tagInterracial LoveLuc and Sanaii: Scenes from a Life Ch. 04

Luc and Sanaii: Scenes from a Life Ch. 04


2 years later...

Sanaii was cutting carrots for dinner when the phone rang.

"Can you get that, baby?" she called to Tee.

The ringing stopped and after a few minutes of muffled conversation and the sound of her son's laughter, Etienne ran into the kitchen and happily threw his arms around her waist.

"Hey, you're going to make me cut myself knucklehead!"

"Sorry, mom. I just got excited. Dad's on his way over."

"What?" asked Sanaii almost dropping the knife.

"He said had to go to Hawaii for business and he wanted to stop by and pick me take me with him if it's alright with you? It's alright right, because I already told him yes."

"Well, thanks for letting me know. Is he on his way now?"

"Ah ha," said Tee chomping on a carrot slice, "He said he was going to stay here for a couple of days before we flew off."

"Oh," Sanaii said feeling butterflies start in her stomach.

This would be the first opportunity she had to interact with Luc for more than a couple of hours since his divorce from Alisa. Sanaii had made a point to try to keep more distance between her and Luc after their phone sex incident. She knew she was too vulnerable after Jared's death and Luc's reciprocal desire for sex were more temptation than she could handle. Luckily, Etienne was getting old enough to have a bit more autonomy and though she worried endlessly, he was quite good flying to meet his dad. When Luc did come to visit, they had dinner together as a family in restaurants and when she invited him over she would often slip out to the movies or a friend's house leaving he and Tee to have their alone time. It worked- mostly. She still had an undeniable itch for Luc, and the heated glances she often caught him giving her told their own story.

She'd kept up her run around the Luc routine since the divorce, feeling like she needed it more than ever. As strong as her feelings still were, she resolved to not get back on the emotional and sexual rollercoaster that was Luc- a wild fun ride for sure but guaranteed to leave a girl feeling sore and hung over.

His surprise visit worried her a little.

"I'm a big girl now. I can handle it." she coached herself.

"Huh?" asked Tee.

"Nothing, nothing."

A half hour later the doorbell rang.

Lucas was done trying to gently woo Sanaii. He had tried being subtle, solicitous, sending her notes and flowers every now and again. Nothing too pushy- nothing to overt. He wanted her to know that he was thinking about her no matter where he was in the world. He wanted her to fall into his arms after enough appropriate post-divorce time had passed.

At his request, Lucas and Alisa had gone back to marriage counseling after his phone call with Sanaii. Sanaii's obvious maneuvers to give him some space made things easier for him. He and Alisa tried for a year both to mend their fences and get pregnant, but neither was successful. When Luc refused to go for one more crazy fertility treatment, that was the last straw for Alisa. The loss of his marriage was a deep wound for Lucas. He recognized that he had failed Alisa and himself. He was glad they hadn't had a baby that might feel half the pain he felt watching his parents conflagrate before his eyes.

Luc was getting over it. Hell, he was over it. The moment he decided to fly into the Philadelphia airport on the spur, he knew what he was there to do. He had tried to play up his more mature, softer side to win Sa slowly back into his bed.

Fuck that, he decided. He knew exactly what she needed to get her ass in gear and he was going to give it to her.

From the moment Luc walked into the house, Sanaii knew she was in trouble.

"T-bird," said Luc hugging his son.

"Luc, what a surprise." said Sa.

"Nice to see you too, sweetheart. What, no hug?" he said holding out his arms to her.

When he embraced her he surreptitiously nipped her sensitive earlobe with his teeth.

"Oh!" she yelped stepping back.

"What's wrong, mom?" asked Tee puzzled.

"Ah, nothing," stammered Sanaii, "I just got a chill."

"Must have been a cold one," Luc said eyeing her turgid nipples pressing against her shirt.

He winked at her dismissing the warning look in her eyes.

"Why don't show your dad the tape of the batizado? I'll bring you some popcorn."

"Thanks, baby that will be so nice. Don't take too long,ok? You know I like it hot."

He gave her a pat on the ass before walking away with Tee.

That's what the night had been like. Luc secretly fondled her, ordered her around with sweet endearments, and made sure his conversation dripped with innuendo.

He was driving her crazy and making her wet as rain. When she felt his hand reach over her shoulder and scrape her nipple as they watched a movie, she almost jumped out of her skin.

"I need to talk to you," she said jumping up from the couch.

"Sure," said Luc untangling himself from a sleeping Etienne.

"What the hell are you doing, Lucas?" Sanaii exploded after she closed the living room door and stepped into the dim hallway.

"Isn't it obvious, Sanaii? I didn't just come here for a visit with Tee."

He put both his strong muscular arms on either side of her head against the hallway will and spoke low for her ears only, "I want some pussy and you're going to give it to me."

