tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLucille Ch. 01

Lucille Ch. 01


Lucille was a fresh eighteen with golden ringlets of hair and a fresh, innocent face with bright blue eyes and soft, pink lips. She had a petite body with little breasts that she wished were bigger. She wore only the finest dresses and demanded expensive jewelry from her father. In fact, she demanded everything from her father. Lucille was quite the expensive daughter, one far more expensive than her father could afford.

The intention was for her to marry up. She wanted a prince, but a duke or a count would do. Someone with royal ties and one of those old, romantic castles filled with servants and hidden corridors. That is what she dreamed of.

First, there were the etiquette lessons, then the music lessons - both the harpsichord and the harp - with riding lessons and beauty care as well as wardrobe, instruction, and dowry. Indeed, Lucille was a very expensive daughter. While her father was a man of means with a healthy estate in the country called Hartwood, but her expenses were beyond his means, especially as the silver market took a downward turn with the troubles in the northern mines.

It was about to all be worth it as the young Count Stahl was about to arrive to see about Lucille as a potential wife. Lucille was beside herself with excitement. The Count was a dashing young man with black hair and a noble posture. He was also in the line of royal succession and fabulously wealthy. She thought Count Stahl perfect though she hadn't met him yet. There were odd rumors about him, but Lucille and her father dismissed those as mere gossip. There was always gossip about men like the good Count. But we shouldn't concern ourselves with Lucille too much yet, let's turn our attention onto her governess, Velma.

Velma was thirty two at the time of this perverse tale, with reddish brown hair, a slightly chubby face and giant breasts she tried her best to hide under modest dresses that were a size too big for her. She wore eye glasses and was a most prudish sort of woman. Velma disliked sinful behavior of all kinds and had raised Lucille to be pure and innocent, though she now feared that she had helped raise a most spoiled child.

Childish, in fact, was the best way to describe Lucille who had never been punished or spanked in all of her eighteen years. It was something that Velma had disagreed with but Lord Hartwood, Lucille's hapless father, would have none of it. He doted on his little angel and spoiled her as much as he could and more than he could afford. Velma often argued with Lord Hartwood about it, but it was always a losing argument. Velma knew that it would come to a bad end. If only she had known how terrible it would all turn! She may have fled in the night and left the whole rotten family to their deserved fate. If only Velma had, she would have saved herself from the degradation and humiliation that she would be forced to endure at the hands of perverse villains! But alas! We get ahead of ourselves.

As Velma sat in Lucille's bed chamber, Velma thought that Lucille was acting very inappropriately concerning Count Stahl and didn't mind saying so. "You really should get a grip on yourself," Velma told her. "This is no way for a young lady to behave. It's indecent and no man of honor would want a bride who is so indecent. You must be more reserved and modest. More" - Velma paused to think of the right word - "conservative." Yes. That was the right one. Conservative.

"Oh, don't be so dull V-, I hear that the Count is positively progressive. Libertine, I believe was the word I heard. I don't know what it is but it doesn't sound very conservative to me."

Velma gasped in shock. "A libertine? You are not marrying a libertine."

"Oh, yes I am, V-. It sounds very exciting whatever it is."

"Libertines are the most foul and degenerate creatures. Devils in the guise of men. They are the most awful sort of villains, likely to kidnap you and ravage you for days before leaving you in a field somewhere, dishonored and broken. You have never known such sexual cruelty and I pray that you never will."

Lucille stood near an open window. The summer breeze was coming through, playing with the golden ringlets that fell over her cheeks. Her interest seemed aroused. "Truly?"

"I do not like that look," Velma said. "Whatever sinful thoughts are in your head, cast them out immediately. You'll be ruined and without your prince or duke. No man of honor would take you. You'll be destroyed."

Lucille wasn't listening as usual. She picked up one of her romantic novels and drifted off into one of her daydreams, pretending to read. That always drove Velma mad and the governess had to leave before becoming infuriated with her young charge.

