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Luci's Erotic Phone Call



Once again, tremendous thanks to The Big Bopper (he also writes here) for all his editing, encouragement and advice.

While I am away, with my work, my husband likes to call me, so that I can talk sexy to him. It turns him on, and it can even get to me. I quite enjoy them, I know he likes them, so this is a short story of just what I might say. But as you read, you might wonder if it could even be true, what do you think?

What happens in this story is fairly normal, when I am away, getting hit on all the time, even to the extent of being offered money. I have allowed guys to take pics of me, in my bikini, but never before quite like the ones I describe here, then again, 'you never know.'

Well, as most of you know, I work away from home, 4 days a week, for an airline.

So that leaves my poor husband 'home alone.' We have made some DVD's for him to watch, so that helps keep him happy, while I am away, but as most couples do, we like to be able to talk to each other, and with mobile phones so cheap, it makes it quite easy.

When I get to my hotel, my husband will call me at night, so that we can talk. After we have chatted for a while, he likes me to tell him about my adventures for that day, like who hit on me on the plane, since lots of guys tend to do that. If I have been out with the other girls, he will ask what have I got up to. I find that if I don't answer the phone when he rings early, he is more horny when he calls me again later. I have known him to have 2 or 3 orgasms during one call, and he has told me he thinks about it all day.

For those who may not have read one of my previous stories, let me describe myself. I am a true blonde, my hair falls down my back, I'm 5-9, slim, 34c-24-35. I keep myself fit, love laying in the sun for an all-over tan. Before you ask, 'yes' I am completely shaved, have been since I was around 19. I love scuba diving, am a non-smoker, social drinker, love meeting people, and have, 'so I have been told,' a quick, sometimes weird sense of humour. I love to tease, can be a flirt at times. I also tend to trust people, sometimes too quickly. My best feature? 'My bum' ... as I know guys admire it more than any other part of a woman's body. I tend to keep it tight, firm, and have been told 'I have a killer bum'. My favourite saying is 'catch your dreams before they slip away.'

I had just arrived at the hotel, made myself a cup of tea, stripped off, headed to the shower, and was drying myself when my phone rang. As it was not the hotel phone, I knew it would be my husband.

"Hey lover," I greeted him with, "what you up to? I have just showered, and made myself a cup of tea, you are quick, guess you must miss me," I said it with a laugh.

"Yes I always miss you," he said, "so what have you planned for tonight?"

I knew what he was thinking, "Well, I don't know if I should have dinner with two guys off the plane, they play basketball, they have asked me to join them. Or, go out with the girls to a night club, see what happens there. I am just going to go for a swim in the pool, so at the moment I don't know what I am going to do."

I knew what I was going to do, have a swim, maybe a massage, have a few drinks with the girls in the hotel lounge, dinner, then back to my room, reply to my emails, do some writing, watch TV, relax, and wait for my husband to call. I would chat to him, then sleep, very exciting hahaha, but I could not tell him that.

"Hey, sounds like you are going to have an exciting night," he said, "so what do you think you are going to do?"

"Well I don't really know, just might meet the two guys for dinner, we got on very well on the plane, they were pretty funny, and they have to be in bed early, because they have a game on tomorrow, and need to relax. But I might go to the night-club with the other girls, I will wait and see what they have planned, see how I feel later, after my swim."

"Okay, I will leave you to it, what time do you think you will be back?"

"Oh, I don't really know, depends what I do, call me around 10, okay?"

"Okay, call you then, take care, whatever you do, have fun, love you, byeeee."

I hung up smiling to myself, now he will be wondering what I am going to do, 'Oh God, what a tease I am,' I thought, 'if only he knew what I was going to do.'

I went to the pool, relaxing in the sun, enjoying a big cooling and refreshing drink, I knew someone was looking at me, I could feel eyes on my body. I was wearing a small bikini, one I wear regularly, but I could feel these eyes on me.

I was on my stomach, so I reached over to the small table, to get my drink, so that I could look around at who is staring at me.

There was an elderly guy, sitting a few sun lounges away from me. When I came down, he was with his wife. He looked away, as I looked at him, then he looked back, not knowing I was still looking at him, but he might have thought I was just having a drink, for it was on that side of me.

