tagErotic HorrorLubed 02: Attack of the Lubies Pt. 01

Lubed 02: Attack of the Lubies Pt. 01


June Walker, college senior, was in her aunt's backyard, taking a shower, when she heard someone say "Fuck." The sound was faint, almost a gasp, barely heard over the running water.

She froze, cold fear crawled up her spine. An intruder, probably that creep Cody Hall (who, deep inside she grudgingly admitted, wasn't actually too creepy [despite his voyeurism] and kind of cute in a geeky sort of way), was in the shower and the only weapons at hand were her blue string bikini, a bar of soap, and a bottle of shampoo.

She took the shampoo bottle, "Maybe I can throw it in his eyes," and turned to confront her erstwhile rapist. Instead, "?! Mrs. Berenson?!" Her aunt's friend wasn't a surprise. Her oiled up nudity was a different matter.

Rather than go home to her parents (who had some issues regarding a wet T-shirt contest she won on spring break [said contest having gone viral on YouTube]), June chose to spend the summer with her liberal, open-minded, non-judgmental aunt.

Aunt Rose was her mother's younger sister, a free spirit, the opposite of her conservative sibling. She kept a large swimming pool in her backyard, let guests swim in it frequently (no kids however, Rose was just as cautious as Carey) and sunbathe.

Aunt Rose, to accommodate the guests, had an extra shower and sauna built in the backyard. June wanted a swim, sunbath, and shower before heading into the city for some clubbing.

The coed was almost finished with the shower part. Warm water ran down her slim, toned body. June had no regrets. Her body was hot; good diet and good genes. She'd been completely sober at the contest.

It was more a challenge to herself that, after an adolescence of insecurity, she was completely comfortable with her body. "Mom and Dad would never understand."

A pudgy, frumpy teen and invisible in junior high and high school, June blossomed into the kind of beautiful, curvy young woman found in Playboy (who incidentally came calling after the contest went viral. The College Girl issue was due next month and she was on the cover. "Wonder what Mom and Dad are going to say to that?" she smirked.).

The wet t-shirt was meant to introduce the new June. A brown-haired, slender, curvy c-cupped, good assed June. No more the frumpy, dumpy teenager. Now she was the hot chick, liberated, like her aunt.

June was smart enough to know the viral popularity of the video meant the men in the clubs were like as not to be familiar with her image; she didn't care. "I can handle it and them."

Thoughts of possible future boyfriends were not on her mind at the moment. "What's she doing here, naked?"

Carey Berenson visited Aunt Rose often; typically to shoot the shit, help with a project, or use the pool (not so often, as she had one of her own). June liked Carey. She was attractive, a bit earthy, and gave good advice on men (experience from her "Unreliable shit," of an ex-husband). June never saw Carey naked, though.

Carey blocked the door to the shower. "Is she wearing sunscreen?" June asked. It explained her slick, shiny appearance. Carey looked flushed; skin gleaming pink and ceramic. A light, subtle tan, with just the tiniest hint of orange, complimented her pink skin tone.

"Good Grief! She looks like a peach!" a stunned June thought. "A pink, human peach!"

Mrs. Berenson gazed at June with unsettling intensity. She breathed heavily, hissing through gritted teeth. Her eyes were wide, red-tinted, and hungry. It was the look of a porn star, a woman ready to fuck. "Omigod! She's horny!" June realized.

Discomfort edged into fear. The shower suddenly seemed far too small. June was open-minded but she never swung that way, not even as an experiment. It didn't help to see Mrs. Berenson's pussy, wet and clit-swollen, dripping cum.

"M-M-Mrs. Berenson..." June began, not knowing her next words. Whether to demand her departure or ask her health, it didn't matter. Carey erupted a lusty growl and rushed forward, grasping June by the shoulders before the young woman could react.

The young coed was knocked against the blue turquoise tiles, stunned. "Ugh!" cried June, startled, with the wind knocked out. "Mrs. Berenson!" she cried. "Want....fuck," Carey gasped and planted her lips on June's shocked open mouth.

