tagInterracial LoveLuc and Sanaii: Scenes from a Life Ch. 02

Luc and Sanaii: Scenes from a Life Ch. 02


Author warnings for my incorrect Portugese. Native speakers(particularly Brazilians) feel free to send me corrections and I will re-post!


"No, no, no," Sanaii begged as her car started a horrendous rendition of death rattle and hum on the express way. " Not here."

Oh yeah baby, right here it seemed to taunt as the sound became louder and louder under her right wheel.

She was forced to turn off on the next exit. It was getting dark, and she had no idea where she was. She reached into her bag and grabbed her hand held navigation system. The little gadget had saved her on more than one occasion.

"Ah ha, there- ok, ok." she said excitedly working the buttons trying to find the nearest mechanic.

She found one 2 blocks to the left. She managed to pull the loud lurching car in front of a large driveway loaded with cars. There were a couple of burly looking mechanics, black, white and everything in between in greasy overalls fixing and prodding this and that inside the huge car carcasses. She could see a dingy white office building just off to the left of the garage.

She opened the door to get out and then remembered.

"Oh no," she cursed looking down at herself. She had just come from the studio. At 5 months pregnant she was still petite. Her minor in music theory had been invaluable in helping her transition to the production and choreography piece as she started to show and couldn't perform on stage.

She was wearing miniscule boy shorts and a tight long sleeved knit shirt that stretched over her small round belly. She was immediately self-conscious. She sat back in the car and nervously nibbled her nail.

"Go already, they look busy. Probably won't notice you anyway." she scolded herself.

After taking a deep breath she opened the car door. Nobody did seem to notice her to her relief. Stepping around the piles of tool and metal, she opened the office door. There was an older black man sitting at the desk talking to a younger, caramel-colored man who was leaning inside the doorframe. They spoke fast and clipped in a language that sounded like Spanish but not quite. Portuguese was her guess.

The discussion looked heated and the black man had a tired expression on his face as she knocked on the door.

"Can I help you, miss?" said the older man in heavily accented English.

"Hi. My car broke down. I think it's my tire."

"I'll check it out," said the younger man, his voice as deep and gruff as a bear sounding none to happy. He also had a thick accent.

She noticed he was much, much taller than her 5'3' inches. His short sleeved shirt showed all kinds of ropy muscle and tendon.

His face looked permanently locked in a scowl, and she stepped back a little intimidated.

"Where is it?"

"Over there, sir." she pointed hating the little girl squeak of her voice. It still had a tendency to sound that way when she was nervous.

Sanaii walked in back of him quickly to keep up with his long stride.

"This it?" He queried, arching one dark eyebrow. It was black as midnight like his straight, closely cropped hair.


He bent down and inspected the wheel and wheel well.

The scowl returned to his face and he declared, "You need a new tire. In fact you need all new tires. These tires are a piece of shit. Lucky they didn't blow out on you. Didn't you hear about the recall?"

" No, can I just get some help changing this one for now. I'll get the rest later."

He stood up and looked at her oddly for a moment as if he had just noticed her.


That caught Sanaii off guard, and put her own the defensive.

"Excuse me?"

He popped the trunk on the car.

"It's not safe for you and the little bit to be driving around on these. I want you to get these tires changed now. You don't have to pay it all today if you can't." He added almost as an afterthought.

That was almost sweet, thought Sanaii even though he said it like he was mad at her.

She smiled, "I-it's ok. I can pay. Thanks for offering, sir."

"Sir? Name's Jared." he scoffed stepping around to her trunk, "Good god, little girl what the hell you got in this trunk? Everything except a good spare."

Embarrassed, Sanaii came around to stand next to him to peer into her filled to the brim trunk.

"It's like supplies, in case of an emergency."

"Well you had an emergency. Did any of this help you?"

"Guess not."

He laughed and turned to her with a smile. His teeth were perfect and white. Amazing how a smile could change a face. If he looked mean and intimidating with a scowl, he looked like an angel when he smiled. She felt immediately warmed and comforted by it.

"C'mon. Why don't you go wait in the office with Bill while I change these? I'm sure he'd like that."

His last statement was accompanied by a sweep of her legs. Immediately, she pulled at the hem of her boy shorts.

"Can I just wait out here with you?"

