tagNovels and NovellasLucinda Ch. 01

Lucinda Ch. 01


Lucinda, a Novella (Part 1)

It was a damp grey dawn in the "only behind closed doors" hamlet known as Atlantic City. The place was in its hey-day--- the boardwalk was an enjoyable stroll to visitors and locals alike, and the casino/hotels boasted an architectural greatness not yet surpassed by its counterpart, Las Vegas...

Down an alleyway, opposite the parking lot of The Golden Nugget, a deal was going down...one that Mafia Boss Fernando Carlisle boldly and very strongly disapproved of.

His face shuddered in a raging fit of fury as he slammed his fist down on the walnut lacquered table top.

"I refuse to give in to a bunch of ehh," he struggled for words in his anger "young know-it-alls. I'll have you know that the profits being raked in, the very money that feeds your young wives and your nursing kids is all thanks to ME!" His European-accented voice went on an upward climb toward the end of his tirade and everyone's mouths clicked closed to silence.

Only one dared to break the respectful quietness Carlisle's speech demanded.

"Nando, baby, maybe they do have a point, I mean..."

Every pair of male eyes in the room cautiously chanced a look at the only female present. Her sensual slightly low voice carried like the notes of a harp across the room. Lucinda Riley noticed this attention focused upon her, and with very little self-consciousness adjusted the straps of the emerald-toned evening gown she still wore from the night before.

She held weight with the middle-aged Boss, and though she herself had only just approached her twentieth year, she and Carlisle's men each had knowledge of this power she held.

Carlisle had found her four years ago as a very attractive mulatto orphan, waitressing at a tiny diner he would frequent when closing deals with mobsters from opposing locations. The only thing that brought him there in the first place was that it was on neutral territory, though not so neutral that those in the area didn't have knowledge of his position.

Lucinda's graceful beyond her years manner and seductive smile soon lured him there, and Carlisle watched the stunning teenager's every move...

He researched her background. With his endless network of connections throughout the city, it wasn't that hard.

He found out that her mother had been ('had been' being a very accurate term) a black jazz singer at a dive called The Blue Note. Her father turned up as an Italian bakery truck driver, an average joe, that would wander into The Blue Note to drink his mundane troubles away.

As an unfortunate fate would have it, Clarice, Lucinda's mother, found herself pregnant with an unwanted biracial child. As the story goes, she did the typical cop-out of leaving her newborn baby girl on the threshold of St. Nicholas, the most prestigious Catholic Church in town.

A very young yet mature Lucinda flourished with very little personal attention under the watchful scowl of Sister Mary Theresa. The nun's recollections included brief anecdotes of a pretty little girl, somewhat shy, who didn't quite fit in with the other children.

"Please keep in mind, Mr. Carlisle, that these memories are from nearly two decades ago, so it is rather difficult to draw up distinct facts about one of the many children I have given foster care to...but...let's see... Lucinda Riley...

"Now she arrived on our doorstep one night in May, yes it was. A lovely little girl, to be negro I mean. Yet she had a lovely bronze complexion, longgggg curly pigtails, and crystal clear brown eyes. My, was she quite breath-taking to look at, I imagine she still is..."

Carlisle sighed, knowing very well how lovely Lucinda had become.

"She seemed rather well adjusted to her circumstance, except that she hardly ever joined in the children's group activities, but of course a child of her kind would find it difficult to form associations with either the white or negro children. We admonished her against anti-social behavior, and reluctantly she would do as told.

"Although she was to be commended, she did do her chores religiously," a husky chuckle escaped the hefty nun's pursed lips. "We require our children to become firm believers that cleanliness is akin to Godliness, as the Good Book teaches.

"She attended every meal punctually, never over-eating. She kept the dormitory room she shared with another little girl ever so neat and tidy, and as I remember, she seemed to enjoy tending our gardens the most...oh, especially the morning glories on the lattice and the patches of rosemary. She would adorn her hair with them---"

Carlisle would have wanted to slap the long-winded nun to get to more telling information of Lucinda, instead he just waited her out patiently.

Sister Mary Theresa seemed to sense Carlisle's agitation, she cleared her throat and continued.

"...but especially of notice to us was that she would come into the church during our private prayer sessions, kneel at the feet of the statue of St. Nicholas, our blessed patron, and bow her head in reverent contrition. She seemed very lonely at times, but what do you expect of a child who believes she is unwanted?"

