tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 03

Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 03


Jamie woke up at four thirty the next morning and lay in bed thinking about the last two days and the changes in her life. After the transporter accident that changed James into Jamie several things had happened. Jamie had started to think of herself as a female and was starting to enjoy it. But the most worrisome thing was that she was starting to flirt and enjoy the look of men. This caused her some concern. Her immediate after accident scan in sick bay and her physical showed that her brain chemistry and memories were completely intact. So why was she continuously flirting with the first officer and enjoying the attention he was paying to her?

The previous evening she had been on the holodeck testing a new scuba device with Cdr. Burton and as she swam above him she found herself checking out his ass. Seeing the flexing of his hard body had excited her and this was causing her sleeplessness. Jamie gave up on trying sleeping and slid out of bed. Her roommate and bedmate Councilor Webster rolled over and continued snoring lightly.

Jamie slipped out into the living room and sat on the couch. She was still in turmoil. Thinking about what had happened the night before was not getting her anywhere. She was a man trapped in a mostly woman's body, so why was she looking at men? Her flirting at the party and with the commander was really starting to worry her. She made up her mind to talk to Carol once she was up and functioning that morning. Unfortunately, that would not be for at least another three hours. Jamie could not stay waiting for Carol to wake up to talk, she needed something to do in the mean time or she would lose her mind. She decided to go and have a work out, but did not want to go the ship's gym alone, not till she sorted out all these conflicting emotions. She decided to hit the holodeck for a little workout.

Jamie checked the holodeck programs and dressed before heading down to holodeck one. The smallest holodeck was not in use, not surprising considering the time, and Jamie was able to program a proper oriental dojo as she called up the Tai Chi program and instructor. Dressed only in her bathing suit and sweat pants, Jamie warmed up and then activated the program. This time she double checked that the privacy locks were engaged and then raised the gravity to 1.35 that of Earth standard.

An hour later, Jamie was soaked with sweat and rubbing her tired muscles. She completed the Tai Chi program and changed the holodeck to that of an Olympic size pool. Shucking off her sweat pants Jamie dove cleanly into the water and started to swim. She had not changed the gravity back and that only made her work out harder. Jamie relished the serenity of the empty pool and let her mind focus on her strokes. It kept the disturbing images from the night before from intruding. Another hour in the pool and Jamie was ready to call it a day.

Jamie walked out of the holodeck after cancelling the program and felt instantly lighter. The change back to shipboard gravity was delightful after two hours working out in the greater strain. Her muscles relaxed and she did not feel as fatigued as she did on the deck. She had dried off on the holodeck and she walked back to her quarters in just her suit and sweat pants a towel draped over her shoulders, hiding her breasts. Her trim body and flushed appearance caught many looks as she made her way through the corridors. Most of the crew was still sleeping, but a starship is never silent.

Jamie arrived at her quarters, slipped into the bathroom quietly and had her sonic shower; it got the chemicals off her from the pool and gave her time to deal with the rising sexual tension. She jerked off in the shower again, enjoying the feeling of the orgasm rising from deep within her. It was quite different from her orgasms as a man and she was enjoying the difference. She stroked her rising cock and ran her thumb over the head and under the crown. The pre-cum oozed out of the head and she spread it over the crown and shuddered at the feeling. Both her hands surrounded her cock and she felt the slickness of her pre-cum and she slowly brought her hand to her mouth. She had never tasted pre-cum or semen before, but for some reason she was drawn to it. Her tongue slipped out and the tip touched the fluid on her finger. The tartness surprised her, but she found it pleasant to taste. Jamie continued to lick her fingers as her other hand stroked her dick harder.

Leaning back against the wall, she stepped out of the sonic field and stroked her cock harder, her other hand reaching down and scooping up pre-cum and transferring it to her waiting tongue. Jamie found that she really started to like the taste and jerked harder. She felt the oncoming rush as her balls tightened to her body and her hips started to work faster. She put her hand down and shuddered as she came into her own palm. Wracking shudders ran through her body as she finished coming into her hand. Jamie dropped to her knees and looked at the puddle of jizz in her palm. She brought her hand up to her nose and smelled the goo she had just shot out. She stuck out her tongue and touched it to her cum. The saltiness surprised and delighted her. Immediately she felt repulsed by what she had done and threw herself back into the sonic shower, trying desperately to rid herself of the shame of what she had just done.