Sanaii's heart roared in her chest, but still she protested.

"I'm not a little girl anymore, Lucas. You just can't order me to spread my legs because you want it."

Sanaii's words and protests died in her throat as Luc wrapped her hair in his hands and pulled her to him for a scorching kiss that lasted forever and not long enough. Moaning Sanaii wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders as he sucked at her tongue.

"You may not be a little girl ...but you're still my kitty cat- as sweet as I remember." he whispered against her lips.

"Oh god." Sanaii panted feeling herself cream and start to slide down the wall.

Luc held her up by cupping her full breasts, pressing gently on her rock hard nipples He thrust his erection hard between her thighs and she almost came.

"Easy, kitty cat," he said after sucking her full bottom lip in his mouth, "Now in 20 minutes I've arranged for a babysitter to come and look after our son. Then you and I are going to go for that ride I promised you, understand?"

"Lucas, please don't play with me like this- mmmm!" Sanaii almost screamed as Lucas slipped his hand between her legs and firmly squeezed her pussy bringing the blood throbbing into her already sensitive clit.

"Say yes." he breathed giving her another squeeze that had her dancing in his palm.

"Yes, Luc." she whispered head pressed against the wall.

"There's my girl. Go get your sweater, sweetheart. It's chilly outside." he said casually stepping back from her as if he'd just invited her to a movie.

**** "Luc," Sanaii started nervously fiddling with her sweater as they pulled into the park. "I know we have this crazy chemistry. We always have and probably always will, but this isn't a good idea."

"Take off your panties and get in the back seat, Sanaii." Luc said turning in his seat, the light from a streetlamp reflecting in his eyes like a cat's.

His voice was deadly calm but with a tremulous undercurrent of barely restrained excitement. Luc felt like his cock was about to explode. He hadn't had sex since his divorce. He had waited for this- for her.


Luc reached for her and kissed the no into a yes. His fingers were hot against her bare thighs as he reached between them and ripped her panties off. Sanaii's eyes widened with shock and fluttered close with desire as Luc's fingers tickled her pussy lips before pulling away. Sanaii tried to trap his hand by closing her thighs.

Breathing heavy, Lucas pulled back into his driver's side and tilted his head to indicate the back seat.

This time, Sa didn't refuse. Sitting facing him in the back seat, Sanaii raised her skirt around her waist with one hand while she ran the other one wantonly across her breasts.

Lucas's zipper was halfway down when he climbed in the backseat. Kneeling on the seat in front of Sa, he unzipped it all the way. His big cock slapped against his belly as he pushed his jeans down. The tip was wet and dripping.

Sanaii licked her lips remembering the taste of him coming in her mouth.

"You miss your old friend, Sanaii?" Lucas teased jerking himself slowly, "He missed you a lot!"

Quickly, Lucas positioned Sanaii's legs wide by moving her feet onto the edge of the seat and pressing her thighs back. Her beautiful scarlet pussy blossomed before his eyes and saliva welled up in his mouth. He wanted to fuck her so badly, but he couldn't resist just one lick.

Sanaii's head fell back with a thump against the seat as Lucas's fingers butterflied her cunt lips. His hot, experienced tongue signatured her slit from ass to clit.

Sanaii moaned in frustration as he placed a hungry kiss against her then pulled away.

"I need to feel you on my cock."

"I'm not on the pill anymore," Sanaii warned quickly against the side of his neck.

The possibility of her getting pregnant again rather than deter him excited him.

"Doesn't matter," he hissed popping his thick head into her tight opening, "- and I'm not pulling out either. Later I'll give it to you in your mouth just like you like, but this time you're going to take it deep in your cunt."

Sanaii was frantic at his words. She pulled at Luc's shoulders and bit into his neck hard enough to bruise. He cupped her ass, scooted her lower in the seat, and then fed the rest of himself into her inch by inch.

In unison, they both moaned loud and caught fire as Luc started to shoot his achingly familiar and exquisite cock into Sanaii's pussy. It soothed a long buried hunger in her even as it burned. Luc almost embarrassed himself by coming prematurely as Sanaii's cunt cosseted him as he'd dreamed about. He paused and took a deep breathe before slowly resuming his stroke.

"Oh shit, oooh damn I missed this pussy! You missed this cock fucking you, didn't you kitty cat?"

"Oh god, yes! Yes! Ah Luc! There- oh god right there, Luc! You know my spot. You know!"

"Damn right I know. This is my pussy! You forgot, but you remember now, don't you? You remember who you belong to?"

Sanaii could barely squeak an answer, "Yes- yes!"

Lucas felt more than a little out of control with recriminations and passion. Sa had taken herself and all her deliciousness away from him. For years she was sharing it with another man while he felt like he starved for it. But whose fault was that? Did it even matter anymore?