He smiled at me, saying "Hello, are you here on holiday?"

I replied, "Not really, I am just here for the night."

"It's nice here in Singapore," he said, "my wife loves it, but she does not like the sun too much, she's just gone to have a little siesta before we go out for dinner, when its cooler."

We got talking, and he asked if I was married. If so, where was my husband. Then after about three quarters of an hour, he turned around, saying "I am sorry, but I can't help it, please don't take this the wrong way, but I have to say you are the most beautiful girl that I have seen in a long time. Your husband is a very lucky man, are you a model?"

I smiled at him, saying "No, I am not a model, I just like to look after myself, it helps in my work, I am in public relations, so it can go a long way."

He then leant over to me, "Hey, would you mind if I took some pics of you? Please?" I could hear the nervousness in his voice.

I looked at him smiling, "What do you want them for? What about your wife?" I had a good idea what he wanted them for, but thinking about that, I suddenly felt a tingle run all through my body, knowing that later he would possibly be masturbating over them.

He smiled at me, "I just want them so that I can admire them, and think of the beautiful girl I met on holiday."

"So what sort of pics do you want to take?" I asked, teasing him.

"Just some pics of you lying in your bikini, that would be great."

Remembering when I was younger, and going through University (read my 'cleaning stories'), I had an idea what older guys wanted, how they missed the touch of a younger female. Being able to have a joke with them, admire their younger firm bodies, more so in this day, when girls dressed so 'casual' in tighter, shorter clothes.

I looked around, it was about 6pm, there was no one else around, they would be all at the happy hour, in the games bar in the basement, so I thought, why not, it would be a big thrill for him, and maybe me.

"Okay, just tell me what you want, but nothing crude okay?"

I don't think he believed me, his hands were shaking, as he got out his digital camera, looking around to make sure no one was watching us.

I put my sunglasses on, pulling my wide brimmed hat down a bit more, wanting to cover my face, for you have to be careful in my work, showing your face in these kinds of pics that I knew he wanted to take. You never know in this small world who you may bump into, and one thing I did not want, was someone to recognise me. I knew he would have to go and show someone gis pics of me. It's just the way guys are, they love to brag.

I rolled over, raising my arms over my head, knowing it would stretch my body, making my breasts push out, not that I needed that. As I said, I look after my body, and they are firm, no sag in them at all.

"Oh God," he said, "that is perfect, just do what you want and I will take them."

I rolled around, letting him take his pics. As he came closer, reaching the bottom of the sun lounge, I knew what he wanted, he wanted some pics of my legs open, so that he could take some close-ups of my covered pussy.

I raised my knees, slowly opening them, as he took pic after pic, then up to my breasts. He must have noticed my swollen nipples, they were so hard.

He must have taken over 40 pics, he just kept taking them of me, on my side, opening my legs, bending my knees, keeping them together, as he took pics of my covered pussy that way. Then I said, "Would you like me to lie on my belly? I think you have enough that way."

I heard him gasp, "Oh God, yes please."

I looked at him as I lay on my belly, looking over my shoulder, knowing this move would tighten my bum. Looking down at his shorts, I could see he was getting aroused, so was I.

I could feel my pussy beginning to tingle, feeling some wetness inside my inner lips, as I lay down on my belly, raising my legs, once again tightening my bum, letting my legs open, as he took pictures of my bum.

I could not help myself, because I was enjoying this very much, and I wanted to tease him. I reached down, pulling my bikini into my bum, making it look like a thong, as I knelt up on my knees, opening my legs, as if I was going to be done doggie style. I undid the top of my bikini, letting it fall to the lounge chair, as he took pics between my legs, looking up to my bare, uncovered breasts, with the so hard nipples.

Once again, I rolled over, so that he could take pics of my bare breasts. I could feel myself starting to have a small orgasm, as I looked at his now hard cock, within his shorts, knowing what I was doing to him, the reaction I was having on him. Thinking of him sliding that cock into me, I could feel my pussy tingling, feeling my juices run into my pussy. 'Oh God, I wanted to be fucked,' to feel a man's hands mauling my breasts, my so hard nipples, as I clenched my legs together, feeling an orgasm sweep through me. I nearly cried out, with the pleasant feeling in my pussy.

