tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 07

Lt. Gordon's Transformation Ch. 07


Jamie sat at her table enjoying her hearty breakfast when the captain came over the intercom.

"Attention all personnel, this is the Captain speaking. We will be arriving at the Dyson sphere in seven hours. All department heads report the bridge in thirty minutes for final briefing. All science personnel are to stand by in their labs and observe the briefing. Captain out."

Jamie finished her breakfast and took the remains to the replicator and disposed of them. She then ordered a cup of raktajino and went into the bedroom. Carol was still sleeping, spread out on the bed. Jamie stood for a moment and enjoyed the view of Carol's breasts rising and falling as she breathed, but the sight that really held Jamie's stare was the tent in the middle of the bed where Carol's clit stood hard and firm. Jamie felt her mouth start to water and wanted to taste Carol again, but she forced herself to stop. If Carol had to be on the bridge in thirty minutes, they did not have time for that. Jaime put the coffee down and reached for Carol's shoulder when the intercom sounded again.

"Captain to Lieutenant. Gordon."

"Gordon here," Jamie responded.

"Lieutenant. I want to make sure that you will be at the briefing this morning. Your report will be the basis of our survey plan for the sphere."

"Certainly, Captain. I will be there." Jamie said feeling pleased.

"Good, see you then, Captain out."

Jamie turned and shook Carol's shoulder.

"Carol, come on, rise and shine. We have a briefing in less than thirty minutes."

Carol grumbled something and did not move. Jamie picked up the coffee and waved it under her nose. Carol twitched at the aroma of the coffee and peeled one eye open.

"Come on, up and at em." Jamie told her. "The Captain called a meeting in twenty six minutes and we both need to be there."

Carol groaned and tried to roll over, but Jamie blocked her way and waved the coffee under her nose again.

"All right, I'm up." Carol grumbled as she sat up in bed and reached for the mug. Jamie handed it over and got off the bed.

"I am going in the shower, don't go back to sleep."

Carol grunted and sipped her coffee. Jamie was quick and was out in less than ten minutes. Carol was up and gathering her uniform when Jamie stepped out of the bathroom and started to dress. Carol breezed past her and jumped into the shower.

Carol and Jamie arrived at the briefing room just behind the bridge with three minutes to spare. The first officer greeted them and pointed Jamie to her seat. Carol moved confidently to her own place at the table. Jamie found herself between the chief engineer and Dr. Sportan. The captain arrived precisely on time and started the meeting.

The captain led the meeting regarding the exploration of the sphere. She outlined the timeframe that Starfleet had given them and what she expected from each department. Comments and concerns were voiced from all sides and addressed quickly. The captain again singled out Jamie for her recommendations and stated flatly that they would be following the research plan that Jamie had laid out for most of the mission. A few changes were made by specialists in certain fields, but Jamie had set the plan in motion. Just before the meeting ended the intercom whistled.

"Bridge to Captain."

"Captain here, go ahead." Captain Parvin replied.

"Lieutenant Carlyle, Captain. We have just received a message from the Minotaur. They have suffered a warp core failure. No injuries, but they will be delayed three days for the rendezvous at the sphere."

"Very well bridge, Captain out. Well, that is not going to help anything. We don't have three days to lose, suggestions?" The captain looked around the table.

"Captain, after we launch the probe and complete our initial orbit, we could download the data in the probe and launch a shuttle craft to start the survey of the interior until the Minotaur arrives," the first officer suggested.

"The initial orbit will take several hours commander," said the science officer. "The probe would not survive the radiation in the sphere that long, if the Enterprises' readings are any indication."

'We could leave a shuttle at the entrance and it could open it, withdraw the probe and review the data at that time." Cdr. Burton countered. "Then proceed inside and start the survey until the Minotaur arrives and we can get inside."

"A shuttle would not be able to stand the radiation that long." The captain said.

"A runabout could." Said the chief engineer. "The new one was just received before we left Starbase 55."

"Good idea, but we don't have a pilot." Cdr. Burton stated. 'Lieutenant. Marshall missed his connection and did not make it to Starbase 55 until a full day after we left. He is aboard the Minotaur."

