tagInterracial LoveLuc and Sanaii: Scenes from a Life Ch. 03

Luc and Sanaii: Scenes from a Life Ch. 03


Author's warning for more bad Portugese!


3 years later....

Anyone that passed would have thought they were a couple. They walked passed the shops on Market street arm and arm, laughing and smiling at a thousand inside jokes. As they walked the crisp fall leaves crunched under their feet as if to chorus their easy conversation. An eavesdropper would have been surprised to learn they were actually discussing the man's wedding to another woman.

"Well, are you ready? One woman forever ever ever?" Sanaii teased bumping Lucas's hip with hers.

"Jesus, I hope so. Of course, when you say it like that I want to shit myself!"

"You're going to be fine! It's normal to feel a little nervous the week before your wedding."

"Well, you should know Mrs. Montevido."

8 months almost to the day after her car broke down, Jared had proposed to Sanaii and being unequivocally in love with the sexy, kind, exotic man Sanaii accepted.

It hadn't been an easy ride for her and Luc from the moment she had broken off their sexual relationship to form a commitment to Jared. It was awkward and painful for the two to be in the same room with each other constantly battling the strong sexual chemistry that had been the interweaving part of their friendship over the years. They both committed to making it work, for each other and for the baby

There was almost bloodshed the first time Jared and Luc met- the day of their son Etienne's birth. Sanaii had had to have an emergency procedure and while she was recovering, Luc and Jared had almost come to blows in the waiting room as the staff nurse told her. Apparently, the nursing staff had watched with rapt nail biting attention with one hand on the security phone as the two hunks traded barbs, insults, and glares. Things had gotten as far as Luc unwisely getting in Jared's face when a brave nurse informed Lucas and Jared that they could see the baby.

Lucas later told Sanaii that everything changed for him at that moment. He said he had never felt more love for anything in his life than the face of that little baby and he knew his personal bullshit and jealousy had to take a back seat. Lucas relayed that he looked over at Jared and a moment of perfect understanding seemed to pass between them. An uneasy truce was born that day with the two men. Sanaii was glad she slept through the fireworks. She had eyes only for one man at that moment- her beautiful baby boy with his curly copper hair and lightening eyes. Etienne Jason Somerfield.

Sanaii and Luc had come a long way since then. They put their responsibilities as parents first and foremost. Luc still lived part time in Europe, the home of his fiancée and mother, but most of his time in the states was spent in easy access to Philly to be with Tee. Luc looked forward to the time when Tee was old enough to fly on his own and then he could spend more time with him in Europe.

Even after Sanaii and Jared got married, Luc never abdicated fatherhood to Jared.

Jared may have won Sanaii, but Luc would be damned if Tee called anybody daddy except him. To his credit, Jared was a stand-up guy and while he was undeniably crazy about Tee he didn't seek to obstruct Luc forming a bond with Tee and didn't interfere in the decisions Sanaii and Luc made as parents. It couldn't have been easy for him, Luc knew, since it would have irked the shit out of him if every time he turned around his woman's ex was knocking on the door. Jared bore it well.

As Sanaii and Luc built their relationship as parents, they were able to mend their friendship too. There was a different depth of warmth and sincerity to it in the absence of the sexual fireworks that had characterized it in the past...but the chemistry was still there quietly simmering under the surface rather than boiling over the pot. Somehow it had been transformed into a fun, easy flirtatiousness between the two that lightened the intensity of it.

Jared saw it. He couldn't help but notice as he Sanaii, Luc, and Etienne had dinner in Jared and Sanaii's center city brownstone. He and Luc had never formed a friendship, but they respected each other and that was the only thing keeping his foot out of Luc's face as he flirted with Sanaii. Sanaii did not take it seriously and urged Jared not to either noting Luc always like to tease and talk shit, but it still made Jared want to go a little psycho. He knew when another man was checking out his woman's ass and that was no joke.

"So golden boy, you up for a game of dominoes or no?"

Luc smirked at the man sitting across from him at the kitchen table. He knew he was getting under Jared's skin whenever he called him golden boy. Luc still got a sick pleasure from being a pain in Jared's ass. First he did it to punish him for making himself at home in Sanaii's heart, and then it was just too damn much fun to stop.

"Good idea," said Sanaii bouncing a cranky Tee on her hip, "Somebody's sleepy sleepy." she comforted, "Say 'night night daddy, night night Jay."