He shrugged, "Ok. Be right back. What's your name?"


"Sanaii- ai- ai ye" he sang softly accompanied by a few lilting Portuguese words as he walked by her with a second glance.

She thought about him while she waited. He was very attractive in that Vin Diesel sort of way.

Jared soon came back with a long blue man's dress coat.

"Here put this on." He handed her the coat. "You looked cold."

"Thanks," Sanaii groaned gratefully. It smelled familiar, a little like her father's favorite sweater.

"See that car over there?" he pointed to a black Acura with big shiny rims. "Why don't you go sit down?"

He dangled a pair of keys and handed them to her.

"Tank's full. You can go get something to eat, turn the heat on, and play the radio, whatever."

"Oh, ok. I'll just sit and wait. It won't take long, right?"

"Shouldn't if the tires are the only problem."

When Sanaii slid onto the soft leather interior of the car, she was hit with exhaustion.

Characteristic of preggo's everywhere, she was soon asleep.

Later she woke with a start when she heard the door slam.

"I'm sorry," he said sliding into the driver's side. " -didn't mean to scare you. You were knocked out."

"Yeah," she said covering up her yawn with one palm before rubbing her belly "It comes with the territory. What time is it?"

It was full dark outside, and she could see the doors on the garage being pulled down by the mechanics.

"It's late. I had to take your car into the shop. When I got underneath of it I saw a couple of other things that worried me. It'll be ready tomorrow. I can give you a ride home if you need it."

"Oh no, you don't have to do that. I can call my girlfriend or something."

He arched his eyebrow again. "What about your man?"

Sanaii shrugged.

"I don't really have one. I mean there's someone special obviously." She said pointed at her belly. "-but it's kind of complicated."

Ever since they decided to have the baby, she and Lucas's relationship had changed in a number of subtle, but awkward ways. She recalled the first time they were together after the news.


"Sa, maybe we should- do you want to you know get mar-."

"Don't," She said quickly silencing him with her fingers to his lips. "Not just because I'm pregnant. That would be your only reason wouldn't it?"

Lucas smoothed his finger down her cheek. They were too good friends to lie to each other.

"It's not about how I feel or don't feel about you, Sa. I love you, you know that, but honestly I just don't see myself as a married guy right now...maybe not ever."

Sanaii smiled sadly, "Well since we're going to be up to our ears in diapers Lucas,let's take things one day at a time."*

She never doubted Lucas was sincere in wanting to be a good dad. However, as the months wore on she couldn't help but feel increasingly alone. She had to make considerable sacrifices in her career to make room for the baby. She had no family in Philly and moving back home with her parents was not an option she could afford. Her handfuls of friends other than Luc were dancers who spent more time partying than shopping for breast pumps.

Lucas on the other hand was still jet setting on business, though he spent more time on his visits with her whenever he could. He couldn't be more excited about the baby but Sa felt uncomfortably that he was less interested in her. When they made love, he treated her like blown glass. As selfish as it felt sometimes, Sanaii couldn't deny to herself that she missed her Luc- the one that teased her and made her pussy do cartwheels.

"Very complicated," Sanaii repeated and sighed.

Jared nodded his head slowly then smiled.

"I guess I still got a chance then."

Sanaii laughed.

"Are you always so upfront?"

"Try to be. Does it bother you?"

Sanaii had to think about that for a minute.

"No, it's nice actually. Nice not to have to guess what's going on. I'm bad at that."

He tilted his head and seemed to see right through her.

"Let's get you home,Sanaii."

She gave him her address. It was a newer condo development around Wissahickon drive. He said he knew the way. She felt sedated by the patter of rain and the low hum of smooth jazz from the radio, and after a few pitiful attempts at conversation she started to drift. She watched the rivulets of rain travel down the windshield until her eyelids felt like they were cutting through molasses every time she blinked.

She felt the pads of his fingers on the back of her neck.

"Relax," he said softly in his deep timbered voice

His fingers gently scored the ropy muscles on the back of her neck, before the warmth of his palm closed over the tense mounds of her shoulders. It felt so good she didn't have the heart to protest.

She rested her brow against the window, inviting him to the curve of her neck. He didn't disappoint. Those long golden brown fingers swirled under her earlobe, back to the sensitive indentations at her nape. She started purring and she felt too silly for words and too good to ask him to stop.