"Actually we do commander." The science officer contradicted him. "Lieutenant. Gordon was on the design team for the runabout and is a fully qualified pilot."

All eyes in the room turned on Jamie and she felt like slinking out of the room. She hated being on display like this.

"Is this true Lieutenant?" Asked the captain.

"Yes Captain." Jamie replied steadily. "I was on the team; I have three hundred hours on the simulator and seventy five actual flight time."

"Well, that is fortunate." The captain said smiling for the first time in the meeting. "You will pilot the runabout and retrieve the probe. If the data supports it, you will enter the sphere and start the preliminary scans until the Minotaur arrives when we will join you inside. All other procedures will remain the same."

"Captain, I think I should go with the Lieutenant on the runabout." Cdr. Burton said with a straight face.

"I don't know if I can spare you commander. I think it should be a science officer." The captain said, looking at Burton.

"I am a fully qualified pilot Captain. I think that taking the piloting shift would be more important. The scans are only preliminary. The Korvan is doing the detail scanning." Burton countered.

"I agree Captain," a voice came from the other end of the table. Jamie's head whipped around and she stared at Carol. "Assisting Lieutenant Gordon in the piloting would be of greater assistance than the running the scanners."

"Very well commander," The captain said. "You and Lieutenant. Gordon get together and plan your survey and have a report to me before fourteen hundred."

"Aye captain," Cdr. Burton replied at once.

"Aye captain," Jamie said softly.

"Thank you." The captain said standing up and leaving the room.

Jamie collected her padd and headed for the exit before Burton or Carol could stop her. She was halfway to her office before Carol caught up with her.

'What is wrong, you look angry."

"Nothing," Jamie replied flatly. "I just have a lot on my mind and now I have to get this flight plan ready. I'll see you tonight in our quarters." Jamie peeled off and turned into her office leaving a confused Carol in the passage way.

Jamie prepared the flight plan and forwarded it to commander Burton before getting on with the rest of her work. She also reviewed the flight manual for the runabout on board. The Trinity was direct from space-dock and had not even had a proper maiden voyage. Jamie made an alteration to the flight plan and sent it again to the first officer and the captain. This change stated that the Trinity should have a brief shake down in the vicinity of the sphere while waiting for the probe to complete its orbit.

The buzzer sounded and Jamie said "Come in please."

Commander Burton stepped casually into her office and waved her back to her seat as she started to rise.

"I think that since we are going to be working very closely together for the next few days; we should dispense with most of the military protocol, don't you?"

"Yes sir." Jamie replied looking at her desk, the thought of spending three days with him on the Trinity was exciting and terrifying. Could she keep up her pretence during that time?

Burton looked curiously at her and continued, "I have reviewed your flight plan and I agree that we should give the Trinity a shake down, but I have spoken to the captain and she feels that we should do so now. The Korvan will drop out of warp in thirty minutes, launch the Trinity and then we will both proceed to the sphere. I will see you on the hanger deck in twenty minutes."

"Yes sir." Jamie said, feeling panic well up inside her. Now she had an additional six hours to spend with him and no time to prepare.

Burton left her office and Jamie finished the paperwork she had started quickly and sent a message to Lieutenant. Biggs regarding the items that needed to be completed before her return and headed to her quarters.

Carol came in five minutes after Jamie arrived to find her tossing clothes into a carryon bag and storming around the cabin.

"What is the matter with you?" Carol asked.

"Nothing," Jamie snapped. "I have to get ready to launch in the runabout, I have about ten minutes to get to the hanger deck and I have to spend the next eighty two hours in a small ship with a man I have been fantasizing about for the last week. What makes you think there is anything wrong?" Jamie was close to tears as she finished and Carol rushed to her and held her close.

"Relax, it will be fine." Carol soothed.

"How can it be fine? He is bound to find out about me."

"So what if he does." Carol countered. "It is not as if he is about to buzz it all over the ship."

"That is not the point. How could you have suggested to the captain that he was the right person to spend the next three days with me?"