Luc stood to kiss his baby, promised him daddy would see him in the morning, and even though it was normal and natural and a beautiful thing Jared still felt a little sinking feeling in his heart seeing the woman he loved and the baby he loved and raised like his own so obviously connected to another man. After kissing the baby's chubby hand, a tense Jared went to get the dominoes.

Lucas was helping himself to another cold beer when Jared returned.

"I haven't said congratulations to you yet, golden boy," he said placing out the stacks.

"Thanks, man. I appreciate it. It'll be nice having you, Sanaii, and little Tee there. I think you'll like Switzerland."

"Todo biem," said Jared pushing some of the stacks Lucas's way. "You nervous?"

Lucas paused, his drink halfway to his mouth then shrugged.

"Maybe a little. I don't exactly come from a happy home. I don't know shit about being a good husband."

"What's to know?" said Jared, popping the cap on his own beer, "You love your woman, you listen to her, take good care of her. Let her know she never has to worry about anything long as you there- happy marriage. Simple."

"Like you and Sanaii?"

Jared smiled broadly.


Luc tapped the table.

"You two seem to have a really good thing."

"Si, muito bon. Sanaii's a good woman."

"You don't have to tell me that, Jay," Luc said feeling unexpectedly raw listening to Jared discuss his married life with Sanaii, "I know exactly how good a woman Sanaii is."

Jared arched his eyebrow menacingly, and Luc knew he had hit his target and crossed the line in a big way. No husband wanted to be reminded that another man knew how good his wife's pussy was.

Contrite, Luc smiled trying to lighten the tension. "I hope Alisa and I do half as well as you and Sanaii."

Jared smirked and flipped his stack.

"I hope so too, Luc. Maybe then you will stop staring at my wife's ass?"

Luc laughed out loud.

"I'll do my best, but you must admit it's a damn fine ass."

Unexpectedly, Jared laughed then too.

"Very fine indeed. Your deal, golden boy."

Later, Sanaii walked Lucas out to his car.

"You sure you won't stay the night. There's plenty of room." she said.

Lucas leaned against his driver's door facing Sanaii. He shook his head in the negative.

"And listen to Mr. Brazil fuck the hell out of you all night just to prove to me you're his woman? No thanks."

"Luc!" Sanaii rolled her eyes.

"Trust me I know," he said pulling her into a warm embrace and whispering in her ear,

"That's what I would do if you were mine."

Sanaii swallowed and felt her heart speed up a little. She loved her man and would never cheat, but damn Lucas could always get her going.

Lucas was feeling very much the same about Sanaii and very horny. Jared was right. He had been scoping Sanaii's ass half the night. She looked damn good- still toned and tiny but the baby had filled her out in all the right places. Sanaii's lush body coupled with his fear of giving up all extra-curricular pussy, were potent aphrodisiacs. She felt so good in his arms, smelled so sweet. He felt himself get hard.

Sanaii felt it too and nervously she pulled back a little and made a pretense of straightening a button on his coat.

"Careful, Lucas. You're almost a married man after all."

"I know. You sure you don't want to pop out my cake at my bachelor party?," Taking a quick look to make sure Jared wasn't watching out the window, Lucas slipped a hand down over the curve of one of Sanaii's ass cheeks and gave a good squeeze, " We never did get a chance to have a farewell fuck."

"Lucas!" Sanaii yelped and slapped his hand away, " That's not going to happen."

"C'mon, baby," he teased half serious, his arousal raw in his voice. "You say I'm giving you a ride to the store. We drive to the park, we get in the back seat, you put your feet up on the headrest while I-."

"Lucas stop teasing." said Sanaii her eyes wide, her breathing a little shallow. When she licked her lips he knew he had to pull away before he did something that would have Mr. Brazil trying to Capoeira his face with good reason.

Still, it boosted his considerable ego knowing that she still felt their attraction as much as he did.

"I'd better go before I get us in trouble." he said kissing her cheek, letting his lips linger too long against her softness.

"So go already," Sanaii groaned, pushing him away congenially.

He laughed and got in the car.

"I'll be by at 8:00 to pick up the baby. My dad can't wait to see him."

"Ok, Night-Luc."

"Night, Sa'."

In his rear view mirror, he saw her standing there waving before she walked back into the house she shared with her husband. He'd seen the sight many times over the years, and it still felt wrong.