"Mmmp! ....Et op ee!" the coed shouted, muffled. When she felt Carey's tongue in her mouth indignation became frenzied anger. "!....Et op ee oo esthbo!" she tried to shout but, once again, was muffled as she pounded her fists against the assaulter. ("God! What's happened to her! She's gone nuts!" June thought frantically.) Instead Carey pressed closer, wrapping her hands behind June's neck and plumbing her tongue further into the coed's mouth.

She ground her belly against June's and twined her legs with the young coed. The entanglement prevented June from forcing Carey back by kneeing her in the groin. Instead her leg brushed against Carey's thigh, wet skin rubbing against oily silkiness.

June continued to pound futilely against the taller Carey, who outweighed the coed by thirty pounds. Carey used her weight to press her body further into the younger woman. Her breasts mashed and rubbed against the coed's melons. Her slick skin, from belly to pelvis, glided across her opposite. "Mmmm!" June cried, outraged.

Though outraged, June felt some amazement. Pounding Carey's skin was like hitting silk. "She's so....slick! What's this stuff on her?!" The cascading shower water beaded and slid off the milf like frost from a warm window. Carey's grip was like iron. "Oh God! She's too strong! Why is she doing this?!"

In the past, Carey and June complimented each other on their looks, but only as one friend to another. Neither woman felt any sexual attraction towards the other but Carey no longer had a mind.

The oil worm virus had eaten away all her reasoning faculties, stripped her moral center, and reduced her intelligence to one basic primal instinct: to fuck...and fuck...and fuck.

June was hopelessly locked with the milf; her former friend turned rapist. She was fully conscious of Carey's slick skin, tits, and nipples sliding, grinding against her aureoles. Carey's navel rubbed around June's belly, bumping occasionally against her button.

The milf's pelvis slid against the coed; their bald pussies brushed together. Carey was wet. Her cum trickled down her legs and June's. June herself felt moist. "Oh no! I can't be getting wet! I'm not like that!" But her frantic pounding softened and her tongue locked into a wrestling match with Carey's.

The milf's saliva mingled with the coed's. June tasted peach and....something else. "What did she drink? She tastes....nice. Omigod! Did I just think....that?!"

Carey's body was warm, slick. June's fists uncurled into slaps. The slaps, unnoticed by June, were slowly evolving into strokes. June, in spite of herself, felt her panic and outrage ebb away. Her mind slowed, overtaken by a creeping lethargy. At the same time lustful desire bloomed inside her dulling brain. "What's....going on?!" she thought. "I can't....be getting....turned on.....I'm not.....like....that!....I'm not!...."

Carey's oil-slick hands stroked the back of June's neck. They skated between the shoulder blades and through the valley of her spine. Silk-smooth fingers played a song over the rippling bone and muscle, to the tip where her back dented into the ass crack.

Carey withdrew her tongue. "Uuuunnngh!" June moaned, eyes closed, swallowing the milf's peach-tainted juice. Her skin flushed, taking on a rosy pink tint. Her mind slowed but her libido quickened. Showering water, which had flowed off her skin as a stream, beaded and sloughed off its now oily surface.

Carey's lips kissed down June's body. The milf stopped at the coed's rippling throat. June tasted peach; her throat worked Carey's juice down to her stomach. The virus raged through the coed's body, reordering her brain, rewriting her DNA.

Carey sucked at June's skin, tasting the fruity sweat pouring from the coed's pores. "Uuuunnngh!" June moaned a second time. She put her hands in Carey's short blonde hair and stroked as the milf inched down her chest.

Carey's lips came to the coed's nipple. She pursed her lips around the pink aureole and nipped and sucked. June's breasts, hair trigger sensitive as an effect of the worm virus, sent an orgasm through the coed's body. Warm, peach-flavored cum splattered Carey's torso.

The orgasm traveled to June's brain, eradicating the last traces of higher thought, replacing them with pure libido. June opened her red-tinted eyes and growled lustily. She pulled Carey's head deeper into her breast. Carey's tongue licked across the aureole. Her teeth nipped the coed's swollen tit.

