tagNonHumanLucid Dreams for Lust

Lucid Dreams for Lust

bysex slave©

It was nighttime and Sandra closed her eyes to enter a deep sleep. She wondered if the night would bring her to her welcomed island of lust. Sandra had a hard day as she attended a few private parties and met some clients in discreet locations, making sure to please them all satisfactorily. She ran her hand down her slender thigh as she stretched out further in her gigantic bed. "Oh what a day," she let out as her quiet room became a distant memory.

Suddenly, and as though by divine intervention, Sandra regained control of her mentality through the familiarity of her nightly lucid dreams. "Am I here again?" she called to the thick forest of Quildrath which she knew so well.

"Yes you have arrived dear fawn," the deity called back. "You know that you can attain your nights' rest by drinking from the blue clear waters of the gortrum falls, do you not?" Sandra kneeled down on the mossy carpeting of the magic and foggy realm and answered the voice.

"Oh master, what is it that your glory has provided for me on this fine night?" Her rhetorical question came at the same time as a path materialized through the dense trees to Sandra's right side.

Sandra stood up and quickly scanned her nakedness to affirm her natural state and to view her part in the scrub brush and the low sky. She was part of this realm, not only in her majestic gate and stature, but in her lustful thoughts and willingness to perform. Sandra was on the same level as all the different components which made up the scenery. Her supple breasts were beginning to heave with her knowledge that the intentions of this world's master would be equally as naughty as the many thousands of nights and perverse acts which Sandra had previously enjoyed. In fact, Sandra could not remember how many nights she had spent swooning and traveling in the name of lust and lasciviousness.

Her hair seemed to freeze in the air as the cascading gortrum falls appeared overhead to soak Sandra's body. The cool water ran down over her shoulders and caressed her breasts with the intensity of a massaging giant. Her nipples instantly hardened with the coolness of the solution. With equal attention the water slid around her body as if by the force of a prodigious wanderer who was carving out a path with his eyes. Her mouth picked up the liquid and its volume defined her face to the many invisible viewers of the brush. Her cheek bones became even more angled and her thin nose and sad eyes became more evident, revealing a true natural beauty. Her firm ass moved with the water as the crispness of its stream moved down between her cheeks and Sandra let out a quiet moan which seemed amplified as if her place in the gortrum falls was an encapsulation chamber creating echoes.

Sandra felt with her nightly bath in the falls that her eight hours of sleep was instantly attained with the assurance of this world's keeper and her own familiarity with this ritual.

Sandra stepped out of the waterfall and it dried up with her sexy departure. She moved jauntily toward the awaiting clearing.

"My dear fawn," the sky's voice murmured to Sandra. "You have done so well in your earthly ventures." Her mind was instantly filled with the acts of the day. Her tongue work with the rigid client cocks and her willingness to perform under pressure during the sex parties were praiseworthy. Sandra was at heart a temptress and her baseness had a deep-rooted hold on her every cell. She warmed to the thoughts of her action, her sexuality and her livelihood. Sandra was beginning to moisten at the thought of her prior and future deeds.

She began at once to massage her lovely tits with her hands while she conjured more and more images of past affection in a form of catharsis. The clearing began to tighten around her lustful thoughts while at the same time the moss was protruding in many spots under an unseen pressure. Sandra's breasts were fully stimulated as she tossed her head back and satiated her need for smutty picture books with a slideshow of her earlier actions.

This time it was a young professional who would serve as the ideal subject, although other images would come in turn. Oh how his jaw dropped as Sandra stripped and posed naked on his desk except for her high heel pumps and a garter belt which held up her stockings. She licked at her lips and also rubbed her breasts in the memory, much like she was grabbing her globes currently, squeezing and groping fiercely. Her thumb and fore fingers pinched at her erect nipples. Her insides were starting to melt away with thoughts of arousal. Those slender thighs were wet on the inner sides with her lubricant and her mouth was beginning to become dry. Sandra opened her eyes and knew that with the alignment of her mental recollections and her place in the forest that her duty would soon need to be performed in an unearthly way. Even though her eyes were wide open, her thoughts on past lusts were projected in mid air somehow and Sandra was welcoming the large hard mushroom head of the young professional's sex into her wide open mouth as she stared up at her admirer. She moved her head up and down the man's shaft and as she watched she noticed that when she moved her head to attempt to understand the rumbling ground under her feet, she noticed the image of her glorious blowjob followed her gaze where ever she brought it. She could not help but stare at her now bulging cheeks as she took the entire rock protrusion into her mouth. The man's pubic hair caressed her cheeks and chin as firm hands ran through her hair. She could not move the projected image of her oral application and soon the rumblings below her bare feet had become sprouting structures which pushed away soil and rock as they made their way out of the ground.

Now the audio of the film was ever clearer with the sucking and slurping noises which blended in with the atmosphere of such an eternally nocturnal and sultry dimension. The sounds of Sandra choking over the forceful entry of that wide tool and her occasional moans of delight gave way and then took over with her dedicated forward and backward facial jerks and thrust, lunges and attempts to fully please her lover's cock. All these sounds were medicine to the audiotropic grown of the ground borns, rod shaped protrusions which extend through the planet's surface upon sensation by pheromone release and certain sound wave stimulation. The cock-like protrusions had erupted through the mossy ground cover and were turning toward Sandra with her arousal. She felt a hard long something wrap around her foot and she jumped back involuntarily as she clutched at her dripping mound. She was lost now to her oral venture and fully trapped in this realm. The hand that was fingering and rubbing on her sensitive clitoris soon met the girth of an earth born procreator and she wrapped her fingers around its width. She took the thing and rubbed it on her love button like she had done so many times with her beloved sex toys and she gasped and fell to her knees. The falcate object was huge and was igniting the woman's loins through its shear girth and materialed surface. Soon Sandra felt around with her other hand as her breasts heaved and toppled over the caressing soft sex heads of the growing cocks all around her. The mushroom heads of the primitive penis plants were spurting a lubricating sporaphyte mist which moistened Sandra's breast and made her cleavage a perfectly divine path for one of the imagined cocks to fit and move back and forth in its new found niche; it's ever moistening tip meeting Sandra's dry mouth and parting her lips. Sandra stared at the vision of her hands caressing her past client's genitals while she mouthed his seemingly unyielding growth which clogged her throat and began spurting its loads of cum into her mouth, a taste that Sandra welcomed with noticeable glee.