Velma visited Lord Hartwood in his study. He was an older man with a thick, white mustache and a round head. He had a pleasant, often jolly but also aloof demeanor. He was having tea at his desk with some papers in front of him. Today, he looked absolutely grave. Velma saw right away that there was something wrong, though she decided it best not to pursue it. Instead, she asked, "when is Count Stahl to arrive?"

"Any day now," was his distracted reply. He grabbed up the papers and quickly shoved them into the top drawer of his desk. "Soon," he answered again as though the question was repeated. He spoke very quietly. "Very soon, I should hope."

"Is there any truth to the gossip that, Count Stahl is a libertine?"

"I don't believe so," Lord Hartwood answered still obviously distracted. "Why? Are people calling him a degenerate?"

"There is gossip, sir."

He suddenly became furious and slammed his fist against his desk and thundered, "I won't hear of it! I'll not have my guests smeared with slander before they even arrive. Velma, everything must go well. Lucille must marry and soon."

Velma objected. "But, if he is a degenerate..."

"She must be married as soon as possible, Velma! Before it's too late."

The manner and tone of her lord's speech shocked her. This was not the man that she came to respect and admire. It was a different man that stood before her. Velma nodded and quietly said, "of course, sir. I'll make sure Lucille is ready. I promise she will impress the Count tremendously."

Lord Hartwood's tone softened as did his face. "Thank you, Velma. That will be all."

"Yes, sir."

Velma left her lord alone in his study, a horrible feeling of dread coming over her. Again! If she had only fled in the night! Such degrading acts she would have been saved from! Velma was loyal to her lord and she was determined to see Lucille in a happy and honorable marriage. If she only knew the shame that Count Stahl would bring upon her and Lucille, she would have fled that night. But alas, the decision was already made in that moment and there is no way to save her. All that we can do is chronicle each shame and humiliation suffered by her and young, precious Lucille.

Whatever lustful savagery Velma had conjured in her mind to suspect in Count Stahl, it was not enough. That night, Velma had dreams of Lucille being ravaged in the woods. The odd part of it was that somewhere in the dream, it became her instead of Lucille. She was suddenly on her back under the forest canopy, her dress ripped open and her big breasts bouncing with her assailant's savage thrusts. She woke up in a fever of sin, sweating through her white nightdress. Velma tried to calm herself but she couldn't. So, to dispel the fever of sin, she fingered herself until it passed and she was able to return to sleep.

Count Stahl arrived the next morning in a magnificent carriage pulled by four white horses. He was a man who liked to lavishly flaunt his wealth and position, ensuring that all knew exactly who he was. When he approached the door, he had a small battalion of servants behind him carrying more luggage than any man could possibly need. He carried with him a cane with a silver handle of a snarling wolf. He used that cane to rap on the door in the most obnoxious way possible.

He was tall with black hair. Velma thought his manner more pompous than regal. He was charming in a superficial way, which impressed Lucille in all of her naive simplicity. Velma saw through it however. Her lord seemed charmed by him as well. The Count made a few sufficiently witty quips and was immediately showered with laughing praise by everyone. Velma thought that the Count and Lucille were very much alike, in being impulsive, spoiled and childish. They looked more like two sniveling brats than anything else. The poor Lord Hartwood looked so grave and distracted that he hardly enjoyed himself at dinner, leaving the Count and Lucille to snicker and tease the staff like rotten children. Velma thought they made for an absolutely awful match.

That night, Count Stahl attempted to lure Lucille into one of the corridors alone, but Velma was a stubborn and persistent woman. She followed and supervised them as was appropriate. Increasingly, she disliked the Count more and more.

Just before Lucille was to retire to bed, the Count said, "perhaps we can go for a walk some time. Alone, I should hope. The grounds of your estate are very beautiful and I would very much like you to show them to me."

Lucille blushed innocently. "That would be most wonderful, my lord. I do not think we could be alone, however. I'm afraid that V- would insist."

"Horrid woman," the Count grunted knowing quite well that Velma was in listening distance to them. "I don't like her and I don't want her around. There, I said it. That is how it is, I'm afraid."