"Because he is the best candidate and the best pilot on board. If anyone will be able to learn the runabout quickly, it will be him. Also, this a perfect chance for you to see if you like him. With just the two of you, you will be able to get to know the real him. Trust me; this won't be as bad as you think. Now dry your eyes while I check to see what you've packed."

Jamie dried her eyes and at Carol's suggestion went into the bathroom to wash up and fix her makeup. Carol quickly went through the bag and added a few items that only a woman would think of, extra panties etc. Jamie came out with a little of her makeup in her hands and Carol packed it quickly and sealed the bag. Putting it on Jamie's shoulder she led her out of the cabin and to the hanger deck.

They arrived only a few minutes late and found the runabout up and ready. Commander Burton was seated in the co-pilot seat reviewing the manual. Carol slipped aboard to have a word with Burton as Jamie did her preflight walk around inspection. Carol wished Jamie luck and told her just be herself and let events unfold. Jamie climbed aboard and stored her bag in her quarters and headed for the flight deck.

A brief review of the controls showed that everything was ready for launch, the flight plan was already loaded and the indicators were in the green. Jamie took only a moment to re-familiarize herself with the controls before calling the bridge and announcing that the Trinity was ready for launch. The captain responded that the Korvan was at impulse and the hanger doors would open in one minute.

The doors parted and naked space beckoned. Jamie raised the ship on its thrusters and slowly took it out of the hanger. Once free of the ships gravity the runabout became much more responsive. Jamie arched the small ship over the Korvan, brought the warp core online and plotted her course in quick decisive movements. Double checking to make sure they were clear, Jamie brought up the impulse engines and then when she had enough room activated the warp drive.

The Trinity responded instantly, jumping to warp four without any hesitation. The Korvan was left far behind and Jamie relaxed as she saw that all was performing exactly as it should. Sensors showed the Korvan closing from behind until it matched their course and speed. Beside her commander Burton whistled softly.

"She certainly is responsive and quick to the helm." He commented.

"This is nothing." Jamie replied smiling, she loved piloting. "Just wait till we get to the sphere and I will show you just how responsive she is."

The next few hours passed quietly, with Jamie instructing Burton on the basics of the runabout's controls. Anyone who could pilot a shuttle could handle a runabout, but there were additional features on a runabout, transporters, weapons, better shields, and a small warp core. Instead of just a pilot, flying a runabout required a more detailed knowledge of all ships systems. Jamie found herself relaxing with Burton as the time passed. He watched her intently, but only what she was doing, not her personally. He was totally absorbed in the task of learning to pilot the runabout. Finally she turned control over to him and let him have a few hours at the helm.

"You are doing very well Commander." Jamie told him as she stood and stretched her back. She had been bent over the back of his seat watching him run through several exercises. The computer simulated several piloting maneuvers and emergencies while the ship continued at warp to the sphere.

"Thank you Lieutenant." Burton replied, "Must be the great teacher."

Jamie blushed at this comment and Burton hurried on before she could respond.

"Have you instructed many people on piloting a runabout?"

"Only a couple," Jamie said. "They were new off the drawing boards and I was one of the few people trained to pilot them. I also helped design the helm, so it made sense to have me pilot and teach others."

"For someone so young you have accomplished quite a bit in Starfleet." Burton noted.

"I am not as young as you think." Jamie told him, blushing again.

"You look like you are only about nineteen or twenty. How young were you when you went to the academy?"

"I was probably a little younger than the average, but not by much." Jamie replied carefully. Desperate to change the subject Jamie said "We will arrive in about forty five minutes, are you hungry? We should eat before we get there, who knows when we will get the chance later."

"Yes, good idea." He said standing up. "What would you like?"

"No, you stay and get some more flight time. I will fix it. What would you like?" Jamie said quickly.

"Just chicken sandwich and a coffee for me thanks." He said, sitting back down and turning back to the instruments.

Jamie hurried off to the replicator and made a meal for both of them, although hers was substantially larger than his. Sticking her head out of the crew common area she hollered that dinner was ready and to just leave the ship on automatic.