Sandra wanted that flavoring of her mouth and opened wide for the larger-than- normal rod which she only really felt as she was blinded by the collage of her life's adventures. Her hands were gripping war tools of the viewing men fixed on her raised legs and the third sex monger who was penetrating her love box in his turn. In and out the man pushed his stalagmite as Sandra welcomed the fondling by the many expanding plants beneath her. It seemed that at least ten moving snakelike velvety textured objects were rubbing her body. She welcomed them and murmured her pleasure, which came out as a mix of gurgling and moaning with the phallic injection treading its way in and out of Sandra's mouth and down her throat fully four or more inches.

Once again the skyward voice injected its words into Sandra's mind, celebrating her musk which the projections so enjoyed and fixated on. "Oh dear fawn, your chemistry is divine for this work, your services ever needed." She turned around to see the same projection of her sinful admonitions while behind the screen, the blurred image of her bottom was welcoming the head of another solid plant shaft. She melted at the prospect of orgy and the head entered her tight and moist vagina while she sucked and tongued the beast railing her face. Her tits were spread with the vinyl thick beginning of her mouth' satiation while her hands tightly gripped two more sex mushrooms. The moss felt amazing under her knees and it seemed to grow with her mental command of enjoyment until its lush surface was melting away her firm nipples and her hands slipped down the shafts of the thick bulbous rods to feel large round testicles. Sandra fondled these and her hands felt a rush of ooze covering them while her backside tingled with the stimulation of such a large weapon. The hard tool spread her labia majora wide to accommodate the silky mass which pushed fully into her stretched entry. The large blunt cock tip had a rotating function which vibrated and seemed to squirm inside Sandra's tight box, causing immediate orgasm with such mass rapidity.

Sandra's eyes were still wired to the projection screen which was showing her male lover expel a prodigious amount of spunk over her tongue which streamed into her mouth as she welcomed its course with a smile. Her mind was enraptured by the image and she privately wished she had a copy of the film at home, but more immediately she sought the further stimulation of the giant testicles which she fondled with her full hands hoping that their epididimus holds would coat her body in cum. She loved sucking the long velvety plant shaft in her mouth and even more did she relax her throat in vulnerability and desire to accommodate what would be her prize while the slamming and ramming cock at her hind side continued its vibration and hammering inside her flowing pussy. Her mound was dripping and another mushroom dick grazed her clitoris while yet more were rubbing against her face among her climaxes. Her gushing cascades rivaled the gortrum falls and the titillating spore heads of the moss tingled and activated her complete under belly.

All at once Sandra felt her mouth flood with spunk as the giant plant stalk shot out its orgasm to the ejaculations of her party friends who had showered Sandra with their orgasms only a day earlier. Her bottom had also been bathed as much as it was treated now to the drippings of cream from the servitude at her lower side. Sandra willed the other stimulation devices to shower her beautiful body in their procreation stores and she was soon dripping in satisfaction. The ooze tasted so very sweet like sugar and was very thick indeed. She welcomed more and more to meet her lips while she enjoyed multiple orgasms in her state of affairs.

Her brain at once fully corrupted at the still spurting plant shafts raining their seed on her backside and she was spreading her firm ass cheeks to welcome her complete acquisition to this state of slavery to the beautiful cocks. She nearly choked as the last of nearly fifteen loads of procreate ran into her mouth causing her cheeks to bulge and her eyes to roll back in her head. Her legs gave out finally as her lower half spasmed and her breasts were buried in the moss.

The ground fell away suddenly to a black void which Sandra experienced mentally. The projection screen dissipated and the dark clearing was fully gone. She fell only a foot or so and landed in a small pool of sticky liquid. Sandra almost could not keep her head above the stuff and almost choked on what she found was more plant semen which in her fit of mental loss and convulsion nearly engulfed her. Soon however she was forcing her three fingers inside her mound of flesh along with all the fluids while she drank of the same and fully caressed her used womanhood. She wanted all the sperm to do battle in her womb to create the most sublime and potent hybrid for her apprentice.

Sandra awoke with a smile. The image of her bathing in the fluids of such copious man juice was warming to her deeper character. She smiled with her newest addition to her group of admirers. She knew that soon there would in all likelihood be even more to dream about. The look she gave the young businessman while sucking him dry was enough to forever give her ownership of his dream cock. At this very moment he would be awaking in a load of his cum just like the other men she controlled. In the day they were in control and merely her livelihood, but at night they were an addition to her deepest lucid fantasies and other worldly devices. Some final words spoken by that world's overseer rang out in Sandra's brain and threw her into her real life role:

"Dear Fawn, your projection will be greater still next night and your admirers too will grow with the dream that you have just had of your lustful slutty actions. Your deed made pregnant greater possibilities for both another cock slave and perhaps even a trainee for you to teach the ways of your lustful debauchery."


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