Jamie walked quietly out of the bathroom and slipped into the living room. As she passed through the bedroom she saw that Carol was still snoring lightly face down on the bed. Smiling at the sight, Jamie closed the bedroom door before activating the living room lights. Making her way to the replicator Jamie ordered herbal tea, a muffin and some clothes, a white thong, white lace bikini panties, a cream terry cloth robe and terry slippers. After she was dressed and with her tea in hand Jamie went to the couch, tucked her feet beneath her butt and picked up her padd to review the Enterprise's reports and sensor logs.

An hour and a half later, Jamie had reviewed all of the reports and made several notes and plans for her new survey team. She was starting on the personnel files of her team when the bedroom door opened and a very mused Carol staggered out. Jamie started to say something, but one look was enough to know that Carol was not a morning person. She stumbled directly to the replicator and mumbled something that sounding like "Ghesnvuen ejahgaienavenh." The computer obviously understood as the replicator produced a steaming cup which Carol picked up and stumbled back into the bedroom. Jamie saw the bathroom door open and Carol head for it before the bedroom door closed, leaving only the strong bitter smell of the Klingon coffee raktajino in the room. Jamie shrugged and returned to reviewing her new personnel.

Thirty minutes after the unusual arrival of Councilor Webster, Jamie looked up to see the bedroom door open and perfectly dressed and coiffed woman stride confidently into the room.

"Good Morning Jamie. And how are you this lovely day?"

"Fine. Glad to see you awake and functioning. You did not look so good when you came out earlier."

"Yes, I am not really a morning person." Carol replied smiled shyly.

"I did notice when you walked into replicator." Jamie laughed.

"I need my coffee before I can do anything. Thank God the Klingons introduced raktajino to the Federation. It used to take me twice as long to get going." Carol said with a laugh, and then sobered. "What have you done to your hair?"

"Nothing, I just washed it in the shower." Jamie replied, reaching up and making sure it was still there.

"You don't just sit there and let your hair dry on its own." Carol told her firmly. "We will be lucky if we can salvage anything with that mop today, and you have to be in sickbay in thirty minutes. Let's go."

Carol dragged Jamie off the couch and into the bathroom. The site in the mirror was enough to make Jamie blanch. Her hair was a mop of tangles and knots.

"I am tempted to just use a comb to try and clear this up, that would teach you a lesson, but we don't have time. In to the shower with you." Carol said pushing Jamie into the sonic shower. The vibrations worked her hair loose in a matter of seconds and Jamie came out to see Carol holding a type of thong she had never seen before. There was a waist band and flat panel with a groove in it that stopped just below the crotch and two straps that went to the back of the waist band.

"I want you to put this on. It is from Nelvor 3 and called a gracto. In English it translates into a gaff. It will hold your penis up between your legs and out of the way, so that it won't ruin the line of your uniform, the groove will make it appear that you female genitals, at least until you are comfortable with others knowing about you. Now get dressed and we can start on your make up."

Jamie pulled the gaff on and settled her penis between her legs, her balls up inside her body. The head of her dick sat right at the end of gaff.

"When you go to the bathroom, just drop your panties and leave the gaff in place. It is sized so that you can pee with it on. Now get your uniform on and you can show me how much you remember about make up." Carol informed her.

Jamie went into the bedroom and found her uniform and underwear on the bed. Carol had selected white lace demi cup bra and bikini panties trimmed in lace, nude thigh high stay up stockings and her gold lieutenant's uniform. Jamie slipped into the bra and adjusted the cups under her breasts. The cups barley covered her nipples and just the feel of lace started them to harden. Sitting was a new adventure in excitement as the gaff only held the shaft of her penis, the head still rubbed on the silk when she moved. The thigh high stockings went on easier than yesterday and felt just as good. Jamie pulled on the pants and tunic of her uniform and then sat still as Carol took her straightened hair and pulled it into a very tight braid that hung down to the middle of her back.

Jamie proceeded into the bathroom again and started her makeup. Carol watched quietly as Jamie started with the eyeliner. Carol jumped in and took the applicator from her on the third time Jamie closed her eye and missed. Carol also did the mascara to save time. Jamie applied a little blush and her lipstick without incident or help. Carol pronounced her ready to go just in time to make it to sickbay.