"You can lay your head in my lap, pretty one." He gently nudged her towards him.

Sanaii had neither the will nor inclination to fight. The denim of his pants leg was cool under her cheek. The considerable muscles in his thighs bunched into a hard, warm, surface but she didn't mind at all.


Jared Montevido navigated the strange, dark hallways of the condominium easily despite the sleeping woman in his arms.

"Where's your bedroom, pretty?" he whispered more to himself than to her before finding his destination

"Can't wake up," she mumbled as he lay her down on the bed. She issued a light snore as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Jared smiled as he removed the borrowed coat.

He couldn't help smoothing her curly wooly hair back from her lovely face.

"Who left you all alone, morena linda?" he whispered to himself in Portuguese.

He shook his head again, denouncing her punk ass boyfriend and reached to take off her shoes. Her feet were small and cold and for a moment he warmed them gently between his palms


"So, are you going to go out with me or what?" Jared asked leaning into her driver's side window the next day at the shop.

"Why on earth would you want to do that?"

"I think you're beautiful," he said his voice deep and smoky enough to cause a tingle in low places.

"Jared," she began placing her hand lightly over his, "You seem like a nice guy, and I do find you very attractive, but my situation with the baby's father is as I said very complicated."

"Si, complicated you say. You're not married, not engaged, and he's not here. To me, it looks very simple."

Sanaii shook her head.

"I think I don't have very much to offer anyone else right now."

Jared linked his fingers with hers and leaned in closer.

"I'm doing the offering, morena. I can cook for you- good Brazilian food and you already know I give a nice neck rub. I'm not asking for anything more from you 'cept a little of your time. We keep things loose, casual, si? No problem for you, me, or Mr. Complicated, wherever the hell he is. If it wasn't for the pao [bread] baking in your belly, I think he doesn't really exist. Maybe he's a superhero or something?"

Sanaii couldn't help but laugh at Jared's mock tirade.

Jared's chocolate eyes watched her admiringly, and she felt his thumb trace the corner of her bottom lip.

"You have the prettiest smile, morena."

"You are one sweet talker, Jared."

He arched his dark brow and grinned

"Some ladies would say irresistible. What do you say, Sanaii?"

After a fleeting lip bite, Sanaii answered.

"I say I hope you really can cook, because I'm hungry all the time."


She was on fire. There was no better way to describe it. Standing at her needing badly to be scrubbed sink, her nipples strained against her bodice and her panties clung to her damp pussy as if they'd been poured on.

"What's wrong with me?" She wondered. She'd heard of pregnancy hormones, but my goodness!

She peeked out at Jared from behind the kitchen wall. He sat sprawled on the floor the way men do unconsciously taking up space, reading the instructions that came with her new bookcase with a familiar scowl on his face. His nicely fitting pants skimmed the big muscles in his legs, and his camel sweater was beautiful against his skin. She wanted to bite the ropy muscles on his neck. She wanted to see him naked.

He caught her looking, a reflection in the TV gave her away. He turned and winked sexily, like he knew exactly what she was thinking.

"You all right in there, morena?" he said

"Yes, I'm ready. I mean the tea- tea's ready."

She set the Japanese tea service out on the table in front of him and out of the corner of her eye caught him not so inconspicuously checking out her ass. This was the part where she should have been insulted cursing men for only being interested in one thing. But she was flattered, and turned on, and excited that he actually seemed excited about her body pregnant and all.

She really, really wanted to get laid.

The few weeks she and Jared had been hanging out had been incredible. He made her laugh a lot with his honest and off beat observations and opinions. They shared an intense love of music and dance. For Jared, it was intrinsically cultural. Sanaii had been impressed by the wide range of percussive instruments he could play and the melodic deep tones of his voice as he sang. When he had invited her to observe his Capoeira class, she had gone in blind not knowing what to expect. She had been blown away by the agile, rhythmic movements of the Afro-Brazilian martial art set to the seductive twang of the berimbau and the pulse pounding atabaque. After seeing Jared fly and kick in the roda, there was no question where he got his impressive physique from. Sanaii was so inspired by what she saw; she couldn't help but think of ways to incorporate it into some of the work she was doing for the dance company. While she couldn't dance as she once could, she could still manage a pretty good samba at Jared's request. They had partnered well when they went dancing. Their bodies felt perfectly in tune and in time with each other.