That question hovered in Carlisle's mind, and he decided to devote himself to Lucinda Riley's well-being. Little did he know that she would become such an integral part to opening his otherwise bleak unemotional heart.

Taking her on as his personal responsibility, he lavished nurturing consideration upon her, knowing that she had been robbed of it in her prior years. She was his "soft spot." He treated her like a lady, and she loved him dearly for it.

Even though they shared a bed together in Carlisle's immaculate penthouse on the top floor of The Golden Nugget, he wasn't forceful with his affections toward her. At every moment he was aware of the fact that she was less than half his age.

When she entered their ostentatious bedroom one steamy night in August, she finally convinced Fernando that she was ready to give up her virginity and become his lover. She had prepared for the exact moment, when clad only in a pale pink lace camisole and panties, her raven hair cascading over her full breasts in "S" shaped tendrils, she would "sway" him to make love to her.

He swore he saw a glint of fire in her cat-like eyes when her curvaceous, feline agile form crawled towards him. She perched above him, repeatedly whispering his name in barely audible smokey syllables.

"Nahhhndo...Nandohhh...PLEASE, please, please cum with me tonight. I need to feel your hard cock inside me...filling me...completing me...nowww..."

"Believe me, my dearest, I want nothing more, but are you sure this is what you---whoa---want?"

Looking him directly in his eyes the whole time, she lightly scratched her nails down his chest along with a spine-tingling trail of wet kisses that led from his mouth to his groin.

She licked just the very tip of his penis with only the tip of her tongue in a brief teasing swirl. Tiny droplets of pre-cum glistened as they seeped out.

"Mmm, I've been wanting to taste you for a while now..." She closed her eyes and sloppily suckled at the bulging head of his cock. "Now I know what your flavor is like...well almost..."

He gasped, disconcerted by her Lolita-like tactics. He never would have guessed that she'd be the one to urge their relationship's consummation. He had nearly driven himself mad for wanting her, yet not wanting to destroy her innocense. Did she ever really have any???

She sat atop him, forcing their coupling with her petite hands. She struggled to receive all his manhood, inching down him little by little. She teased them both by gliding down him to the point that her slipppery sex encased his shaft completely, then wiggling back up to the point that he was almost out of her, then repeating the process all over again.

"Slam into me this time, Nando, make me feel it, make me know that your claiming my body with your cock....ohhh...uh..oooooooooh..."

He did, and watching her breasts bouncing before him, he couldn't help but plead his erotic yearning.

"Lucinda, I need to make love to your breasts as well," he looked at the tawny mounds then her glowing eyes with a desperation he hadn't known existed within himself.

Wanting to tease him further, Lucinda grabbed at her own breasts, kneading the full flesh as she licked one nipple then the other.

"Please...go ahead..."

He massaged her beaded cocoa nipples, gently pinching and twisting them to Lucinda's delight. He bit at them, nibbling with a tingly sharp pressure.

Lucinda thought her body would explode.

Fernando then leaned up forward to take her tits into his mouth, licking them in slow circles followed by tender kisses. He continued like that, sucking at her breasts like a contented nursing baby.

Her head tilted as she held his head close to her chest. He had never seemed so vulnerable yet so sexy to her before than at this moment. His ways were endearing, and Lucinda sensed in him a kindred longing.

He touched her face, clasping her jaw, bringing her mouth to his in a kiss that echoed their bodies' movements. She held her arms around his neck tightly, bringing her chest to rest against his. She placed her fingers firmly in his sandy brown hair and nibbled at the sensitive skin of his neck.

She writhed in a passionate trance, her sleek body adjusting to the feel of his thick engorged penis inside her. She grinded, rocking back and forth against him with a sureness only instinct had given her.

The perspiration between them seemed to intensify their sliding motions. He slowly eased his cock in and out, continually, hypnotized by the transformation of her face's expressions of pain to pleasure... Her sex was leaking wetness with anticipation. She gripped his shoulders and he no longer could hold back.

"Lucinda, how does it feel? Tell me..."

"Warm, warm and aching, I need, I want--" her breath hissed through her teeth.

She girated restlessly, letting him slip out of her to better get a feel of his cock against her wet slit.

Nearing release, his pace quickened, he teased her clitoris with just the head of his penis, taking her with him over the edge, breathing deeply with unfamiliar slippery pulsating sensations.

Looking down at where there bodies connected, she watched him holding himself, his cock like a snake, slithering into the upper part of her juicy cunt.

