tagInterracial LoveLuc and Sanaii: Scenes from a Life

Luc and Sanaii: Scenes from a Life


After checking his watch, Lucas called from the back of the car that was ferrying him from the airport to his hotel.

After several rings, the voice he longed to hear answered the phone.

"Hi you!"

"Hey, beautiful!"

"This is a pleasant surprise. I thought I wouldn't hear from you until you were back on the East Coast."

"Not only am I back East, I just flew into town and I will be expecting you to report to my hotel in the next half hour for a Dan Akroyd marathon and hot buck naked sex, not in that order."

Sanaii laughed.

"Lucas I can't wait to see you, but I'm kind of on a date."

Luc clenched his jaw in annoyance and took a deep breath.

"Do you mean you're on a dinner and a movie type of date or within the next 15 minutes your panties are going to be down around your ankles given away my lovin', Sanaii?"

"Luc, don't have a fit. I stepped outside just to take your call. I'm being rude enough without rushing off to see you. If I'd known you were coming, you know I wouldn't have made other plans."

Lucas took a breath.

"Sorry. I'm being an ass, aren't I? But it's been almost 3 months since we've seen each other, baby. I don't want to wait another 3 hours."

"I know. Just let me get through dessert, ok? I'll be right over after that."

Lucas smiled.

"Make it quick." **** After showering, Lucas reclined on his bed in his luxurious hotel suite and though about Sanaii, his best friend and lover.

The few weeks before his graduation from Hill had felt like a dream. She was his and he was happy in a way he never though he could be with just one girl. What other people said or thought didn't matter.

But there were other realities that couldn't be ignored. Sanaii still had two years of college left and Luc was going to be overseas in Europe for at least a year. He believed it was their friendship that had allowed them to be honest with each other rather than cocoon themselves in a fantasy of love conquers all. They were both young, with a lot of growing up to do.

Their bond however proved unbreakable even over the span of years and distance. Sanaii's career blossomed after college. Philadelphia was the base of the modern dance company Sanaii performed with. Water sports were Luc's life, and he was making quite a success of himself with a water sports equipment manufacturing spin off of his dads business. From Hawaii to Italy, Luc was there.

His and Sanaii's crazy schedules permitted visits to each other on too rare occasions, but they kept in touch constantly by phone and e-mail. Whenever they talked on the phone, it was about anything and everything often culminating in raunchy phone sex that had him spurting cum so hard he thought it would hit the ceiling. Only one subject was taboo. They both knew seeing other people was a reality, yet neither one felt the need to rub it in the others face, beyond the occasional "Are you seeing anyone special?" As long as her answer was no, Lucas felt he could breathe easy. He hated the idea of Sanaii with anyone else, but he refused to be a hypocrite. Lucas's love for cunt was far too ingrained. While he no longer felt the need to stick his cock into every willing piece of ass that came his way as he traversed the globe, his libido was strong as ever and long weeks of celibacy were not an option for him.

He was 25, doing well in his business, and echoes of him "settling down" bounced on the airwaves from his parents. He was certain Sanaii was not what they had in mind. Lucas had never hidden his special relationship with Sanaii and even though they had vocally disapproved in the beginning, his parents came to accept that Luc was too stubborn to have anything but his own way. Over the years, they had mellowed some what. Sanaii had even had dinner with him and his father a couple of times

The very idea of marriage scared him shitless. His folks certainly hadn't done a bang up job at it.

*** Sanaii tapped her heels excitedly against the plush carpeted hall, waiting for Luc to answer her tap. It felt like forever since she'd last seen him. She smoothed her hand over her hair hoping it hadn't poofed out to outrageous proportions in the damp weather.

When he opened the door, looking golden, sexy and slightly irritated her heart sped up.

"Lucas," she said holding out her arms but quickly dropping them when she saw the look on his face as he took in her short black dress.

"Sanaii. That's a very sexy dress. Were you looking to get fucked tonight?

Oh, he was in one of those moods, she thought biting her lip and feeling her panties dampen. She was never as uninhibited as she was with Luc. While she loved his gentler romantic side that he felt safe enough to show her, his dark domineering side called to her in a way she could not articulate.

With a snort, Luc leaned against the closed door.

Sanaii lay her brow against Lucas's chest, and looped her arms around his waist. Her voice was sweet as pie when she looked up at him with her big brown eyes.

"You wanted him to fuck you?"

"No," she said adoringly kissing the bare skin revealed by his unbuttoned shirt, "I only want this." She cupped his erection in her hand and felt another burst of excitement.

Groaning, he cupped her ass in his hands to rock her against his cock.

"Maybe I don't believe you." He leaned in close enough to kiss her but instead teased her with a brush of his lips against hers before pulling back in mock disdain.

"Please,believe me." Each word was accompanied by a kiss on his taut belly as she lowered herself to her knees in front of him.

She rubbed her cheek against his straining cock. "I only want this," she repeated huskily, her mouth watering. Sucking Lucas's cock had reached near fetish proportions for her. Looking up into his eyes, she slipped the button on his pants.

He grabbed her shoulders, but made no other moves. Sanaii tongue bathed his erection slowly from base to tip, top and bottom,pausing to nuzzle the tip of her nose against his soft sac before holding it gently in her mouth. She heard Lucas's deep breathing and felt his knees dip slightly as if to fit more of him against her tongue. She sucked his lubricious tip tantalizing her mouth with the taste of his jizz before she took him deep into her throat in a long slow suck.

Lucas groaned and his eyes slid shut for a moment and his hands tangled in her hair. She moaned her disappointment as he slipped from her mouth with a slurping sound.

"I'm convinced," he said pulling her into a blistering kiss, followed by another and another. "Now I'm going to fuck until you can't remember your name."