Back arching, toes pushing of the seat, Sanaii climaxed screaming his name.

"Oh fuck yeah- oh kitty cat! So good...the best!" he rambled fucking her wildly. "Better than anything...!" Luc stiffened, howled and pulsed his warm seed into Sanaii in several satisfying spurts that overflowed her box.

After some time the sounds of heavy breathing were punctuated by tiny sobs.

"Did I hurt you?" asked Lucas concerned, peppering her fluttering eyes with kisses.

"No," she said her lip trembling, "It was just so good and I missed this. I missed us,Luc."

Lucas nuzzled her cheeks and lips,and rubbed her back mirroring her feelings with his touch and soft words.

"Me too. Everyday, my Sa'." he admitted to himself and to her.

"I tried not to. I never wished anything bad to happen with you and Alisa...or Jared."

Luc brought her legs down and shakily settled beside her to pull her into his lap.

"No, don't do that to yourself. Alisa and I made our choices- more bad than good. And Jared- you two couldn't have loved each other more, anyone could see that, even me. He treated you like you deserved to be treated, and that was something I could have never done at that time in my life."

Sanaii kissed his chest and looked up at him with tear stained eyes.

"I never stopped loving you."

Luc tapped the end of her nose with his fingertip.

"You just love my cock.'

"That too."

They laughed and kissed for a long time, closing the door on the distance of time, mistakes, and heartache.


Luc lovingly watched the low light play over Sanaii's dark, glistening body as she turned in her sleep. Tee was waiting for them on the beach. It hadn't taken too much convincing to get Sa to come to Hawaii with them. While they're sexual reunion was hotter than he could have imagined, Luc still sensed a distance in her- a holding back. He couldn't blame her. They had a long history of misunderstanding and emotional dishonesty between them, but he had no intentions of letting that come between them again.

"Sanaii," he whispered kissing her back and shoulder, "Wake up baby."

"Mmmhmmm," hummed Sanaii coming to consciousness slowly. The sheet dropped from her breasts revealing her nipples. Lucas couldn't resist circling the sensitive nub with his thumb.

"You didn't have to wake me up for that,Luc," she murmured her voice sexy and husky,"I love waking up with you inside me."

"I didn't wake you up for that, silly girl," he said kissing her sweetly, "You have to get dressed. We have a wedding to go to."

Sanaii blinked and wrinkled her brow, "Who is getting married? "

"We are." Luc smiled and produced a small black box with a big beautiful sapphire ring inside. He knew Sa did not like diamonds.

Sanaii snapped up in bed.

"Oh my god, Luc!"

"I know this isn't moonlight dinner and some fruity waiter bringing it on a tray," Luc said holding her hand, "But I already waited so long- too long, Sa'." He caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. "I don't intend on losing you again. Everything's set up on the beach. They just need you and me."

Sanaii had to swallow hard looking back between Lucas and the ring. She loved Luc with all her heart. She always had, but still she hesitated. She knew firsthand what a good marriage was, and she wouldn't accept less from Lucas no matter how much she loved him.

"I know you love me, but do you really want to be a husband again- my husband?"

Luc smiled and brushed his thumb across one of her dimples. "A wise man once told me that a good husband loves his wife, listens to her, takes good care of her and lets her know she never has to worry about anything long as he's there. I want to be that for you, Sa'. I know I made a lot of mistakes the first time around, and I won't lie to you and say I'm always going to get it right, but I'm happy to spend the next 60 years trying if you let me. Just give me the chance to be that for you, love."

"Luc, yes..." Sanaii sighed letting a tear roll down her cheek, "I think maybe you had me at "spread your cunt lips."

They both fell into each other's arms with laughter, recalling their first scandalous meeting.

"Was I hound or what? How did you stand me?" Luc snorted before placing kisses against Sanaii's smooth throat as they fell back on the bed.

"You made me feel wanted. You still do." Sanaii raked her fingers through his hair.

"I've never wanted anyone more."

Lucas enveloped her in a kiss.

"- and speaking of your pretty cunt lips," he said tossing her sheet aside and climbing onto the bed.

"Luc, I thought we had to get to our wedding!"

Luc parted her thighs and slid down her body.

"They'll wait. Give me some sugar first."

Luc quickly slipped her thighs over his head and proceeded to eat her creamy pussy until her juices ran down his chin. Whipping his cock out of his pants, he slipped inside her before she came down from her last orgasm immediately pushing her into another one.

"Look at me," breathed Luc thrusting in and out of her slowly. "Give me everything, Sa'."

Sanaii opened her eyes with difficulty, and Luc finally saw the softness he sought- the vulnerability and trust that he hadn't seen in her eyes since the first time he held in the Zen garden all those years ago.

"You have it, Luc...always." She whispered into his mouth that tasted of her

The End.

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