The milf pulled back, growled and buried her head between June's boobs. She inched and slithered her way down the coed's slick body, kissing and licking the oily skin. She paused at June's quivering belly.

Carey sucked and licked the navel for several minutes. "Ohhhuuunnngh!" the coed moaned loudly. She ran her fingers through Carey's wet, golden hair. Peach cum splattered the milf's chest. After sucking the coed's belly for several more minutes, Carey went for the candy.

The milf slithered down to June's bald pussy. The coed's swollen vulva dripped sweet cum. Carey burrowed in, slurping the peach-flavored syrup, tongue slipping, sliding, in and out, over the coed's plumped clit. June's pelvis spasmed; her flower erupted nectar, gulped down by the milf.

Carey's hands were on the coed's firm buttocks, clutching and massaging the round muscles. The nurse's oiled fingers plumbed the coed's bunghole. She drew June closer and plumbed deeper with her tongue. June helped by pushing the milf's head deeper into her crotch.

The well-toned muscles of both women stood tense and defined within their shiny, slick bodies. They moved and rippled beneath the smooth and oily surface of their skin. The women quaked in orgasm; both moaned, grunted, and growled.

Even in her altered state, June could no longer stand, weakened by constant orgasm. Her mind-dulled body desired candy of its own.

She grasped Carey's shoulders and pushed back. The milf's face came away from the coed's crotch. They gazed at each other, red-tinted eyes hot and smoldering. Unspoken communication, created by alien virus and sexual instinct, flashed between them.

Carey drew back from her kneeled position and lay expectantly, legs spread, waiting. June came forward, turned and kneeled, placing her snatch before Carey's face. She planted her mouth on Carey's flower, grabbed the milf's legs, and slurped and licked. Carey wrapped her arms around the coed's thighs, planted her lips against June's wet petal, and slurped in return.

Shower water beaded and slid off the women's' bodies. Oil and cum-slick skin moved together, non-frictioning, as the women drank each others' honey. They moaned and grunted, faint ululations and gasps, wordless, no longer able to articulate sentences.

Occasionally, the two women came up for air, one or the other gasping out faint one word bursts, more instinct than reason. "Fuck." "Want." "Not." "Like."

The sixty-nine eventually reconfigured into a scissors. The women slithered over each other and rejoined between spread legs, grasping hands. They lay on the wet floor, legs wrapped around each others' bodies, grinding their pussies together.

Thick vulvas kissed, swollen clits slid together, and cunt syrup mingled. Muscles within the lubed women's legs, asses, pelvises, and bellies, flexed and rippled beneath the skin. "Uuuurrrrgh! Uuuunnnngh! Uuuuugh!" milf and coed grunted, cumming and moaning in unison.

Simultaneous orgasms convulsed their bodies. Their skin rippled like warm jelly; soft, peach-scented breath hissed through their clenched teeth. Eventually, even with the oil worm virus raging uncontrollable lust through their bodies, the women had to rest, however brief the valley.

Carey and June lay on the wet floor, gasping, grunting, quaking from post-coitus. The women's higher reasoning was gone, eaten away and replaced by animal instinct and burning lust.

June's mind occasionally flashed random one word thoughts, bits and pieces from her former life. "....Not....like...." she grunted, softly. Another bit surfaced in her virus-changed brain, "Co...dy....cock...."

She raised her head and gazed at the milf on the end, opposite. Carey gasped quietly, "Want....fuck..." staring back.

Comprehension was non-existent; unspoken messages, powered by instinct, virus, and lust influenced the women's actions. ".....Co....dy.....cock...." grunted the coed. ".....Want....fuck...." replied the milf. The two women detached and stood.

The afternoon was late, warm, and sunny. Two women staggered out of a backyard shower, naked, slick, and wet. Their peach-tinted skin gleamed in the summer sun. ".....Want....fuck...." one gasped. "....Co....dy....cock...." the other grunted.

Red-tinted eyes unfocused, driven completely by instinct and lust, the milf and the coed staggered out of the yard, towards the house across the street.

To Be Continued...

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