I quickly looked around, and seeing no one near us, I undid one of the ties at the side of my bikini, taking it off, so I could lay there nude. I was so hot that I would have let him touch me.

"Oh fuck, oh God," he cried, "you will have me cumming soon."

If only he knew that I already had. A thought was on my lips, 'Would you like me to take care of it?' seeing his cock poking out in his shorts. But I thought it might lead to other things, it was too open here.

Laying back, I raised my knees up to my chin, so that he would be able to see my pussy, and anal opening, I heard him gasping "Oh fuck, oh God, this is unbelievable!"

I opened my legs, so that he would see all of my pussy lips, glistening with my juices, seeing how horny I was. Bending them at the knees, then putting my feet down on the ground, on each side of the sun lounge, as I lay back, so that my pussy was all open to him. Then, looking at him, as I let my hand slip between my thighs, onto my shaven mound, letting a finger slide down to my pussy, then into my pussy, into my inner lips, 'God, I was wet,' I thought.

He was getting so red, and breathing so heavily, "Oh God, you are so unbelievable," he said, "what I would give to be able to make love with you, I bet you are so hot."

Just as I was going to take hold of his hand, and place it on my so wet pussy, we heard some kids shouting, coming toward the pool. I quickly slipped my bikini bottom back on. Then, lying on my belly, as he slipped back onto his sun lounge, putting the towel over his waist. I could not help but smile, 'that will make his day,' but 'how far would I have gone?' I was really enjoying it.

I slipped on my top, as I lay on my belly, so that the kids could not see anything. I looked at him, "Hey, do you know, I don't even know your name? Mine is Luci," I said as I held out my hand.

Taking my hand, I could feel the heat, and nervousness in his, it was shaking a bit. "Mine is Paul," he said, "oh God Luci, that was unbelievable. I never expected you would do anything like that."

"Hey, I enjoyed it myself," I replied. If he only knew how much I did, and might have taken it further, 'what is happening to me?' I thought, this will have to stop.

"Well, I think you have enough pics to remember me by now," I said laughing.

"Oh God yes," he replied, "I never thought in my wildest dreams you would even pose for me. I was terrified even asking you, but I thought how I would love some pics of you, and I did not want to take them without your permission."

"You wouldn't be the first one to do that, I get lots of guys pretending to take pics of the pool, when all they are doing is taking pics of me. At least you had the decency to ask, that's what made me do it. I don't do that for everyone, you are so lucky," I said laughing. "So what will you do with them? They should keep you going for a while, what if your wife sees them?"

"Luci, no one will see them, I will never forget you, would you mind if I kept in touch with you?" he asked.

"Paul, I am sorry, but I think it's best if we don't, this is just a one off, sorry."

"That's okay, I understand, well I know for a fact that will never happen again, and back to the cold UK, next week. When do you go?"

"As I told you, I will be off tomorrow, back to my husband."

"God, he is one lucky bugger."

"I keep telling him that," I replied.

We sat talking, and as it gets dark quickly in Singapore, we said our goodbyes. I let him kiss me, and I felt his cock stirring. "Hey, you had better go and see your wife about that," I told him and we we both burst out laughing.

"Good God Luci, I wish I was 20 years younger," he said.

"Here is something to remember me by," I said.

He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face. I took his hand, placing it on my bum, as I leant into him, letting my leg rub onto his so hard cock, giving him one last kiss, then slipping my hand down and giving his cock a squeeze.

"Oh Luci, oh God, I think I have died and gone to heaven."

"Okay Paul, take care, have a safe trip home," I said as I walked away, feeling my pussy still moist.

'My God where is my husband NOW?.' I was so hot, looks like I might be going out with the girls tonight. I was so hot, my whole body tingling with what I had just done with a complete stranger, 'what the hell came over me to do that?'

I went to my room, showering. When I came out of the shower, my hotel phone rang, it was one of the girls. "Hey Luci, what do you fancy doing tonight?"

I could hear music in the background, "So where are you? I asked.

"We are down in the happy hour, I rang your room before but you did not answer."

"No, I was at the pool, I have just got back."