Jamie was in her robe eating a large breakfast of eggs benedict and pancakes when Carol made her normal morning appearance of staggering out the bedroom to the replicator for her morning coffee. Jamie just smiled and went back to her padd and her report to the Captain about the Dyson sphere. Carol appeared about forty five minutes later, dressed, made up and ready to face the day. Jamie looked up and smiled in relief, she did not know how much longer that she could have held in her need to talk.

"Good morning," Carol said brightly. "I see you are eating a good breakfast for a change."

"Hi," Jamie replied, "I could not help myself, after the workout I had this morning, I was starved."

"What workout?"

"I went down to holodeck one and did some Tai Chi and then called up the pool program and had a swim"

"What time did you get up?" Carol questioned.

"About four thirty, I could not get back to sleep so I went for some exercise."

"Why couldn't you get back to sleep? Four thirty is a little early isn't it?"

"I ...I..." Jamie stuttered and closed her eyes.

"What is it honey, you can tell me." Carol said quickly and came to sit next to Jamie at the table. Jamie started to cry and Carol hugged her to her shoulder and rubbed her back

"I am so confused," Jamie said between sobs.

"About what" Carol asked quietly.

"About me, the way I have been behaving the last couple of days."

"And what has been wrong with the way you have been behaving?" Carol replied, "I have spoken to Cdr. Burton and he told me about your meeting. You handled it extremely well. I watched you interact with the crew last night and saw nothing wrong."

"That is not it." Jamie gasped, "It is the way I have been feeling and the thoughts I have been having."

"What feelings, just calm down and tell me." Carol said quietly.

Jamie took a deep breath and started to explain the thoughts that she had been having regarding Cdr. Burton. How she had been checking him out and watching his ass as he swam beneath her on the holodeck, and watching his crotch later at the party. She said that she had been flirting with him the first day they met and how turned on she was by thoughts of him. Jamie told Carol about the crying she had been doing and the strange thoughts going through her mind. She even told her what she did in the sonic shower. Carol waited until Jamie was finished then spoke to her.

"Jamie, this is understandable. You have gone through a very dramatic change and it is normal that you are confused. As for checking out Cdr. Burton, we have all done that, I am certain even some of the male crew members have done it too, you know, just checking out the competition." Carol smiled, "As for the rest, I have a theory, and I will check with Dr. Sportan while you get dressed. I will have an answer for you before you are ready to do your make up. Now get going."

Jamie walked despondently into the bedroom and saw her uniform laying out on the bed for her. Carol had laid out a blue satin shelf bra, matching bikini briefs, and garter belt with black seamed stockings. Jamie slipped the panties on first over her gaff. Carol normally had her in a front closure bra, but this time it was a back closure. Jamie fought with it for a few moments and then just put it on backwards and hooked it up with the cups behind her and spun it around her body. She did the same with the garter belt and sat on the bed and balled the stockings up as Carol had taught her. The seam felt different as it went all the way under her foot to the reinforced toe of the stocking. Jamie fought with the belt connections to the stockings as usual, but it seemed that she took less time today. Maybe she was getting the hang of dressing as a woman. The thought only depressed her again and she sat down on the bed started to cry. Carol found Jamie sitting on the bed crying a few minutes later.

"Honey, you have to get a grip on yourself." Carol told her. "It is not as bad as you think."

"Yes it is I think I am starting to like dressing like this and that is so depressing."

"That is what I wanted to talk to you about. I spoke to Dr. Sportan, and he said that this is quite normal. Your..."

"Normal?" Jamie exploded, "how could this possibly be normal."

"You have the body of a nineteen year old woman, and the mind of a thirty year old man." Carol explained calmly, pulling Jamie back down to sit on the bed. "Your body is pumping massive amounts of estrogen into your brain. That is why you feel this way. Your body is finishing puberty again and your brain is fighting it."