"Luc!" Sa wrapped her arms around his neck as Lucas stepped out of his pants. In a flash, they were devouring each others lips and tongues as he lifted her legs to wrap around his waist.

He stopped abruptly, as he felt her naked wet skin on the shelf of his dick.

"Where are your panties, Sanaii?"

"I took them off in the car on the ride over. Thinking about you- they were all sticky." she breathed against his lips trying to illicit more kisses before he laughed.

"You should have taken them off in the estaurant and given them to your date, because that's as close to this pussy as he's going to get."

"Yes!" squeaked Sanaii as Luc backed her quickly against a desk, bunched her dress around her waist, and raised one dark limber leg to wrap around his shoulder as they stood. Even for her it was a stretch because Luc was taller than her.

The position left her incredibly open, giving them both an excellent view of Luc's flared, cock tip aimed at the glistening, creamy opening of her pussy. With the skills born of experience and familiarity, Luc aimed and shot true thrusting up into Sanaii's yielding cunt.

"Aaaaahhhh!" Sanaii cried out, feeling stretched to her limit.

"Fuck," Luc grunted feeling heat and wetness tighten all around him. Sanaii was the only woman he didn't use condoms with. They had run out one night, and feeling reckless and a little drunk they went at each other bare. Sanaii easily had the sweetest pussy he'd ever stroked- without a condom and subject to the full extent of her hot silky skin and juices it was exquisite. He refused to go back to rubbers after that.

Luke settled into a maddening rhythm where he withdraw almost to the tip and stroked back in long and slow, using his hand on her ankle and the desk behind her as leverage. His sweat and hers dripped between her breasts, staining her dress as he steadily increased the pace, slamming into her hard enough to rub her clit with each stroke.

"Luc, I feel- it's too much!"

"It's just right," he soothed, dipping his knees to angle and grind in circles inside her. "Take it, kitty cat. Take it all!"

"I love it when you call me that!"

"I know," Luc smiled against the graceful curve of her throat.

As Sanaii's climax crashed over her, Luc bounced her hard on his cock prolonging her spasms until he surged forward and came hard enough to turn his knees to water. Sanaii shuddered again and fluttered around him at the feeling of his juices hotly laving her pussy walls and sliding slickly out of her onto her thighs. They clung to each other, their faces buried lovingly in each others necks for long minutes as they caught their breaths. Sanaii's raised leg felt cramped and Lucas started to lower it. He paused with her thigh in his hand as he slid out of her.

"Shit, Sa'. I'm sorry, baby." Lucas apologized half heartedly acknowledging he should have pulled out.They both knew she was not on the pill. Still,he had loved shooting off inside her.

"I think its ok," she comforted too sated to feel apprehensive.

Sanaii parted her pussy lips with her delicate fingers, as Luc watched. Her dark and scarlet pussy was splashed with pearly fluid. It oozed from her aperture and beaded in her hair .

"Yum." Luc murmured in appreciation of the pretty site before bending down to kiss her there. Then he licked her clean with perfect flicks of his tongue that brought Sa' to another gentle climax.

Sanaii opened her mouth to receive his cum soaked tongue after he traced her lips with it. They laughed joyously and kissed, feeling a warm rush of emotion in the wake of their sexual satiety.

"You ruined my dress, Luc."

"No, I didn't."I just gave it a little Lewinsky treatment. Take it off.You won't need it for the rest of the night, or tomorrow, or the next day."

He tossed her up in his arms bridegroom style.

"How long are you here for, handsome?"

He smiled, "How long do you want me, kitty cat?"

Forever, she thought but didn't say.

"Is that a trick question?"

"Nope, I don't need to go back to California for the next 2 weeks. I can spend that time with you if you want, or-."

"Or nothing! I would love to spend the next 2 weeks with you. I never get enough of you."

It's never enough, Sa. He thought but did not say.

****** Brrrring.

Luc reached a hand out from under the covers of his bed.

"Hello?" he said gruffly.

"Lucas.It's me."

"Hey, baby," he said looking over at the clock. It was 3:00 am his time.

He was still a little hung over from an earlier celebration with his client. He noted with a quick sideways glance that his client's buxom assistant was passed out naked beside him.

"I'm sorry to wake you up but I just couldn't...Luc, there's something I have to tell you."

The tone of Sanaii's voice on the verge of tears banished his drowsiness. She was not the type for drama or hysterics.

"What's wrong sweetheart?"

"I'm pregnant."

Lucas ran his hand over his face and shook his head as if to clear his ears.

"Did you just say you're pregnant?"

Her voice was so soft he barely heard it.


"Fuck," he hissed.

"Luc." moaned Sanaii miserably.

"No, no I didn't mean fuck as in this is bad- just fuck as in fuck?" Luc backpedaled quickly

"Are you angry?"

Luc was quiet for a moment and then he expelled a long breath.

"No, of course I'm not angry,Sa'. There was always a chance this might happen. Holy shit, I'm going to be a dad." He said in awe

"Luc,wait. I haven't made up my mind yet about what to do."

"You mean you're thinking about-," He couldn't bring himself to say it. He should have been relieved that she was considering cleaning up his accident rather than use a baby as a noose around his neck. Yet somehow the idea of Sanaii tearing a piece of him out of her made him sadder than he could say

"I don't know," she said quickly, unable to keep the tears from her voice, "What this would do to us- my career. You're parents would go insane, Luc! They barely tolerate me as it is. I just don't know."

Lucas did his best to hold back. It was her choice. These things happened.

"Don't do it, Sa'." He voice was strong and sure, "We'll work everything out some way. I swear we will. I want you to have the baby- our baby. "

Luc swallowed as he heard her muffled cry over the phone, before she said.

"In that case, I guess I'll be having your beautiful beige baby, Lucas."

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