"Well, get your beautiful ass down here, girl. There are loads of guys here, you will be able to take your pick," she said laughing.

I thought about it, 'why not, just a few drinks, dinner, then bed.' I committed myself, "Hey, be with you in 15 minutes okay."

I slipped on a pair of shorts, and a loose top, grabbing my bag, heading for the bar. When I got there, it was jumping, there was a small group playing, some people were up dancing, and it was still only 6.30pm.

I spotted the girls, so I got a drink - Bacardi and Coke -- and made my way over to them. There was a group of about six guys around them, with me there it made four girls.

"Hey everyone, this is Luci," Sandy said, covering the introductions simply. We were nearly all blonde, but I am sure I was the only true blonde there. I could see by their eyes that they had been drinking for a bit, and flirting with the guys. They all looked to be having a good time, and to think we are all married women.

I looked at the guys, they all seemed to be in their early 20's, tall, looked okay, none really caught my eye, even though I was still horny. I did not fancy a young guy pawing all over me. I wanted a more mature guy, who would take his time with my body, and wants, not having to be coaxed into what I wanted, someone who would know what to do, with a woman.

One of the guys asked me to dance, and I thought 'Hey, a few more drinks I might get into the mood.'

It was a reggae number, which I do not mind. He was pretty good, the next song was the same, I could feel myself starting to get into it. The next one was a slow one, I put my arms around him, as he pulled me close, 'This is okay,' I thought. Then as the song went on, he started to slide his hands up and down my back, slowly letting one slide down onto my bum, 'okay, let's see what happens here.'

The next song was another slow one, his hands sliding up and down my back, then letting one go down to my bum again, but this time he pulled me closer. I could feel his semi-hard cock rubbing on me, 'Okay,' I thought, 'what next.'

Then both his hands went down and cupped my bum, pulling me into him tightly. He started to rub his 'hard' cock onto me, trying to kiss my neck. 'Hey, I could do without this,' I thought, 'just like a young guy, hardly know him, and he's starting to feel me up, no thanks.'

I looked at him, seeing the look on his face, that 'she is going to let me fuck her look.'

I just shook my head, 'My God, where do they come from?' I stepped out of his embrace, "Excuse me I need to go to the rest room," I said, and I walked off the dance floor.

I went to the other girls, one of them observed, "Hey, he seems to fancy you."

"You have to be joking, he is like a big kid in a candy shop, I am out of here," I said, "I am not in the mood to get pawed all over, like a piece of meat, catch you later."

I headed up to my room to get changed for dinner, I would stay in the hotel to eat. It was 8.15, so I slipped a loose dress on, which went down past my knees. 'Damn it,' I thought, I could not be bothered, I went down with no underwear on, just my dress.

I went to the dining room, getting a table to myself, by the window, which looked out onto the street outside. We were on the third floor, so I could see all the lights, and people walking in the grounds below. I ordered fish, with garlic potatoes, and fresh steamed vegetables, telling the waiter that I would order a sweet later, if I felt like one. He placed my napkin over my knee, asking what I would like to drink.

I ordered a white wine to go with my fish, the waiter brought a bottle to the table, and opened it, pouring some into my glass. It was very nice, but not the one I ordered, he whispered into my ear, "With compliments,"

I thanked him, as he bowed his head, walking away. I raised the glass to my lips, I nearly choked, there was the elderly guy sitting with his wife, who had her back to me. He was smiling. He gave a little wink, as he raised his glass, mouthing the two words, "Thank you."

I just nodded my head, feeling my body tingling again, thinking of what we had done, 'God, what is happening to me?'

I finished my fish, which I knew would be beautiful. This was not the first time I had eaten fish here. I knew the waiter remembered me, because I come here very regularly.

I just sat there, feeling pleasantly tipsy, as I finished my wine, not wanting anything else to eat. What I really wanted was to just be fucked. Sorry, but I had to throw that in.

Looking outside at the people walking by, smelling the frangipani, which Singapore is famous for, feeling a pleasant glow inside me, having enough to drink, I looked at my watch. It was 10-40, I guess it was time for bed.

I signed for the dinner, noticing there was no charge for the wine, I asked why? One manager said, "The elderly gentleman over there paid for it, with his compliments."

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