"As if it wasn't bad enough the first time," Jamie said despondently.

"I understand, but you have to calm down. I spoke to Dr. Sportan, and he is double checking your scans, but he agrees with me. He also said that your body will settle down soon and you will be fine." Carol said soothingly. "Now let's see how you have done. Stand up and turn around, I need to see if your seams are straight."

Jamie followed Carol's instructions wordlessly, letting her adjust her stockings here and there until she announced that she was finished. Jamie pulled on the rest of her uniform and went into the bathroom to start her makeup. Carol followed and added a few touch ups, but was wise enough not to mention that Jamie was getting better at applying her own make up. Ten minutes later Jamie was on her way to her office for the first of the meetings with the individuals that made up her time.

Her meetings went very well, although with Lt. T'Pal was extremely formal, but still Jamie got the feeling that she would work well with the Vulcan. Chief McAddams treated her as a father would indulge a daughter, but still was respectful, and the twinkle in his eye did not hurt. She had already established a good rapport with Lt. Biggs, but PO Taylor was going to be a struggle. He was still adjusting to life on board a starship and the thought of taking orders from someone who looked like she should still be in high school did not sit well with him. Jamie kept that meeting almost as formal as the one with T'Pal, but it set the standard. She also covered each team member's suggestions for the sphere in greater detail and ordered them to have their reports to her before end of the day.

Jamie returned to her quarters at seventeen hundred and started on assimilating all the data from her staff. Carol returned about two hours later and found Jamie still at the table working, deep in thought and fingers flying over her padd.

"Jamie, have you eaten today?" Carol asked as she strolled into the bedroom to change out of her uniform.

"Yeah, I had lunch between meetings." Jamie replied distractedly.

"Well that is not enough; you need to eat more and now is the perfect time. Come on we are going to dinner in Four Asses. I've made arrangements for your team to join us in an off duty capacity."

"Carol, I can't go, I have to get this report finished for the Captain." Jamie said still focused on her padd.

"You probably finished that report twenty minutes ago. You are just going over it for the third time for errors. Now let's go, it is important to get to know your team in a social environment. I have a feeling that you need a drink after today, and I know that I do too." Jamie continued to protest, but Carol would not be deterred and soon had Jamie with her in the corridor to the lounge Four Aft.

There were several tables open when they arrived, but Carol led Jamie over to the large table in the middle of the floor where her team was seated with several other members of the ship's engineering staff. Carol found two empty seats, but not beside each other. Carol was at one end of the table with Jamie's team and Jamie was at the other with the chief engineer and his team. Dinner was already on the table and both women were encouraged to join the discussion. As with all specialists, the only conversation was their field, in this case the Dyson Sphere. Theories and speculation abounded during the table, what they would find, who built it, how it was built and if the Federation could duplicate the same feat. Jamie sat quietly at first but the ideas were flowing to fast and hard for her to not get excited and join in the conversation.

Eventually the table would go quiet when Jamie spoke, eager to hear her opinion. She made her comments insightful and direct, often just a small comment would send the conversation into a new direction. It was getting late when Carol tapped Jamie on the shoulder and reminded her that they had an early meeting the next day. Jamie had not noticed that Carol had moved from her place at the other end of the table, when in fact Carol had left the table some time ago. Observing from the bar, Carol had several quiet conversations with Cdr. Burton, Dr. Sportan and the Captain about how Jamie was fitting in with crew and to the captain and the doctor about her adaptation to her new body. She left nothing out, including Jamie's episode in the shower and all three agreed that Jamie was ready for Carol to tell Jamie her own story.

Carol and Jamie made their way back to their quarters, Jamie still expanding on ideas that had come up around the table. They reached their quarters and Carol motioned for Jamie to sit on the couch as Carol went to the replicator. Punching in a code, Carol returned with two glasses of very dark brown liquid.

"This is old earth bourbon, sip it slowly." Carol told Jamie, "There is something I need to tell you."

"Is there a problem?" Jamie asked concerned for her friend.

"No, just some information that the Captain, doctor and I think that you should have." Carol replied with a slow sip of her drink. "There is a reason that I have been moved in here with you and it is not just because you need a councilor to help you adjust."