"I'll talk with her," Lucille offered. "It really was a magical evening, my lord. I must retire for the night. Perhaps tomorrow, we can go for that tour of the grounds."

"We shall see," the Count said pompously. "Have a good rest."

"I most certainly shall," Lucille returned.

As Velma was preparing her for bed, Lucille said, "I don't want you following us around like some old hen. Count Stahl is an honorable man and is to be trusted."

"He most certainly is not," Velma objected. "I will not leave you alone with him for a single moment until you are married. It is as simple as that. If you are married, that is."

"If? I shall marry him. I shall! I shall! I shall!"

"Stop throwing tantrums. You are a lady now," Velma scolded her. "Enough of that. To bed!"

After Lucille had retired to bed, Velma walked the dark halls of Hartwood. She made her way to the Count's chamber, where the door was slightly ajar. Candlelight was coming through, spilling out into the dark of the house. Untrusting of the Count, Velma snuck near the door and listened.

"It's quite obvious," the Count was saying to his servant, "that she is a striking beauty. There is no doubt about that. However, I feel as though that Lucille is below me and I shall not marry her. She is quite stunning and I stiffen just thinking about her. She is stupid and naive, so I'll be able to do with her as I please if I can get rid of that awful governess of hers. I will stay for the next week, fuck Lucille until I've had my fill, then leave her and move on. Simple as that. I've had an idea. Contact our rural friends. I know that you do not like them but they can be of service."

For the next two days, Velma did not allow the Count a single moment alone with Lucille, much to his obvious annoyance and frustration. Lucille was absolutely cross with her, accusing Velma of sabotaging her happiness with Count Stahl. Velma was even summoned to her lord's study where the following exchange took place. It was too be the last time they ever spoke to each other.

When Velma entered the study, Lord Hartwood was furious with her. He thundered, "what are you plotting, woman? Do you wish to ruin my daughter and I?"

Velma tried to explain the situation as best she could, but he would not listen. "Rubbish," her lord hollered at her. "Count Stahl has perfectly honorable intentions here at Hartwood. I will not see you smear him because you disagree with him politically. If you persist in interfering with their match you will be dismissed from your position at once. That is all."

Velma tried to argue the point further but Lord Hartwood only snapped at her, "that is all!"

With nothing to be accomplished, Velma quit her lord's study but did not quit her intention to "persist in interfering" as Lord Hartwood put it. If she was to be dismissed then so be it. Velma was determined to protect Lucille no matter the personal cost to her.

Velma, in fact, doubled her efforts and began following the Count throughout the day and not just when he was with poor, foolish Lucille. The Count had a discussion with one of Lord Hartwood's servants, a man named Duncan, that was too far away for her to hear. Next, the Count went out for a walk in the forest where he met three rough, burly men of a distinct rural flavor. Then he joined Lucille for lunch and listened to her on the harpsichord in the music chamber. Velma tried to keep her distance and out of sight as much as possible, not wanting to be dismissed before she could help Lucille.

That afternoon, Count Stahl took Lucille for another stroll through the estate, this time taking her into the forest for a brisk "nature walk" as he put it. Lucille was overjoyed at this, the foolish thing that she was, and demanded that Velma keep her distance so her and the Count could speak more honestly together. This absolutely chilled Velma to the bone but she agreed but only to keep her distance.

Velma did follow them into the forest keeping a good distance away. So far in fact, she couldn't hear their conversation but it did seem as though the Count was pouring on all of his villainous charm. Velma was sure to keep out of sight and took to hiding behind trees as she trailed them deeper into the forest. So deep in fact, that Velma was beginning to grow nervous. She suspected the Count to pounce on Lucille any moment and rip the innocence from her. They were now sitting on a log, the Count whispering honeyed words in Lucille's ear. Velma stood and watched at a rather fine oak, when a burlap bag was suddenly put over her head.

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Would have been nice to have had some form of sex. This could have been published in Readers Digest. I thought this was a erotic site

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Good start!

Good start! I hope you continue!

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