Fernando grunted primally. Lucinda's face registered genuine feminine shock.

He withdrew himself and shot his hot cum down her vagina. Brief spasms seized her body, her orgasm overtook her. Moaning her pleasure, she collapsed on top of him.

Seconds later, she knelt further down on the bed between his thighs, lapping up the warm cum from his pubic area with her tongue in long attentive strokes.

"Ohhh, so this is how you truly taste," she rolled the still warm fluid around in her mouth. Her hand stroked her throat and chest as she let him watch her swallowing him down.

He thought he would blow his load again, just at the sight of her doing something so blatently sexual. She giggled, licked her lips and settled lying next to him. She nestled in the embrace of his arms and drifted off to sleep...

Later, he looked at her, curious and even more aroused. Her caramel skin was smooth and unblemished. Impossibly long black lashes framed her closed sienna eyes. Her long hair surrounded her face in a sweaty sexy disarray. She had scissored their legs so that his penis warmly rested at the entrance of her sex. Being as close as they were, he inhaled the orange blossom perfume she always wore. He wanted to have her again right then but decided not to disturb her.

The next morning he proposed verbally the unspoken committment they would have.

"Lucinda, I don't want you to marry me. I'm saying that now because last night has probably confused your... conception of me. I'm not an indecent person, but very honestly, I would not make a good suitor for someone like you. You are young, bright, beautiful, every quality desirable to a man-"

"But..." She prompted him to tell her what he truly meant.

"I am not in a position to marry anyone, even you. Though I love you more than any other woman I've known intimately. You should not tie yourself to me that way. I must contradict myself and say that I do wish for you to stay by my side, being everything to me a wife would be and more. Your companionship means more to me than you know.

"As my legal wife, and best believe it, word would be out on the street before the ink on the license dried," he paused folding his hands on his abdomen, "you would be the prime target of my enemies' revenge. As of right now, none of them discern your place amongst all the other women I have been linked to, which is for the best. My concerns are for you, your safety, and should you ever leave me, I would want you to be able to do so without any ehh... trouble, as you say."

Now she sat next to him, not only a trophy girlfriend, but an intelligent and intuitive young woman, quite observant and objective when it came to Carlisle's business affairs. He found her input invaluable, mostly because he respected her as much as she respected him.

She leaned forward as she spoke in fervent intrest. "It only seems, well a benefit to align with Mr. Pierce's men. No one questions your authority in financial matters, it's just that...muscle-wise, our guys are getting a little past their prime. And to be dealing with such large sums of money, you need to know that since you handle the red-tape, physically you'll need trained young men to proceed in handling the actual transports. Let's face it, Mendosa is just not holding up his end anymore, at least not all by himself. He could use some help."

She sat back, letting her thoughtful surmise set in. Charles Pierce was a known ally to Carlisle, and a union of their pull was long over-due. Lucinda hoped Fernando would realize the wisdom in making the move, as she knew he had milled over the idea before.

Carlisle studied an unknown spot in the wall, not immediately giving his answer. Reflective of Lucinda's vocal translation of his thoughts on the matter, he reached across the table and shook Pierce's hand.

"Charles, do not fail me, above and beyond the priority of properly handling the nightly profits' transport, I want you to make sure that this jewel sitting beside me is properly guarded at all times. As you know, Mendosa does well with this and I need you to be even more careful than he is. Should she be harmed in any way, the deal is null and we are enemies, got it?"

Even though the men sitting across from each other were no more than a few years apart, the younger one acknowledged the other's seniority and replied, "sir, it will all be taken care of to the best of my ability, I promise you that."

"Go beyond your best, and stay on your toes, as you know not to trust anyone, and to bring all your suspicions to me, if there is corruption from the inside involving 'our' men, all will be punished. Do not cross me. If we are to be any use to each other we must join against our enemies, not each other, make it a point that your men," he gestured vaguely around the room, "understand this implicitly."

"Then I think we have a deal Mr. Carlisle, thank-you for taking the time out for this meeting, as I know you are always busy."

Carlisle nodded, then stood to pull Lucinda's seat out for her. As she rose, she caught eye contact with Pierce on his way out the dank boiler room. She lowered her gaze quickly, not knowing that he still held his eyes steadily trained on her, and began the task of arranging Carlisle's tuxedo jacket about his shoulders.

Charles paused a beat in his step to marvel at her beauty while Carlisle's back faced him, then continued on out into the now rainy morning.

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