"What are you talking about?" Jamie asked, a little more quietly.

"Haven't you wondered how I know so much about what you are going through? How I know about hormone and estrogen levels and gaffs and things like that?" Carol responded.

"Yes, but I thought it was from research." Jamie answered.

"No, it is from practical experience." Caro said softly. "I am from Nelvor 3."

"The same place that the gaff is from?" Jamie asked.

"Yes and the reason that I know so much about trans-gender species is because some of the people from Nelvor 3 are built just like you."

"You mean you..."

"Yes, I am like you, but with two very different exceptions."

"What exceptions?" Jamie asked.

"Firstly, I was born the way that I am and your change is the result of a transporter accident. Secondly, I also have a vagina, but no testicles."

"You are a hermaphrodite?"

"No," Carol said calmly. "A hermaphrodite has complete fully functional reproductive organs of both genders. I cannot get anyone pregnant, but I can bear children myself. The closest term I have found from your planet is Futanari. It is from the Japanese language meaning "two form". I have what you would call a penis, though I call it my clitty, and am able to ejaculate as you do, but the semen contains no sperm as I have no testicles. I am also able to have vaginal intercourse and achieve orgasm that way."

"So that would explain how you would know..."

"How I would know what the hormones and estrogen are doing to you mind and mood swings. I went through it just like you are now, and I had a mentor to show me how to deal with the problems. That is what I am doing for you. I am here to show how to deal with the changes your body is going through, just as mine did."

Jamie grabbed her drink and drank it in one swallow. Setting the glass on the coffee table she leaned back on the couch and thought about what Carol had told her. It made sense now that she thought about it. Carol had never been naked in front of her. She knew about the gaff, how to wear it and how to get Jamie just the right size. The mood swings had not surprised Carol at all. The clothing that Carol made her wear off duty showed that Carol was leading her somewhere, but Jamie was not sure where.

"So this whole time you have been teaching me to be a woman so that I could stay one permanently?"

"No, I have been trying to get you to accept what has happened and help you adjust and blend in to the crew." Carol answered sharply. "We are going to be on this mission for some time and who knows how long it will be until your records catch up with us, and even after they do, there will be sometime before the transporter could be used to correct your genetic makeup, if you were even willing to trust it. I will admit that I have been pushing you a little to wear a little more revealing clothing, but that is just to show you how beautiful you are."

"I am sorry Carol. I did not mean to sound accusatory. You just caught me by surprise, I mean you are the most feminine person I have ever met, and to find out that you are just like me, well it is a lot to take in."

"I know, that is why I have held back telling you till now. I wanted to see how you accepted your situation before letting you know. If you had not handled it so well, I would not have said anything. Now you have had a long day and you have to submit your report tomorrow to the captain. Knowing you that means that you are going to want to have another shot at it tomorrow with your team, so now it is off to bed."

"But Carol, I have so many questions," Jamie said.

"I know that you do, but we can deal with that in the morning after you have had some time to assimilate all that I have told you tonight. Now let's get ready for bed."

Carol stood and pulled Jamie up from the couch and led her by the hand into the bedroom. Carol pulled the molecular seal on her uniform and discarded her jacket on the chair. She turned to face Jamie and reached around to remove her bra.

"What are you doing?" Jamie asked shakily.

"Getting ready for bed," Carol replied matter of factly. "Now that you know what I am, there is no need to hide anymore. Come on, get undressed, it is already after midnight and you need your rest."

Jamie slowly followed Carol's lead and began to get undressed for bed. Soon her uniform was draped over the other chair and Jamie was naked except for her gaff. Her nipples contracted in the cooler room and as she looked at Carol she felt blood flow to her cock.

Carol's blond hair hung down her back and framed her face, stopping just at her nipples. The firm breasts stood out from a darkly tanned body, showing no tan lines. There was no hint of sag on her bust line and Jamie figured that they were at least a 34 D cup. Her tight waist and flat stomach tapered to a well rounded set of hips and beautiful legs. She was also wearing a gaff, but this one was tanned to match Carol's skin tone, but did have the same seam to create the look of pussy lips.

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