Just as her thoughts of his body and her body started to turn decidedly blue at the thought of their bodies in tune in other ways, Jared's curse interrupted her thoughts.

"Why'd you buy this?"

Sanaii slumped next to him on the floor. His hand fanned affectionately across her lower back.She leaned hungrily into his caress.

"Jared, you put together engines for a living. I didn't think something from Ikea would give you trouble."

"An engine is a perfect piece of machinery. This is crap. I can build you one for cheaper and better."

"That's absolutely not necessary, but thanks for offering. That feels nice. It hurts all the time now." Sanaii hummed. Her eyes slid close as he continued to rub her lower back. She let her cheek rest against shoulder and resisted the temptation to inhale his scent like a bitch in heat though that's what she felt like. When his fingers started a deep penetrating stroke that skimmed underneath the top of her waistband, she shivered.

"Cold?" he asked chaffing her arm as if to warm it. She was eye to eye with his slightly stubbled chin and that smooth expanse of neck that she wanted to kiss so badly.

"No, I guess-," she broke off unsure of what to say. Please fuck me certianly wasn't appropriate though it hovered on the tip of her tongue. "- when you touched me I got goose bumps."

"Really? I wonder what's going to happen when I kiss you."

"I'd like to find out," she heard herself say, before his lips moved over hers.

This wasn't their first kiss shared sweetly at the end of night, but it felt sweeter and hotter to Sanaii than ever before. His quick tongue was thick and agile, his breath sweet from the jasmine peppermint tea. He found that spot behind her ear, as she indulged in her fantasy and nibbled the strong cords in his neck, as she scored his chest and back with hungry hands.

She was inundated with desire strong enough to overcome her sexually submissive nature, and turn her into the pursuer. Those were her fingers unbuttoning her shirt and urging his sleek dark head to her breasts encouraging his lips and tongue to taste her cleavage and more, as she cupped one of her swollen tits and offered it to him. When his hungry mouth closed over her distended dark nipples she yowled and watched mesmerized as the dark chocolate nub slipped between his even white teeth

She slid down to push her soaked panties to her ankles, and then his hand was there helping her push them and her delicately strapped shoes off her feet, before going back to his hungry exploration of her with his mouth and hands. When his fingers threaded through her neatly trimmed mound to find her pussy, she opened her legs wider to give him more access. Reciprocally, she reached down between them and slid her hand over the bulge in his pants. She gently squeezed his thick cock, enjoying the way he moaned and the way he pulsed in her hand.

He breathed excitedly and murmured words she didn't understand against her neck as he plucked her slippery clit with the smooth pad of his thumb.

"I'm going to come." She panted after he slipped a thick finger, and then another inside her.

She was so heated, so hungry for cock, that just that gentle penetration was enough to ignite her. Her orgasm was swift and sharp.

He kept his fingers inside her and issued more deep, lusty kisses even as she shook in the aftermath. Rather than put out the fire, her orgasm just whet her appetite, and she clung to Jared's strong shoulders as he started to pull himself and his fingers away from her.

"No, stay."

She pleaded as she extracted another hungry kiss from his full lips.

Breathing heavy as a stallion, he set her aside as gently as he could before he sat up and slumped against the couch. He lustily inhaled the fingers he used to bring her to climax before wiping his hand over his face.

"Dios, you have a sweet smelling cunt, morena! You tempt me too much."

Sanaii kneeled beside him, leaning heavily into his warm body. She felt the need to rub herself against him shamelessly like a cat begging for milk. She kissed his neck below his ear as she wrapped her hands around his waist.

"I'm not teasing. I want you." Almost panting, Sanaii turned so that she was between his long legs. They tasted each other's lips again, while Sanaii unzipped him. His erection popped out of his pants between them.

"Oooooo,you're so pretty!" cooed Sanaii laying eyes and hands on the yummiest looking cock she'd ever seen.

Admittedly she'd only seen a handful, but she was certain they didn't get any better looking than Jared's. His dick was dark honey colored perfection, springing from a nest of glossy black curls, framed by a big, heavy round sac. He wasn't circumcised and Sanaii was fascinated by the protective extra skin nestling over the dark plum that dripped cum on her thigh.

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