Burton came and stopped dead at the sight of the meal before her. Jamie had made herself two very large chicken sandwiches, a small meat pie, several dinner rolls and a large glass of milk. Jamie waved him over to his smaller plate and sat. Smiling sheepishly, Jamie did not wait, but dug into her meal with gusto. Burton ate slowly and just watched as she packed all of her meal away without thought. He stopped eating and just stared as she went back to the replicator and ordered a large slice of chocolate cake. Finally he could not take it anymore.

'Where did you put all that?" He asked incredulously.

Jamie looked up from the last of her cake and blushed again. She really had to stop doing that.

"I was just hungry." She responded.

"I watched you eat, I just want to know where you keep your own private black hole to hold all that food."

Jamie started to laugh and explained about her higher grave origins and higher metabolism.

"I felt silly, being out eaten by a girl less than half my size. Now that I know it is genetic, I feel better." Burton laughed.

Before Jamie could respond the alarm sounded that they were approaching their destination. Burton sent her to the flight deck and quickly cleared up the mess from dinner. He joined her in time to see her take the ship out of warp and stabilize against the sphere's gravity distortion.

The Korvan followed them out of warp and set course for the sphere. In less than thirty minutes they were just outside the safety perimeter of the sphere's tractor beams. The Korvan hailed them and confirmed that they were ready for launch of the probe. As it launched from the Korvan, the probe hung in space waiting. Jamie confirmed that she had access to its telemetry and then sent it on its way to the sphere.

The Korvan hailed the sphere and the tractor beams activated, but the probe was too far out of range. The hatch opened and the probe sped closer. The tractor beams could not lock on to the probe and shut down. The hatch started to close, but the probe beat the doors and disappeared inside the sphere.

The Captain hailed them again and wished them luck on the probe recovery and the Korvan sped off to start its sensor sweep of the exterior. Jamie took the opportunity to test the Trinity's impulse maneuverability. After two hours Jamie returned to the edge of the safety zone and hailed the sphere again. The tractor beams went through their attempt to lock on to anything, and the hatch opened. The hatch had just started to close after the beams shut down when Burton sent the code to the probe and it accelerated out of the sphere to link up with the Trinity.

Burton downloaded a copy of the data and they quickly started to review it. The first thing that was noted was that the star's increased activity seemed to have completed its cycle and was now just putting out normal power levels for its size and age. Burton quickly recorded a message to the Korvan and loaded it into the probe and dispatched it back to the ship. The message stated that they were proceeding inside the sphere to begin their survey.

As the probe sped off to the Korvan Jamie again hailed the sphere. As soon as the beams shut down she accelerated the Trinity through the closing hatch. Once inside under their own power they noted that they had none of the problems that the Enterprise had encountered. With all systems functioning perfectly they started their scans of the surface.

Three hours later both were exhausted and ready for a break. Burton suggested dinner and some sleep. The ship would continue on autopilot and in case of emergency both could reach the flight deck in less than ten seconds. Jamie agreed and soon found herself putting away a meal equal to that of her lunch. Burton had a little more than before but still could not keep up with Jamie's appetite. Thirty minutes later Jamie was in her quarters, doing her Tai Chi work out and then getting ready for bed. After the long day, Jamie just collapsed on the bed fully dressed and passed out.

Five hours later Jamie came awake to the beeping of the scanner alarm. Jaime hustled out of her cabin and almost ran over Burton. He was only dressed in his boxer shorts but he pounded to the flight deck right behind her. The scanners reported that although there were no life forms on the interior of the sphere, it was quite capable of supporting life. Jamie took the controls as Burton scanned the records.

"Change course, 230 mark 325 degrees." Burton commanded. "The sensors show some form of command post near that lake down there. It is near the hatch, so it makes sense. There may be records down there to help us understand who built this place and where they went."

"Aye sir, course 230 mark 325." Jamie responded quickly.

The Trinity arched away on its new heading and Jamie saw the lake and buildings that Burton meant. She programmed the landing cycle to set them down by the lake, just a few kilometers from the command building. "This would make a better spot to land than the building, sir." Jamie said as she overflew the command post. "There is not enough clearance for the ship and I don't want to damage anything."

"Good plan Lieutenant." Burton replied. "It will just be a short hike to check it out."

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