tagText With AudioLucid Dream Corridor Into The Mind

Lucid Dream Corridor Into The Mind


SANDMAN SERIES: The Corridor to Lucid Dreams

Lord of Dreams takes you into a lucid dream. SANDMAN SERIES. PORNO-HORROR with a violence and sexual content.

This file has hypnotic language, but due to the distractions in the file, I would not classify this as a hypnotic file, but if you are prone to hypnosis it is possible to go into a trance. The demon and Master's voice are mine that I synthesized.

NOTE: If you don't enjoy horror, or this type of category, please don't listen, this is just one creative interest of mine.

Over time, I am sure that the Sandman will produce hot masturbation files, or erotic arousal files.

I hope to produce a few more, but that depends on the popularity, the rating, and comments.

The Sandman is the dark passengers of dreams. He exists forever and is the destiny of the endless. He guides you into dreams, sometimes scary nightmares, sometimes erotic, sometimes reoccurring, but most are random. However he is very undependable, tends to wonder off, but in the end, always remains the protector. He is very kinky in nature, has a sadistic side that comes out in one's dreams.

When one sees the Sandman, he is described as stark, bluish translucent and handsome. Yet his skin color is very pale from the lack of sun. He wears a suit that is made of silk, fashioned after pajamas, black with a glowing pattern of moons and stars. He carries a pouch around his waist that contains the magical sand dust that has the mythical powers to induce dreams.

There is a large owl that follows the Sandman into dreams, but not actually the Sandman's pet, mainly due the fact that he owns himself and the Sandman feeds him.

* * * * *

Click Here to listen: .mp3 format or .ogg format. (49 min/mp3)

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by Anonymous

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by jennat1303/31/18

I worship you.

Oh how I didn't want this to end. I was so taken in and wanting to be the girl upsidedown at first. It got me so hot. I could feel the tension on my throat. You have got to have the most twisted mindmore...

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