" Oooooh...ah...ah...ah...yessssss!"

Sanaii climaxed again and screamed into the pillow as Jared stroked her pussy from behind as she lay on her side. Jared's stamina was frightening at times. True to Luc's prediction, Jared had fucked her mouth and pussy in ever conceivable position he could bend her flexible body into. She was dripping with sweat and cum, every surface of her body felt like a raw nerve.

When she felt Jared's long fingers working lube into her ass, she finally submitted.

"Oh please, Jay mercy, no more."

Breathing heavily, he rubbed her full tits in his hands.

"You don't like me in your ass?"

"I love you in my ass, just not tonight. I'm so exhausted." said Sanaii, reaching behind her to rub her hand lovingly against his sweaty muscular flank. "Come in my sore pussy, make it feel better."

Jared kissed the back of her neck and resumed his fuck at a gentler pace. In a minute he was coming, pushing into her so deep she felt her cheek smash flat against the bed. He cursed and then cupped his hand over her pussy to press her cunt lips closed around his cock as if to keep his cream from dripping out of her too soon.

Still kissing the back of her neck and her brow, he cradled her as he softened inside before he withdrew.

Sanaii was halfway to sleep when she heard his voice in her ear.

"Do I satisfy you, Sanaii?"

"What?" asked Sanaii still half in a fog, unsure if she heard him right.

Jared stroked her arm. He felt ashamed and he let his head fall against her shoulder. He was not raised to be an insecure little man. He knew he was not a perfect man or a rich man like Luc, but he believed himself to be a good father, a good husband and good lover. Sanaii seemed pleased. But he could not shake the memory of Sanaii and Lucas interacting, holding their son. There was a spark- a connection so strong between them. It was something more than just being little Tee's parents. He saw it in their eyes when they looked at each other, and it scared him.

"Do I satisfy you?" he repeated softly.

Sanaii heard an uncharacteristic vulnerability in her husband's voice. She knew it wasn't always easy for Jared to deal with Luc, but she thought Luc's impending marriage would have put him more at ease. Sanaii turned slowly in Jared's arms and ran her hands over his hair, kissed his lips softly.

"You're beautiful,Jay. Every time I see you I can't believe you're mine and I'm yours. I can't look at you without wanting you- all of you..."

She slowly slid her hand down to gently fist his half-hard cock. The foreskin stretched like silk over the blooming dark head. She reached lower and cupped his heavy balls, bringing him to full mast

Moaning, he rolled onto his back, bringing her to lay on top of him. As tight and sore as she was she gingerly managed to stuff him into her. She was well lubricated with his seed. He was passive except for his hands stroking her hips, ass, and breasts gently.

Whispering between kisses, she began to gently rock herself back and forth on him.

"You're so good to me and Tee... and you feel so good inside me."

Sanaii reached back her hand and gently rubbed his balls to increase his pleasure. He grunted and dug his fingers into her hips indicating how much he liked it. Jared started to gently thrust up and she slid up and down his dick a little faster as her words excited him

"After Tee is a little older, I want you to give me another baby. A little girl this time with dark eyes just like her daddy. Would you like that,Jay?"

"Ah Dios-Si! Si!" Jared shouted excited as his seed jetted into her again and he grasped her to him

"You satisfy me in everyway," Sanaii soothed him with kisses while brushing wetness that could have been sweat or tears from his face. "You're my man.I love you."

"Sanaii, voce minha vida. Don't ever leave me, morena. Don't ever go."

He clutched her smooth dark back.

"Never," she promised cradling his head against her breasts.


Her hand was shaking. Why couldn't she stop her hand from shaking?

Sanaii sat on the edge of her bed. Her hand trembling as it closed around Jared's reading glasses- still lying so casually next to the bed waiting for the next time his favorite Portuguese magazine came for him to read.

There wouldn't be a next time.

Her husband was dead, killed by a drunk driver on his way home from work.

Sanaii had gotten through the announcements, the funereal, the endless reception of family and friends, the insurance paperwork all with a dogged resolve to stay strong and calm for Etienne who at 6 couldn't accept that poppy Jay would never come home, never sing songs with him, do flips in the backyard with him ever again. He cried his little body into exhaustion time and time again. Sanaii reckoned maybe he cried her tears to, because they didn't come. She felt like half formed ice- a thin veneer of solidity covering cold formlessness. No manner of hugs, phone calls, well wishes or flowers could break her.