The walk to sickbay only took five minutes and Carol had to lead Jamie as she would not take her nose out of her padd. She continued to review the files of her staff trying to prepare for the meeting. Dr. Sportan was ready for her as soon as she walked into sickbay. Jamie climbed up on the diagnostic bed and he activated the privacy field once again. A thorough scan provided him with a complete genetic code for Jamie and he added this to the ship's profile. Dr. Sportan quickly confirmed that Jamie indeed had the high gravity strength and enhanced metabolism of Ensign Prince. He informed Jamie that she would need to eat more than usual in order to keep her body functioning properly and that her new muscles would need more exercise than she may be used to. He prescribed an advanced workout schedule and Jamie informed him that she had been a vigorous swimmer. Dr. Sportan agreed that that would be the best thing until she got used to her new body and then to proceed with something more vigorous, perhaps hand to hand combat would be good. Jamie said that she had studied Tia Chi and would find a class on board to keep active. Dr. Sportan dismissed her with the mention of eating breakfast sometime soon and that he had upped her caloric intake in the computer.

Jamie and Carol made their way back to their quarters and Jamie had just enough time to eat some pancakes before Commander Burton arrived to take her to meet her team. With something in her stomach Carol noted that Jamie began to regain some colour. She had been looking decidedly pale in sickbay. Carol made a mental note to make sure that Jamie ate enough. The door buzzer sounded and before Jamie could answer Carol told her to be back by eighteen hundred, she had booked the holodeck for a workout. Jamie nodded and pressed the admittance key. The doors parted and Cdr. Burton stood poised and confident in the corridor.

"Are you ready to go?" He asked, "The meeting starts in fifteen minutes and since you are running it, it would not look good to be late."

"Yes commander. Councilor Webster and I have just finished." Jamie replied smiling brightly. "Shall we?"

"Most definitely, after you." He replied. "Councilor."

"Commander" Carol said as she watched the two of them leave the room. Carol had a feeling that in the near future something was going to come up between those two and she would love to see that.

Jamie and Burton headed to the nearest lift and made their way to deck 4. Burton made the usual small talk, trying to draw Jamie out, but she was to afraid to talk about her past as no one she had severed with before would recognize her now. She turned the tables on him and asked about his service and he started to talk about his last post as they arrived on deck 4. The trip to the conference room took the rest of the story and they arrived just as he finished.

The doors parted and Jamie saw her 4 person team for the first time. Lt.(jg) Jason Biggs was her assistant; he was completely human, almost as tall as the commander and blonde with blue eyes. Ensign T'Pal was the only other female member of the team and was Vulcan. Her dark hair hung down her back in a pony tail. She was only a little taller than Jamie. Chief Steven McAddams was another human and was obviously a character. The smile he gave Jamie was fatherly, but the twinkle in his eye showed that he was amused by her and would reserve judgment until he saw her in action. The last member of the team was from Alpha Centauri, Jamie could tell from the extra joint in his little finger when they shook hands. PO(2) Bruce Taylor was shorter than Jamie, as well as younger than James had been, he looked like he was about fifteen, but Jamie knew that he was twenty and fresh out of the academy.

Jamie shook hands all around as she introduced herself, in deference to Vulcan custom she only nodded at T'Pal, and then invited her team to sit. She welcomed Cdr. Burton and then proceeded to chair the meeting. Cdr. Burton sat back and watched the progress with interest. He had reviewed Jaime's file and noted that this was her first time leading a department and was prepared to jump in if needed, but Jamie had things well in hand. After making sure that they all had reviewed the scans and reports of all concerned on the Enterprise, she opened the floor to suggestions and recommendations.

Jaime made a few suggestions to get the ball rolling and then let the team run with their ideas. Occasionally she had to rein them in if they went off topic, but she still made note of the good ideas for other departments. She also made careful note of who made what suggestion. Within the three hour meeting, they covered everything from access to the sphere, to solar radiation, to getting out. Jamie dismissed the team with a request for another meeting in two days to go over her report before submitting it to the captain. She asked LT. Biggs to go for an inspection tour of the ship immediately after the meeting and thanked Burton for his attendance.

Lt. Biggs led Jamie from the conference room already talking. He explained that the Korvan was a Sovak class science vessel, eighteen decks, six hundred meters in length with a crew compliment of five hundred. There were twenty eight labs on five decks; the balance of the space was crew and guest quarters, propulsion, bridge and recreation decks. The ship was as well armed as the ambassador class starships. They spent the next three hours covering most of the decks of the ship, and all her main compartments. They finished their tour in Jamie's office going over the ship's specifications and drawings. Jamie liked to look at the original specs' of a ship whenever possible. They finished their meeting by covering the emergency procedures that Jamie would need for battle stations and all other alerts on board ship. Before he left, Jamie made an appointment with Jason for the next morning for a more formal interview as his department head.