Nothing except those damn glasses sitting by the bedside waiting for what would never come again.

She had just enough strength left in her trembling hand to squeeze and squeeze the thin frames until they snapped, the thin wires jabbing into her palm.

Blood welled to the surface. Then the tears came violently breaking the skin of her grief.

She let her head fall back on her neck and screamed Jared's name.

"Mommy!" called little Tee running into her room.

She snapped her mouth closed, but the tears wouldn't stop. The shaking wouldn't stop and when her baby launched himself into her arms she held him as if only he could keep her from falling off the edge of the earth.


Lucas checked the contents of his travel bag, fully aware that Alisa was staring holes in his back.

"Do you really have to go?" she asked again.

Luc zipped his bag.

"Yes, I do. Sure you won't change your mind and come with me?"

Luc looked at his wife. Her beautiful blue eyes were rimmed with red.

She paced the room in her expensive shoes.

"I told you I don't feel comfortable there with her."

" You knew I had son before we got married. He is the most important thing in my life."

She turned on him.

"Don't you dare try to make me out to be some bitch that wants to come between you and your child. You know that's not true. I adore Etienne. It's about you and Sanaii and why you have to run off to be with her every time she calls you."

Luc rubbed the heel of his hand to his forehead feeling a tension headache start to pound there.

"Alisa how many times do we have to go through this? Sanaii and I are parents and friends. This event is important to her and Tee and I need to be there to support them."

Sanaii had choreographed and orchestrated a special dance incorporating the Brazilian arts Jared had lived and loved. The movement was titled "Benguela". It had gotten rave reviews in the local papers and was slated to be incorporated in the national repertoire. There was a special production of it in Jared's honor to raise money for a Capoeira social project he had been involved in for the street kids of Brazil.

"Support Tee, fine. Fuck his mother, no!"

"I'm not fucking her or anyone else." he said trying to remain calm

"Not now anyway."

Luc stormed across the room to stand in front of her.

"How many more times are you going to throw that up in my face? I said I was sorry. I went to marriage counseling, and anger management, and partner yoga and whatever the fuck else you asked me to do to make things right after the affair. What more do you want from me, Lis?"

"I want what you gave Sanaii, Lucas. I want a baby damn you!" Alisa screamed

Lucas sighed and ran his hand through his hair. He turned back to his packing.

"Making babies requires sex which is something you don't seem much interested in these days."

"I would if you weren't running off every other week to fuck your black bitch!"

Lucas' spine stiffened and he turned to Alisa with cold fury in his eyes.

She saw it and backed away a little as he came towards hers. He dug his fingers into his palm, afraid that he might hit her- something he vowed never to do after witnessing his father do that to his mother.

"If you ever call her that again, I will personally pack you and your shit and send you back to that piss hole you call a family estate. You may have a bullshit title," he sneered, "- but your family can barely afford to wipe their asses they're in so much debt."

"I'm sorry. That was in poor taste," he heard her whisper as he snatched his bag off the bed and left the room without another word.


"Wow...just wow!' Lucas kept repeating as she drove back to Sanaii's house after the show.

"I'm glad you liked it!"

"Liked it? It was amazing! And I can't believe how incredible my baby was up there. He was flipping and flying- wow!" Luc beamed casting a glance in the backseat at Etienne who was fast asleep.

Etienne had participated in the roda that took place at the end of the show. Tee had started the Capoeira lessons with Jared and Tee wanted to stay involved with it even after Jared died. At 7 he was tall for his age, and possessing both parents athleticism he was getting quite good.

"Our little man is going to be quite the Capoeirista some day. We raised a lot of money, too. Thanks for the donation."

"No problem," said Luc noting not for the first time how beautiful Sanaii looked. She fairly glowed in her light blue halter dress. Her hair had grown long again and she wore it coily and wild almost like she had in college. There was a time when he would have thought nothing about wrapping his hands in all that hair and use it to position her mouth over his cock.

"I'm sorry Alisa couldn't come. Maybe next time?" said Sanaii

The mention of his wife stemmed the blood rush to his cock.

"Maybe," he mumbled.

"Is everything all right with you two?" Sanaii asked tentatively.

"You really want to know the answer to that?"

Sanaii glanced over at Lucas. He was sexy and stunning as always. His skin was tan and his hair was lighter providing even more contrast with his eyes.

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