Jamie watched the Lt. leave and turned to her replicator; she had skipped lunch and was starving. A large late lunch satisfied her and only took about ten minutes to eat. She made a mental note to eat more often in the future. She called her schedule up on her computer and started to schedule appointments with the rest of her team to get to know them. At seventeen thirty the computer chimed to warn her that she was due in her quarters in ten minutes. Jamie saved her work and hustled back to meet Carol.

Jamie walked into her quarters ten minutes later to find Carol waiting for her. Carol was dressed in a one piece bathing suit, royal blue and high cut on the hips, it plunged down to a deep V in between Carol's breasts. She was wearing three inch sandals and had a towel over her arm.

"Come on, get ready," Carol said. "I reserved the holodeck for a workout and your suit is in the bed room."

Carol ushered Jamie into the bedroom and she saw a one piece bathing suit on the bed next to a beach wrap and a pair sandals like the ones Carol wore were on the floor by the suit.

"You want me to go swimming?" Jamie asked horrified.

"Yes, Dr. Sportan said that you need to work out and you agreed that swimming was something you enjoyed. So get suited up and we can get going. I think you are going to like the program I have planned for you." Carol walked out and left Jamie staring at the suit on the bed. Jamie followed her out into the other room.

"Carol, I can't wear that, it is to revealing. There must be something else I can wear."

"No, unless you want a bikini, and with that body, it is a great idea, but I thought we should start you off slowly." Carol replied. "Now get dressed, or I will get a bikini for you to wear. And keep you gaff on, you will need it in that suit and water won't hurt it."

"Yes Ma'am." Jamie replied meekly, walking slowly into the bedroom once again.

She shed her uniform and lingerie and stood naked at the foot of the bed looking down at the suit as if it was a medieval torture device. Sighing, she sat on the bed and started to pull the suit up her legs. The material stretched to cover her and as it came up her body she realized just how revealing it was. The hips were cut so high that there was only a strip of material holding the back to the front. The entire centre panel between her breasts was missing and the opening carried down to a below her navel. The front was held closed by a metal clip between her breasts and the whole suit was held up by two thin straps that crossed in back and connected to the strips of fabric at her hips. As she slipped into her sandals, Jamie was in complete shock as she finished dressing.

"Wow, you look fabulous." Carol said from the door. "I wish I had the body to carry of a suit like that, but I am way to top heavy."

Jamie screamed and covered herself as best as she could with her hands.

"I can't go out like this, I'm naked."

"No you are not, but if it will make you feel better, you can go naked if you want." Carol said smiling.

"No," Jamie cried and sat down on the bed.

Carol pulled Jamie into the bathroom and stood her in front of the full length mirror. The image was of a beautiful young woman in a black swimsuit. Her cleavage was not overly displayed and the opening in her suit displayed her flat mid section to its best advantage. The heels stretched her calf muscles and made her legs stunning.

"See, you look great, that suit really flatters your body shape."

"I guess," Jamie replied tremulously.

"Then put your wrap and sandals on and let's go, before we lose our place on the holodeck." Carol commanded.

Jamie found her body doing as it was told and in minutes she was walking down the corridor, her beach wrap clutched tightly closed by its tie and her fingers at the neck, carrying a towel trying to stay as small as possible. They passed several crew members all of whom greeted Carol politely and smiled at Jamie. As they made their way further from her quarters, Jamie began to relax slightly and even started to smile at some of the crew. Carol noted the change and watched as Jamie went from cowering at the sight of herself to walking beside her, timidly at first, but then as they spoke to more people, Jamie started to feel more comfortable.

Carol had deliberately thrown Jamie into the deep end. The outfits, the lingerie, the makeup, the swimsuit, the heels, she did not want Jamie to have a chance to think about what was happening to her. All the better to accept her situation. By the time they got to the holodeck, Jamie was striding confidently beside Carol without even noticing the way the male members of the crew would turn and look at both of them once the had passed.

Holodeck 5 was the largest holodeck on board, it was also the most sought after. Carol entered her code and the program number into the control pad and the doors parted to reveal a large beach with azure blue waters lapping gently on the pure white sand. The sun was directly over head and the temperature felt like it was at least thirty two degrees centigrade. Jamie stepped through the door behind Carol with her mouth hanging open. She had never seen a beach like this before.

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